News Alert: FEMA DR-4277-LA Private Sector Advisory 007
Posted: 9/27/2016 4:06:14 PM
Louisiana Business Emergency Operations Center

Greetings Louisiana Private Sector Partners,

Attached is FEMA Private Sector Advisory 007 along with our FEMA Daily Fact Sheet containing updated information to help you, your employees, customers, members, students, faculty, or staff who were affected by the Louisiana severe storms and flooding that occurred during the period of August 11, 2016 and continuing.


We encourage you to please share, reproduce, or distribute this information by any means available to you – email, website, Facebook, Twitter, or any other avenues. We appreciate your partnership to increase awareness of recovery options for Louisiana homeowners, renters and businesses affected by this disaster.


If, at any time, you feel the advisories are no longer needed, please send an email to with “UNSUBSCRIBE” in the subject line. We will promptly remove your name from the advisory distribution list. If this email was forwarded to you, and you would like to receive future advisories, please send an email with “SUBSCRIBE” in the subject line.


Private Sector Specialists are stationed throughout Louisiana. I would be happy to provide you with the contact information of the specialist in your area. Please do contact us with any questions, concerns or issues you may have.


(225) 382-1496 | DR-4277-LA Private Sector Desk

Attachment: DR-4277-LA PS Advisory 007.pdf

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