Cybersecurity and Preparedness

One of the significant challenges faced by every company, non-profit, agency, and individual in the digital age is the protection of online privacy and the security of personal information, financial records, private communications, and intellectual property and business and trade secrets from the threats posed by hacking, online theft, information manipulation and misinformation, cyber-bullying and fraud.

In March 2018, the Louisiana Cybersecurity Commission was formed under a charter signed by Governor John Bel Edwards to “coordinate cybersecurity efforts among state governmental agencies, local governments, tribal governments, private companies, academic institutions, and other entities in both the public and private sectors.

In order to meet this challenge, the Cybersecurity Commission formed a series of committees comprised of state agency representatives, units of the Louisiana National Guard, cybersecurity experts, university researchers, and private sector practitioners. One of these is the Private Sector / Economic Development Committee, led by Louisiana Economic Development (LED) and the Louisiana Business EOC. As articulated in the Commission, this committee’s specific mission is to “facilitate economic development by promoting a cyber-safe Louisiana for businesses and consumers” and more generally, to “promote cybersecurity awareness and recommended best practices for the security of all of Louisiana’s cyber ecosystem.

This section of the LABEOC Portal will serve as a resource for Louisiana businesses and private sector entities to share knowledge and best practices in cybersecurity, risk mitigation, and preparedness, and to identify opportunities to enhance individual and collective capabilities to enhance economic development and build a secure cyber ecosystem across the Louisiana business sector. Current resources are linked below. LABEOC and LED welcome additional resources, company best practices and recommendations, or ideas for consideration as additions to this section.


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