News Alert: Situational Awareness Report 16 March 2016 As of 9:30 am
Posted: 3/16/2016 9:56:24 AM
Louisiana Business Emergency Operations Center

Situational Awareness Report

16 March 2016

As of 9:30 am


State EOC Activation Level: Level III – 24 Hour Activation

WebEOC Incident: 16-006 Severe Weather — Statewide — March 8-11, 2016

State Declaration: 30 JBE 2016 State of Emergency – Severe Weather

Federal Declaration: FEMA – 4263-DR




Situation:  A strong upper level storm system brought showers and thunderstorms from west to east across most of the State last week. Heavy rainfall, flash flooding, river flooding and damaging winds were the main threats associated with this front.  Please stay tuned to your local National Weather Service for the latest information.


North Louisiana: See Flood Warnings issued by NWS.


Southwest/Central Louisiana: River flooding will continue. Record flood wave will be moving down the lower Sabine River and be at its peak between Deweyville  and Orange area today. Major to moderate  flooding is also expected along the Calcasieu River Basin and moderate flooding along the Lower Neches River Basin. Moderate flooding is expected on the Red River near Alexandria as river levels continue to rise. A chance for shower and thunderstorms is expected Thursday through Saturday. The potential for severe weather or heavy rainfall is low. Rainfall amount through the period are expected to be between 0.50 and 1.50 inches with the highest totals over lower portions of Acadiana. However, the distribution and amounts of rain may still change over the next few days as the forecast details become more refined.


Southeast Louisiana: See Flood Warnings issued by NWS. Few thunderstorms will be possible late this afternoon and tonight. Severe weather is not expected at this time. Thunderstorms will be possible Thursday through Saturday. Severe thunderstorms are not expected at this time. The greater risk will be occasional lightening, gusty winds and brief heavy rainfall. A strong cold front is expected to be followed by strong northerly winds that will create hazardous wave conditions for small craft Saturday night into Sunday.


***All updates to this report will be in bold red text***


State Actions as of 8:00 am



·       GOHSEP Regional Coordinators are maintaining communications with affected parishes.

·       GOHSEP has received a State Declaration.

·       GOHSEP has received a Federal Declaration: FEMA – 4263-DR. The federal declaration has been amended to include 16 new parishes.

·       GOHSEP EOC maintaining 24/7 operations.

·       GOHSEP is conducting daily conference calls with the National Weather Service and Lower Mississippi River Forecast Center.


Louisiana National Guard

·       LANG Personnel Duty Status:  1,172 Total (793 State Active Duty)

·       Issued 1,521,500 sandbags.

·       Provided 8 sandbag machines.

·       Issued 162,000 bottles of water.

·       Issued 700 of each, blankets and cots.

·       Issued 8,062 MREs.

·       Issued 50 tarps

·       Rescued 5,188 people, 665 pets and 16 livestock.

·       Ongoing SAR missions & Providing LNOs


Department of Wildlife and Fisheries

·       3/8: 5 people rescued

·       3/9: 72 people rescued

·       3/10: 199 people rescued, 21 dogs rescued

·       3/11/16: 389 people, 51 dogs, 4 cats / 6 chickens / 4 goats

·       3/12/16: 114 people, 44 dogs, 2 cats, 1 hamster

·       3/13/16: 10 people, 5 dogs

·       3/14/16: 13 people, 5 dogs

·       3/15/16: 1 person, 5 dogs

·       Total Rescued: 803 people / 131 dogs / 6 cats / 6 chickens / 4 goats / 1 hamster (Detailed reports of rescues can be found in WebEOC.)

·       Providing 7 parishes with assistance to enforce lake closures and no wake zones that are a result of the floodwaters (as SAR needs allow).

·       LDWF assisted Red Cross Personnel in Hebert, LA Richland Parish, with transportation for personnel and supplies to individuals in flooded areas that sheltered in place.


Louisiana State Police

·       Troop D: Evacuations by Beauregard and Calcasieu OEP are ongoing for all residences near the Sabine River corridor.

·       Troop E DOTD is discussing closing La. 8 at Little River Bridge in LaSalle Parish, due to debris impacting the bridge supports. 

·       LSP Troop F is assisting the Caldwell Parish Sheriff’s Department as well as the Richland Parish Sheriff’s Department with mandatory evacuations. The evacuation areas include Hebert, La (Caldwell Parish) and the Woolen Lake (Richland Parish) area. The water is rising from the over flow of the Lafouche Canal into the Boeuf River.

·       3 flight missions were completed. 4 missions pending.

·       Supported Calcasieu Parish in night rescues.

·       The EOC Call Center has been activated to assist with very high call volumes from the LSP Road Closure Hotline.

·       Currently coordinating with DCFS and LANG for anticipated DSNAP operations. Call Center continues to receive high volume of calls.



·       DOTD crews (approximately 1,100 employees) are deployed throughout the affected areas.

·       Due to multiple Interstate and Highway closures, GOHSEP will not report each one individually. You can find a complete up to date list on the DOTD website:

·       DOTD Hammond Area District (62) is coordinating with LSP and MDOT to monitor the potential impact of the forecast crest of the Pearl River on I-10 east near the LA/MS state line with regard to traffic control and public information needs.

·       Supplied, delivered, and installed supersack sandbags (quantity TBD) to fill levee gaps in Natchitoches which are allowing overtopping of routes US 84 and LA 1226.

·       DOTD Bridge Maintenance remains heavily involved in bridge inspections across the state. Bridge and maintenance crews continue making repairs.

·       Some DOTD Damage Assessment Teams have been deployed to north Louisiana.

·       I-10 at Sabine River – East Bound lanes of I-10 near the TX line were closed around midnight.  Lanes are now closed in both directions.

·       I-10 at Pearl River – Crews are monitoring. I-10 remains open on the east side of the state at this time.

·       DOTD ESF3 EOC remains on 24-hour status. We are continuing to monitor and compile a list of road closures.

·       DOTD is prepared to support DCFS when DSNAP begins.



·       Phase 1 flood fight inspections have begun on the Lower 7 Mississippi River sectors.

·       Coordinating with local authorities also patrolling levees along the Mississippi River system.

·       Within the activated sectors there are 37 inspection sites, 9 of which are seepage points, with 1 of medium priority.

·       Assisting Tensas Levee Board with levee patrols to begin 14 March 2016.

·       Provided Pearl River inundation maps to GOHSEP and inundations map of Red Chute Bayou to Bossier Levee Board, City of Bossier, and Bossier Parish Police Jury.

·       Provided 2 – 12 in. pumps to City of Monroe through GOHSEP WEBEOC.

·       Provided 5 – 16 in. pumps and hoses to Ouachita Parrish Emergency Management through GOHSEP WEBEOC.

·       Provided 1500 LF HESCO from Vidalia & 1 PTO pump to Tensas Levee District through GOHSEP WEBEOC.

·       Provided 2 – 12 in. Crisafulli Pumps with 200 FT Hose from Bayou Bodcau to Bossier Parish Levee Board.

·       Small field office set up in Slidell, LA to support local flood fighting efforts on the Pearl River.

·       Commander COL Cross traveled to Slidell, LA to meet with St. Tammany Parish officials.


Lt. Governor's Office

·       Closed Hodges Gardens and Lake Bistineau parks. We have partial closures of Fairview (roads),Chemin-a-haut(some cabins),Palmetto Island (trails), Darbonne (boat launches and piers), Jimmy Davis (launches, and some access), and Lake Claiborne (boat launches and piers)


Department of Corrections

·       Elayn Hunt Correctional Center (EHCC) filled 2500 sandbags and sent out 25 inmates and 4 correctional officers to Alligator Bayou in Iberville Parish on 3/12/16. The same crew is currently back at EHCC filling another 3000 sandbags and will return to Alligator Bayou.

·       Richland Parish Detention Center has requested evacuation and housing assistance in the event that their facility floods.

·       Continue to maintain 32 man trustee crew with 4 security officers working night shift at the Red Chute levee in Bossier City.

·       On stand-by to assist the LANG with sandbagging crews in Franklin Parish, this request for assistance does not need to filled till approximately Tuesday per LANG & Franklin Parish.

·       We have had an unofficial request from Mary Livers and Kristy Nelson for assistance in assessing Jetson Juvenile Facility for possible relocation of the Swanson juvenile facility out of Monroe; this request is being processed by DOC authorities.   


Department of Health and Hospitals

·       ESF8 will continue to work with Allen Parish regarding assistance with re-internment.

·       ESF-8 network conference calls continue at regular intervals, as appropriate.

·       Regional Response Networks are fully engaged with parishes and response agencies for situational awareness and coordination.

·       Mandatory status reporting into MSTAT by all hospitals and nursing homes continue in Region 8 only.

·       The DHH Bureau of Media and Communications (BMAC) has distributed a press release that provides safety information for residents and restaurants in flood-affected areas

·       No hospitals with reported power issues, limited ops, or ICU diversion

·       No Nursing homes reported power issues or water issues.

·       41 Public Water Systems currently on boil water advisory.

·       36 Public Water Systems have been cleared of flooding related boil water advisories.

·       16 cemeteries are currently being monitored.  


Department of Children and Family Services

·       Current shelter pop: 203; ARC shelters – 11; Parish -( 5 on standby only )

·       DSNAP - As of 0600 10 IA approved parishes have requested DSNAP. DCFS is working with parish officials to coordinate activation of DSNAP program as well as state partners and vendors to support activation. 

·       DCFS contacted all eligible parishes who had not requested DSNAP to confirm eligibility and process for activation within a parish. 


American Red Cross

·       DA continues today

·       Bulk Distribution and Feeding continues today

·       Continue to support and communicate with affected parishes

·       Continue to provide shelter numbers to DCFS

·       EMDAC partner members will continue to conduct FNSS shelter assessments

·       March 16, 2016–The following data reflects Red Cross services through Monday evening 3/15.

o   Shelters Opened to Date 24

o   Shelter Overnight Stays 1,244

o   Meals Served to Date 3,974

o   Snacks Served 16,769

o   Comfort Kits 1,697

o   Clean-up Kits 2,824

o   Bulk Cleaning Items 3,590

o   Emergency Response Vehicles on the ground (ERVs) 22

o   Health Services Consultations 219

o   Mental Health Consultations 62

o   Red Cross Workers 384


Department of Agriculture and Forestry

·       Red River Stockyard in Coushatta open for housing livestock. Livestock Brand Officers assisting cattlemen in the Monroe area.

·       LDAF receiving reports of abandoned pets from evacuations in Region 7 and 8. Advise citizens to report issues to local animal control or Sheriff Office. Livestock issues are handled by LDAF Livestock Brand Officers on request of Parish OEP.

·       Hay delivery beginning in Red River parish to continue in Natchitoches parish on 3/16. Aerial recon for missing cattle complete in Grant. Livestock operations to continue as donated hay supplies last.

State Fire Marshal

·       66 flat boats ready from the states fire service along with 10 USAR SWR teams on standby.

·       USAR group for swift water rescue have been updated on the Pearl River situation and stand ready if needed.

·       ESF-4 Continues to monitor open shelters in Region 5,6, 7 & 8 Monitoring the Peral River situation and stand ready to assist if needed.

·       The Natalbany task force has closed operation as of 16000 hrs. on 3/13/16.

·       USAR group for swift water rescue have been updated on the Pearl River situation and stand ready if needed.

·       Caldwell Parish Residents have been told to evacuate from the town of Hebert do to a breach in the levee.  As of last night the National Guard along with the Caldwell Parish Sheriff’s Office were evacuating families to emergency shelters that have been set up at Outreach Baptist Church in Mangham and also in a  Community Center.  Area 4 dispatch a deputy to verify compliance at shelters.

·       ESF-4 USAR SWR Group are monitoring the Pearl River situation and stand ready to assist if needed.  


Office of Technology Services

·       Mobile LWIN tower site is on site in Caldwell Parish N32°08'50.5" W092°01'20.4"

·       The following sites are on mobile satellite backhaul: Hagewood - Natchitoches Parish & Sentell – Caddo Parish


Public Service Commission

·       Statewide Power Outages total: 2,078.


Department of Environmental Quality

·       On 3/15, LDEQ Emergency Response personnel did a flyover to observe the floodwaters east of Baton Rouge. The primary purpose of this flight was to try to locate wrack lines, orphan containers, or releases from facilities which may be of concern to the Department.  During this overflight, extremely high water levels were still observed from French Settlement eastward to Lake Maurepas and the Northshore areas of Lake Maurepas and Lake Pontchartrain toward Madisonville. No areas were observed that would cause immediate concern to the Department at this time.

·       As of 3/14/2016 LDEQ Emergency Response has responded to the following incidents:

·       40 barrels of crude oil released due to firewall breach in Bossier Parish.  Oil was non-recoverable.

·       Oil condensate release in Lincoln Parish.  Boom and pads where deployed to recover the condensate.

·       Oil condensate release in Lincoln Parish.  The condensate was non-recoverable.  A follow up is being done today.

·       A reported crude oil release in Caddo Parish.  At time of site visit there was no evidence of a release.

·       A report of an oil tank leaking by a search and rescue team in Bossier Parish.  The site was visited but there was no release of gas or oil; however, saltwater was released.   


LA Board of Regents

·       University of Louisiana Monroe – announced closures through Tuesday.

·       Flood damaged universities include: Grambling State University, Southeastern University, Northwest LA Technical College, LA Delta Community College, LA Technical Community College, River Parishes Community College, and Northshore technical Community College


Salvation Army

·       Shreveport area providing snacks/hydration; Emotional and Spiritual Care team on standby.

·       The Shreveport Canteen is on standby to provide services to Caddo Parish as needed.

·       Two additional Canteens (mobile kitchens) and a supply truck are will arrive in Monroe from the Jackson (MS) Area Coordinate and the Divisional Emergency Disaster Services Center (Jackson, MS) to support the Monroe Corps.  The supply truck will bring additional meals, food service supplies and cleanup kits. 

·       Provided meals to GOHSEP. 


Louisiana VOAD

·       LAVOAD report moving forward will be consolidated to last 24 hour activity or report out. We will prepare full sit reps which will be updated and submitted under our file. Due to our full VOAD conference call held today, not all information may be included in this report, but will roll to tomorrow's report. We continue to man the EOC, monitor WebEOC for requests, participate in daily coordination calls and participate in the DHTF

·       Responded to request of Winn Parish Sheriff for volunteer assistance.

·       Outreach to Beauregard and Vernon about need for mobile feeding units

·       ITDRC -  currently has an Assessment Team and Mobile Technology Unit staged in the Bossier area; available to support any community or NGO needing communications or technical resources for Field Command Centers, Call Centers, Volunteer and Donations Management, MARCs, etc.

·       ToolBank USA -  Tools available for deployment

·       Crisis Cleanup - Opened incident in system to track cleanup efforts by NGOs

·       NECHAMA Jewish Response to Disaster - Assessing for potential deployment

·       Provided the Red Cross with 7,284 meals (MRE) and 700 sandwiches that will be distributed in Washington Parish through the Red Cross Disaster Response trucks.

·       We have 2 trucks going out on Tuesday to Washington Food Bank and Bush Community Food Bank.

o   Washington Food Bank in Franklinton, LA - We have 9,107 pounds going to the agency.

o   Bush Food Bank in Bush, LA - We have 7,310 pounds going to this location.

·       The Bogalusa Senior Center was impacted – providing  800 frozen meals and 1 pallet of Abbott disaster boxes for seniors serviced through the center.

·       Responded to request of Winn Parish Sheriff for volunteer assistance.

·       Outreach to Beauregard and Vernon about need for mobile feeding units


·       The LA BEOC will host a stakeholder conference call on Wednesday, March 16, 2016 at 1000-1030 AM to provide GOHSEP updates and discuss the transitions from response to recovery and programs available to assist local businesses and their employees. 

·       Staff continues to support ESF 7 (Logistics) and ESF 14 (Recovery) efforts, as well as providing responses to Request for Information (RFI's) from the business community and other stakeholders.

·       The site will post updated reports and information on Disaster Recovery Center (DRC) site locations and post the 1-800-621-3362 hotline number and other subsequent information provided by GOHSEP and FEMA to assist the business communities that were impacted by the severe weather and flooding throughout the state.



Parish Actions as of 8:00 am



·       Sandbags available at Parish barns in Crowley, Branch Iota between 6:30 am and 5:00 pm and from the Church Point City Barn.



·       Fire Departments and Sheriff assisted 18 people to safety.

·       Requesting LDWF to stand by with boat at Kinder Fire Station to support parish emergency rescue personnel. Met with WLF spoke of moving operations to southern part of Parish.    

·       Per Regional Coordinator: Parish is transitioning from Response to Recovery. Approximately 120 structures have sustained damage thus far, more expected. Maps have been sent to GOHSEP of projected impact areas. Identified 7 caskets that have floated but may find up to 38 as water recedes. Expect to request PDA’s as water recedes. Notified residents to contact FEMA through GOHSEP website regarding sustained damage.



·       Parish waterways are closed until further notice.

·       Two pumps operations to relieve the water on Buxton Road/Buxton pump Station are ongoing.

·       In the event that pre-filled sand bag resources deplete, sand and bags will be distributed; list of locations can be found in WebEOC.

·       24 hour flood control operations continue at Marvin Braud, Henderson Bayou, Sorrento pumping stations.

·       HESCO Baskets are being placed along the risk areas.

·       Law Enforcement Coordinating with all government agencies to assisting with barricading.

·       We are still trying to access all areas for a quick assessment of damages and needs in the affected neighborhoods.

·       Currently, we have local resident shelter open and all major roadways are passable.

·       We will place a request for JPDA/IA.



·       Sand and bags have been placed at Dorseyville Park & the Road and Bridge Department.

·       115 structures are involved with water ranging from 8 feet to 4 inches. Parts of parish are still not accessible due to rising water.



·       Sand bags distributed at the parish maintenance facility on 2346 Valley Street in Mansura. Must bring their shovel or a way to fill them. Sand bags are also available at the Brouillette Fire Dept. and the Fifth Ward Fire Dept.

·       A voluntary evacuation is in place for the unprotected side of the river.

·       Contentious rise in the Red River causing residents in the Brouillette Community and the Vick Community to extra precautions to protect their personal property by placing sand bags around homes & other structures on their property. We are continuing sand bagging operations and monitoring resident’s needs.



·       Approximately 75 residents with major damage and 40 with minor damage.

·       US Highway 190  is blocked with 2-3 feet of water across it.

·       1 pump station is under water, remaining pump stations have been sandbagged and are expected to maintain the waste water load.

·       The State has made emergency repairs to provide communications from Merryville back to the BPSO and 911 center.

·       Approximately 75 search and rescue missions conducted by BPSO,LDWF, Fire District 1 and the La National Guard

·       Evacuation and search & rescue operations have been completed in the Merryville and north portion of the parish

·       Search & rescue operations in the southwest area were continued 

·       The parish has now moved more to damage assessments 

·       Added to the amended federal disaster declaration on Tuesday, March 15.

·       Meeting today to discuss damage assessment, debris removal and locating the DRC and DSNAP. Hoping to keep both in the Merryville area and close to the flood victims.

·       Per Regional Coordinator: Closing down response and kicking off recovery process. Approximately 300 structures with minor to major damage. Maps of projected impacts have been sent to GOHSEP. Expect to request PDA’s. Notified residents to contact FEMA through GOHSEP website regarding their impacts. Merryville will locate DRC’s and DSAP programs when set up.



·       Assisted with evacuations of stranded motorists on I-20.

·       Evacuated 30-40 people so far in this event

·       50 homes with water, about half of them with 18" or more.



·       Secondary command and control site in use (Bossier Sheriff Substation 2510 Viking Drive).

·       Flood rescues in the Haughton, Tall Timbers and portions of Bossier City.

·       Bossier Civic Center open as shelter under American Red Cross support. Pet Sheltering: Bossier City Animal Control facility available for reception of pets.

·       Water is near sand bag levee operations, hopeful that it will control overtopping.24/7 monitoring operations. Prepared for the overtop should it happen.

·       Red Cross to go to the Haughton Community to assist in damage assessments and recovery operations.

·       Sandbagging operations are ongoing.

·       Evacuated approximately 9,485 citizens.

·       Estimates  for water in houses: Haughton Town: 50, East 80 Tall Timbers:30, South Bossier too wet to see them all: 200+



·       Rescues are slowing down but still ongoing. Evacuated approximately 289 thus far.

·       Red Cross shelter at Southern University is still open. The next step will be damage assessments to the affected homes. City of Shreveport and Caddo Parish will create maps for PDA teams.

·       Salvation Army has multiple food donations available to support shelters and responders.  Call 424-3200 for any food needs.

·       Shreveport’s sandbag operation is still open, although there have been fewer pick-ups.

·       The City of Shreveport has strategically placed sandbags in the expected areas that may be affected for those residents surrounding 12 Mile Bayou (Oregon Ave, Aline, MLK…). SPD and SFD are going door-to-door daily to check on those residents. Many of those homes remain vacant from last year’s river flooding.



·       Recommending voluntary evacuation announced for all citizen west of Hwy 109 from North of Parish line to Old Hwy 90 south of the parish.

·       Calcasieu Parish Sheriff department established two staging areas, one on Hwy 109 in Vinton and one on Hwy 12 in Starks. Also set up check points and criminal patrols.

·       Parish Coroner performing cemetery for all five cemetery in flood zone.

·       CPSO performed aerial photography of flood zone.

·       At least approximately 705 homes have received flood damage.

·       Per Regional Coordinator: Will remain in response mode until river crest, planning meeting for recovery. Maps of impacted or projected impacted areas - Sent to GOHSEP 3/14 Identified 20-25 Caskets our of Vaults.  5 Cemeteries in Flood Zone. Expect to request PDA’s Parish notified citizens to contact FEMA regarding impacts via GOHSEP website. Parish looking for DRC locations.



·       Approximately 95 homes in the Herbert/Beouf River and Castor Creek areas have 6 “ inches of water.

·       Shelter opened at the Caldwell Parish Community Center.  Voluntary evacuation at this time.  

·       Windshield survey of damages are in progress.

·       Sand bagging operations continue.



·       Sandbags at the Parish Prison in Harrisonburg and Public Works in Jonesville, La.

·       No water in homes reported as of now. No evacuations. No Shelters.



·       Sandbagging operations are ongoing.

·       Approximately 100 citizens have been evacuated.

·       Approximately 27 homes with major damage, 28 homes and 12 businesses with minor damage.



·       Sandbags being stockpiled and distributed at Ferriday Maintenance.

·       All lakes have been closed to traffic.

·       Water continues to rise, Black and Red Rivers are causing tributaries to back up. All Lakes are closed to recreational use.



·       Sandbagging efforts made to protect the Logansport Water Plant.

·       Sandbag locations: Police Jury Road Department in Grand Cane and at the Desoto Parish Fire District 1 Central Station in Logansport.

·       Animal control has been advised and Pine Ridge Vet Clinic has volunteered space if needed also.

·       Mandatory evacuation order remains in effect for Sleepy Hollow, Garrett's Park, and River Road. Hydro Trac to assist with evacuations.

·       Rescues ongoing.


East Baton Rouge

·       Baton Rouge Police Department conducted a flyover of inundated areas on 3/12/16. 

·       Public Works Department are monitoring sewer and water levels across the Parish. 

·       Parish is populating the database with impacted areas utilizing the 311 System, coordinated a medical pick up, and also coordinating with ARC to put shelters on standby.

·       Sand / Sand Bag Locations remain open at Baton Rouge Fire Stations 7, 9, 13 & 14.


East Carroll

·       3 damaged homes

·       Road crew is out assisting with drainage issues.

·       4 community sand piles and bags along west side of the Parish.

·       Preparing the Tier II review for action.

·       LANG supporting in delivery and HWRV.



·       Sand bags are available at the Ville Platte Yard, Mamou Yard, Basile Yard, and Lone Pine Fire Department



·       Multi-sandbagging operations ongoing.

·       Rescue operations are ongoing to remove residents from closed roads.

·       Sandbagging Operations Continue in New areas the Big Creek @hy132 is approaching multiple Homes. The Bayou Macon At hwy 861 sandbagging in the area. The Boeuf River at Lliddelville is flooding homes in the L R Hatton rd.



·       Sand bag locations: Bynum Fire Station, Zig Slayter Ballpark in Prospect, Bob Fire Station.

·       Voluntary evacuations conducted in and around Latt Lake, Nantachie Lake, Little River. Evacuations from homes continue in Grant Parish. The Colfax Reunion Nursing Home is in pre-evacuation stages. Approximately 31 citizens have evacuated.

·       Rescues have been conducted and are ongoing through various areas of the Parish. LANG and LDWF are assisting in numerous SAR missions.

·       LANG soldiers will be staffing barricades in areas identified as unsafe for vehicle traffic.

·       Approximately 1000 filled sandbags have been distributed to the Nantachie Fire station for public use

·       Work continues on the breach in the levee at Bayou Rigolette.  LANG is finishing placing the remaining 12 supersacks of sand and an assessment will be conducted by LANG engineers as to if anything else is needed.  As of when work was stopped yesterday, the tops of 10 bags were visible but no improvement was observed in the flow of the water.

·       Bottled water is being distributed by LANG soldiers and GPSO personnel this morning on two separate missions via high water vehicles to the Claudes Road area on Iatt Lake and the Bynum community south of Colfax.

·       In the lower Meade Road Community, a citizen has approximately 24 head of cattle lost in the woods. The area has flooded severely creating a danger for the cattle. Owner and help are on scene but need support from the air to see where the cows are in order to remove them. LDAF will conduct fly overs of the area during routine fire patrol to see if they can be spotted.

·       GPSO has placed three deputies on 24 hour patrol in the Georgetown area as it is inaccessible without special assets.  Looters have also been spotted in this area by citizens and appropriate action will be taken if they are found.

·       26 homes destroyed, 90 with major damage & 110 with minor damage.

·       Water outage in Nelms Loop area has been repaired.



·       Sand bag locations: Grand Marais Fire Station, B.O.M. Fire Station, Coteau Fire Station, Rynella Fire Station, Delcambre City Hall and Loreauville Park.

·       City of New Iberia is providing sand bags to residents from 9:30 am to 3:00 pm at 907 Fulton Street. 


Jefferson Davis

·       Sand bags are available Monday through Friday 7:00 am - 3:30 pm at: Jennings Police Jury Road Yard, Lake Arthur Community Center, Woodlawn Fire Station, Welsh Police Jury Yard, Hathaway Fire Station, Fenton Police Jury Yard and Lacassine Fire Station.



·       Sandbags are being distributed at all six Public Works field offices and Chackbay Fairgrounds. 3,500 issued thus far.



·       Assisting with sandbagging efforts throughout the Parish, checking on the elderly, disabled and home-bound, as well as checking roadways/bridges.

·       Zenoria Community off Highway 500 is under voluntary evacuations.

·       Several rescued including residents from vehicles, due to going around barricades and becoming stranded in high waters.

·       Around 40 residents are without power due to high waters within LaSalle Parish.

·       During the fly over of LaSalle determined that 90-100 structures that were inundated with high waters. Currently collecting data of flooded structures.

·       A railroad bridge has washed out on Little River.



·       Initial flash flooding required evacuation of approximately 12 residents from their homes. Multiple rescues were conducted.

·       Shelter at Trinity Methodist Church, on standby

·       Three local water systems reporting leaks, issued boil advisories.

·       OHSEP made reconnaissance run with LE to check north part of parish around Bayou D"Arbonne for area sustaining main flood conditions. Concerns are that Claiborne Parish may need to release water from Lake Claiborne, which will add to the waters flowing across Lincoln Parish through D'Arbonne Bayou. If waters from Lake D'Arbonne continue to back up, this could possibly cause U.S. 167 North to go under water and cut off a major artery to the north part of the parish.

·       DOTD inspecting state bridges prior to final opening.

·       Parish working on damage assessments from storm damage.

·       Communicating with GOSHEP Disaster Recovery personnel for informational purposes.

·       Parish entities met on Tuesday, March 15 @ 2 pm to receive briefing regarding disaster recovery efforts and to discuss PDA’s.

·       Pending to be added to parish Presidential Declaration List.



·       Sandbags available to residents.

·       Waterways are closed to recreational boat traffic.

·       Added to the amended federal disaster declaration on Tuesday, March 15.

·       464 is the estimated number of flooded homes from the respective jurisdictions. This is not a final estimate.



·       Sandbags handed out at the parish barn. Volunteers have been assisting with sandbag operations.

·       Local shelter is on standby to open if needed for displaced families.

·       Road Superintendent is monitoring all roads and staying in contact with the Emergency Manager and Asst. Manager.

·       200+ home affected from this event however, there have been no reports of damaged homes.



·       Residents are collecting sand bags from local distribution point.

·       Continuing to respond/rescue stranded motorists/residents, estimates close to 75-100.

·       Request for PDA/IA teams for Tuesday (weather permitting)

·       The Care and Hope center is open to provide supplies for residents affected by flooding (provide food, clothing, essentials)

·       The Weir on Lake Irwin in Morehouse Parish has been compromised but there is no way to get equipment into the area to repair it, request for air support to survey damage.

·       Evacuated approximately 1,000 citizens.

·       175+ homes, 25+ mobile homes, 60+ apartment units, 5 business, and 2 public buildings have sustained major damage. 

·       LANG personnel are scheduled to be released at 1200 hours today.

·       DSNAP has been requested to set up at Dotson Park in Bastrop.

·       Per Regional Coordinator: Debris removal and recovery briefing conducted. Arranged for initial interviews with DSA Task Force and Division Supervisor to coordinate DSA activities.



·       Sandbag location: City of Natchitoches Publics Works Office 110 Mill Street, Natchitoches. 

·       Shelter at the MLK Recreation Ctr 700 Martin Luther King Dr. with the assistance of Red Cross

·       Robleine Marthaville Water System down because of flooding. 

·       LNO remains at 24 hr. operations.

·       Monitoring Levee and water level at Chivery Dam, requested engineer to assess. Air support is now reinforcing Chivery Dam.

·       Village of Natchez has 28 homes affected by flood water. Several homes on Franklin Lane has been inundated by flood water.

·       Rescue efforts are ongoing. Cattle rescued from I-49 between exits 119 & 127.

·       Roughly 400 homes without power or water. Water point set up at Dollar general in Campti.

·       LANG is bringing water and MREs to those without water or power in the northern part of the Parish.

·       100 plus families have been evacuated. Approximately 3,500 structures have sustained damage.



·       Entergy New Orleans and Cox Communications have resources available to respond to potential outages. We have a LNO from them on standby throughout the weekend.

·       USACE are sending teams to the 17th Street and London Avenue Canals’ interim control structures to monitor conditions and close the gates if they reach the triggers of 3'.  The lake currently is around 2.8'.  They will keep us informed if they make the closure.



·       Multiple water systems under a boil advisory due to the possibility of flood water going over the wellhead.

·       Ouachita received five 16" pumps from the Corp of Engineers and have been deployed to various places in the Parish.

·       Distrubuted over 40,000 sandbags.

·       LANG sent two High Water Vehicles to the Town and Country area for evacuations.

·       Monroe City is currently conducting a major sandbagging effort in the River Oaks area to try to divert water around the River Oaks neighborhood.

·       Several large Houseboats and a barge broke loose and struck one of the main bridges over the Ouachita River and also the Railroad Bridge. 

·       The Parish Sheriff's Department Boat and Dive Team responded and secured the boats and barges. 

·       Conducting sandbagging operations in the Cypress Point, Northgate area, and the lift station .

·       Placed 25 "supersacks" by helicopter late yesterday.  The breach at the Lafourche canal control structure has been plugged. 

·       Currently sandbagging a lift station and a sewer station in the Deborah Drive area. 

·       Currently there are 1,724 addresses in our data base that have had or still have water in them.

·       Approximate evacuation number is 1825, evacuations are ongoing.

·       Per Regional Coordinator: Debris removal and recovery briefing conducted. Arranged for initial interviews with DSA Task Force and Division Supervisor to coordinate DSA activities.



·       Some property owners in the Rigolette area are voluntarily moving out personal property in anticipation of the rising Red River.

·       Regarding the Levee Breach at Bayou Darrow in Grant Parish.  This is affecting the Rigolette Community.  Agencies are going door to door advising the residents.

·       An LNO will be at the EOC beginning Wednesday, March 16 at 8:30 a.m. (normal business hours).


Red River

·       Sandbagging efforts, occasional rescues and evacuations are ongoing.

·       Have evacuated 15-20 people; 20 homes with water inside, 50+ homes with water surrounding.

·       Operations continue to provide food and water to the homes that are surrounded by water and have no access out to purchase food or water.

·       Planning operations have begun on rescuing 2 horses on Henry BBQ Street, off of Hwy 1 and 4 cows on Meeks Road off of Hwy 177.

·       Parish is working on a sandbagging/plugging effort on the 48" culvert at Coushatta.

·       Responded to an area on Hwy 84 off Hwy 1 regarding a call on cows.  Eight to ten head are near drowning and cannot safely be evacuated. Two are already floating; the remainder are expected to be lost. Owners had been contacted days ago, and this may have been a small bunch that couldn't be found during moving of the rest of the herd.



·       Voluntary evacuations ongoing. Approximately 75 evacuations total. Shelter remains open at this time.

·       7 apartment units with major damage.

·       Breach at the spoil bank around Lafourche canal holding back water. Water levels remain the same but some runover is occurring.

·       Rescue operations ongoing removing residents from closed roads.

·       Five sandbagging sites are active. 10K sandbags are on standby at this time.

·       Richland Parish Detention Center evacuation completed; 565 offenders moved to Richwood, LTCW, Madison and Catahoula. Evacuation of the Hebert community continues.

·       Surveying team putting out elevation stakes to monitor water levels around the Lafourche Canal area where water is coming over the spoil banks. Crew lake spoil bank over topping still begin monitored as well. Will continue to monitor Lafourche and Beoufe Rivers for anticipated backwater flooding.

·       Levee breach at Lafourche Canal. Evacuations Richland Parish Detention Center, approx. 550 offenders to Tallulah Detention center. Ongoing evacuation of the Hebert community, approx. 750 people affected. Population is being sheltered in Rayville at the Richland Community Center with an overflow shelter in Mangham.

·       DRC & DSNAP site established at 112 D Morgan st Rayville, LA.

·       Per Regional Coordinator: Debris removal and recovery briefing conducted. Arranged for initial interviews with DSA Task Force and Division Supervisor to coordinate DSA activities. Coordinated with Parish, SO and ARC to provide regular feeding for shelter in Rayville.

·       LANG assisting with recon and distribution of relief supplies.



·       High water evacuations, with Fire Trucks, in progress in several areas.

·       Removed stranded individuals trapped in homes with farm tractors and other farm equipment.

·       Evacuated a total of approximately 12 citizens. 


St. Charles

·       The Sellers Canal sector gate at Pier 90 near Avondale in Luling has been closed due to high tides.

·       Distributing sand bags to the public.

·       Public Works crews on 24 hr. shifts.


St. Helena

·             Sand and bags available at local Fire Stations.

·             Sheriff’s Office rescued 17 people and 1 dog.

·             Multiple damaged roads that will need culvert replacement asphalt, gravel, and drainage ditched cleaned.

·             Approximately 17 citizens have been evacuated.

·             We will be requesting  a PDA team for the first of next week.

·             5 homes flooded; 9 homes, 1 church, and 6 parish owned buildings with roof leaks (2 buildings need to be checked); 4 homes have to be checked when the owners return. 1 home had roof damage with insurance that was not included in the count of 19 buildings.

·             Started recovery stage.


St. John

·       St John Parish has activated mutual aid within the Region 3 mutual aid agreement.


St. Landry

·       Sand and Sand bags are available: Yambilee Building 1939 West Landry Street in Opelousas until further notice. Limited to 15 per resident.


St. Tammany

·       STFD 1 has staged 3 high water vehicles to various Fire Stations in Slidell. LANG has pre-staged equipment if necessary.

·       Crews manning the pump stations for 24 hours a day.

·       Sand bag stations: Lee Street,  tennis courts at Second Street and Cleveland Avenue in Olde Towne, The parking lot on the corner of Rue Rochelle and Independence Drive,  John Slidell Park. Evacuations ongoing in Goodbee in the Tallow Creek area.

·       Voluntary evacuation in low-lying areas in or around Three Rivers Road, North of I-12 to Ronald Regan Highway, South to Madisonville, on the East side to 190 and on the West side to Highway 21. City of Pearl has called for evacuations of homes along Pearl River.

·       1st Responders have performed  over 600 rescues thus far. No SAR missions throughout the night 3/16/16. STPSO remains ready for SAR as necessary.

·       Conducting windshield assessments. Approximately 614 structures have sustained damage thus far.

·       1 shelter remains open; Capacity = 2.

·       There is a possibility I-10 will be completely shut down in both directions. Traffic will be shut down from the I-10/12/59 split to the La. state line due to river flooding.

·       DOTD is monitoring I-10 and reporting updates every 90 minutes.     

·       STPSO assisted 1 adult and 2 children leave their subdivision along the Pearl River because a road was impassable (not due to home flooding.)  Flooding of some homes in subdivisions along the Pearl River is occurring.  No specific number at this time.

·       673 flooded structures in St Tammany Parish. This number does not reflect the East side of the Parish.

·       Power outages are at a minimum.



·       Several teams are conducting damage assessments.

·       Approximately 850 homes have been flooded

·       Approximately 2,500 citizens evacuated

·       Approximately 2,750 citizens have been rescued

·       Shelter at Shell Robert Training Facility. Red Cross shelter population is 44.



·       Sandbags available at Tensas Parish Road Barn; approximately 350 distributed.

·       No residents have reported water inside homes.



·       See WebEOC for detailed list of sand bag distribution sites. (Fill your own)



·       Sand and sand bags are located at Union Parish Police Jury Public Works in Farmerville.

·       Evacuated approximately 500 citizens. Citizens around D’Arbonne Lake, Ouachita River and D’ArLeutre areas are evacuating their homes.

·       Shelter: Willie David Recreational Center 116 Cox Ferry Rd, Farmerville, LA 71241

·       LANG and UPSO are monitoring barricades.

·       ARC on the ground assisting parish. One high water vehicle and three LANG troops remain in the parish.

·       Assessing safety concerns on roads, highways and bridges.

·       Approximately 500 homes and camps have sustained damage; approximately 750 citizens have been evacuated.



·       Sand and sand bags are available in Village of Maurice at the City Hall complex (115 Corrine St) and outside the gates at all area barns.



·       Sandbags are being distributed to Vernon Parish residents in need of them.

·       VPSO, DOTD, Police Jury and LANG patrolling evacuated areas, assessing damaged roadways and patrolling impacted areas.

·       Coordination is ongoing with the Vernon Parish Coroner's Office to address the issues related to the cemeteries. Marking of graves in the cemetery on Bonner Rd. has been postponed based on current flood estimates.

·       Efforts have been underway to extract several horses and other livestock from flooded areas. Approximately 30 head of horses CANNOT be rescued from the flood areas.

·       Evacuated approximately 150 citizens, evacuations are ongoing.

·       Approximately 300 homes damaged.

·       Two POD sites remain open 

·       A Red Cross Disaster Assessment Team was in Vernon Parish today

·       Numerous reports of looting in the Hunter Town Road and Doe Ridge Road Area

·       Sabine River water levels continue to recede slowly in the Evans area as well as on Vernon and Anacoco Lakes, Residents are assessing damages to their homes as possible.

·       Four pallets of water was requested and received for LEO operations.

·       A Command Post by VPSO was set up @ the Burry Ferry Pentecostal Church POD site to gather contact info from residents directly affected by the flood event.



·       Shelters: Franklin High School & Methodist Church in Bogalusa.

·       State Interop Chanel: *Interop 4 has been assigned to Washington Parish.

·       SAR missions are ongoing.

·       Sever Lift Station at the end of Pearl is only accessible by boat and the sewer treatment plant behind Riverside Medical Center is inundated by flood waters.  The Public Works Director will be assessing these two by boat as soon as safely possible.

·       Approximately 400-500 homes are damaged. Approximately 1200-1500 citizens have been evacuated.

·       Damage Assessments are ongoing.

·       40 roads and 3 highways  remain impassable.

·       Anticipated requesting DRC soon.



·       High water rescues from roadways/homes are fewer but still ongoing.

·       Webster Parish has moved sandbagging operations to Camp Minden.

·       Voluntary evacuations in place in areas around the Lake Bistineau, and a few rescues have taken place today with likely more to come.

·       First few evacuees presenting with pets; parish standing up their pet sheltering plan and is assessing needs.

·       Approximately 416 damaged homes. Approximately 200 citizens have been evacuated.


West Baton Rouge

·       Parish has begun notifying residents of sandbag availability and pick up locations.


West Carroll Parish

·       National Guard assistance with high water vehicles, evacuations and rescues.

·       75 homes have damage thus far, expect that number to increase as we hear more from the southwestern portion of the Parish.

·       Working on list of damaged or affected residents & address to get areas together when the PDA/IA team comes  



·       Sand bags are available at police Jury Barn on Thomas Mill Road.

·       Winn Parish Road Department are placing all available road closed signs.

·       Backwoods Water System is about 75% back online, bottled water to those without.

·       Shelter has closed.

·       100 + homes damaged  

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