News Alert: GOHSEP SPECIAL WEATHER REPORT 27 April 2015 As of: 9:27 am
Posted: 4/27/2015 10:40:29 AM
Louisiana Business Emergency Operations Center
27 April 2015
As of: 9:27 am

WebEOC Incident: 15-013 Severe Weather, Statewide - April 22-29, 2015
SITUATION:  A strong line of thunderstorms is moving through our area this morning and will continue into tomorrow. The threat of severe weather will occur across most of Louisiana with damaging winds, large hail, heavy rainfall, and tornadoes possible. Please stay tuned to your local National Weather Service for any watches or warnings issued for your area. 


Southeast Louisiana: There is an enhanced risk of severe thunderstorms today and tonight for southeast Louisiana. These storms will be capable of producing torrential rainfall within a short period of time. Amounts of 2 – 3 inches with localized amounts up to 5 inches may be produced. A Flash Flood Watch has been issued for all areas through 7:00 am Tuesday morning for this potential. Other main hazards associated with this incoming thunderstorm system include damaging winds, large hail, continuous lightening and isolated tornadoes.
A Tornado Watch has been issued for 14 parishes in southeast Louisiana until 1:00 pm this afternoon.

Southwest / Central Louisiana: A line of strong to severe thunderstorms is forecast to continue progressing eastward through the region this morning. Damaging winds, large hail, and tornadoes will be possible during these thunderstorms. In addition to the risk of severe weather, locally heavy rainfall is also possible. A Flash Flood Watch is in effect until 7:00 pm for the entire area. Another round of thunderstorms may develop later this afternoon and evening, posing another risk of severe weather and a continues risk of locally heavy rainfall. 16 parishes across this region are under a Tornado Watch until 1:00 PM this afternoon.

North Louisiana:   Showers and thunderstorms will continue to develop and spread across the area. Some of these storms will be capable of producing severe storms until the system moves east of the area early Wednesday morning. 

Severe Thunderstorms
oTake shelter! Move to a sturdy building or car. 
oAvoid tall structures such as towers, tall trees, fences, telephone lines or power lines.
oStay away from rivers, lakes or other bodies of water.
oYou are in danger of lightening if you can hear thunder.
oPets should be protected or moved indoors.
Strong Wind
oDamaging wind gust in excess of 60 mph which could down trees and power lines and/or cause structural damages.
oWinds this strong can make driving difficult, especially for high profile vehicles and high rise bridges. Use extra caution.
oWinds over local waterways could be 5 mph higher than over land. Small boats will be especially prone to capsizing.
Isolated Tornadoes 
oIf you receive a tornado warning, protect yourself, your family and your pets; seek shelter immediately.
oTurn off all sources of outside air: air conditioner, ventilation vents, and ducts.
oIf you are in a car and cannot get to adequate shelter, STOP! Get out and lie flat in a low lying area such as a ditch or ravine.  Cover your head!

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