News Alert: GOHSEP Severe Weather SITREP March 1, 2018 As of 9:30 AM
Posted: 3/1/2018 9:57:16 AM
Louisiana Business Emergency Operations Center

GOHSEP Severe Weather SITREP

March 1, 2018

As of  9:30 AM


State EOC Activation Level: Level IV (Crisis Action Team)


WebEOC Incident: 18-005 Severe Wx – Statewide – Feb 21

Proclamation Number 37 JBE 2018 State of Emergency – Severe Weather

12 Parish Declarations: Avoyelles, Bossier, Caddo, Caldwell, Catahoula, Franklin,

Grant, Morehouse, Natchitoches, Ouachita, Rapides, Richland (2 In Progress: Beauregard, Bienville & Calcasieu)


WebEOC Incident: 18-006 Mississippi River Flooding — Statewide — FebMar

5 Parish Declarations: Concordia, East Carroll, Madison, Tensas, Terrebonne


SITUATION: Rainfall from the Southern Plains to the Ohio Valley has enhanced the threat for additional flash flooding and main stem river flooding across our entire outlook area. Please stay tuned to your local National Weather Service for the latest updates.


North Louisiana:  Showers and isolated thunderstorms will continue in wake of an outflow boundary / cold front that had moved into North Central Louisiana and Deep East Texas. The rainfall will cover over much of southwest and south central Arkansas and parts of east and northeast Texas north to near Interstate 30 and much of northwest and north central Louisiana. Brief but less heavy rainfall over the area still within the Flash Flood Watch may cause ponding of water on roadways, in low water crossings and in low lying and poor drainage areas. By noon the threat for additional flash flooding will end with rain tapering off during the afternoon as a secondary cold front with drier and cooler air filters into the region with passage of an upper level trough of low pressure. No hazardous weather is expected. High pressure on the surface and aloft will provide a dry weather pattern into the weekend until the next period of wetting rains. Returning Pacific and Gulf moisture will be increasing cloud cover with rain chances increasing Saturday night and becoming more widespread on Sunday into Monday with the approach of our next pre-frontal trough and following cold front trailing from a large central conus surface low pressure system. That cold front will move across the forecast area late Monday and to near the Gulf Coast on Tuesday. There may be a threat of severe weather with the cold front late Sunday into late Monday.


Southwest/Central Louisiana: A chance for showers and a few thunderstorms can be expected today with the passage of a cold front. A chance for showers will return Sunday. A chance for showers and thunderstorms can be expected Monday and Tuesday as another cold front approaches and moves across the region.


Southeast Louisiana: Several area rivers are forecast to rise to over flood stage. Keep updated by checking the latest river flood warnings and statements. Caution statements remain over all open gulf waters through today.


 *All updates to this report will be in red text


State Agencies


·           GOHSEP has activated its Crisis Action Team

·           A WebEOC Incident has been created for this event

·           All Regional Coordinators are maintaining communication with their respective parishes

·           River Taskforce conference calls are ongoing

·           State Emergency Declaration was issued 2/22/18



·        DOTD continues to monitor water levels & are actively engaged in prepositioning resources in several parishes, for local levee districts. These resources are to be deployed to augment levee systems in areas that have experienced overtopping of flooding in past events.

·        All DOTD districts throughout the state are standing by to assist in flood fight operations as needed.  



·           Utilities have been contacted and will keep PSC updated

·           Currently, SWEPCO does not anticipate any problems based on current forecasts. Entergy expects little impact outside of camp areas.

·           Cleco is expecting some flooding in the low lying parts of Rapides and Grant Parishes, which so far is only causing them to pull 4 meters connected to fishing camps in North Grant Parish.



·        Diamond Jack (Bossier City) their temporary ramp was being modified to accommodate the rising water level.

·        BoomTown (Bossier City) High water plan in place. The lower level of the parking garage is not being used. The ramp was moved to the first deck last Friday evening.

·        Samstown (Shreveport) High water plan in place. The main ramp is out of service. The forward ramp has been modified to accommodate the elevated river level. This occurred Sunday evening. 

·        Horseshoe Casino- High water plan in place. Temporary stairs/ handrails have been stage in case they are needed.

·        Eldorado and Margarita Ville Casino are not affected at this time.



·        LDAF monitoring weather and river forecast for possible agricultural impacts

·        Livestock producers advised to move cattle to higher ground



·        In anticipation of the projected swelling of the Mississippi River, Louisiana State Penitentiary staff and offenders are working alongside the US Army Corps of Engineers to back-fill and reinforce a section of the Mississippi River levee near Angola that has been in repair since November 2017.  The engineers are comfortable with the plan and its implementation and have no concerns at this time. I will continue to update as necessary.   



·        Continue to participate in Parish OEP briefings, send out preparedness messages and hold Region Leadership calls, continue to mobilize local volunteers


Parish Actions


·        All 1st responder agencies monitoring possible flooding from Oberlin to Kinder (Calcasieu River); River should crest by noon on 3/2/18

·        Parish set up to locations for citizens to get sand and bags; One in Kinder and one in Oberlin; WLF is aware of situation and is on standby



·        Sandbag operations in Fifth Ward, Effie and Brouillette communities began 2/27; 300 sandbags have been distributed in Avoyelles for residential use

·        EOC is in crisis action from 0730 to 1700hrs Unified Command calls are being done as needed areas of concern the Brouillette Community 1500 residents and 372 structures, but if levee breaches there could be numerous parts of Avoyelles to be affected

·        The major concern as of now due to the rivers being at or above flood stage is possible back water in Northern part of the parish will be monitoring this situation

·        DOTD and RRABB Levee Board completed mission hauling super sacks on the Brouillette Levee; 142 Super Sacks , 2 rolls of plastic and 48 Cubic yards of sand  for small sand bags

·        Raymond Laborde Correction center has filled over 7000 small sand bags to be placed in between the super sacks, they will provide offender labor to put these in place this morning  



·           Sabine River 3-1-18 9:00AM: If the lake continues to rise a Unified Command Meeting will be to discuss the issue. As of now the gates remain the same and flood forecast remains the same.

·           The west side of the Parish along the Sabine Basin remains in a moderate to major flood stage.

·           Toledo Bend Lake level has gone back up from 172.86 to 172.96 and forecast to reach 173.05. 11 gates remain open at 2 ft., but could see the gates raised higher if the lake level keeps going up as forecast. Note also more rain to the north of the lake for today as well.

·           Merryville: Current level is 34.48 ft. and forecast to hold steady at the level for now.

·           South west part of the Parish (Fields) Current level is 26.26 ft. and forecast to 26.4 ft. and hold steady.

·           Bundick Lake Is below flood stage: This is last report  for Bundick Lake since it has gone down below flood stage. The current level is 96.9 ft. and continues to fall.  This places the lake out of flood stage.



·           Barksdale’s Main Gate (West Gate) has opened the gate near the visitor’s center to divert traffic away from the flooded areas inside the base; The Industrial Gate is currently open to all traffic

·           The Parish is continuing to make sandbags with inmate help, we will be restocking pods this morning , Haughton is half full, rest 2/3rds but while we have time and weather, going to reload now. Hwy Dept will stay open till 6:00 2/27, reopen at 7:00 2/28 as usual.

·           Bossier City Fire Dept. and the Bossier Levee District will be preparing a site with temp electric poles that is close to the Dogwood Bridge over Red Chute Bayou. This area has been used in the past flood events for command and staging. This is being done so that sandbag operations can begin soon as they are needed.

·           The Levee District will be sandbagging low spots along the area known to be close to overtopping during extreme high-water flooding.

·           previous flood fights along the Red Chute the Levee District has identified and surveyed those areas so sandbag placement will be should they be needed.

·           BOHSEP has been in contact with the North Louisiana War Veterans Home concerning the Crest of the Red River.

·           BOHSEP has also been in contact with the VOADS group in our area so they are aware of the situation.

·           No road closures due to high water at this time.

·           A press release was issued by PIO's to make residence aware of the situation.

·           Residents of South Bossier Parish and those near Lake Bistineau should take precautionary measures to move livestock, agricultural equipment and other moveable property to high ground in areas that have previously been impacted by high water.

·           No wake rules are in effect on Lake Bistineau during high water.

·           Residents in the Loggy Bayou area should closely monitor changing conditions on Lake Bistineau.

·           Residents along the Red River in areas that have been flooded in previous years should be on extra alert for rising waters.

·           Some flooding could be expected in low-lying areas of south Bossier Parish and along Lake Bistineau.

·           A flash flood watch could be issued from noon Tuesday until noon Thursday for areas north of Interstate 20. Motorists are asked to exercise caution on wet highways, especially during periods of heavy rains, and to watch for standing waters on roadways.  



·        Caddo Parish and City of Shreveport continue to issue sandbags as requested at Caddo Public Works (1701 Monty Street, Shreveport, LA 71101 ) and  City Streets and Drainage Yard (3825 Mansfield Road, Shreveport, LA 71103); approximately 9,000 provided

·        Per USACE: Lake O the Pines/Ferrells Bridge Dam’s elevation to rise above 236.0ft. The gage at Karnack, TX this morning is at 12,300cfs and Caddo Lake is at 172.78ft. In accordance with our water control manual, when the lake elevation rises above 236.0ft releases are no longer governed by the downstream control at Karnack, TX. Current releases from Ferrells Bridge Dam are approximately 300cfs and may increase to 2,100cfs by tomorrow afternoon. Flooding can be expected along the river and floodplains



·        Monitoring Sabine and Calcasieu River; Parish is Closing parts of the Calcasieu River due to high levels

·        Parish wide NWS briefing scheduled today at 2:20 at the Parish EOC

·        At this time only minor flooding is expected



·        The Tensas levee district is operating pumps on Davis and Brown Lakes in Caldwell     

·        Public works continues to stockpile  by ordering 10 eighteen wheeler loads of sand.  Two sand bag machines on hand are ready to go with 30,000 sandbags in stock.  

·        Honeycutt road (parish) was washed out and closed.  No state roads closed.



·        Minor flooding has occurred in the low lying areas through the Parish.

·        Local Government Officials have been briefed on projected river levels.

·        Tensas Basin Levee District has closed 28 flood gates in the Parish.

·        Levee District plans to close Glenn Ditch Drainage Structure at Jonesville, La when river level  reaches 49 ft. MSL.  now at 46.8 ft. This action will stop the flow of wastewater from the Town of Jonesville into the Little River and wastewater will have to be pumped over levee.

·        4 Parish roads under water; 1 Parish road closed

·        DOTD Ferry on Hwy 559 reduced operation hours to 6:00 a.m. to 6:30 due to high water levels on the Ouachita River.

·        No Sandbagging operations ongoing, Parish has bags and sand available if needed  



·        All Parish and local officials have been briefed

·        Livingston Parish is providing their sandbag machine for sandbagging operations

·        The revised forecast of 57' at the Natchez gauge 02-28-18, the Town of Vidalia has requested assistance in securing water wells. 

·        Will make a request for temporary flood barriers; Requested 65 15lf sections of Hesco Baskets for flood protection on water wells

·        Sand bagging operations will start possibly Thursday afternoon or Friday morning, or as needed.

·        All parish and local officials have been briefed.



·        Incident report from a well location 02/26/18 10:00 : The back of pit eroded possibly due to ongoing rain in area. The breach is causing release of fluids down back side of pit. Much of the area beyond the pit is standing water due to rain.



·        Sandbags operation is in full effect

·        Levee is closed and barricades are being put at all entrances of the levee



·        Sandbagging operations continue; Currently to date we have made approximately 7000 filled sandbags available to residents; We currently have 6 sandbag sites in operation that all have empty bags and sand on site in the event of no filled ones available

·        Several roads have been made impassible and/or closed.  An updated list can be found at

·        GPPJ and inmate crews are working to deliver sand and clear roadways; As water levels decline, GPPJ crews are checking the integrity of the roadways and making repairs where necessary

·        The Grant Parish Police Jury has made an executive order to close Iatt Lake to all boat traffic effective immediately due to high water levels



·        There has not been any flooding other than roadways and highways, during the peak of the rain

·        The Jackson Parish Police Jury road barn has sand and bags if or when they are needed



·        Law enforcement agencies are monitoring and reporting to public works crews placing barricades

·        No issues with flooding; Receiving rainfall, but do not anticipate any streams rising to flood roads



·        Sending sandbag machine to Concordia Parish to assist with sandbagging operations



·        Minor flooding in Jones and Beekman areas, also possible in Oak Ridge

·        Water is receding slowly, LA 590 is now open

·        The Bayou Bartholomew is still on the rise in Jones, LA. Flooding in fields is expected. With the rain today small streams may become full again in our low lying


·        27 Parish roads under water, continuing to rise in problem areas, SO patrol will continue

·        Sandbags can be picked up at the City of Natchitoches Public Works Department – 110 Mill Street; approximately 3,000 have been provided

·        State Highways 84, 71 and 126 at Saline Bayou are likely to become inundated with water and will be impassable if flooding occurs.  The Parish is requesting  Super sack Sandbags, Reclaimed Asphalt and equipment to haul and stage materials.  Making these materials readily available will ensure the safety of the citizens



·        No open public sandbag sites; Some sandbags are on hand if the OPPJ President decides to open a site

·        River Styx pump station was started; 2 of the 3 pumps are currently running;  Pump 3 will be started when the Chauvin Basin level allows it to run without cavitation. The station is running well with no leakage issues at this time.  A temporary fix to the slide issue was installed last night. The temp fix is working for now.  If the fix fails, auxiliary pumps WILL be needed.  I will give as much lead time as a possible on an auxiliary pump request.   

·        The City of Monroe is preparing to build a 1500 ft. Hesco basket wall to protect about 300 homes. 


·        Red River within 1-1.5' of backing up into Bayou Rigolette thus requiring the flood gate to be closed. With continuation of water flowing from the Parishes north of the Rigolette area into the Bayou additional residential flooding is inevitable.

·        Currently, high water in that area has already restricted access to camps & homes.  Livestock has been moved to higher ground by owners.

·        Sand & sand bags have been positioned at two (2) locations in the Rigolette area as well as three (3) other locations for backwater flooding in other areas on that side of Red River.



·        We have placed stakes at the Lafouche and Boeuf River to monitor water levels

·        We have not issued sand bags at this time; We do have sand bags filled and ready to go, at 4 different locations throughout the parish



·        No sandbag operations are ongoing, however Parish has 5,000 filled on stand by







·        Flood gates on Lake D'Arbonne remain partially closed, current lake level at 82.24 02-28-2018   09:45 CST , no additional road closure, however rain fall anticipated accumulation of 1.5 inches

·        Currently have sandbags stockpiled and available for distribution to general public; Additional sand is currently stockpiled, inmate capabilities for filling if needed



·           1 home reported to have flooded in New Llano 2/21 as a result of flash flooding

·           Toledo Bend water releases have changed from 11000 to 22000 CFS. There are currently 11 spillway gates opened at 2 feet.  Currently  generator #1 is running 24 hours a day, at 7450 CFS.  Generator #2 is running 24 hours a day at 5975 CFS.  Total releases are 35425 CFS.


·        The only flooding we have so far has been farm land and wooded areas; Further rain may change our situation since we have Bayou Macon on the east parish boundary and Boeuf River on our west boundary and Colewa Bayou in the middle and all are full at this time but any heavy rainfall would cause them to  overflow their banks

·        Sandbags and sand are ready at the Parish Public Works but have had no requests at this time-they are on standby to furnish to the public if necessary


For more information on the weather please visit:

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GOHSEP Operations is monitoring the situation and will continue to publish updates as needed.


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