News Alert: Situational Awareness Report 15 August 2016 As of 5:00 pm
Posted: 8/15/2016 7:14:23 PM
Louisiana Business Emergency Operations Center

Situational Awareness Report

15 August 2016

As of 5:00 pm


State EOC Activation Level: Level I

WebEOC Incident: 16-019 Severe Weather – Statewide – 10-14 August 2016

State Declaration Proclamation 111-JBE - 2016 State of Emergency - Heavy Rain and Flooding



Situation:  A lingering surface low over the coastal plains will continue to draw in tropical moisture into the South. Numerous showers and thunderstorms have developed and are lingering across the Gulf States, yielding high rainfall amounts. Stay tuned to your local National Weather Service for the latest updates, watches and warnings.



State Actions: 


·         Activated Crisis Action Team on 11 August

·         Activated to a Level III on 12 August

·         Activated to a Level II on 13 August

·         Activated to a Level I on 13 August

·         Provided approximately 723,000 sandbags; 117,504 bottles of water; 5,760 MREs; 1,700 cots & blankets each; 267 tarps

·         A Federal Declaration has been received for 4 Parishes: East Baton Rouge, Livingston, St. Helena, Tangipahoa

·         Parish Taskforce conference calls are continuing each day until further notice


Department of Administration

·         Due to the extreme flooding situation throughout parts of Louisiana, Commissioner of Administration Jay Dardenne is announcing that state government offices will be closed Tuesday, Aug. 16, in the following parishes: Acadia, Ascension, Assumption, Beauregard, Cameron, Calcasieu, East Baton Rouge, East Feliciana, Evangeline, Iberia, Iberville, Jefferson Davis, Lafayette, Livingston, Pointe Coupee, St. Charles, St. Helena, St. James, St. Landry, St. Martin, St. Tammany, Tangipahoa, Vernon, Vermilion, Washington, West Baton Rouge and West Feliciana. These are the same parishes that had state office closures Monday, Aug. 15.

·         Essential personnel not dealing with personal flood damage or helping others should contact their supervisors.

·         State officials continue to monitor weather conditions across the state, and this announcement may be updated.

·         State employees should be aware of the following phone numbers to call, which will be updated with information regarding office closures: 1.800.360.9660 or 225.342.0498.


Louisiana National Guard

·         Approximate SAR: 7,609 people and 1,269 pets

·         LANG providing support for shelters in Livingston, Tangipahoa, and St. Helena Parishes delivering meals this week


US Coast Guard

·         195 lives saved ; 26 Pets

·         2902 assists

·         Assets: 2 AirSta Nola 65s, 2 ATC Mobile 60s, 1 ATC 144 Western Rivers Flood punt teams: 12 pers on 6 flood boats Gulf Coast Strike Team: 2 vessels Sta/Ant Nola conducting SAR by water, 23-foot vessel. 1 aids to navigation 23' vessel


Department of Wildlife and Fisheries

·         Tangipahoa: 305 people 108 pets

·         Livingston: 204 people 80 pets

·         Washington: 3 people

·         St. Helena: 25 people

·         EBR: 1442 people 230 pets

·         Iberia: 41 people 3 pets

·         Lafayette: 834 people 114 pets

·         East Feliciana: 49 people 5 pets

·         West Feliciana: 2 people

·         Vermillion: 92 people 27 pets

·         Acadia: 22 people 2 pets

·         St. Landry: 22 people 14 pets

·         Ascension: 75 people 15 pets

·         Totals: 3116 people 598 pets


State Fire Marshal

·         OSFM assisted in the evacuation of approximately 800 civilians in the affected parishes including the evacuation of 4 nursing homes in the EBR area encompassing approximately 80 patients

·         77 boats and 10 high water vehicles assisting agencies

·         280 personnel from statewide law enforcement and fire department agencies have  been provided to OSFM to assist with search and rescue operations

·         OSFM has 40 personnel on continuous duty at command center

·         OSFM has been able to enter flood affected areas for further evacuations in the Livingston, Joor Road and Walker areas

·         Swift Water Rescue Teams have performed approximately 1,100 rescues utilizing 52 watercraft


Louisiana State Police

·         Total Statewide Crashes: 192 
Total affected LSP personnel reported: 18 Non-commissioned; 30 Commissioned

·         Abbeville LWIN Tower Site has been repaired and is now operational. Parks LWIN Tower Site (Iberia Parish) is down due to flooding. Iberville LWIN Tower site is down. Sheriff Office will utilize a back-up system. Bossier LWIN Tower Site is down due to flooding.

·         6 Troopers from Troop B and 6 from Troop C continue to assist Troop A with road closures.

·         Celtic Studios Shelter – 6 troopers, 20 LANG. At max capacity.

·         Baton Rouge River Center Shelter is open – 10 Troopers. 42 LANG. 197 Evacuees present.

·         AT&T requested assistance with escorting several cellular on wheels (COWs) once they arrive at the state line. Once the assets are en route from different parts of the country, an AT&T representative will notify LSP EOC to coordinate escorts with the troops. Troop L is escorting the (3) COW’s to State Police HQ. Two more COW’s are coming from Arkansas.

·         I-10 E/B and W/B at Crowley is closed due to flooding. Traffic is being diverted at I-49 to US 165 on the east side and at US 165 to I-49 on the west side. I-10 at Bayou Manchac: W/B closure at LA 73, E/B closure at Siegen Lane.

·         Partial Activation began 08/12/16 at 0730 hours. Call Center Activation on 08/12/16 at 0900 hours. Currently approximately 140 calls per hour. CIMS Blue Team staffing night shift EOC with three team members. Crisis Response Staff continues to monitor the weather event and WebEOC for resource requests.

·         TROOP A STAFFING (48) Activated Double Shifts

·         Livingston Parish: I-12 and US-190 east and west bound have become impassable at the Natalbany River (Albany). I-12 and US-190 west bound has become impassable at the Amite River (Denham Springs). I-12 remains closed from the Amite River into Tangipahoa Parish (Troop L). The Livingston parish 911 center is flooded and their operations were transferred to GOHSEP. Livingston Parish remains an area of emergency with numerous dynamic road closures. All closures are due to flooding. Traffic in Livingston Parish is unable to exit the parish. Traffic is not being allowed into the parish by way of alternate roadways. I-12 at US-61 in East Baton Rouge Parish is closed to direct traffic south on US-61 to I-10 to I-55 – Baton Rouge City Police is assisting with the closure.

·         Oshner Medical Center on O’Neil Lane has evacuated due to high water. Only hospitals in the Troop A area available are Our Lady of the Lake and Baton Rouge General Bluebonnet. Last word Troop A received is that Lane Memorial in Zachary is opened but access to it is questionable.

·         TROOP B: STAFFING: (15) Troop B has worked 1 crashes since the 0400 Sit Rep was sent.


·         TROOP D: STAFFING (13) Troop D mobile field force has (1) Sgt. and (6) Troopers deployed to the Baton Rouge area.

·         TROOP I: STAFFING: 27 LSP unitsTroop I have responded to 4 crashes and 4 traffic incidents/stalled vehicles. A DOTD representative has been assigned to Troop I to coordinate barricade positioning.

·         TROOP L: STAFFING (13) Troop L has not investigated any crashes since shift change at 0600 hours. Troop L has towed nine vehicles (so far) that had been left blocking roads. 


Public Service Commission

·         Power outages as of 1300 on August 15: 36,654

·         Due to the high waters, we are having to de-energize a substation in Baton Rouge which will affect approximately 3,000 customers. We are working to notify affected customers. The boundaries of the affected area in East Baton Rouge are as follows: North is Florida Blvd. South is I-12. West is Sherwood Forest. East is Flannery. This also includes south Harrels Ferry Street. These customers will be without power until the waters recede and we are able to safely restore power.


ESF-02 Communications

·         AT&T reports most 4G service in Baton Rouge has been restored. 11 COLTS. (mobile cell towers) en route. Wireless service has been restored for the vast majority of our customers as of early today. We are working around the clock to complete our repairs associated with the flooding of our Baton Rouge wireless switching center. Also, we are deploying additional equipment to aid emergency personnel.

·         LWIN status: 132/135 tower sites in normal operation

·         LWIN Sites out of wide area operation: The Sibley Tower Site in Webster Parish is out of wide area operations. Technicians have been notified. Parks tower sit in St. Martin Parish: Flood water has reached inside the building. Equipment repairs will not take place until water level has receded inside the building and the surrounding area. Bossier city tower site in in Bossier Parish is out of wide area operations. Century Link and AT&T are working to resolve a T1 issue.

·         The Abbeville Tower Site is operating on satellite backhaul.

·         The following statewide interoperability talkgroups are in use:

o   *STATE-1

o   *INTEROP-1

o   *INTEROP-2

o   *INTEROP-3

o   *INTEROP-5

o   *INTEROP-6

o   *INTEROP-10

o   Complete ICS 205 located in File Library


Department of Transportation and Development

·         DOTD continues to maintain current road closure information while collaborating with Districts and LSP.

·         Statewide Bridge Inspection Teams are deployed to District 61 & 62 inspecting scour critical bridges (400 on system and 700 off system)

·         Making preparations for deploying Damage Assessment Teams when required.

·         Making preparations for conducting Debris Operations once water subsides along DOTD jurisdictional routes.

·         Provided 4000ft of Aquadam (water barrier) in support flood mitigation operations at Womens Hospital.

·         DOTD conducted the delivery of shelter resources in support of DCFS sheltering operation at the Celtic Studio Shelter.

·         District 62 and HQ EOC is continuing to closely monitor the I/12 E/W bound lane closures.

·         DOTD is currently conducting flood mitigation operations, (i.e. deploying Aquadam) at the Airline/Highland route.

·         Prepared to support DCFS DSNAP operations if required.


Department of Corrections

·         As requested 6,000 sandbags have been delivered to Woman's Hospital per Warden Hooper w/ EHCC.

·         Sandbags have been delivered to Airline Hwy @ Highland Rd as requested by DOTD. 

·         4 Amite District Office Probation and Parole will send officers to work this task. Probation and Parole Officers continue to check shelters in Livingston Parish for any registered sex offenders. The have been unable to check the shelters at Killian Baptist Church, Frost Elementary and St. Joseph Catholic Church as these shelters cannot be reached by road. At this time these shelters can only be reached by boat

·         BRD Agents Robert Bannan & David Jung will replace the other 4 Agents at 6am providing security @ Celtic Studios in Baton Rouge.

·         I spoke w/ Warden Hooper @ EHCC, he advised that they would send someone up (air support) @ daylight to assess the flood situation to determine if LWIC & EHCC need to be evacuated. 

·         Request to assist the Army National Guard by providing equipment and labor to fill and load super sack sand bags for the Alligator Bayou mission. Sand bags to be filled at EHCC and will be airlifted from EHCC to Alligator Bayou. EHCC is prepared to assist in this by providing sandbagging machine and labor to fill super sacks and an area for them to be picked up. EHCC continues to work on filling super sack sandbags and delivery to location for pick up to be airlifted to Alligator Bayou

·         Probation and Parole officers continue to check the Livingston parish shelters for possible sex offenders. (6 teams of 2 agents)


Department of Environmental Quality

·         LDEQ deployed 6 boats from the Capitol Regional Office today with operators from the Emergency Response and Water Surveys Assessment Division. Boats were used for search and rescue in the Baton Rouge, Denham Springs, and Central areas.

·         3 boats from the Acadiana Regional Office were also deployed with operators from the Surveillance Division and they reported to the East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office.

·         The Surveillance Division responded to the incident regarding leaking barrel's at the Governor's Mansion. Clean Harbors has been contracted for clean-up

·         ER responded to an incident regarding inundation of water in a diesel tank at the Coca Cola Plant. There were no visible signs of sheening at this time.


Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority

·         Coordinated the placement of flood barrier to protect Woman's Hospital.

·         Coordinated with city of New Rhodes on a resource request for pumps to address slow drainage situation that was threatening homes.

·         “AquaDam” flood barrier and sandbags to protect Woman’s Hospital is working and hospital is happy with the installation. Mission is accomplished. 
Worked with DOTD and LANG to identify sources of sand to support mission to place supersack sandbags on Manchac Road at Alligator Bayou. 
Addressed an issue with a constituent dealing with the Davis Pond Diversion.


Department of Agriculture and Forestry

·         LDAF coordinating pet resources for EBR, Livingston, and Tangi. Lamar Dixon Expo center open for horses, Amite Livestock Sales open for cattle. ESF 11 desk will be manned this morning.

·         LDAF received report of cattle on Hwy 36 at Pearl River with one struck by car. LDAF Livestock Brand Officer in route to assist. LDAF continues to monitor WebEOC and weather reports.

·         Emergency fuel continued to be dispensed today to maritime search and rescue first responders, stranded motorists, and emergency shelter and telecommunication company generators.

·         Pet sheltering support today has continued at the Celtic Media Centre shelter, and the LDAF Mobile Pet Shelter, staffers, supplies, and the LDAF Mobile Command Center are now fully operational beside the Baton Rouge River Center shelter. Pets were also transported from the LSU Critical Needs Shelter to DCI for safe sheltering. Finally, the LDAF continues to partner with the Louisiana State Animal Response Team (LSART) for veterinary care of affected animals.

·         The LDAF continues to monitor WebEOC from both the GOHSEP EOC and the LDAF EOC for large animal rescue, pet sheltering, and emergency fuel requests.


Department of Health and Hospitals

·         80 Water Systems on Boil Water Advisory

·         Hospitals: Womens having staffing issues. Has cancelled elective procedures, working to contract staff. Request for assistance to pick up staff for transport to work. WH to provide staff list/LHA EP staff to followup.

·         Nursing Homes: No change to NHs Evacuation Shelter In Place Status 6 - evac'd 1- Sheltering 
staffing transportation is some of an issue

·         ARCP: (Assisted Living) No Change 2- evacuated 1 - returned to facility on 8/13


Department of Children and Family Services

·         Shelter update as of 1800 hrs 32 ARC shelters open with POP - 5570 24 Parish Shelter open with POP 3848 Total pop-9418

·         Shelters are continuously being opened to support LA residents affected by the flooding. Parish Shelters have tripled over the past two hours. Meals and cots are being outsourced and delivered by DCFS with the support of ARC. Medical teams have been established to support Regions 2 (EBRP) and 9 (Tangipahoa Parish).


American Red Cross

·         Continue to monitoring and update State WebEOC and submit SIT REPS.

·         Red Cross Liaisons are embedded in the State EOC - 24 hour coverage

·         Louisiana Red Cross Region/DRO Operation continues to communicate with affected Parish EOCs, GOHSEP and DCFS.

·         Continue to provide flood safety information and information regarding how to access and use our Safe and Well website

·         Red Cross continues to manage and support shelters with the help of our community partner in Acadia, Ascension, Tangipahoa, Lafayette, Iberia, East Baton Rouge, East Feliciana, St. Helena, Vermillion, Washington, St. Tammany and Livingston Parishes.

·         We anticipate additional shelters opening up due to the rising river levels

·         LANG continues to support our shelters in East Baton Rouge, Livingston, Tangipahoa and St. Helena Parishes by delivering meals and MREs. LANG will continue to support these shelters with meals and water over the next week.


Salvation Army

·         Local Salvation Army has lost all of its' local facilities in Baton Rouge including its' administrative headquarters, homeless shelter, Center of Hope, Thrift Store, Corps (church) building and Officers' Quarters. As far as I know the warehouse is still not flooded but it is not accessible due to flood waters surrounding it.

·         An Incident Management Assistance Team (IMAT) is on the ground and located at the Capitol One building. Canteens (mobile kitchens) are being brought in from outside of the area as access becomes available. Feeding operations will begin as soon as possible.

·         Served 400 meals today in three locations in Tangipahoa Parish. Will be serving another 300 meals at a shelter in downtown Baton Rouge.

·         Have two IMATs in Louisiana - one in Tangipahoa Parish based out of McComb, MS and one in Baton Rouge.

·         The Tangipahoa operation has two Canteens (mobile kitchens) and a Catering Truck assigned to it.

·         The Baton Rouge operation has six Canteens and a Catering Truck assigned to it.

·         The Salvation Army participated in the Louisiana Mass Feeding Task Force meeting.


Workforce Commission Mass Feeding

·         LWC supported [4] shelters with mass feeding for most of the day. Monitoring the closure of smaller, local shelters that are increasing populations at the large shelters.



·         Respond and direct inquiries for volunteers and donations and various requests from state and parish level

·         Coordinating with LABEOC

·         Mercy Chefs is planned to deploy for mobile feeding

·         Convoy of Hope is deploying to Baton Rouge and Lafayette to assess and bringing in supplies for distribution

·         Team Rubicon is assessing for potential deployment

·         Crisis Cleanup has an active event opened and will activate the 800 number for survivor's to call in

·         LAVOAD will host a coordinating call for its members and partners Monday, August 15th at 11:00 a.m.

·         ITDRC will be deploying a team and Mobile Technology Unit to the Baton Rouge area

·         Samaritan's Purse will be in Baton Rouge for assessment Monday


Civil Air Patrol

·         Areas flown: Iberville Parish, I-10 thru Baton Rouge to Hammond, SE corner of Ascnesion Parish,: photos in processing.

·         LCH A/C aborted due to avionics problem.

·         SHV A/C aborted due to WX in target area.

·         Assessed I-10 from New Orleans (NEW) to I-55; I-55 to Ponchatoula then south of I-10 to Slidell. Photos in processing.

·         Working AFRCC directed EPIRB at 30-17.38N/92-12.08W; separate Fed funding.

·         Observation: East of Hwy431 is heavily inundated and water appears to be rising as of early afternoon. A/C reporting is enroute. Photos will be processed at NEW this evening  and delivered.

·         Requested preliminary approval from ACC for use of the SPP aircraft for high def IR if needed for area scans. Approval pending but will not launched unless tasked.


Louisiana Housing Corporation

·         The Louisiana Housing Corporation will activate the Louisiana Disaster Housing Task Force on Monday.

·         LHC will have temporary rental assistance made available for displaced low income renters. We will have our call center up this week.

·         LHC is working with local COC's to make available ESG funding for rapid rehousing.

·         LHC is preparing a report on current vacant subsidized units ready for occupancy.


Department of Justice

·         Report price gouging to consumer hotline: (800) 351-4889

·         AG Hotline is active. The number is 800-351-4889. DOJ is working with GoFundMe to monitor activity. As of midday 8/15, 870 campaigns were active. DOJ in cooperation with GoFundMe will be publicizing tips on how to confirm pages are legitimate and report any concerns about campaigns. We are expecting the number to increase.

·         AG has 15 POST Certified investigators available for additional law enforcement support


Board of Regents

·         LSU opening a Medical Special Needs Shelter (MSNS) in the Field House beginning at 1300 hours on 8/14 in coordination with LDH. Campus will continue to be closed through Monday.

·         Full campus assessment has not yet been completed, but at least 3 buildings on the LSU campus have taken on water: Student Health Center, Hill Memorial Library, and Lockett Hall.

·         Southern University System offices, Southern University Baton Rouge (SUBR), Southern University Laboratory School, Southern University Law Center (SULC), and the Southern University Agricultural Research and Extension Center (SU Ag Center) offices will remain closed until Thursday, August 18 at 8 a.m.

·         Baton Rouge Community College- Frazier Campus has taken on significant water and damage. Mid City Campus has taken on water in nearly all buildings via doorways and leaking roofs. The North Acadian and Jackson Campuses have experienced flooding. While we have not been able to reach the building, we have reports that the Hooper Road Campus may have flooding damage. Dozens of members of the BRCC faculty and staff have been displaced. BRCC will remain closed tomorrow with essential staff reporting as roadways permit travel.

·         Northshore Technical Community College-All campuses of NTCC made it through with no flood damage. Some members of the college faculty and staff have been displaced by flooding. The college will start classes tomorrow with faculty and staff reporting as roadways permit travel. We clearly communicated to students that their safety is priority and we will work with those impacted as to not negatively affect their enrollment. Flexibility will be provided to those who have been displaced.

·         River Parishes Community College- Campus and Airline Hwy Campus sustained no flooding. However, the anticipated river crests to the east of the college could impact both campuses tonight and tomorrow. The college will remain closed today and may open tomorrow.

·         South Louisiana Community College-Multiple campuses with roof leaks. But no significant damage to 5 of the 7 campuses reported at this point. The Abbeville Parish and Vermilion Parish campuses can't be accessed due to high water and therefore, no information on their status is available at this time. The college is working with local law enforcement to access each campus. Given the widespread road closures, SLCC will likely open tomorrow at 5 of its 7 locations tomorrow.

·         The LSU campus will be partially open on Tuesday, Aug. 16, for some limited activities, including Intersession. The LSU Child Care Center and the LSU Lab School will be closed on Tuesday. Professors will work individually with students who cannot get to campus or have other flood-related issues that prevent them from attending class on Tuesday. At this time, Move-In Day is still scheduled for Wednesday, Aug.17.


ESF 14: Disaster Recovery

·         ESF 14 Staffing

·         ESF 14 has assigned 5 DR staff to assist in the following parishes EOC's: East Feliciana - Christina Knighten East Baton Rouge - Mark DeBosier Ascension - John Colvin Livingston - Joe Costello Iberia - Maryls Sanders

·         The DR Division has 8 employees that have been deployed to assist with shelter operations at Celtic in Baton Rouge. Also, we have approximately 10 DR employees that are assisting multiple operations within the State EOC.

·         PA PDA: The following is a list of parishes that have submitted a PDA request via WebEOC as of 08/15/16: Assumption

·         IA PDA: The following is a list of parishes that have submitted a PDA request via WebEOC as of 08/15/16: Assumption St. Tammany

·         DR-4277 Major Disaster Declaration FEMA declared a major disaster declaration on August 14, 2016 authorizing federal funding to affected individuals in the following parishes: East Baton Rouge Livingston St. Helena Tangipahoa

·         Assistance can include Individual Assistance (IA) grants for temporary housing and home repairs, low-cost loans to cover uninsured property losses, and other programs to help individuals and business owners recover from the effects of the disaster.

·         Federal funding also is available to the state and eligible tribal and local governments and certain private nonprofit organizations on a cost-sharing basis for emergency work (Categories A & B) under the Public Assistance program. 
Federal funding is also available on a cost-sharing basis for hazard mitigation measures statewide.


Parish Actions: 


·         SHELTER IN PLACE..issued by Sheriff Gibson..."DO not leave residence unless it is an emergency...many areas are flooded and unpassable".

·         Melvin Clay with Acadia Parish Sheriff office is requesting a couple of boats for in home rescues.

·         An oil tanker has overturned on 3155 Prudomme Hwy, in Eunice... due to the high a result the oil and fluids it was carrying leaked out. Owner of the tanker is in the process of obtaining buoys to soak up the fluids to clean up the spill..

·         Parish Report: As of now we have had over 200 residents call to report flooding in their homes...many have been forced to evacuate ....there are no current shelters available to accept them...



·         Reported flooding in low areas of Parish, especially in Kinder Area

·         Preparing to set up temporary shelter at Kinder fire station



·         Ascension obtained 102,000 sandbags through state request and purchased 3,000 tons of sand. Sandbagging operations will continue on a 24 hour cycle. Inmate labor to continue to bag sand.

·         All pumps remain operational and will continue to operate at this time.

·         We have established emergency messages for residents on our community information line at :1-866-380-2303.

·         No pet shelters open. No cemetery concerns at this time. Waterways closed until further notice

·         We have purchased 150k additional sandbags and will likely purchase more as our sandbagging operations continue.

·         We have released two inundation maps to our residents outlining the risk area we anticipate to flood. We are expecting major flooding in numerous areas.

·         Our shelter at Lamar Dixon is open and taking in residents. We anticipate more to arrive as the waters continue to rise. We have requested an ERV and meal resources to this shelter and will continue to assess it's needs.

·         Our EOC is fully activated - but at this time we do not expect to sleep overnight at the EOC. That will be reassessed as needed.



·         There is minor flooding in the areas of Highway 998, near the railroad tracks in Belle Rose. Ideal Street and Daggs Street in Paincourtville. Brusly St. Vincent Road and Back Marias Street in Napoleonville. Georgette Street, Pin Oak, Live Oak and Sophie Streets in Labadieville. OEP personnel are out assessing the situation.

·         There are several homes on Hwy. 998 that are taking in water. Tiger tubes have been installed on Oakley Street to prevent water from entering the homes. Bayou Crab Road around the bridge is flooded as well.

·         Two more Sand Sites have been opened, they are the gravel road off Hwy 403 going to Westfield Sugar Refinery, and the Arena at the Ag Center located on Robin Street, this site has trustees filling sandbags for individuals to pickup. OEP personnel and jurors are out and about assisting and assessing the situation.



·         Due to the heavy rain fall on August 13, 2016 there were approx. 73 homes or businesses that were affected by this the count are as follows: Bunkie -6 Marksville -25 Mansura-8 Moreauville -14 Simmesport-20. Most of the water has receded

·         Sand Bag operation has stopped 10,000 sandbag were distributed

·         Working On Maps of flooded areas



·         BOHSEP continues to monitor our local situation and keeping our Police Jury Administrator and Unified Command informed.

·         SBFD / Bienville Parish Fire District task force completed task of evacuation of subdivision Sat. Pm in Baton Rouge and rescued patients at a nursing home with water rising rapidly.  83 patients accounted for (4-bed bound, 43 wheelchair, 36 ambulatory and 20 staff. On 13 August 2016 South Bossier Fire Dept deployed 2 boats and crew of 5 to Baton Rouge for assignment.

·         Bossier Sheriff’s Office has sent down assets also including a crew with their Hydra-trek amphibious vehicle, and four other deputies departed early Saturday morning with an Argo amphibious vehicle and two Zodiac boats.

·         Six deputies from the Bossier Sheriff's Office Marine Patrol deployed and will assist with water rescues and evacuations, inspect impassable roadways, and help in any way they can.



·         Local agencies will be deploying additional assets south: Reporting to the State Fire Marshal's Office: Shreveport Fire Department - 7 personnel, 2 boats Shreveport Police Department - 2 personnel, 1 truck, 1 boat Reporting to Louisiana Sheriff's Association: Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office - 6 personnel

·         A shelter is being set up at Broadmoor Baptist to house 35 non secure care juveniles from Lafayette Parish with care givers. The American Red Cross will be assisting.



·         Communities on Northern East of Parish, Klondike and Lowry will be prone to major flooding from Mermentau River Basin.

·         Currently minor flooding in these areas. Majority of roadway in these areas are covered with water.

·         As of Yesterday August 14, 2016 late afternoon. Residents living in projected major flood area have evacuated.

·         Areas have extra law enforcement patrol.

·         The Lowry Dump site is going to remain closed today. Also, Klondike area trash pickup that scheduled for tomorrow will be postponed until possibly Friday, maybe even until next week's regularly scheduled route.



·         No reports of flooded structures

·         4-6 inches of rain in most southern part of Parish, Larto Lake,Vick areas 2-3 inches in remaining parts of Parish

·         Scattered power outages in southern part of parish.

·         SO personal and Parish PW works crews monitoring Vick area


East Baton Rouge

·         Some homes are being reported with water inundation

·         "Cover" areas are open at the following locations to provide a dry place to stay: Baker Civic Club 3325 2899 Wilson St., Baker, North Sherwood Forest Community Park 3140 North Sherwood Forest, Baton Rouge,  and Zoor Baptist Church 11848 Hopper Road, Baton Rouge. However, you will need to provide your own bedding, food and medications

·         Water rescue and evacuation of residents from all parts of the parish have been on-going throughout the night.

·         Currently there are an estimated 25 people in Central, independent pockets of families in Zachary, independent pockets of families off Highland Road (aka referred as "The Bottoms"), individuals standing along Plank Road and possibly 80 persons sheltered at " The Rock Shelter" which has incurred physical damage.

·         The response and rescue continues to evolve as the water rises. EBR still needs an additional shelter open and as many as possible on standby throughout the duration of this incident.

·         EBR Inundation map attached


East Feliciana

·         Numerous homes reported flooded

·         Continuing to rescue people from flooded homes; 650 rescues recorded. Only road into and out of East Feliciana is Highway 61 to Highway 68 into Jackson then out from there and reverse to get out of East Feliciana. Sheltered roughly 40 citizens at Clinton FD and roughly 10 at Slaughter Baptist church.

·         20 citizens in two shelters: 8 at Mount Hope Church in Ethel and Slaughter 1st Baptist are housing around 12.



·         The Fire Dept. and Sheriff’s Posse are doing high water rescue using boats on the Eastern Portion of the parish, along Hwy 167 east (Opelousas Rd).

·         Ville Platte and Mamou are flooded. Some evacuation of residents were done.

·         Parish and city are handing out sandbags

·         Power Outage count: 19 SLEMCO



·         Still requesting a shelter for St. Gabriel residents displaced by flooding

·         Water is now crossing Bayou Manchac and may affect approximately 65 more homes. Also landside on Intracoastal waterway is rising which may flood homes in Bayou Sorrel and Bayou Pigeon.

·         Evacuation issued for Bayou Manchac Rd. residents.

·         Iberville Public Works advised Bayou Manchac is rushing over Manchac Rd. If road washes out Hunts Correctional and Louisiana Correctional Institute for Women will be at risk for flooding.




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