News Alert: Situational Awareness Report 5 May 2016 As of 2:45 p.m.
Posted: 5/5/2016 4:29:49 PM
Louisiana Business Emergency Operations Center

Situational Awareness Report

5 May 2016

As of 2:45 p.m.


State EOC Activation Level: Level IV – Crisis Action Team (CAT)

WebEOC Incident: 16-012 Severe Weather - Flooding — Statewide — April-May 2016


Situation A strong weather system moved through Louisiana bringing several rounds of heavy rain over the last couple of days. Total rainfall amounts ranged from 3 to 10 inches during this period. GOHSEP received numerous reports of street flooding, down trees and wind damages. River flooding is the remaining threat throughout the State and detailed information can be found below.




Avoyelles – 5/3/2016

Bossier – 4/30/2016

Claiborne – 5/4/2016

Grant – 5/1/2016

Natchitoches – 5/2/2016

Rapides – 5/1/2016

Red River – 4/30/2016


River Levels

Big Cypress Creek at Mooringsport (Caddo Lake) is currently at 175.9ft (Moderate Flood Stage) and is forecasted to crest at 176ft (Moderate Flood Stage) today.

Red River at Shreveport is currently at 32.05ft (Moderate Flood Stage) and will continue to drop through the rest of the week.

Red River at Coushatta is currently at 33.45ft (Moderate Flood Stage) and is forecasted to crest at 34ft (Moderate Flood Stage) on Friday.

Red River at Grand Ecore is currently at 34.44ft (Minor Flood Stage) and is forecasted to crest at 36ft (Moderate Flood Stage) on Saturday.

Red River at Alexandria is currently at 29.38ft (Action Flood Stage) and is forecasted to crest at 31.5ft (Action Flood Stage) on Sunday.

Sabine River near Bon Wier is currently at 33.86ft (Moderate Flood Stage) and is forecasted to crest at 33.9ft (Moderate Flood Stage) on Saturday.

For more information on the Red River gauges, visit:


***Full SITREP details can be found in WebEOC***

State Actions


·        Activated Crisis Action Team (CAT) on 5/2/2016 at 7:30 a.m.

·        GOHSEP Regional Coordinators are maintaining communications and assisting in affected parishes

·        Created a WebEOC incident 16-012 Severe Weather - Flooding — Statewide — April-May 2016 and is tracking resources being requested

·        Participating in National Weather Service conference calls


ESF-03 Department of Transportation and Development

·        DOTD continues to monitor state-wide roadways and provide a current status of road closures/opening on the site:

·        DOTD district 4 in Shreveport is currently monitoring the Red River levels and taking precautionary measures as needed

·        I-49 closed both north and southbound lanes on 5/1/2016, but has been reopened at this time

·        DOTD District 04 (Shreveport) has conducted meetings with both Caddo and Bossier Parish OEP offices to discuss Red River flood monitoring and corresponding action if necessary

·        DOTD continues to monitor and respond to any and all roadways that may pose a threat to pedestrian traffic along US, State and Federal Aid Highways


ESF-04 State Fire Marshal

·        OSFM area 3 Lafayette deputy made contact with LSP Troop I desk and offered assistance with road closures or anything else that may be needed during this flooding event in the Lafayette area

·        OFSM area 3 & 4 are currently on standby and ready to assist if needed

·        Area 4 Red River Sheveport, La. - River Boat Casinos:

·        Diamond Jack - High water plan in place.

o   The temporary ramp has been installed over the main ramp.

o   The two forward ramps are not affected.

·        Boomtown - High water plan in place.

o   Main ramp is on the first deck with a slight decline from the building to boat.

o   The two forward ramps are not affected.

·        Horseshoe - High water plan in place.

o   Stairs have been constructed on ramp.

o   Means has been provided for persons with ADA needs.

·        SamsTown –

o   The main ramp is being lowered to the first deck.

o   The number 2 ramp is currently being used while the main ramp is being lowered.

·        Margaritaville - Not affected

·        Eldorado - Not Affected


ESF-09 Department of Wildlife and Fisheries

·        Agents responded to the scene at I-49 at the Sunset exit in St. Landry Parish in response for assistance from Troop I by adding security to the area.

·        Agents assisted in traffic control as motorist attempted to drive the wrong way on the Interstate to avoid sitting in traffic.

·        Once I-49 was reopened, agents responded to a call of missing persons call near Carencro. They were able to locate the two men a short time later.

·        Currently have 8 agents on standby and stationed at Troop-I in Opelousas with three surface drive vessels, one airboat and four small flat bottom vessels.


ESF-12 Public Service Commission

·        Currently reporting 2,092 customers without power as of 5/2/2016 at 10:30 a.m.

·        Large outages have been reported as the squall lines move through, but are getting restored quickly


ESF-13 Louisiana State Police

·        Troop I has 3 Lieutenants, 2 Sergeants, and 9 Troopers assigned to the current shift (this includes additional supplement units).

·        Troopers are actively monitoring roadways and weather conditions in their areas and are in contact with local agencies.

·        LSP Gaming – See ESF-04 State Fire Marshal for full report

o   LSP Gaming will continue to monitor the water levels to ensure the safety of the public, employees, and vessels.  

Parish Actions  


·        Placing sand & sandbags in the Brouillette & Vick communities at the Fire Stations for residents

·        Water is rising approx. 1 foot per a day, monitoring levees & roads daily

·        Declaration submitted on 5/302016 


·        The area along the Sabine River is seeing minor flood conditions in the areas that are in recovery from the previous flooding event.

·        The height of the river will depend on the gates being opened at Toledo Bend.

·        Right now 3 gates at 3 feet and 6 gates at 4 feet with a lake level of 173.05.



·        Unified Command Group met with the NWS Shreveport for update weather and crest information along our waterways that affect Bossier Parish.

·        Officials are informing residents in areas along the Red River, including Highway 537 in the Plain Dealing area, River Bluff, Cash Point, Red River South Marina and other areas adjacent to the river about potential flooding in their low-lying areas.

·        We are also encouraging residents in South Bossier south of Highway 154 to stay alert and expect backwater flooding in low-lying areas

·        We reviewed Appendix 4 Flood Plan, from our parish EOP all hazards plan. We also reviewed things from our last incident we had along the River.

·        Red River Marina will be impacted by land flooding at the crests forecasts and the 2 houses that could be impacted in the River Bluff subdivision (River Side of Levee) are vacant.

·        At 34 feet the BSO substation along River will have water at floor level or slightly higher.

·        Hwy 537 north Bossier Parish will have water coming onto it in a few places (closes by DOTD at 34.22 feet).

·        Sandbag locations have been set up throughout the parish:

o   Bossier Parish Police Jury Highway Department Maintenance Barn 410 Mayfield St. in Benton 7 a.m. – 7 p.m.

o   Bossier City Public Service Complex 3223 Old Shed Rd. 7 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

o   Elm Grove Elementary School Highway 71 in South Bossier Self-serve 24 hours

o   Tooke Memorial Library 451 Fairview Point Road in Elm Grove Self-serve 24 hours



·        Caddo Parish UCG met on 5/2/2016 at 8 AM.

·        NWS reports that our area received 7” of rainfall in Caddo Lake Friday/Saturday – draining into Red River.

·        City of Shreveport sandbags available 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. at 3825 Old Mansfield Rd.

·        Caddo Parish sandbags available 7:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. at 1701 Monty St.

·        12 Mile Bayou and Haygood Rd, is an area of concern at this time.



·        Localized street flooding, 20 vehicles stalled/impacted

·        1-2 homes with water in them

·        Local responders have conducted 10 high water rescues



·       Submitted a declaration to GOHSEP on 5/4/2016



·        The town of Logansport is reporting areas of town flooding. These areas include roadways in the downtown park area, River road subdivision, Garrett's Park Subdivision, and Caraway Island.

·        The town has closed a portion of N 2nd Street (in the park), Garrett's Park Road, and Caraway Island to non-residents.

·        There are no reports, at this time, of any houses with water in them



·        Filed a State of Emergency on 5/1/2016.

·        Area of immediate concern is along the Red River and the areas of Nantachie Lake and the immediate vicinity

·        Sandbag information was released to the local media on 5/1/2016 including print, television, radio and social media.

·        Sandbagging operations have been started with approximately 4,200 filled bags acquired and placed at the following locations:

o   Nantachie Fire Station Hwy 71 and Nantachie Drive (Nantachie Acres)

o   Montgomery Town Hall


·        Road flooding of several local roads and flooding on La 14 in front of Quail Tools and from L Theriot Road to Jasper Road



·        Sandbags being issued in Carencro behind the Carencro Community Center

·        Sandbags being issued in Scott at the Public Works facility



·        Parish Declaration submitted on 5/2/2016

·        Sandbag operation is in progress

·        Bayou Pierre is out of its banks and rising

·        Hampton Lake residents are requesting sandbags for preventive purposes

·        Patrol will continue to monitor the situation



·        Parish Police Jury President issued a local declaration of emergency and will be submitted to GOHSEP later today.

·        Immediate area(s) of concern are along the Red River - specifically the Rigolette area.

·        Sandbags are being prepositioned at the Fire District 3 Station locate on Rigolette Rd.


Red River

·        Parish plugged a 60" and a 48" culvert that were vulnerable and this area is being monitored every 4 hours

·        Pumps have been ordered for this location.

·        Sheriff’s office went door to door in the East Point community briefing residents on the levee situation and asking them to be ready to evacuate if called.

·        They are being provided forms to complete during the visit regarding medical issues or disabilities, pets, livestock, transportation, and sheltering needs so that OHSEP can better prepare.

·        The Loggy Bayou levee is still being monitored every 4 hours levels are still low and at this time there is no immediate danger. 


St. Charles

·        St Charles Parish providing sandbagging location for Bayou Gauche residents due to the amount of rainfall received. 


St. Landry

·        Many local streets/roads flooded throughout the parish

·        Sandbags being issued in Cankton at the Cankton Fire Station near City Hall

·        Sandbags being issued at Yambilee Building in Opelousas


St. Martin

·        Several homes flooded throughout the parish

·        Some roads are impassable due to flooding at this time

·        Issuing sandbags at the Ruth Bridge Barn 1035 Ruth Bridge Hwy in Breaux Bridge


St. Mary

·        Several local roads flooded in Morgan City, Berwick and Bayou Vista

·        Morgan City PD have been closing some of these streets in Morgan City

·        A trailer home on Cypremort Road in the Jeanerette area was damaged from a tree falling on it due to the weather


·        Issuing sandbags at the Gueydan Barn, Erath Barn and Gladu Road barn


GOHSEP operations is monitoring the situation and will continue to update and report if needed.

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