News Alert: Situational Awareness Report 18 March 2016 As of 9:00 am
Posted: 3/18/2016 11:41:06 AM
Louisiana Business Emergency Operations Center

Situational Awareness Report

18 March 2016

As of 9:00 am


State EOC Activation Level: Level III – 24 Hour Activation

WebEOC Incident: 16-006 Severe Weather — Statewide — March 8-11, 2016

State Declaration: 30 JBE 2016 State of Emergency – Severe Weather

Federal Declaration: FEMA – 4263-DR




Situation:  A strong upper level storm system brought showers and thunderstorms from west to east across most of the State last week. Heavy rainfall, flash flooding, river flooding and damaging winds were the main threats associated with this front.  Please stay tuned to your local National Weather Service for the latest information.


North Louisiana: Scattered showers and thunderstorms will develop today across the region near and north of a warm front that should lift north to near or just south of the Interstate 20 corridor this afternoon. An upper level disturbance will shift southeast into the region this afternoon and tap into the warm moist and unstable air near the front such that some storms may become severe through this evening. Large hail and damaging winds are the primary threats with brief heavy rainfall also possible. These showers and thunderstorms are expected to diminish from northwest to southeast tonight as a cold front sweeps southeast through the region. Much colder air will settle south into the region this weekend with protected areas of southeast Oklahoma and adjacent southwest Arkansas possible experiencing freezing temperatures Sunday morning. Better radiational cooling is expected area wide Sunday night with much of southeast Oklahoma and southwest Arkansas possible observing freezing temperatures. Elsewhere, areas of frost are expected which may harm tender vegetation. From these cold temperatures.


Southwest/Central Louisiana: Scattered showers and thunderstorms are expected today becoming more numerous tonight. A few storms may become strong to severe from the afternoon to the evening with large hail the primary threat. In addition, storms will be capable of producing frequent cloud to ground lightning, gusty winds and heavy rainfall. Localized flash flooding is possible in areas where heavier rainfall occurs but widespread flood problems are not anticipated at this time. Overall rainfall amounts are expected to stay low enough that impacts on area rivers will be minimal as significant flooding continues. The Sabine River has crested at Orange TX and water levels will be slow to recede. The Calcasieu River near Old Town Bay is expected to crest near 9.5 ft. tonight resulting in major flooding on this portion of the river. Otherwise, water levels will continue to receded further upstream. Moderate flooding will continue on the Red River near Alexandria as river levels continue to rise. Rain will end from northwest to southeast on Saturday with gusty north winds and much cooler temperatures expected. The next chance for rain is not expected until late in the week. Meanwhile, flood waters on the Sabine and Calcasieu River Basins will continue to recede. The Red River at Alexandria will continue to rise with a crest near 40.5 ft. Sunday night.


Southeast Louisiana: There is a slight risk for severe thunderstorms for the western half of the area and a marginal risk for the remaining eastern half through tonight. The main hazards expected will be large hail and damaging winds. 1 to 3 inches of rainfall may occur with thunderstorms through tonight. If this amount of rain falls within a short time on saturated ground, it may result in localized flooding. A strong cold front will move through the area Saturday morning and through the coastal waters Saturday afternoon and evening. The front will be followed by strong northerly winds that will create hazardous conditions for small craft Saturday night through Sunday night. Scattered frost will be possible over southwest Mississippi and adjacent portions of southeast Louisiana Monday morning as overnight low temperatures fall into the middle 30’s. Numerous rivers are in flood, for detailed information consult the latest flood warnings and statements.


*** This will be the final 9:00 am SITREP for this event. A SITREP will be sent out once daily in the afternoon throughout the remainder of this event.

***All updates to this report will be in bold red text***


State Actions as of 8:00 AM



·        GOHSEP Regional Coordinators are maintaining communications with affected parishes.

·        GOHSEP has received a State Declaration.

·        GOHSEP has received a Federal Declaration: FEMA – 4263-DR. The federal declaration has been amended to include a total of 26 parishes.

·        GOHSEP EOC maintaining 24/7 operations.

·        GOHSEP is conducting daily conference calls with the National Weather Service and Lower Mississippi River Forecast Center.

·        Region 5 requested a PLO to assist in coordination and planning for an effective transition from response to recovery.


Louisiana National Guard

       LANG Personnel Duty Status:  1,143 Total (802 State Active Duty)

       Issued 1,708,500 sandbags.

       Provided 8 sandbag machines.

       Issued 196,568 bottles of water.

       Issued 700 of each, blankets and cots to Richland Parish.

       Issued 10,944  MREs.

       Issued 270 Tarps.

       Rescued 5,251  people, 670 pets and 16 livestock.


Department of Wildlife and Fisheries

·        3/8: 5 people rescued

·        3/9: 72 people rescued

·        3/10: 199 people rescued, 21 dogs rescued

·        3/11/16: 389 people, 51 dogs, 4 cats / 6 chickens / 4 goats

·        3/12/16: 114 people, 44 dogs, 2 cats, 1 hamster

·        3/13/16: 10 people, 5 dogs

·        3/14/16: 13 people, 5 dogs

·        3/15/16: 1 person, 5 dogs

·        3/16/16: 2 people

·        Total Rescued: 805 people / 131 dogs / 6 cats / 6 chickens / 4 goats / 1 hamster (Detailed reports of rescues can be found in WebEOC.)

·        Providing 7 parishes with assistance to enforce lake closures and no wake zones that are a result of the floodwaters (as SAR needs allow).

·        LDWF assisted Red Cross Personnel in Hebert, LA Richland Parish, with transportation for personnel and supplies to individuals in flooded areas that sheltered in place.


Louisiana State Police

·        Troop D: Sgt. Brad Saltzman will be the LSP liaison at the Texas DPS Command Post in Orange, Texas today. Troopers are still staged at various checkpoints throughout the Troop D area to facilitate the traffic flow, due to the I-10 Closure. Louisiana National Guardsman are still assisting at checkpoints with the use of their vehicles and manpower.

·        Troop F: has been in contact with all Parish Sheriffs Depts, DOTD, and local governments in an effort to coordinate emergency response to the high water. The local weather officials have forecasted the possibility of an additional 3 inches of rain over the next 24 hours. Monroe City has opened shelters for displaced citizens in Ouachita Parish.

·        Troop G: Communication between Captain Madden and the local Sheriff’s concerning their parishes are ongoing. Presently, no additional assistance is needed. The threat level concerning the levee on Loggy Bayou has been reduced subsequent the repair efforts which are ongoing. Engineers will continue to monitor the developments and will disseminate their findings accordingly. No evacuations are required.  Troop G personnel, consisting of Team D (4 troopers and 2 supervisors) will be operating at normal staffing. Troopers will continue monitoring roadway closures and impacted areas as well as remaining available to render services and assistance to our citizens and local partners. Presently, Bossier, Caddo, Claiborne, DeSoto and Webster Parishes are the designated DSNAP (Disaster Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) locations, all of which are scheduled to open on Monday (03/21/16), at 8:00 am. Troop G personnel were made aware of a recent evacuation plan authored by the Department of Juvenile Justice. The plan pertained to the conceivable movement of juveniles from Swanson Correctional Center (Ouachita) to WareYouth Center in (Red River) due to concerns of the Ouachita River levee system. Should the plan be implemented, Troop G will remain available to assist with the safe and secure movement of the juveniles to and from Ware Youth Center. Following the closure of I-10 at the Texas / Louisiana state line, Troopers will be available and visible on detoured routes to ensure safe travels and assist motorists.     

·        Working with public safety and media partners to ensure the public is kept informed through traditional and social media regarding weather conditions, safety and hazards.

·        Conducted six observation flights on Wednesday, 16 March.

·        LSP EOC at normal operations

·        Standing by to assist LSP Troops and other state agencies as requested

·        Monitoring WebEOC for requests for LSP assets and updating the event SitRep accordingly

·        Coordinating with DCFS, LANG, and Troops for opening of DSNAP sites on Monday, 21 March.

·        Region 1 Communications is experiencing high call volume to the Road Closure Hotline (average of 40 calls/hr.)



·        DOTD ESF3 EOC remains on 24-hour status. We are continuing to monitor and compile a list of road closures, as well as re-opened roads, and send to update DOTD crews are deployed throughout the affected areas, monitoring roadway conditions and conducting inspections of bridges and transportation infrastructure that has been flooded.

·        I-10 at Sabine River – I-10 IS CLOSED in both directions near the TX Line.  While information supports that this area is at crest, because it covers such a large area, this closure will remain for a few more days.  The bulk of the water on the roadway is on the TX side.

·        I-10 at Pearl River – Waters continue to recede. US 90 (south of Pearl River) remains open. US 71 remains closed at Saline Bayou due to high water/flooding.

·        Bridge inspection crews are conducting inspections on structures that have been affected by flood waters.

·        Some DOTD Damage Assessment Teams are deployed to north Louisiana.



·        Provided Pearl River inundation maps to GOHSEP and inundations map of Red Chute Bayou to Bossier Levee Board, City of Bossier, and Bossier Parish Police Jury.

·        Provided 2 – 12 in. pumps to City of Monroe through GOHSEP WEBEOC.

·        Provided 5 – 16 in. pumps and hoses to Ouachita Parrish Emergency Management through GOHSEP WEBEOC.

·        Provided 1500 LF HESCO from Vidalia & 1 PTO pump to Tensas Levee District through GOHSEP WEBEOC.

·        Provided 2 – 12 in. Crisafulli Pumps with 200 FT Hose from Bayou Bodcau to Bossier Parish Levee Board.

·        Currently coordinating GOHSEP WebEOC mission request for 12" PTO Pump to Department of Corrections/Angola in West Feliciana Parish; Vicksburg District USACE contacted New Orleans District USACE as this is in their AOR for execution.

·        Shifting resources down river to Alexandria, LA and Ouachita/Black. Preparing for crest early next week.

·        Continuing 24 hour operations in Monroe, LA.

·        Continuing 12 hour operations at Red River near Natchitoches, LA.

·        Preparing for 12 hour operations in the Red River backwater system to start 18 MAR 2016.

·        Assisting Tensas Levee Board at Bayou Mayna south of Jonesville, LA.

·        Vicksburg District USACE Commander COL Cross conducting site visits in Avoyelles Parish, near Vick, LA area, with our engineers and local levee board.  


Lt. Governor's Office

·        Closed Hodges Gardens and Lake Bistineau parks. We have partial closures of Fairview (roads),Chemin-a-haut(some cabins),Palmetto Island (trails), Darbonne (boat launches and piers), Jimmy Davis (launches, and some access), and Lake Claiborne (boat launches and piers)


Department of Corrections

·        Elayn Hunt Correctional Center (EHCC) filled 2500 sandbags and sent out 25 inmates and 4 correctional officers to Alligator Bayou in Iberville Parish on 3/12/16. The same crew is currently back at EHCC filling another 3000 sandbags and will return to Alligator Bayou.

·        Richland Parish Detention Center has requested evacuation and housing assistance in the event that their facility floods.

·        Continue to maintain 32 man trustee crew with 4 security officers working night shift at the Red Chute levee in Bossier City.

·        On stand-by to assist the LANG with sandbagging crews in Franklin Parish, this request for assistance does not need to be filled until approximately Tuesday per LANG & Franklin Parish.


Department of Health and Hospitals

·        DHH Bureau of Media and Communications (BMAC) has distributed a press release regarding the importance of vaccinations.

o   Evacuated residents should speak with their health care provider or their shelter’s medical staff regarding vaccinations.

o   First responders should have up-to-date tetanus vaccinations. OPH is currently working with local governments to provide these vaccinations for first responders.

·        ESF8 will continue to work with Allen and Calcasieu Parishes regarding assistance with re-internment.

o   ESF-8 sent a checklist for the Allen Parish Incident Management Team to use in coordinating their response to cemetery disruptions. The Incident Commander, Blake Lafarge, sent over pictures of the damage, and our SMEs are evaluating.

·        Mandatory status reporting into MSTAT by all hospitals and nursing homes continue in Region 8 and Region 6.

·        ESF-8 network conference calls continue at regular intervals, as appropriate.

·        •     Regional Response Networks are fully engaged with parishes and response agencies for situational awareness and coordination.

·        No hospitals with reported power issues, limited ops, or ICU diversion

·        ESF8 currently monitoring 2 hospitals that are close to the Red River in Alexandria. Both facilities are preparing the hospitals and will continue to monitor. Both do not expect flooding unless there is a major levee failure.

o   Rapides Regional Medical Center – 333 Patients

o   HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital – 41 patients

o   No Nursing homes reported power issues or water issues.

·        32 Public Water Systems currently on a boil water advisory, and 47 Public Water Systems have been cleared of flooding related boil water advisories.

·        16 cemeteries are currently being monitored.


Department of Children and Family Services

·        Current shelter pop: 211; ARC shelters – 6 open; Parish – 1 open

·        DSNAP – 20 parishes have requested DSNP.  DCFS continues to reach out to parishes, state partners, and vendors to confirm site locations and other logistics for individual site activation and support.  Initial DSNAP sites will begin Monday March 21 – Sat. March 26 utilizing alphabet system by last name for application dates. 

·        DCFS contacted all eligible parishes who had not requested DSNAP to confirm eligibility and process for activation within a parish. 


American Red Cross

·        Today's plans include continuing to support shelters, conducting feeding operations, damage assessment and bulk distribution. Service delivery in a few areas yesterday afternoon was impacted by severe weather.

·        Response statistics as of March 16, 2016:

o   Shelters Opened to Date 28

o   Shelter Overnight Stays 1,835

o   Meals Served to Date 8,651

o   Snacks Served 26,178

o   Comfort Kits 1,697

o   Clean-up Kits 1,512

o   Bulk Cleaning Items 9,457

o   Emergency Response Vehicles on the ground (ERVs) 22

o   Response Center Calls 2,591

o   Health Services Consultations 429

o   Mental Health Consultations 219

o   Red Cross Workers 504


Department of Agriculture and Forestry

·        Red River Stockyard in Coushatta open for housing livestock. Livestock Brand Officers assisting cattlemen in the Monroe area.

·        LDAF receiving reports of abandoned pets from evacuations in Region 7 and 8. Advise citizens to report issues to local animal control or Sheriff Office. Livestock issues are handled by LDAF Livestock Brand Officers on request of Parish OEP.

·        Aerial recon for missing cattle complete in Grant Parish. Livestock operations to continue as donated hay supplies last.

·        Delivered 2 loads of hay (totaling 47 bales) to Mr. Chamberlain’s Red River location on 3/17/16 at 10:00am.

·        Delivered 2 loads of 26 bales each (52 bales total) to Anderson on 3/17/16 at 3:45pm.

·        One truck is being loaded this afternoon at the Peck Farm for delivery to Mr. Chamberlain’s Caddo Parish Farm tomorrow morning

·        Will need to have a second truck load tomorrow to fulfill Mr. Chamberlain’s request.


State Fire Marshal

·        66 flat boats ready from the states fire service along with 10 USAR SWR teams on standby.

·        USAR group for swift water rescue have been updated on the Pearl River situation and stand ready if needed.

·        ESF-4 Continues to monitor open shelters in Region 5,6, 7 & 8 Monitoring the Pearl River situation and stand ready to assist if needed.

·        Caldwell Parish Residents have been told to evacuate from the town of Hebert do to a breach in the levee.  As of last night the National Guard along with the Caldwell Parish Sheriff’s Office were evacuating families to emergency shelters that have been set up at Outreach Baptist Church in Mangham and also in a Community Center.  Area 4 dispatch a deputy to verify compliance at shelters.

·        ESF-4 USAR SWR Group are monitoring the Pearl River situation and stand ready to assist if needed.

·        ESF-4 Continues to monitor Region 5 & 9 with Liaison deputies monitoring shelters along with our local fire departments in the regions.  


Office of Technology Services

·        ESF-2 is working with AT&T to troubleshoot the State EOC Bidirectional Amplifier and Distributed Antenna System after reports of problems will audio quality. Technicians will be on-site this morning.

·        The Greensburg site in St. Helena Parish is back in wide area operation.

·        The Hagewood LWIN site in Natchitoches Parish has been returned to T-1 backhaul and the state “flyaway kit” satellite asset is being recovered.

·        Two components of the GOHSEP phone system have power supplies in alarm status. Component power supplies will be replaced at the technician's first available opportunity during night shift, or immediately by ESF2 staff in the event of a failure. 

·        Operational tower sites: 132/132

·        The following sites are on mobile satellite backhaul: Sentell - Caddo Parish

·        Mobile tower sites deployed: Caldwell Parish N32°08'50.5" W092°01'20.4"  


Public Service Commission

·        Outage report attached--Statewide outages @ 2,119 As of 1100 03/17/2016

·        Cleco Update: Grant Parish saw 41 more disconnects to camps & homes in the Nantaches Lake area. Customers along the following roads were disconnected: Katherin's Kove, Squire's Lane, Old Landing Point, Old Levee Road, Hwy 1240, and Mott Road. Crews will continue to monitor the Iatt Lake area. They are in the area today attempting to restore customers if water levels allow.  


LA Board of Regents

·        Flood damages reported at:  Northwestern State University, Louisiana Tech University, LSU Ag Center Hammond Research Station (Tangipahoa Parish), and LSU Ag Center Lee Memorial Forest (Washington Parish)

·        Flood damaged universities include: Grambling State University, Southeastern University, Northwest LA Technical College, LA Delta Community College, Central LA Technical Community College, River Parishes Community College, and Northshore Technical Community College


Department of Culture, Recreation & Tourism

·        Parks Still Flooded/Closed: Fort Pike State Historic Site, Lake Bistineau State Park, Tickfaw State Park, Forts Randolph & Buhlow State Historic Site – flooding over entrance road from the Red River. Closed through Sunday.

·        Parks With Wind Damage: District 4 Regional Office – large tree through storage facility. Tree has been removed and holes are patched, securing the structure.

·        Overnight Facilities Closed: Chemin-A-Haut State Park: 8 cabins; Fairview-Riverside State Park: 22 campsites Lake Bistineau State Park: 7 cabins, 2 group camps, 61 campsites; Tickfaw: 14 cabins, one group camp, 50 campsites

·        Estimated Visitation Impact – March Average: Chemin-A-Haut: 1,286; Fairview-Riverside: 6,208; Lake Bistineau: 2,989; Tickfaw: 5,279; TOTAL: 15,762

·        Parks Back in Partial Service: Bogue Chitto State Park: Closed:  all trails, day use area, bottomland campground. Chemin-A-Haut State Park: Closed: all 8 deluxe cabins. Fairview-Riverside State Park: Closed: boardwalk and premium campground.

·        Parks Back in Full Service: District 1: all parks except Bogue Chitto, Fort Pike SHS, and Tickfaw; District 2: all parks; District 3: all parks, except Chemin-A-Haut and Lake Bistineau; District 4: all parks.

·        Bogue Chitto State Park staff have begun clean-up, and are coordinating with volunteers from the local community on clean-up assistance.

·        Tickfaw State Park staff began limited clean-up yesterday; limited to areas that can currently be accessed.

·        Lake Bistineau State Park and the deluxe cabins at Chemin-A-Haut will be closed through at least May.


Salvation Army

·        Shreveport Corps: Two Canteens in service in the greater Shreveport area serving first responders, citizens and shelter residents.

·        Monroe Corps: Two Canteens in service in the greater Monroe area.  Served in Morehouse, and Caldwell Parishes.

·        Leadership is currently assessing other areas surrounding Monroe for needed services.

·        Lakes Charles Corps is working with Calcasieu and surrounding parishes, preparing to provide service beginning Monday, 21 March 2016 as a replacement for the organizations serving now.  


Louisiana VOAD

·        LAVOAD continues to man the EOC, vet requests coming in regarding donations and volunteers, participating in coordinating calls and Disaster Housing Task Force calls.

·        Currently working WebEOC request for Union Parish for donations.

·        Notes from the Louisiana VOAD call have been uploaded to the file library in WebEOC.



·        The LA BEOC is in communication and sending notifications, status updates and information through the site and providing state agencies resource list of local vendors.  Staff met with a Home Depot corporate representative and provided local contacts and list of parishes that have been affected by the current historical flooding.  Also, LA BEOC staff has been in exchange with Walmart emergency managers to locate requested products for donation through the Walmart Foundation to assist LA VOAD.        


Disaster Recovery (JFO)

·        Twenty-six parishes – Allen, Ascension, Beauregard, Bienville, Bossier, Caddo, Calcasieu, Caldwell, Claiborne, De Soto, Grant, La Salle, Livingston, Madison, Morehouse, Natchitoches, Ouachita, Richland, St. Tammany, Tangipahoa, Union, Vernon, Washington, Webster, West Carroll and Winn – have been designated under DR-4263-LA for Individual Assistance and Public Assistance (Categories A and B, including direct federal assistance). Assistance can include grants for temporary housing and home repairs, low-cost loans to cover uninsured and underinsured property losses, and other programs to help individuals and business owners recover from the effects of the disaster.

·        Disaster Survivor Assistance Teams are conducting outreach in 23 designated parishes.

·        FEMA has started housing inspections. All FEMA inspectors have official IDs and residents should ask to see them. If you suspect fraud, call the FEMA Disaster Fraud Hotline at 866-720-5721.

·        All flood survivors are urged to check with their local permitting office before doing any repairs. Also, remember: federal assistance is available only for primary homes – not vacation homes.

·        Residents with flooding damages living in parishes not named in the federal disaster declaration can still register with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). If a parish is added to the declaration, applications from that parish will be automatically processed.

·        FEMA has a National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) call center to support NFIP policyholders. Call 800-621-3362 and press 2 from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday.

·        Individual Assistance (IA):

o   Joint FEMA/State IA PDA teams started doing assessments in Jackson and Franklin parish.

o   A State IA PDA team started doing assessments in St. Helena Parish today. Once complete, it will be determined if a joint State/FEMA IA PDA team will be deployed.

o   IA Totals:

§  Total registrations: 12,385

§  Designated registrations: 11,979

§  Undesignated registrations: 406

§  Total IHP Approved: $0

·        The following parishes have requested a Disaster Recovery Center (DRC) be setup: Bienville, Bossier, Caddo, De Soto, La Salle, Livingston, Morehouse, Ouachita, Richland, St. Tammany, Tangipahoa, Washington, Webster, and Winn. The State and FEMA continue to work with these local parishes to have building inspections preformed so those DRC sites can be open to the public as soon as possible.

·        Public Assistance (PA):

o   In an effort to expedite a request to include Categories C - G (permanent work) in the Major Declaration, GOHSEP has sent out information to local parish officials to conduct a "desktop PDA".   Instead of FEMA/GOHSEP having to physically come out to each site within the parish to capturing damages/estimates, GOHSEP is asking that the Parish conducts their own PDAs and submit to GOHSEP.  This effort will allow parishes that meet their parish threshold to quickly get approval for a permanent work declaration.  The quicker estimates are captured, the quicker we can request FEMA review for consideration of a permanent work declaration. These "desktop" PA PDA's will be conducted prior to scheduling any joint FEMA/State PA PDAs.


Parish Actions as of 8:00 AM



·        Sandbags available at Parish barns in Crowley, Branch Iota between 6:30 am and 5:00 pm and from the Church Point City Barn.



·        Per Regional Coordinator: Will conduct a recovery meeting today. Coordination efforts for FEMA – DSNAP IA programs and teams, PA and Cat A&B outreach assistance for desktop assessment process.

·        115 structures have water ranging from 8 feet to 4 inches.

·        Damage assessments are being conducted across Parish as water recedes. However, response activities ongoing in the southern end of parish (Kinder area)

·        Allen Parish still working with DHH on cemetery and coffins incident though it is in the final stages of response.



·        Parish waterways are closed until further notice.

·        Two pump operations to relieve the water on Buxton Road/Buxton pump Station are ongoing.

·        In the event that pre-filled sand bag resources deplete, sand and bags will be distributed; list of locations can be found in WebEOC.

·        24 hour flood control operations continue at Marvin Braud, Henderson Bayou, Sorrento pumping stations.

·        HESCO Baskets are being placed along the risk areas.

·        Currently, we have local resident shelter open and all major roadways are passable.

·        We will place a request for JPDA/IA.



·        Sand and bags have been placed at Dorseyville Park in Belle Rose, Hwy. 70 across from Family St. in Pierre Part and Hwy. 1008 at the Road and Bridge Department.



·        Sand bags distributed at the parish maintenance facility on 2346 Valley Street in Mansura and Brouillette Fire Dept. and the Fifth Ward Fire Dept.

·        Over 4000 Sandbags have been delivered to Brouillette, Fifth Ward, & Vick communities for levee and residential support. The Levee operation in Brouillette is partially completed by RRABB Levee Board with super sack sand bags & plastic covering and will continue Friday morning at 6:30 a.m.

·        Dirt was hauled on the levee in Vick 18 to 20” on top of existing levee to protect resident’s structures, livestock, & farm equipment.  

·        There are 30 to 35 residents that have evacuated their homes or camps due the flooding water The Louisiana National Guard is continuing with sand bag operations delivery & support The Red Cross is on stand by for sheltering operations.

·        The Sherriff will advise all residents to evacuate stating at 9:30 a.m. on 03/18/2016 in the Brouillette community due to high crest of the Red River. There will be a volunteer evacuation starting on 03-18-2016 for Grand Lake,  Grassy Lake, WMA area in Bordelonville, Spring Bayou in Marksville, and Old River In Mansura.

·        There have been 112 electrical services that have disconnected because of high water or flooding.



·        Dumpsters placed at pre-approved sights for trash other than trees, etc. The dumpsters will be marked maintained daily and at night kept secured.

·        Having to have an electrical inspection performed before the power will be turned on by either Beauregard Electric or CLECO.

·        Baptist Men Association and other nonprofits have entered the area and have started work.

·        Red Cross will be in the area Thursday doing damage assessment as well.

·        Per Regional Coordinator: Approximately 300 structures with minor to major damage.

·        Meeting with Team Lead for FEMA IA operations for this area. FEMA IA teams are in the area and will begin operations Monday 3-21-16 in the Merryville and N/W section of the parish first and then move south as the water recedes.

·        DSNAP is scheduled to start Monday 3-21-16 in the parish and will used the location they have agreement with in the DeRidder area.

·        Still in phase of damage assessment and clean up and working details out with the Town of Merryville and the Police Jury P/W section.

·        Friday 2PM meeting on Damage Assessment and Debris removal.

·        Was advised of an oil leak on the river, but the water is still too high to enter the area and locate the leak. The State Police Haz-Mat troopers were advised and as soon as the water goes will enter the area to determine the source of the leak. There could more as the water goes down and wells can be looked at.



·        Evacuated 40 people. Approximately 75 homes with flood damage; 15 homes with over 18 inches of water.

·        PDA’s are ongoing and recovery operations are beginning.



·        Bossier Civic Center open as shelter under American Red Cross support. Pet Sheltering: Bossier City Animal Control facility available for reception of pets.

·        Red Cross to go to the Haughton Community to assist in damage assessments and recovery operations.

·        Sandbagging operations are ongoing.

·        Estimates  for water in houses: Haughton Town: 50, East 80 Tall Timbers:30, South Bossier too wet to see them all: 200+.

·        Per Regional Coordinator: Forward Assistance Centers stood up on 3/17/16 (not full MARC but basic commodities sites in most troubled areas). DRC soft opens 3/18/16. DSNAP site has been identified and satisfactory.



·        Evacuated approximately 289 citizens.

·        City of Shreveport and Parish will create maps for PDA teams. PDA teams are expected to be requested.

·        Salvation Army has multiple food donations available to support shelters and responders.  Call 424-3200 for any food needs.

·        Texas A&M will complete an aerial drone flight of the affected areas.

·        Per Regional Coordinator: Flood fight operations have stabilized and recovery actions are in play. DRC and DSNAP sites have been identified and coordinated.



·        Calcasieu Parish Sheriff department established two staging areas, one on Hwy 109 in Vinton and one on Hwy 12 in Starks. Also set up check points and criminal patrols.

·        At least approximately 705 homes have received flood damage.

·        One shelter operational/Pet shelter (KC Hall Vinton, LA): 16 evacuees, 4 pets

·        Mosquito Control preparing to spray early next week. Public Health started administering Tetanus shot to 1st Responders.

·        Coroner's Office:  5 cemeteries in the affected areas, over 100 caskets disinterred.

·        Met with GOHSEP Officials and FEMA officials for preliminary evaluation of flooded area.

·        Per Regional Coordinator: Still in response mode but moving towards recovery. Conducting Recovery meetings. Coordination efforts for FEMA – DSNAP IA programs and teams, PA and Cat A&B outreach assistance for desktop assessment process.



·        Shelter opened at the Caldwell Parish Community Center. 

·        Sand bagging operations continue. National Guard will continue with 4 people and 2 trucks for the duration of the sandbagging operation

·        Beginning recovery operations.

·        D-Snap to open on Monday, March 21st in Caldwell Parish.

·        Salvation Army Canteen trailer is here to serve hot meals to all affected. Red Cross has sent 100 cleaning kits.

·        Damaged house count is up to 190.



·        Sandbags at the Parish Prison in Harrisonburg and Public Works in Jonesville, La.

·        No water in homes reported as of now only camps.

·        Catahoula Parish continues to sandbag and build protective measures to prevent flood water from the Ouachita River.

·         Town of Jonesville continues to pump waste water over levee drainage structure.

·        Tensas Basin Levee district has closed 26 drainage structures.

·        USACE to place Hesco baskets on Black River Levee slide south of Jonesville, La.

·         Voluntary evacuation in effect for residents in low lying areas of the Parish.  



·        Sandbagging operations are ongoing.

·        Approximately 100 citizens have been evacuated.

·        Approximately 27 homes with major damage, 28 homes and 12 businesses with minor damage.

·        Beginning Recovery Operations.



·        Sandbags being stockpiled and distributed at Ferriday Maintenance.

·        All lakes have been closed to traffic.

·        Water continues to rise, Black and Red Rivers are causing tributaries to back up. All Lakes are closed to recreational use.



·        Sandbag locations: Police Jury Road Department in Grand Cane and at the Desoto Parish Fire District 1 Central Station in Logansport.

·        Animal control has been advised and Pine Ridge Vet Clinic has volunteered space if needed also.

·        EOC has set up a hotline for damage reporting (318) 872-1939.

·        Mandatory evacuations of River Road and Garrett's Park in Logansport, have been lifted and residents are allowed to reenter these areas at their own discretion.

·        Mandatory evacuations of Caraway Island (Logansport) and Sleepy Hollow (Stonewall) are still in effect.


East Baton Rouge

·        Public Works Department are monitoring sewer and water levels across the Parish. 

·        Parish is populating the database with impacted areas utilizing the 311 System, coordinated a medical pick up, and also coordinating with ARC to put shelters on standby.

·        Sand / Sand Bag Locations remain open at Baton Rouge Fire Stations 7, 9, 13 & 14.


East Carroll

·        3 damaged homes, many farm areas still filled with water, many parish roads still have water.

·        Road crew is out assisting with drainage issues.

·        4 community sand piles and bags along west side of the Parish.



·        Sand bags are available at the Ville Platte Yard, Mamou Yard, Basile Yard, and Lone Pine Fire Department



·        Sandbagging Operations Continue in New areas the Big Creek @hy132 is approaching multiple Homes. The Bayou Macon at Hwy 861 sandbagging in the area. The Boeuf River at Liddieville is flooding homes in the L R Hatton rd.



·        Sand bag locations: Bynum Fire Station, Zig Slayter Ballpark in Prospect, Bob Fire Station.

·        Rescues have been conducted and are ongoing through various areas of the Parish. LANG and LDWF are assisting in numerous SAR missions.

·        LANG soldiers will be staffing barricades in areas identified as unsafe for vehicle traffic.

·        GPSO has placed three deputies on 24 hour patrol in the Georgetown in response to looting.

·        26 homes destroyed, 90 with major damage & 110 with minor damage.

·        A suspected tornado was observed on March 17 around 3:00 p.m. Damage was observed to several businesses in the Town of Colfax. School busses that were loading were immediately evacuated and the students sent back in the building. Busses that were on the road already were stopped and sheltered in place. Several trees were felled today during the suspected tornado. Appropriate responses were made and all were in progress of cleaned up or already removed

·        Water deliveries are on the decline.

·        FEMA has setup a temporary location at the Civic Center with a full DRC planned.

·        DSNAP benefits will begin this Monday. Information on the schedule will be released to the public.

·        The levee gap at the rail road crossing near Lake Nantachie has been completed and is blocked. DOTD made notification to KCS to stop all rail traffic.



·        Sand bag locations: Grand Marais Fire Station, B.O.M. Fire Station, Coteau Fire Station, Rynella Fire Station, Delcambre City Hall and Loreauville Park.

·        City of New Iberia is providing sand bags to residents from 9:30 am to 3:00 pm at 907 Fulton Street. 


Jefferson Davis

·        Sand bags are available Monday through Friday 7:00 am - 3:30 pm at: Jennings Police Jury Road Yard, Lake Arthur Community Center, Woodlawn Fire Station, Welsh Police Jury Yard, Hathaway Fire Station, Fenton Police Jury Yard and Lacassine Fire Station.



·        Sandbags are being distributed at all six Public Works field offices and Chackbay Fairgrounds. 3,500 issued thus far.



·        Assisting with sandbagging efforts throughout the Parish, checking on the elderly, disabled and home-bound, as well as checking roadways/bridges.

·        During the fly over of LaSalle determined that 90-100 structures that were inundated with high waters. Currently collecting data of flooded structures.

·        A railroad bridge has washed out on Little River. Water is receding but is now rising on Old River.

·        Faith based shelters are on standby (also available for Catahoula parish residents).

·        Will be requesting DSNAP and DRC site for Parish.



·        Shelter at Trinity Methodist Church, on standby

·        Parish working on damage assessments from storm damage.



·        Sandbags available to residents.

·        Waterways are closed to recreational boat traffic.

·        464 is the estimated number of flooded homes from the respective jurisdictions. This is not a final estimate.



·        Sandbags handed out at the parish barn. Volunteers have been assisting with sandbag operations.

·        200+ home affected from this event however, there have been no reports of damaged homes.



·        Request for PDA/IA teams.

·        The Care and Hope center is open to provide supplies for residents affected by flooding (provide food, clothing, essentials)

·        Evacuated approximately 1,000 citizens.

·        175+ homes, 25+ mobile homes, 60+ apartment units, 5 business, and 2 public buildings have sustained major damage. 

·        DSNAP has been requested to set up at Dotson Park in Bastrop.

·        Per Regional Coordinator: Debris removal and recovery briefing conducted. Arranged for initial interviews with DSA Task Force and Division Supervisor to coordinate DSA activities. Local pastor is feeding 150 people daily.

·        Sandbagging resumed in Bonita due to rising water. Bonita water system is threatened.



·        Sandbag location: City of Natchitoches Publics Works Office 110 Mill Street, Natchitoches. 

·        Shelter at the MLK Recreation Center 700 Martin Luther King Dr. with the assistance of Red Cross

·        Pipe closed at Chivery Dam.

·        Continue to deliver water, MREs and supplies to residents along Black Lake, Clear Lake and Saline Bayou.

·        100 plus families have been evacuated. Approximately 3,500 structures have sustained damage.

·        Requesting PDA Teams. Residents continue to call with damage reports.



·        Multiple systems under a boil advisory due to the possibility of flood water going over the wellhead. Issues with schools under boil advisory, bottled water has been ordered.

·        Currently sandbagging a lift station and a sewer station in the Deborah Drive area.

·        Sandbagging operations are ongoing at Loggy Bayou & Town and Country control structure.

·        Currently there are 1,724 addresses in our data base that have had or still have water in them.

·        Approximate evacuation number is 1825, evacuations are ongoing.

·        Per Regional Coordinator: Debris removal and recovery briefing conducted. Arranged for interviews with DSA Task Force/Division Supervisor to coordinate DSA activities. In coordination with FEMA Group Supervisor, provided PA PDA Initiative Briefing for Parish leadership.

·        The FEMA rep has arrived.  I have requested to open a DRC.

·        Have requested IA team and PA teams.     



·        Some property owners in the Rigolette area are voluntarily moving out personal property in anticipation of the rising Red River.

·        Levee Breach at Bayou Darrow in Grant Parish is affecting the Rigolette Community.  Agencies are going door to door advising the residents.

·        Waters continue to rise, request for additional sandbags.

·        Continuing protective measures along the Rigollette Bayou area, Ruby-Kolin area along the Red River, & along the Bayou Maria area.

·        Several more homes have been inundated &/or inaccessible due to rising flood waters.

·        Voluntary evacuation in effect for residents in low lying areas of the Parish.

·        1 shelter open & have additional on standby.


Red River

·        Sandbagging efforts, occasional rescues and evacuations are ongoing.

·        Have evacuated 15-20 people; 20 homes with water inside, 50+ homes with water surrounding.

·        Operations continue to provide food and water to the homes that are surrounded by water and have no access out to purchase food or water.

·        Parish is working on a sandbagging/plugging effort on the 48" culvert at Coushatta.

·       Responded to an area on Hwy 84 off Hwy 1 regarding a call on cows.  Eight to ten head are near drowning and cannot safely be evacuated. Two are already floating; the remainder are expected to be lost.



·        Water is rising west of State Hwy 133 near Shirtail Rd and Bosco Rd. Situation is being assessed by the Police Jury Superintendent.

·        Voluntary evacuations/Rescue operations  ongoing. Approximately 75 evacuations total. Shelter remains open at this time. Pop=12

·        7 apartment units with major damage. Estimated 40,000 -50,000 acres underwater at this time.

·        Breach at the spoil bank around Lafourche canal holding back water. Water levels remain the same but some run over is occurring.

·        Moving sandbags into the Wooden Lake Fire Station to make them more accessible to residents.

·        Will continue to monitor Lafourche and Beoufe Rivers for anticipated backwater flooding.

·        Levee breach at Lafourche Canal. Evacuations Richland Parish Detention Center, approx. 550 offenders to Tallulah Detention center. Ongoing evacuation of the Hebert community, approx. 750 people affected. Population is being sheltered in Rayville at the Richland Community Center with an overflow shelter in Mangham.

·        Completed the evacuation of HUD housing.

·        Providing DSNAP at DRC beginning March 21.

·        Per Regional Coordinator: Coordinated with Parish, SO and ARC to provide regular feeding for shelter in Rayville. 21 housing units requested for residents of local housing unit which was condemned.

·        7 dumpster locations throughout the Parish for flood debris.

·        Preliminary Damage Assessments are underway.

·        FEMA performed a DRC inspection at 112 D Morgan St.  



·        High water evacuations, with Fire Trucks, in progress in several areas.

·        Removed stranded individuals trapped in homes with farm tractors and other farm equipment.

·        Evacuated a total of approximately 12 citizens. 


St. Charles

·        Distributing sand bags to the public.

·        Public Works crews on 24 hr. shifts.


St. Helena

·              14 homes with a roof leak, 6 homes with flood damage, and 1 church with roof leaks. Residents continue calling in to report damages.

·              Sand and bags available at local Fire Stations.

·              Multiple damaged roads that will need culvert replacement asphalt, gravel, and drainage ditched cleaned.

·              We will be requesting a PDA team for the first of next week. Started recovery stage.


St. John

·        St John Parish has activated mutual aid within the Region 3 mutual aid agreement.


St. Landry

·        Sand and Sand bags are available: Yambilee Building 1939 West Landry Street in Opelousas until further notice. Limited to 15 per resident.


St. Tammany

·        Sand bag stations: Lee Street, tennis courts at Second Street and Cleveland Avenue in Olde Towne, parking lot on corner of Rue Rochelle and Independence Drive,  John Slidell Park.

·        Voluntary evacuation in low-lying areas in or around Three Rivers Road, North of I-12 to Ronald Regan Highway, South to Madisonville, on the East side to 190 and on the West side to Highway 21. City of Pearl has called for evacuations of homes along Pearl River. Evacuations ongoing in Goodbee in the Tallow Creek area.

·        1st Responders have performed over 600 rescues thus far. STPSO remains ready for SAR as necessary.

·        Conducting windshield assessments. Approximately 614 structures have sustained damage thus far.

·        1 shelter remains open.

·        673 flooded structures in St Tammany Parish. This number does not reflect the East side of the Parish.



·        Red Cross Shelter at Eagle Heights Church population is 81.

·        Debris Kickoff Meeting will be held Friday at 10 am.

·        Tangipahoa Parish Government located at 206 E. Mulberry St. Amite, LA 70422

·        Several teams are conducting damage assessments.

·        Approximately 850 homes have been flooded; Approximately 2,500 citizens evacuated; Approximately 2,750 citizens have been rescued.

·        Shelter at Shell Robert Training Facility; Red Cross shelter population is 44.



·        Sandbags available at Tensas Parish Road Barn; approximately 350 distributed.

·        No residents have reported water inside homes.



·        See WebEOC for detailed list of sand bag distribution sites. (Fill your own)



·        Sand and sand bags are located at Union Parish Police Jury Public Works in Farmerville.

·        Evacuated approximately 500 citizens. Citizens around D’Arbonne Lake, Ouachita River and D’ArLeutre areas are evacuating their homes.

·        Shelter: Willie David Recreational Center 116 Cox Ferry Rd, Farmerville, LA 71241

·        Approximately 500 homes and camps have sustained damage; approximately 750 citizens have been evacuated.

·        Per Regional Coordinator: Local church is providing meals and debris cleanup is going well.



·        Sand and sand bags are available in Village of Maurice at the City Hall complex (115 Corrine St) and outside the gates at all area barns.



·        Coordination efforts are being made to more organize volunteer and donations within the parish.

·        A Mobile Shower Unit request was processed 3/16/2016 to be delivered to the Burr Ferry Fire Dept. This unit will be utilized by volunteer workers and evacuees.

·        Management of debris removal continues to be addressed.

·        FEMA Representatives are in the parish.

·        A request for DSNAP has been submitted and will be located at the East Leesville Baptist Church located on LA 8.

·        Working on coordinating a DRC location.

·        Security Details for the flood impacted areas and two parish pod sites are continuing.

·        Sandbags are being distributed to Vernon Parish residents in need of them.

·        Coordination is ongoing with the Vernon Parish Coroner's Office to address the issues related to the cemeteries. Marking of graves in the cemetery on Bonner Rd. has been postponed based on current flood estimates.

·        Evacuated approximately 150 citizens, evacuations are ongoing; Approximately 300 homes damaged.

·        Two Parish POD sites remain open 

·        A Red Cross Disaster Assessment Team in Vernon Parish.

·        A Command Post by VPSO was set up @ the Burry Ferry Pentecostal Church POD site to gather contact info from residents directly affected by the flood event.



·        Shelter at EMS Church

·        State Interop Chanel: *Interop 4 has been assigned to Washington Parish.

·        SAR missions are ongoing.

·        Sever Lift Station at the end of Pearl is only accessible by boat and the sewer treatment plant behind Riverside Medical Center is inundated by flood waters. 

·        Approximately 400-500 homes are damaged. Approximately 1200-1500 citizens have been evacuated.

·        Damage Assessments are ongoing.

·        30 parish roads and 2 state roads remain impassable.

·        Anticipated requesting DRC soon.



·        High water rescues from roadways/homes are fewer but still ongoing.

·        Voluntary evacuations in place in areas around the Lake Bistineau.

·        Parish standing up their pet sheltering plan and is assessing needs.

·        Approximately 416 damaged homes. Approximately 200 citizens have been evacuated.


West Baton Rouge

·        Parish has begun notifying residents of sandbag availability and pick up locations.


West Carroll Parish

·        National Guard assistance with high water vehicles, evacuations and rescues.

·        75 homes have damage thus far, expect that number to increase as we hear more from the southwestern portion of the Parish.

·        Working on list of damaged or affected residents & address to get areas together when the PDA/IA team comes  

·        Red Cross ERV to set up on March 17 from 10:00-1:00 & 2:00-5:00 with hot BBQ sandwiches to serve people in the middle of clean up at their homes.

·        Per Regional Coordinator: ARC has begun food distribution.   



·        Sand bags are available at police Jury Barn on Thomas Mill Road.

·        Winn Parish Road Department are placing all available road closed signs.

·        Backwoods Water System is still not back online, bottled water still being provided to those without.

·        100 + homes damaged  

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