News Alert: Situational Awareness Report 30 March 2016 As of 4:00 p.m.
Posted: 4/1/2016 8:34:19 AM
Louisiana Business Emergency Operations Center

Situational Awareness Report

30 March 2016

As of 4:00 p.m.


State EOC Activation Level: Crisis Action Team (CAT)

WebEOC Incident: 16-006 Severe Weather — Statewide — March 8-11, 2016

State Declaration: 30 JBE 2016 State of Emergency – Severe Weather

Federal Declaration: FEMA – 4263-DR




Situation:  A strong upper level storm system brought showers and thunderstorms from west to east across most of the State. Heavy rainfall, flash flooding, river flooding and damaging winds were the main threats associated with this front. Please stay tuned to your local National Weather Service for the latest information.


North Louisiana: There is an enhanced risk of severe thunderstorms today, as thunderstorms increase in coverage later today. Although a strong or severer thunderstorm was possible this morning, believe the threat will increase this afternoon and evening and potentially continue into the overnight hours. Primary threats will be large hail and damaging winds with isolated tornadoes possible. There will also be the risk of flash flooding with a Flash Flood Watch in effect as of 7:00 am this morning for portions of Louisiana. A slight risk of severe thunderstorms will continue into the day on Thursday. The threat of flash flooding will continue as well with a Flash Flood Watch remaining in effect until 7:00 pm Thursday evening.


Southwest/Central Louisiana: The region has opened up to Gulf moisture as the stalled boundary has pulled back to the north this morning. Looking for showers and thunderstorms this afternoon into tonight. There will be a slight chance that a thunderstorm may become severe later this afternoon into the evening hours, Hazardous weather will be possible. Showers and thunderstorms won Thursday into Friday ahead of a slow moving front that is expected to move through late Thursday into Friday. There will be a slight chance that a storm may become severe with the main threat from winds and large hail. Hazardous weather will be possible. Weather is expected to settle over the weekend as cooler air moves back into the region.


Southeast Louisiana: There is a slight risk for severe thunderstorms for areas north of Interstate 12 in southeast Louisiana including Metro Baton Rouge. A marginal risk for severe thunderstorms exists along the Interstate 10 corridor including Metro new Orleans and the MS Gulf Coast. Thunderstorms are most likely from late afternoon through the overnight hours. The primary threats from any severe thunderstorms will be hail and strong damaging wind gusts. A few tornadoes may also develop with the highest risk areas across southwest Mississippi. There is a slight to enhanced risk of severe thunderstorms for areas along and north of the Interstate 10 corridor including Metro Baton Rouge. A marginal risk for severe thunderstorms exists along the Interstate 10 corridor including Metro new Orleans and the MS Gulf Coast on Thursday. A marginal risk for severe thunderstorms exists across coastal southeast Louisiana. Tornadoes, large hail and strong damaging winds gusts will all be possible threats from any severe thunderstorms that form Thursday into Thursday night. A marginal to slight risk of severe thunderstorms will be found across most of the area on Friday as the cold front moves through. Tornadoes, hail and strong damaging winds gusts will still be a concern with any severe thunderstorms that form on Friday.



***All updates to this report will be in red text***

*** Note: Public Assistance (PA): In an effort to expedite a request to include Categories C - G (permanent work) in the Major Declaration, GOHSEP has sent out information to local parish officials to conduct a Self - Damage Assessment of the damages eligible for Public Assistance Program.  The spreadsheet should be completed for all eligible applicants in the parish as accurately as possible in compiling all event related damages. GOHSEP is asking that the parishes conduct their own PDAs and submit to GOHSEP. FEMA/GOHSEP will assess the data each parish provides prior to scheduling the Joint PDA with the parish.  This effort expedites the process for those parishes that meet their parish threshold.  The quicker estimates are captured, the quicker we can request FEMA review for consideration of a permanent work PDA and, ultimately, being declared for permanent work under the Public Assistance Program. These self-assessments will be conducted prior to scheduling any joint FEMA/State PA PDAs.


State Actions as of 3:00 PM



·        GOHSEP Regional Coordinators are maintaining communications with affected parishes.

·        GOHSEP has received a State Declaration.

·        GOHSEP has received a Federal Declaration: FEMA – 4263-DR.


Louisiana National Guard

·        LANG Personnel Duty Status:  1,143 Total (802 State Active Duty)

·        Issued 1,708,500 sandbags.

·        Provided 8 sandbag machines.

·        Issued 196,568 bottles of water.

·        Issued 700 of each, blankets and cots to Richland Parish.

·        Issued 10,944 MREs.

·        Issued 270 Tarps.

·        Rescued 5,251 people, 680 pets and 16 livestock.


Department of Wildlife and Fisheries

·        Webeoc Task # 316-82154802 001 (Grant Parish) is complete.  Nantachie and Iatt Lakes have reopened. 

·        Webeoc Task # 310-171325162 001 (Winn Parish) is complete.  Saline Lake reopened on March 28.          


Louisiana State Police

·        Troop D: (8 troopers, no longer on double shifts) DSNAP operations are underway in Beauregard Parish with no issues to report.  DSNAP is also anticipated for Allen and Calcasieu Parishes, beginning on 03/29/16 – security plans will be completed as the sites are announced.    

·        Troop E: (10 troopers) DSNAP operations are underway in Natchitoches, Grant, Winn, LaSalle and Vernon Parishes, with no issues to report.

·        Troop F: (8 troopers) DSNAP operations are underway in Richland, Morehouse, Ouachita, Caldwell, Madison, Union, and West Carroll Parishes, no issues to report.

·        Troop G: (10 troopers) Water levels are receding in most areas and additional roadway openings are expected. DSNAP operations underway in Bossier, Claiborne, Webster, DeSoto, Caddo, and Bienville Parishes no issues to report. 

·        Troop L: (11 troopers) DSNAP operations are underway in St. Tammany, Tangipahoa, and Washington (2 sites) Parishes.  No issues to report.

·        Working with public safety and media partners to ensure the public is kept informed through traditional and social media regarding weather conditions, safety and hazards.

·        Communicating with Troopers, LANG, and DCFS during the second day of DSNAP.  Planning is also underway for DSNAP in additional parishes, to begin Wednesday, March 30th.



·        DOTD has activated its District 62 Debris and Monitoring Retainer Contracts as of 3/24/2016. These contractors conducted a reconnaissance of the District affected areas over the weekend and will engage this morning, 3/29/2016 in pickup operations in St Tammany parish along US 190 and into both Tangipahoa and Washington parishes as well. Currently there is minimal household goods, C&D (Construction & Demolition) debris along parish routes however; DOTD is taking a pro-active approach towards ensuring roadways are clear of all potential debris hazards along these routes.

·        DOTD District crews continue to deploy to multiple affected flooded areas, while continuing to monitor roadway conditions and conducting inspections of bridges and transportation infrastructure impacted by flooding.

·        DOTD has responded to over 455 closed US and Federal aid routes impacted by flooding.

·        DOTD continues to monitor state-wide roadways and provide a current status of road closures/openings on the DOTD site.

·        Our Districts continue to respond to WEBEOC mission tasks as required.

·        Bridge and Roadway maintenance crews are continuing repairs at multiple locations state-wide.

·        District and DOTD HQ Bridge inspection crews continue to conduct inspections on structures that have been affected by flood waters.

·        DOTD Disaster Recovery is engaged in capturing reimbursement costs associated with acquired Damage Assessment Team - Damage Information Reports (DIRs) s. These DIRs will capture damage to DOTD infrastructure that is eligible for reimbursement under the FEMA PA and FHWA ER programs.

·        As a supporting agency, DOTD is in communication and coordination with DCFS while assisting in DSNAP Site preparations and operations. DOTD Districts are engaged in DSNAP site support for the next round of openings 3/30/16 in the following parishes: Ascension, Allen, Calcasieu, Rapides, Red River, Sabine, and Jackson.  



·        Continuing 24 hour operations in Monroe, LA.

·        Continuing 12 hour operations at Red River near Natchitoches, LA.

·        Provided 3,000 linear feet of visqueen to Brouillette, LA in Avoyelles Parish.

·        Completed HESCO emplacement at low points on the levee at Bayou Mayna south of Jonesville, LA.

·        Continue providing technical assistance to RRABB, DOTD, and LANG emplacing super sacks at two low points of the levee at Brouillette, LA.

·        Continue assisting Tensas Levee Board at Bayou Mayna south of Jonesville, LA.

·        Continue 12 hour operations in the Red River backwater system.

·        Hydraulic and Geotechnical engineers continue assessing damage at each site monitored.  


Lt. Governor's Office

·        Closed Hodges Gardens and Lake Bistineau parks. We have partial closures of Fairview (roads),Chemin-a-haut(some cabins),Palmetto Island (trails), Darbonne (boat launches and piers), Jimmy Davis (launches, and some access), and Lake Claiborne (boat launches and piers)


Department of Corrections

·        Elayn Hunt Correctional Center (EHCC) filled 2500 sandbags and sent out 25 inmates and 4 correctional officers to Alligator Bayou in Iberville Parish on 3/12/16. The same crew is currently back at EHCC filling another 3000 sandbags and will return to Alligator Bayou.

·        Richland Parish Detention Center has requested evacuation and housing assistance in the event that their facility floods.


Department of Health and Hospitals

·        Medical Infrastructure is at normal operational levels.

·        OPH Immunizations teams remain active in areas with shelters.

·        Behavioral Health Crisis Hotlines remain available for those requiring crisis care or behavioral health support.

·        Behavioral Health Crisis Hotlines are available for those requiring crisis care or behavioral health support. Updated information (additional parishes covered) are reflected in today's attachment.  

·        11 Public Water Systems currently under boil water advisory

·        69 Public Water Systems cleared from boil water advisory       


Department of Children and Family Services

·        DSNAP Round 2 Operations begins today.

·        30 MAR 2016 (1200)

o   Total shelter population - 92

o   1 Parish shelter - 34 pop count

o   2 ARC shelter - 58 pop count

·        Updated Shelter Report located in Filed Library under ESF 6 (DCFS).

·        DCFS began DSNAP round 2 operations today at 7 sites in 7 parishes.

·        The Alpha Schedule for this week's DSNAP operations will be as follows:

o   Wed 30 Mar: A-F

o   Thu 31 Mar: G-N

o   Fri 1 April: O-Z

o   Sat 2 April: A-K

o   Sun 3 April: L-Z

·        Applications will be accepted: 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM in the approved parishes.    


American Red Cross

·        Activities today

o   Bulk Distribution (including mobile bulk and distribution through a casework site)

o   Feeding (including mobile feeding and fixed feeding site)

o   Casework – in a number of parishes throughout the state

·        Continue to support ARC Shelters

·        Provided midnight and 12 Noon shelter population numbers to DCFS

·        DA continues to be conducted across the state

·        Continue to support ARC DRO Operations and provide daily SIT REPs

·        Participated in State Housing Task Force Call and Parishes call

·        Continue to monitor WebEOC and respond to requests from parishes or partners

·        The following data reflects Red Cross services to date as of Tuesday, March 29th COB:

o   Shelters Opened to Date - 30

o   Shelter Overnight Stays to Date – 3,136

o   Meals Served to Date – 61,462

o   Snacks Served to Date – 162, 077

o   Comfort Kits to Date  - 2,542

o   Clean-up Kits to Date – 5, 710

o   Bulk Items to Date – 45, 409

o   Emergency Response Vehicles on the ground (ERVs) to Date - 29

o   Health Services Consultations to Date –  2,007

o   Mental Health Consultations to Date – 2,118

o   Cases Open to Date: 1245 (clients served in cases 3877)

o   Red Cross Workers to Date - 974


Workforce Commission

·        3/21/16, 07:00 - LWC staff on site at DCFS performing mass feeding for DCFS staff at DSNAP sites in the declared parishes.  


Department of Agriculture and Forestry

·        486 round bales of hay and 250 square bales of hay were delivered to livestock producers needing feeding assistance. 

·        LDAF Livestock assistance operation is demobilized. Livestock producers needing hay should contact Louisiana Farm Bureau Federation, Carey D. Martin, Director of Information and Public Relations, 225-922-6226 (office),,   


State Fire Marshal

·        USAR group for swift water rescue have been updated on the Pearl River situation and stand ready if needed.

·        ESF-4 Continues to monitor open shelters in Region 5,6, 7 & 8 Monitoring the Pearl River situation and stand ready to assist if needed.

·        ESF-4 USAR SWR Group are monitoring the Pearl River situation and stand ready to assist if needed.

·        ESF-4 Continues to monitor Region 5 & 9 with Liaison deputies monitoring shelters along with our local fire departments in the regions.  


Office of Technology Services

·        ESF2 personnel completed maintenance on the GOHSEP Phone system last night at 1800. The voicemail system server was reset and power supplies were changed on several other components. Two other issues were discovered during the maintenance operations. Parts have been ordered to repair the new issues.

·        Technicians will be on-site at 1000 to troubleshoot interference issues with the uplink frequencies of the in-building AT&T LTE system at the State EOC.

·        Current LWIN Status: Operational tower sites: 132/132

·        Sentell - Caddo Parish is back on land-based T1.

·        Mobile tower sites deployed: Caldwell Parish N32°08'50.5" W092°01'20.4"

·        Catahoula Parish request a LWIN mobile tower or other equipment placed at the Enterprise LWIN tower in Catahoua Parish to bring this site online. OTS Radio Communications Section has technicians en route. The Parish is back on the air via a satellite link.


Public Service Commission

·        Outage report attached--Statewide outages @ 987 As of 1100 03/21/2016


Department of Environmental Quality (HAZMAT)

·        Since 3/15 LDEQ has been notified of the following incidents:

·        4 gallon spill of crude oil and water in Lafourche Parish. Heavy rains and power outage caused tanks to overfill into secondary containment

·        A report of a possible oil spill in Claiborne Parish coming from an exposed pipe hit by a tree. After site visit it was determined there was no release.

·        Diesel spill in Tangipahoa Parish. Boom was deployed to clean up release.

·        Complaint about oil floating on private property with strong orders reported by the Natchitoches Parish Sheriff's Office. The complaint was unable to be verified once the area was accessible.

·        Oil condensate and saltwater release in Lincoln Parish. Flood waters caused tank to move and a valve was broken. The site is still inundated with flood waters. Tanks have been emptied of any remaining material and there is no recoverable material on site.


LA Board of Regents

·        Flood damages reported at:  Northwestern State University, Louisiana Tech University, LSU Ag Center Hammond Research Station (Tangipahoa Parish), and LSU Ag Center Lee Memorial Forest (Washington Parish)

·        Flood damaged universities include: Grambling State University, Southeastern University, Northwest LA Technical College, LA Delta Community College, Central LA Technical Community College, River Parishes Community College, and Northshore Technical Community College. University of Louisiana Monroe - flood damages to Water Ski Facility, Fant-Ewing Coliseum, Malone Stadium, and Heard Tennis Stadium.


Department of Culture, Recreation & Tourism

·        Parks Still Flooded/Closed: Fort Pike State Historic Site, Lake Bistineau State Park, Tickfaw State Park.

·        Overnight Facilities Closed: Chemin-A-Haut State Park: 8 cabins, Lake Bistineau State Park: 7 cabins, 2 group camps, 61 campsites, Tickfaw: 14 cabins, one group camp, 50 campsites

·        Parks Back in Partial Service: Bogue Chitto State Park: Closed: all trails, day use area, bottomland campground, Chemin-A-Haut State Park: Closed: all 8 deluxe cabins, Fairview-Riverside State Park: Closed: boardwalk trails and wooden boat launch.

·        Parks Back in Full Service: District 1: all parks except Bogue Chitto, Fort Pike SHS, and Tickfaw; District 2: all parks; District 3: all parks, except Chemin-A-Haut and Lake Bistineau; District 4: all parks.

·        Tickfaw State Park should be able to open on Thursday, March 24. The only areas currently under water are the River and Cut-Thru Trails, the Tent Campground, and RV campsites #25 and #27.

·        Lake Bistineau State Park and the deluxe cabins at Chemin-A-Haut will be closed through at least May.


Louisiana Economic Development

·        Began work with representatives of the US Small Business Administration and Louisiana's Small Business Development Center Network on March 17 to identify location for Business Recovery Centers (BRCs). Five BRCs opened on Wednesday, March 23.

·        Business Expansion Retention Group (BERG) reached out to 196 economic driver companies. In some instances, Parish Economic Development Directors provided support. To date we received responses and made contact with 90 out of the 196 driver companies. Of those companies that responded, only 9 indicated they received any damages, and all of the 9 advised that the damage was minor. All of the 90 companies contacted are currently operational.


Salvation Army

·        Shreveport Corps - demobilized mobile canteen service at 4:00 p.m. on 3/23/2016.  Distributing food boxes and clean-up kits in Bossier, Caddo and Webster Parish in support of Forward Assistance Centers.

·        Monroe Corps - Providing individual assistance (clothing and food boxes) to residents as requested.

·        Baton Rouge Corps - At the request of local emergency management, providing mobile feeding to recovery workers in Livingston and Tangipahoa (Hammond) Parish.

·        Lake Charles Corps - Providing individual and community assistance as requested and in coordination with VOAD.   


Louisiana VOAD

·        LAVOAD continues to support the State EOC, monitor WebEOC and respond to various requests, participate in coordinating call and DHTF calls.

·        Completed requests and communication loop on boxes for Union Parish.  NELA Food Bank will accept donation and distribute to Union with balance to community needs.

·        Continued follow-up on need for crisis counseling/mental health; contact with Office of Behavioral Health regarding federal funded program application.

·        Outreach on behalf of NELA VOAD for warehouse space.

·        Participation with Disaster Housing Task Force.



·        The LA BEOC is working with GOHSEP, FEMA, LA VOAD and LA BEOC stakeholders to locate storage areas/containers/site(s) for citizens that homes were destroyed in the flooding.  LA BEOC staff is working with the FEMA Private Sector Division to assist in recovery efforts.           


Disaster Recovery (JFO)

·        FEMA housing inspectors will be in Louisiana as long as it takes to complete all inspections, even for homes where water is slow to recede. 

·        Two additional DRCs are now open in Ascension and Union parishes, resulting in a total of 18 DRCs open.

·        Individual Assistance: Assistance can include grants for temporary housing and home repairs, low interest disaster loans to cover uninsured and underinsured property losses, and other programs to help individuals and business owners recover from the effects of the disaster.    

o   Totals as of COB 03/29/2016: Total registrations: 27,587; Total IHP Approved: $43,190,511; Housing Assistance: $34,067,444; Other Needs Assistance: $9,123,067

o   Inspections: Inspections Issued: 22,522; Inspections Returned: 15,603; Inspectors in the field: 327

o   Disaster Recovery Centers Visits: Daily: 533; Cumulative: 3,756 (Hours are 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday and noon to 5 p.m. Sundays until further notice) 

·        SBA: Applications issued: 14,267; Applications received: 1,250; Applications approved: 71; Amount approved: $3,556,500

·        Flood Insurance As of 3.28.2016: Number of Insurance Claims received: 4,529; Amount Paid Out: $20,989,885

·        Disaster Survivor Assistance (DSA) teams are canvassing all designated parishes. Numbers as of 03/29/2016: Visited 15,668 homes, interacted with 19,874 survivors and registered 2,301 people. 

·        Request for Public Assistance deadlines established.

o   April 12 for Bossier, Claiborne, Grant, Morehouse, Ouachita, Richland, and Webster parishes. o April 14 for Beauregard, Bienville, Caddo, Caldwell, De Soto, La Salle, Livingston, Madison, Natchitoches, St. Tammany, Tangipahoa, Union, Vernon, Washington, West Carroll and Winn parishes.

o   April 16 for Allen, Ascension and Calcasieu parishes. 

o   April 24 for Jackson, Rapides, Red River, and Sabine parishes.


Parish Actions as of 3:00 PM



·        115 structures have water ranging from 8 feet to 4 inches.

·        DRC will be set up at the Allen Parish Civic Center, Tiger Lane  Oberlin. FEMA setting up  several locations for parish registration for IA.



·        Only 2 parish roads have water but are passable - no complete closures at this time

·        PDAs completed. DSNAP Operations established 3/30/16.

·        OEP is continuing to coordinate with residents on Damages and Debris Removal to ensure residents are aware of the process for PA and Debris Pick up. 

·        Per Regional Coordinator: DRC soft opening 3/29/16.



·        IA Declaration pending.

·        PDA/PA desktop assistance conducted 3/23/16.

·        Water is receding some families were able to move back in their homes, there are still 15 families still not able to go back in the Brouillette community. Super sacks did a great job of holding water in the Brouillette community. 

·        Per Regional Coordinator: Worked low and hot spots of levees near Vick and Brouillette communities. Completed 1,800 ft. of levee reinforcement.



·        Dumpsters placed at pre-approved sights for trash other than trees, etc. They will be marked maintained daily and at night kept secured.

·        Will request DRC.

·        FEMA IA team and other groups in the area conducting cleanup and repairs. FEMA has established field office in Merryville and taking registrations as needed.

·        Parish Public Works conducting damage assessments of roads, bridges and culverts.

·        Recovery in the parish is running smoothly with FEMA IA and Red Cross covering the area.

·        Parish agencies preparing for Public Assistance and have submitted their estimates as requested.

·        Agencies are registering on LAPA for Public Assistance.



·        PDA’s are ongoing and recovery operations are beginning.

·        Per Regional Coordinator: PA Desktop conducted 3/21/16. DRC buildout on 3/22/16. Resource distribution ongoing in area of greatest need. Due to Parish tax voting on 4/8/16, DRC will have to move out temporarily; JFO reviewing options to best accommodate.



·        DRC operations established. Coordinating Applicant Briefings.

·        Still have water across roadways in the southern portion of parish and Lake Bistineau areas.

·        BPSO has continually checking on residents that did not leave there homes in areas where high water has cut them off from main roads.

·        Lake Bistineau, (LEAP) Logistics Emergency Assistance Point, an unmanned self-help supply point staffed by volunteers to give food and water along with cleaning supplies.

·        Per Regional Coordinator: Still working the FAC in South Bossier including resources and crisis counseling/case work. Meetings scheduled for IA and HM eligibility questions.



·        There are still some homes without electricity in the Oil City and Vivian communities.

·        656 people have called Caddo OHSEP to report damages.

·        DRC soft opening 3/25/16. Forward Assistance Center was a success.

·        FEMA IA Teams have been in the affected neighborhoods talking with residents.

·        PA Desktop conducted, coordinating location for applicant briefing.

·        Per Regional Coordinator: DRC internet issue still not resolved, JFO addressing. FAC opens today.



·        Coroner's office has estimated over 100 caskets; continuing to work on re-internment issue. 71 caskets in storage, 18 more recovered this week, approximately 17 more still need to be recovered.

·        FEMA on site and working with Parish OHSEP on assessments. OHSEP starting to conduct assessments of public buildings.PA assessments are ongoing.

·        DSNAP Operations established 3/30/16. DRC location has been determined.



·        FEMA moved in the Parish Community Center taking applications.

·        Police Jury passed ordinance for a 10pm-6am curfew in the Hebert area and closed Long Lake.

·        Per Regional Coordinator: Columbia DRC inspection 3/24/16. Communities are isolated from parish public safety response due to high, rising water. The CPSO is opening a temporary EOC to provide security for the area and will be joined with the LAWLF.  OEP requested state assistance for ambulance service in the isolated area. Coordinated with Parish to have HWV with drivers returned to their parishes for sand bag operations to protect properties that are being exposed to rising water. Communicated with all parishes in Region 8 regarding the Applicants Briefing scheduled for Friday 1 Apr.



·        Catahoula Parish continues to sandbag and build protective measures to prevent flood water from the Ouachita River.

·        Town of Jonesville continues to pump waste water over levee drainage structure. Sandbagging operations here continue.

·        Voluntary evacuation in effect for residents in low lying areas of the Parish. Shelter options are available in combination with LaSalle parish.

·        PDA/PA desktop 3/24/16. GOHSEP PDA/PA team deployed 3/24/16. GOHSEP PDA/IA teams deployed 3/28/16.

·        Number of flooded homes continue to rise in the norther part of the parish. 45 reported damaged with many inaccessible due to water over roadways The number of homes in the Northern Part of Catahoula Parish with flooded access is growing each day as water levels rise.

·        Duty Ferry at Enterprise closed at this time. 40+ Parish Rds. closed due to water over roadways.

·        The Ouachita and Bouef Rivers continue to rise in the Northern part of Catahoula Parish. Area still continuing to receive higher flood water.

·        The Black, Tensas, Little and Red Rivers continue a slow fall of 2-3 inches a day in the backwater areas, but still covering several thousand acres.

·        Tensas Basin Levee District has closed 30+ drainage structures in Parish, causing trapped rainwater in side of levee system.

·        Law Enforcement Agencies continuing to patrol flooded areas near Larto Community.  



·        Beginning Recovery Operations.

·        Per Regional Coordinator: PA Desktop scheduled for 3/22/16. DRC site visit 3/25/16.



·        IA Declaration pending.

·        Water continues to rise, Black and Red Rivers are causing tributaries to back up. All Lakes are closed to recreational use.



·        DRC soft opening 3/22/16.

·        Per Regional Coordinator: FEMA DRC build out complete and on track for opening. PA Desktop conducted 3/24/16. All evacuation orders have been lifted.


East Baton Rouge

·        IA Declaration pending.

·        Public Works Department are monitoring sewer and water levels across the Parish. 

·        Parish is populating the database with impacted areas utilizing the 311 System, coordinated a medical pick up, and also coordinating with ARC to put shelters on standby.


East Carroll

·        IA Declaration pending. PA completed.

·        Overwhelmed with calls from residents claiming damages.

·        Per Regional Coordinator: Communicated with all parishes in Region 8 regarding the Applicants Briefing scheduled for Friday 1 Apr.



·        Water still rising on three sides of the parish. LANG Transporting sand bags from detention center to affected homes.

·        Sandbagging ongoing at the Hayes Rd/Scriber Rd. area.

·        Per Regional Coordinator: Coordinated with Parish to have HWV with drivers returned to their parishes for sand bag operations to protect properties that are being exposed to rising water. Communicated with all parishes in Region 8 regarding the Applicants Briefing scheduled for Friday 1 Apr.



·        DRC established.



·        PDA Teams deployed.

·        DSNAP Operations established 3/30/16.

·        Per Regional Coordinator: Coordinated with Parish to determine location for DRC. Communicated with all parishes in Region 8 regarding the Applicants Briefing scheduled for Friday 1 Apr.



·        Joint PA/PDA teams to assess damages to hurricane protection (burrito) levee in Grand Isle. PDA team deployed in Grand Isle at Bridge Side Marina.



·        Joint PA PDA team conducted  site assessment on damages at Fourchon beach. POC is Chett Chaisson, Greater Lafourche Port Commission.



·        Faith based shelters are on standby (also available for Catahoula parish residents).

·        Parish OEP & Communications District currently working on mapping flooded structures, due to Old River waters rising, structures may increase.

·        DRC opened 3/23/16. PDA/PA desktop conducted 3/21/16. FEMA is also going from home to home.

·        Per Regional Coordinator: Debris Status: have asked residents to bring to Parish road easement, using their Parish people to pick up, may use force acct labor timesheets to track and may/or seek reimbursement.



·        IA Declaration pending.

·        Working on damage assessments in preparation for PDA Teams scheduled for this week. Requested IA Team. In the process of submitting PA & IA PDAs.

·        Per Regional Coordinator: Communicated with all parishes in Region 8 regarding the Applicants Briefing scheduled for Friday 1 Apr.



·        Applicant Briefing is scheduled for 3/30/16.  

·        FEMA and the SE LA Baptist Assoc. are assessing homes now.  Baptist Assoc., Lowe's, Stine's and Salvation Army are assisting with mudouts. 

·        The Parish is assessing roads now for Public Assistance. 

·        Per Regional Coordinator: DRC soft opening 3/28/16.



·        DSA Teams deployed throughout the Parish 3/21/16.

·        Per Regional Coordinator: Communicated with all parishes in Region 8 regarding the Applicants Briefing scheduled for Friday 1 Apr.



·        Request for PDA/IA teams. DRC established 3/29/16.

·        All major roads now open.

·        Sandbagging ongoing in Bonita due to rising water. Bonita water system is threatened.

·        Per Regional Coordinator: Communicated with all parishes in Region 8 regarding the Applicants Briefing scheduled for Friday 1 Apr. Assisted Morehouse Parish with a request for a dump truck to provide hay for live stock owned by elderly couple living in a flooded area. The couple is surrounded by water but are high and dry.



·        PDA/PA desktop assistance conducted 3/22/16.

·        Providing MREs and water from volunteers to residents who can't get out. Flood water receding slowly, numerous residents can only be reached by boat.

·        Per Regional Coordinator: DRC inspection 3/25/16. Debris Status - have asked residents to bring to Parish road easement, using their Parish people to pick up, may use force acct labor timesheets to track and may/or seek reimbursement.

·        Some Parish Roads and State roads are still impassable. Water are receding.  Some residents are only able to get out by boat.

·        FEMA, Disaster Relied Teams, Red Cross, and many  other nonprofits groups are in the parish working diligent helping residents.

·        Setting up DRC.

·        FEMA IA teams have interviewed approximately 800 individuals. FEMA Teams throughout the parish conducting assessments.

·        DHH will administer the DTap and Flu Shot today 5-8 p.m., Tuesday, March 29, 2016 Family Worship Center, 330 Sandy Point Rd., Campti, LA , and Thursday, 5-8 p.m., March 31, Morning Star Baptist Church, 342 Main St. Natchez, LA 71456.



·        Debris operations have begun on the west side of the Ouachita River.

·        FEMA Survivor Assistance teams deployed. Requested IA & PA teams. PDA forms distributed to all agencies. 

·        All six alternate pumps are working.  We are about 1 inch from the point that Bayou Desiard is separated from Chauvin Basin.  The bad news is we are now expecting 4 to 5 inches of rain this Wednesday and Thursday. If we get that amount, the combined effect of the rain and the run-off will put us back to where we were about 7 days ago.    

·        A portable shower unit has been installed at the shelter on Jackson Street.

·        The DRC Operations in Monroe established 3/21/16. The second DRC site in West Monroe soft opening 3/28/16.

·        Per Regional Coordinator: Communicated with all parishes in Region 8 regarding the Applicants Briefing scheduled for Friday 1 Apr.



·        Voluntary evacuations in effect for residents in low lying areas of the Parish. Shelter is now closed.

·        PDA/PA desktop assistance conducted on 3/21/16. PDA (IA) teams are currently in the field.

·        Woolen Lake closed to boat traffic. Sandbagging operations in the area are ongoing.

·        Numerous State and Parish roads still inundated with water.

·        Gates on Rigolette are open with outflow into Red River occurring; however this area is not seeing a decrease in levels.

·        Per Regional Coordinator: Debris Status – will use Force Account Labor and seek reimbursement.

·        DSNAP Operations established 3/30/16. Awaiting press release to inform affected areas.

·        DRC:  Met with FEMA Ground Support Unit.  Identified location.  Was advised they thought they would be prepared for soft opening on Friday however this is not confirmed.  Would like confirmation prior to putting this out to the residents of the affected area

·        PA Applicant Briefing:  Noted preference of having a briefing held in Rapides Parish.  Working to secure a location.  Spoke with RC Basco & provided tentative dates of the afternoon of April 6 or morning of April 7th.  Will confirm once location has been secured.  Will put into WebEOC once location is secured.


Red River

·        DSNAP Operations established 3/30/16.

·        Operations continue to provide food and water to the homes that are surrounded by water and have no access out to purchase food or water.

·        Monitoring and sandbagging (as needed) all three culverts within the Parish.

·        8 State highways and several parish roads are closed.

·        Per Regional Coordinator: On schedule for DRC site visits. IA and PA PDAs requested. Had significant additional damages to the unprotected section of the levee at “Secondary Priority Point” on the East Point Levee System, but no imminent threat exists to residents at this time due to the drop in water level. Portion of the levee protected by mission last week is holding well.



·        Water continues to rise in southern end of the Parish. Multiple roads still inundated with water.

·        Curfew is from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.  for areas south of Hwy 132.

·        2,000 sandbags being filled at Detention Center for transfer to the Woolen Lake Fire Station.  Sandbagging continues around homes in that area.

·        7 dumpster locations throughout the Parish for flood debris.

·        PDAs are underway. Confirmed agreement reached between Richland Sheriff and FEMA Security regarding DRC on-site security.

·        Shelter is open and supporting 14 evacuees at this time.

·        FEMA DRC is open and operational at 112D Morgan Street in Rayville.

·        By order of the OEP Director D. Williams Boeuf River south of Hatch's Bridge (Hwy 231) is closed to all boat traffic immediately.

·        Over 30 Parish roads are closed.

·        Parish police Jury Barns are prepped and ready for any downed trees  considering the upcoming weather.

·        “Flood Buckets” from Methodist Relief Agency are staged at Woolen Lake Fire Station and are ready for distribution if needed. Also have high water vehicle stationed there to assist with rescues and security patrols.

·        Per Regional Coordinator: Communicated with all parishes in Region 8 regarding the Applicants Briefing scheduled for Friday 1 Apr.    



·        DSNAP Operations established 3/30/16 and will remain open through 4/3/16 at 7:00 pm.

·        PDAs conducted. Recording names of residents with flood damage for IA.

·        Progressing with home cleanup effort. Emergency repairing high priority roads and bridges.

·        Per Regional Coordinator: State will send IA PDA this week.


St. Helena

·        IA Declaration pending.

·        Permanent road repairs are being made at this time. Parish estimate road damage has reached $55,000 (3/4 completed).

·        IA PDA teams deployed. Submitted flooded home list. PA PDA Teams scheduled to deploy this week. GOHSEP offered assistance for PDAs.

·        Red Cross checking flooded homes.

·        Now have trees falling due to saturated ground.


St. Tammany

·        Disaster Survival Assistance Team working in Slidell Area. Damage Assessment Teams assessing properties affected by Pearl River on East side of Parish.

·        DRC established in Slidell. 2nd DRC established on 3/23/16. Applicant Brief on 3/28/16.

·        Debris pickup has been scheduled on the west side of the parish from 3/22/16 – 3/31/16. Crews in this sector will pick up debris in all flood-impacted areas West of Louisiana Highway 434. Debris pickup on the east side of the parish is scheduled from April 1 - 7. Crews in this sector will pick up debris in all flood-impacted areas East of Highway 434.



·        Two DRCs established 3/23/16. Applicant briefing requested on 3/30/16. Activated Parish Debris Contract, pick up started 3/21/16.

·        An AAR meeting conducted with all ESF's and elected officials on March 29 at 9:00 a.m.

·        42 Citizens in Shelter

·        2 DRC are not open at this time however we continue to try to get them open as quickly as possible.

·        PA/PDA submitted to GOHSEP



·        Evacuated approximately 500 citizens. Citizens around D’Arbonne Lake, Ouachita River and D’ArLeutre areas are evacuating their homes.

·        Shelter: Willie David Recreational Center 116 Cox Ferry Rd, Farmerville, LA 71241

·        Approximately 500 homes and camps have sustained damage; approximately 750 citizens have been evacuated.

·        The DRC site in Farmerville soft opening 3/28/16.

·        Per Regional Coordinator: Communicated with all parishes in Region 8 regarding the Applicants Briefing scheduled for Friday 1 Apr.



·        A Mobile Shower Unit request was delivered to the Burr Ferry Fire Dept for volunteer workers and evacuees.

·        FEMA Representatives are in the Parish. A Red Cross Disaster Assessment Team in Vernon Parish.

·        Multi Agency Resource Center set up at Evans High School.

·        Two Parish POD sites remain open, continue to provide hot meals, clothing, snacks, coffee, water, cleaning supplies and information.

·        Flood water is continuing to recede in Evans area. Remediation of residents ongoing.

·        DRC site assessment completed Friday, 3-25-16.  GSA lease agreement completed.  Waiting on DRC startup date.

·        Red Cross and other organizations providing assistance to affected individuals.

·        FEMA registrations ongoing.  Fixed site at HLS/911 office in Leesviile.



·        The parish has made repairs to numerous damaged roads.  6 remain damaged. 2 State roads closed to only local traffic.

·        Mobile DRC established 3/21/16. Applicant Briefing scheduled for 3/28/16. 1 FEMA DSA team in the Parish.

·        Parish continues to work diligently to get PA declaration # of home damaged in the parish is 500-550.



·        Per Regional Coordinator: Much of south end of Parish is still inundated with water. Still dealing with power outages and water in many homes. FEMA DSAT deployed. Laundry unit established in Lake Bistineau area to support residents. PA desktop conducted. DRC established 3/22/16. Resource distribution to impacted areas ongoing.

·        Parish established FACs in Sibley and Doyline for resource distribution.


West Carroll

·        Working on list of damaged or affected residents & address to get areas together when the PDA/IA team comes  

·        Per Regional Coordinator: ARC has begun food distribution. Visited West Carroll Parish to select site for DRC (mobile),parish owned site was cleared by IA. Coordinated with Recovery to finalization WCP Desk Top PDA. Communicated with all parishes in Region 8 regarding the Applicants Briefing scheduled for Friday 1 Apr.

·        Working with the PJ office on getting our PA info onto the spreadsheet to submit     



·        Homes around Saline Lake are still inundated with water, boat patrols continue.

·        DRC established.

·        Per Regional Coordinator: Debris Status - using Progressive, their normal waste company and dumpsters, will not seek reimbursement.

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