News Alert: Situational Awareness Report 20 August 2016 As of 9:00 am
Posted: 8/20/2016 12:01:42 PM
Louisiana Business Emergency Operations Center

Situational Awareness Report

20 August 2016

As of 9:00 am 

State EOC Activation Level: Level I

WebEOC Incident: 16-019 Severe Weather – Statewide – 10-14 August 2016

State Declaration Proclamation 111-JBE - 2016 State of Emergency - Heavy Rain and Flooding


Situation:  A lingering surface low over the coastal plains will continue to draw in tropical moisture into the South. Numerous showers and thunderstorms developed and lingered across the Gulf States, yielding high rainfall amounts. Stay tuned to your local National Weather Service for the latest updates, watches and warnings.

Southeast LA: Numerous showers and thunderstorms are expected to develop from mid-morning through the early afternoon hours. A few of these thunderstorms could turn strong and produce locally heavy rainfall of 1 to 2 inches per hour, along with frequent lightning strikes and gusty winds. Lower portions of the Amite River Basin toward Lake Maurepas continue to be impacted by flooding. Tributaries in East Baton Rouge, Iberville, Ascension, Livingston, St. James and St. John the Baptist Parishes are experiencing backwater flooding. Please refer to flood warning and statements for the latest information on when rivers are expected to fall below flood stage. Numerous showers and thunderstorms will be possible Sunday and Monday as a stationary front washes out just north of the area. Scattered storms and thunderstorms will be possible Tuesday through Friday. A few strong thunderstorms could develop each day and produce locally heavy rainfall, frequent lightning strikes and gusty winds. Heat index readings between 100 and 106 degrees are expected during the afternoon each day through the end of next week. This may produce heat related impacts to people outdoors, especially in flood affected areas.

Southwest/Central LA: Scattered showers and thunderstorms will develop this morning and become more scattered through the afternoon before diminishing this evening. The stronger storms will be capable of producing frequent cloud to ground lightning, heavy downpours and brief gusty winds but no organized severe weather is expected. Moderate to major flooding continues along the Mermentau and Vermilion Rivers and their tributaries. Water levels have crested in most locations but will be slow to recede. Scattered storms and thunderstorms can be expected each day Sunday through Friday with activity diminishing during the evening. Rain chances will be highest Sunday and Monday, trending closer to normal by mid-week. No severe weather is expected but the stronger storms will be capable of producing frequent cloud to ground lightning, heavy downpours and brief gusty winds. Floodwaters will continue to slowly recede through early next week. However, downpours from heavier showers and storms could slow drainage or possibly cause temporary rises in water levels. Please continue to monitor flood warnings and statements for the latest information on river stages and forecasts.  

North LA: Scattered showers and thunderstorms will continue to develop this morning through this afternoon across mainly Southeast Oklahoma, East Texas, Northwest Louisiana and Southwest Arkansas ahead of a cold front slowly moving near the region. Locally gusty winds and brief moderate to heavy rainfall will be possible with the stronger storms, mainly along and north of the Interstate 20 corridor of East Texas and North Louisiana. A lull in the shower and thunderstorm activity is expected shortly after sunset but a resurgence may occur late tonight or early Sunday morning with the approach of the cold front. The cold front is expected to become stationary Sunday over North Louisiana and East Texas and focus additional scattered shower and thunderstorm development along and south of the front through Tuesday. The front should lift back north and wash out Tuesday with any showers and thunderstorm development becoming more isolated by Wednesday and Thursday as an upper level ridge of high pressure begins to build west along the gulf coast into portions of the region.


** Full details can be found in WebEOC**


State Actions:


·         Activated Crisis Action Team on 11 August, a Level III on 12 August, a Level II on 13 August and to a Level I on 13 August

·         Provided approximately 961,500 sandbags; 389,016 bottles of water; 78,948 MREs; 2,200 cots; 2,200 blankets; 467 tarps

·         A Federal Declaration has been received for 20 Parishes: Acadia, Ascension, Avoyelles, East Baton Rouge, East Feliciana, Evangeline, Iberia, Iberville, Jefferson Davis, Lafayette Livingston, Pointe Coupee, St. Helena, St. Landry, St. Martin, St. Tammany, Tangipahoa, Vermillion, Washington, and West Feliciana

·         Parish Taskforce conference calls are continuing each day until further notice


Louisiana National Guard


·         LANG providing support for shelters in Livingston, Tangipahoa, and St. Helena Parishes delivering meals this week

·         LANG Personnel Duty Status: 2626 STAD, 2211 Army, 415 Air

·         LANG Resources Status: 86 HWV deployed for SAR, 28 boats for SAR, 8 Bridge Erection Boats, 13 LNOs at 7 parishes.

·         Commodity Distribution as of 8/20: 994,197 sandbags (545,500 on hand), 475,539 bottles of water (998,911 on hand), 169,176 MREs (418,596 on hand)

·         Activity over last 12 hours: SAR Total 0 PAX 0 pets (Rescued in total 19,039 PAX 2,663 Pets)

·         Activity over last 24 hours: (Ascension/Iberville) (225th) Super sack at Alligator Bayou. Status: Complete ; St. John (225th) Emplace 1200LF HESCOs IVO LaPlace Status: Complete ; (Allen) (256th – 23 PAX) Support with traffic control from LA HWY 165 and I-10 thru Oberlin exit until I-10 is now reopened. Status: Complete ; Iberville (225th) Repair tear in Tiger Dam (25 PAX) Status: Complete ; (St. John/St. James) (Air mission) Fly parish leaders in order to gain a better view of the damage to the parish. Status: Complete

·         Three PODS in Livingston Parish currently open, Four PODS to open in East Baton Rouge at 0900 on 8/20. 1 DSNAP location proposed in each of the following parishes: East Feliciana, Pointe Coupee, St. Helena, Tangipahoa, Iberia, Vermilion, Acadia, Ascension, Avoyelles, East Baton Rouge, Evangeline, Iberville, Jefferson Davis, Lafayette, St. Martin, Washington, West Feliciana. 2 DSNAP locations proposed in Livingston and St. Landry.

·         Ongoing missions: SAR; Boat and HWV transport, searches and evacuations; traffic control; shelter support; logistics; bus operationsengineer operations. Full mission details can be found in WebEOC.

·         Future operations:  DOTD bus missions, IRT, route clearance, air mission to in Jefferson Davis to observe damage, casket recovery, move of FG Clark and Celtic Center evacuees to River Center, possibly filling spaces in Ascension at Longridge Levee.


US Coast Guard


·         223 lives saved ; 3006 assists ; 57 Pets

·         HC-144 CASA from ATC Mobile will be on STBY, B-0/B-1 H65 assets will be directed as needed. Western Rivers Flood Punt (WRFP) Teams (12 personnel, 6 Flood Punts),  STA/ANT/BASE/SEC NOLA (26 personnel, 1 ANT Flood Punt & 5 Rental Punts), and GST (6 personnel, 2 FP).

·         Planned patrol of Maurepas area in am (8/17) to assist surface ops.

·         Note: ATC Mobile H60 will conduct over-flight with VCG, Congressman Graves and Sector Nola CO


Department of Wildlife and Fisheries


·         Tangipahoa: 305 people 108 pets

·         Livingston: 215 people 83 pets

·         Washington: 3 people

·         St. Helena: 25 people

·         EBR: 1443 people 231 pets

·         Iberia: 41 people 3 pets

·         Lafayette: 837 people 114 pets

·         East Feliciana: 49 people 5 pets

·         West Feliciana: 2 people

·         Vermillion: 101 people 28 pets

·         Acadia: 24 people 4 pets

·         St. Landry: 22 people 14 pets

·         Ascension: 99 people 22 pets

·         Totals: 3166 people 612 pets

·         A report of a barge slipping from its mooring in the Diversion Canal at Petite Amite (Bayou Pierre) was checked by LDWF agents. The owner indicated that the barge had been moved slightly from its original location, but had been inserted approximately 15 feet into the mud to better secure it from swift currents. The USCG was notified and felt the actions of the owner were sufficient. 

·         Agents continue to provide 24/7 support in Ascension, Livingston, EBR. Assistance is provided as needed in Vermillion, Acadia, and Jefferson Davis.


State Fire Marshal

·         OSFM assisted in the evacuation of approximately 800 civilians in the affected parishes. On Monday, 8/15/16, the following evacuation missions were conducted within the Livingston Parish area. Overall, there were 46 missions conducted in various locations by 9 different emergency response rescue teams. The 46 evacuation missions produced the successful evacuation of 192 persons from eminent danger. 7 OSFM Deputies conducted an evacuation of 80 patients at Capital Rehab/Nursing Home located off Florida Ave. The evacuation began at 6pm on 8/14/16 and concluded at 4am on 8/15/16. Evacuated approximately 30 civilians and 12 animals in the Gonzales/Sorrento area using boats and high water vehicles on 8/16. 7 different emergency response teams conducted 15 evacuation missions on 8/16 in Maurepas, Port Vincent and Gonzales which resulted in the successful relocation of 17 persons and 1 pet.

·         77 boats and 10 high water vehicles assisting agencies280 personnel from statewide law enforcement and fire department agencies provided to OSFM to assist with search and rescue operations

·         OSFM has 40 personnel on continuous duty at command center

·         OSFM has been able to enter flood affected areas for further evacuations in the Livingston, Joor Rd and Walker areas.

·         Swift Water Rescue Teams have performed approximately 1,100 rescues utilizing 52 watercraft

·         Louisiana State Fire Marshal Deputies conducted general life safety compliance inspections at 11 different shelter facilities located within Baton Rouge, Walker, Livingston and Denham Springs on 8/15/16. OSFM Deputies reported 7 shelters were still operational and housing a combined total of 820 evacuees. 4 shelters were recently closed, with all evacuees being relocated to the Baton Rouge Civic Center.

·         OSFM assisted in 4 Nursing Home Evacuations: 1) 126 Patients, 14 transported by ambulance; 2) 88 Patients, 2 transported by ambulance; 3) 120 Patients all transported by ambulance; 4) 101 Patients and 20 Staff Members.  Rescue operations are focused on evacuation and relocation of approximately 300 from nursing homes in East Baton Rouge. The OSFM conducted two reentry inspections into affected nursing homes in EBR on 8/17.

·         2 EMAC requests created on 8/17: 1) Six (6) Experienced/Chief Officers trained in incident management, fire code, building code, code enforcement, to assist in permitting of commercial and residential structures; from the State of Tennessee, Department of Commerce; 2) Six (6) trained Fire Investigators to perform, Origin & Cause investigations, Evidence Collection, Scene Documentation and Law Enforcement; from the State of Texas, Department of Insurance.  Red River Parish has six (6) firefighters available to backfill request mission (8/18).

·         New requests for communication trailer at SFM Office (CLOSED) and 35 programmed radios (PENDING RECOVERY) submitted on 8/18.

·         The OSFM has taken requests in reference to flooded buildings. Deputies have been assigned to inspect a school and nursing home on 8/19/16 in relation to the flood. Deputies conducted 30 inspections with 17 finals to allow buildings to be occupied. The OSFM conducted 2 flooded building inspections to facilitate reentry into buildings. The OSFM continues to support the USAR mission and is providing logistical support, Law Enforcement Support, and Incident Management functions. The OSFM Forward Command is located at Headquarters available for service.

·         Texas USAR Task Force 1 is conducting recon operations in Ascension Parish. The advanced team arrived on 8/17/16. The complete team will begin search operations on 8/19/16. The base camp will be at the Livingston Parish Fair Grounds. Louisiana USAR Task Force deployed to Livingston Parish on 8/18. Located one victim and assisted in the processing and retrieval of the body. Search Operations in Livingston Parish are complete. Louisiana USAR Task Force deployed to ascension parish and parts of St. George. Search and recovery missions continued with no new victims located. The team is still deployed and will begin scaling down over the weekend. FEMA has an Incident Report Team (IST) on site at OSFM Headquarters. The IST continues operations.

·         EOC Status: The OSFM has personnel in the Livingston Parish, Ascension Parish, St. James Parish OEC and GOHSEP. The Ascension Parish OEC is manned during the Day. The Livingston Parish OEC is manned 24hrs. The St. James desk is manned to extended hours until they close for the night. The state Fire Marshal’s Office OEC is operational and manned 24hrs.


Louisiana State Police

·         Shelter Security Update:  Celtic Studios Shelter - Totals: 1 troopers, 18 LANG, 4 Local. No of evacuees - 817. Capacity of facility is 1500. The shelter is self-sufficient. **Celtic evacuees will be moved to the River Center beginning 8/20 at 0900 hours. An accurate count of evacuees at Celtic will take place on Sunday prior to the move to ensure capacity of River Center will not be exceeded. Troopers assigned to security at FG Clark and Celtic will supplement at the River Center as needed**; Baton Rouge River Center Shelter – 6 Troopers. 74 LANG. Local. No of evacuees – 868. Capacity is 1726; FG Clark Activity Center – 2 LSP personnel, 10 LANG personnel and Southern University Police Officers. 2 DOC Officers. No of evacuees - 114. Capacity is 435. ** FG Clark evacuees will be moved to the River Center beginning Saturday morning, August 20th, at 0900 hours.**; The Maddox Field House is a special needs shelter. No of evacuees – 65 patients + 22 caregivers + 3 children. Capacity is 500. 2 LSP personnel, 2 LANG personnel and 4 LSU PD officers; Crowley Shelter - 2 LSP personnel. No of evacuees - 5. Capacity is 437.

·         Traffic Update: Six (6) LSP personnel have been assigned to conduct escort missions. Four (4) LSP personnel are staged at the St. Gabriel Correctional Women’s Facility (LCIW). They are evacuating 20 DOC buses to Dequincy, LA. The buses are being loaded and they anticipate leaving within the hour (as of 15:59 8/16/2016).

·         Abandoned Vehicle Operation Update: In order to open Interstate 12 between Baton Rouge and Hammond, LSP towed 183 abandoned vehicles from the roadway. Towing and Recovery Unit Troopers along with DPS hotline personnel were able to contact the registered owners and/or confirm with the wrecker companies that 166 vehicles have either been released to the owner or claimed by the insurance company. Only 17 vehicles remain on the list of the original 183 towed.

·         TROOP A: STAFFING: (53): Looter Patrol -  LSP and Livingston Parish personnel continue to patrol the areas south of I -12 and throughout neighborhoods in the Denham Springs area. Participating law enforcement personnel have stopped several individuals without incident. Participating L/E agency personnel have experienced an increase in suspicious vehicle/people calls in the area. More people appear to be disregarding the curfew.; TROOP D: STAFFING: (6): Lake Arthur Levee is no longer a threat.; TROOP I: STAFFING: (16)Gueydan flooding update: The mandatory evacuation is still in place for the Simon District (north of the city and east of LA 91). Approximately 100 people (40 homes) were evacuated, and no one is allowed to return into the affected area. The National Guard is continuing to assist by putting up sand bags and trying to seal the breach in the Maree Michael Canal. Water continues to enter the city via the breach, but it has remained steady at approximately 10”-12” ; TROOP L: STAFFING (10)

·         52 HazMat facility inspections were performed with DEQ to determine each business’s ability to continue operations. Inspections will continue for the next few days

·         Call center has received 79 calls since 1100 hrs 8/19. CIMS Blue Team staffing night shift EOC is reduced to four team members. CIMS Gold Team staffing day shift EOC is reduced to three team members.

·         Two DEQ/ESU teams will continue industrial facility inspections in the western portion of the affected area to ensure operational readiness. Four Bomb Techs and two Explosives Canine Teams are deployed for pre-event explosives sweeps for Republican Nominee Trump.


Public Service Commission

·         Power outages as of 0900 on August 20: 2,534

·         Angola restoration is now complete

·         Entergy currently has five substations impacted by flood waters: Kentwood, Shenandoah, Bayside –serves DEMCO, Sorrento, and Burnside substations.

·         The Harelson substation located in Baton Rouge near the intersection of Sherwood Forest and Old Hammond Highway that was previously being monitored is no longer a concern, unless additional rain causes problems.

·         Flood waters knocked out two substations affecting approximately 6,000 customers. Field switching restored power at the Sorrento substation to over 5,000 customers by approximately 1:40pm (8/16/16). Waters were too high to restore power to approximately 465 customers served from the Burnside substation in Gonzales.

·         Crews are on site at the Gonzales Substation to actively monitor the water levels and will not de-energize it until it is absolutely necessary (with the hope that it is not necessary). Proactive calls were made to approximately 9500 residents in the area.

·         The following substations are being monitored for high water levels: Laplace Sub, Convent Sub, and Panama Sub (in Convent as well), Lutcher, Lake Arthur, Laplace.

·         DEMCO peak outage during this event was 28,000. That number is currently (8/17) down to 8,468 members without power.

·         The full list of subdivisions and roads recently restored by DEMCO can be found in WebEOC.

·         Emergency Executive Order issued yesterday (8/18) prohibiting the disconnect of utilities in Declared Parishes. Emergency Executive Order issued today (8/19) suspending/prohibiting the assessment of late payment fees on past due utility accounts in Declared Parishes

·         Entergy Update - At 12:30 p.m., about 3,100 customers who can receive power have not yet been restored. Current estimates are up to 25,000 gas meters have been submerged and will need replacing. We are working with customers to perform the work needed to exchange these meters. Customer Information Centers are available to provide one-on-one assistance to customers who need help getting their power restored at the following locations: Entergy’s Denham Springs Service Center, Entergy’s Gonzales Service Center, Central Library.


ESF-02 Communications

·         LWIN status: 135/135 tower sites in normal operation

·         Parks Tower Site in St. Martin Parish is out of wide area operations: Flood water has reached inside the building. Equipment repairs will not take place until water level has receded inside the building and the surrounding area. A back-up temporary repeater system (Site 94) has been installed.

·         The Abbeville Tower Site is operating on satellite backhaul.

·         ESF-2 now has 20 T-Mobile cellphones available to sign out for responders in the field or EOC workers having difficulties with their cell service – 5 standard phones and 15 smartphones.

·         The following statewide interoperability talk groups are in use: *STATE-1 *INTEROP-1 *INTEROP-2 *INTEROP-3 *INTEROP-5 *INTEROP-6*INTEROP-7*INTEROP-8 *INTEROP-9*INTEROP-10 Complete ICS 205 located in File Library 

·         AT&T released a statement indicating that they have restored service to a vast majority of wireless callers and continue to work around the clock to complete further restoration. Equipment has been stationed around Baton Rouge to provide additional cell coverage where it's needed most and public Wi-Fi has been set-up at an evacuation center in Gonzales. AT&T requests that when possible customers text rather than call as texting uses fewer network resources.

·         ARES (amateur radio) ICS-205 and coverage map added to file library. The Red Cross is using amateur radio volunteers to provide additional communications between shelter locations.


Department of Transportation and Development

·         DOTD continues to maintain current road closure information while collaborating with Districts and LSP.

·         District 61 and 62 personnel are fully deployed 24 hrs. per day.

·         Making preparations for deploying Damage Assessment Teams when required.

·         Making preparations for conducting Debris Operations once water subsides along DOTD jurisdictional routes.

·         Provided of Aquadam (water barrier) in support of flood mitigation operations at both Women’s Hospital and US-61 Airline Highway and Highland Rd.  

·         DOTD conducted the delivery of shelter resources in support of DCFS sheltering operation at the Celtic Studio Shelter.

·         DOTD is currently conducting flood mitigation operations, (i.e. deploying Aquadam) at the Airline/Highland route.

·         Prepared to support DCFS DSNAP operations if required.

·         Statewide Bridge Inspection Teams are deployed to District 03, 07, 61 & 62 inspecting scour critical bridges (400 on system and 700 off system). A total of 100 bridge inspections were performed on 8/16. 619 bridge inspections have been performed to date.

·         District 61 and HQ EOC is closely monitoring rising water levels on the I-10 at Blind River between US 61 and LA 641.If closed, the detour route will be LA 22 to LA 70 to LA 3125 to US 61 to US 51. 

·         DOTD is providing transportation for hesco baskets supplied by the USACE to be installed at water plants in Laplace along US 51. DOTD will also provide 500 cubic yards of sand in support of this mission. 

·         Actively supporting various transportation needs for open shelters.  DOTD ESF-1 provided the following transportation: Para-transit transportation to 4 patients from North Park Rec. Center Shelter to LSU Fieldhouse MSNS; Bus transportation to be on standby to transfer helicopter rescued evacuees from the Baton Rouge Police Department Air Hanger to bring them to the River Center Shelter. This is a 24-Hour ongoing mission. (Helicopters provided by Baton Rouge P.D., U.S. Coast Guard and Louisiana National Guard.); For LSU Field House Medical Special Needs Shelter (MSNS). This is special transportation for Dialysis patients and other medical transportation. 2 vehicles are dedicated to this mission and are staged at the LSU Field House Medical Special Needs Shelter (MSNS); Ordered Conex Office Trailer to replace the LANG Mobile Command Center that was moved for another mission. Conex will be placed at the Memorial Stadium Vehicle Staging Area (VSA) and is scheduled to arrive Wednesday, August 17, 2016; Capital Area Transit System (CATS) has a dedicated bus to make convenience runs from the Celtic Studio Shelter and the B.R. River Center Shelter to a local Walmart. 

·         Available resources: 46 school buses/45 Fully Mission Capable, 6 Para-Transit Mini Buses

·         Significant Road Closures: I-10 Westbound and Eastbound at Crowley, from I-49 to US 165; US 90 at mile post 61 near LA 1126; US 61 from LA 30 to LA 22; US 61 North from LA 3274 to Ascension Parish.

·         DOTD ESF-01 issued Secretary Waiver Orders for Motor Fuel Transport and Vehicle, Trucks and Loads. Full orders are uploaded in WebEOC.

·         For the reporting period of 8/16/16, 6 AM – 6 PM, a total of 149 administrative employees and 327 field employees were engaged in flood response

·         DOTD District road closure maps have been uploaded in WebEOC in support of situational awareness

·         Compiled a list of damaged/flooded movable bridges at navigational channels and communicated the information to USCG and other maritime contacts

·         I-10 @ Crowley eastbound and westbound has been reopened

·         District 61 and HQ EOC is continuing to monitoring water levels on the I-10 at Blind River between US 61 and LA 641

·         Damage Assessment Teams began conducting inspections on 8/17/16 in areas that are accessible

·         Preparing to issue notice to proceed for debris collection and monitoring contracts


Department of Corrections

·         As requested, sandbags have been delivered to Woman's Hospital and to Airline Hwy @ Highland Rd.

·         Requested to assist the Army National Guard by providing equipment and labor to fill and load super sack sand bags for the Alligator Bayou mission. Sand bags to be filled at EHCC and airlifted from EHCC to Alligator Bayou. EHCC is prepared to assist in this by providing sandbagging machine and labor to fill super sacks as well as an area for them to be picked up. The placement of sandbags at Alligator bayou ceased on 8/17; however, crews continue to monitor for possible further action.  Alligator Bayou mission has been completed all inmates assigned to this operation have been returned to their facility as of 8/20.

·         Aqua dam and pumps have been requested from DOTD.

·         AMD P&P Agents have finished assisting the Livingston Parish SO in locating sex offenders in Livingston Parish Shelters.

·         P&P Officers continue to provide security along with State Police at the Celtic Studio Shelter.

·         Baton Rouge District Office and the WBR District Office of P&P continue to check the Celtic Studio Shelter as well as the Civic Center for sex offenders. This task is still on going for as long as the shelters remain open.

·         Rayburn CC will be assisting the military in St. John the Baptist Parish by setting up HESCO baskets around the water plants along Hwy 51. They are sending 20 offenders to assist.

·         Approximately 200 offenders from EHCC and 36 females from LCIW were evacuated and relocated to Louisiana State Penitentiary. LA State Pen is equipped to handle medical, mental health and skilled nursing offenders. 2 female offenders were hospitalized (1 in New Orleans and 1 in West Feliciana) during evacuation & supervised by P&P officers, but have both returned to custody. 20 female P&P officers were dispatched to Southwest Regional TWP (Phelps) to assist with security of evacuated LCIW offenders.

·         Rayburn CC is housing 131 offenders from Livingston PP. They sent transport vehicles and 21 officers to assist EHCC with evacuation and 26 offenders & 3 officers to EHCC to assist with sandbagging. Rayburn CC also sent 22 offenders, 3 officers and 1 supervisor to assist the military with HESCO baskets in LaPlace. Only 7 offenders remain in LaPlace, the remainder are returning to Rayburn CC. Rayburn CC still has inmate cleaning crews at the area shelters 24 hrs./day

·         P&P officers in Livingston, Ascension, Iberville, Pointe Coupee and East Baton Rouge Parish visited local shelters to determine if any sex offenders were present. A total of 4 officers between BR District and Shreveport District transported a registered sex offender to the Alternative Shelter in Homer, LA from the Celtic Center. P&P officers conducted checks of sex offenders in the community to ensure they were at approved residences.  

·         Inmates are currently participating in the following flood fighting activities: Assisting with tiger dams at EHCC, sandbagging effort at EHCC, LCIW, removal of aqua dams, filling of sand bags in St. John the Baptist Parish. Laplace/ St. John the Baptist sandbagging mission has been completed and inmates returned to DCI as of 8/20.

·         Inmate crews continue to provide cleaning services at the shelters.

·         Two 4" pumps have been rented from Rain for Rent and are currently being used at LCIW.

·         DOTD provided invoices for the Tiger Dams at LCIW and EHCC - Vendor is U.S. Flood Control Corp.

·         Per EHCC Warden Hooper, tiger dam at LCIW wasn’t properly secured and failed. Crews currently trying to repair the damaged section on site.

·         Requests have been submitted for ice, water and MREs for 750 inmates who were relocated from LCIW to an empty building at Phelps Correctional Center. Request was also submitted for ice, water and MRE’s for 200 inmates performing sandbagging operations in the local area. The first request is still open, second request has been addressed.


Department of Environmental Quality

·         3 boats from the Acadiana Regional Office were also deployed on 8/15 with operators from the Surveillance Division and they reported to the East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office.

·         The Surveillance Division responded to the incident regarding leaking barrels at the Governor's Mansion. Clean Harbors has been contracted for clean-up. They have also responded to incidents related to storm water discharges, as well as wastewater treatment system bypasses. 

·         ER responded to an incident regarding inundation of water in a diesel tank at the Coca Cola Plant. There were no visible signs of sheening at that time.

·         LDEQ has made contact with EPA to start the process of environmental assessments. EPA personnel arrived on 8/18.

·         Report received of a stranded 18-wheeler containing hazmat materials on the westbound should of Highway 22 near Head of Island in Maurepas. The report was investigated and the truck was found to be upright, the containers strapped down and the water approximately 3” below the containers as of 0100 on 8/16/16. Removal is low priority due to inaccessibility and will be addressed when possible. 

·         EOC position at GOHSEP is manned 24 hours a day and Parish EOP's have been contacted in the affected parishes and given contact information for the parish liaisons.

·         LDEQ deployed 6 boats on 8/15 and 3 boats with operations on 8/16 from the Capitol Regional Office Emergency Response and Water Surveys Assessment Division. Boats were used for search and rescue in the Baton Rouge, Central and Denham Springs areas. 5 Rapid Needs Assessment (RNA) teams will be deployed on 8/18 for environmental assessments in East Baton Rouge, Tangipahoa and Livingston Parishes. Each team was joined by troopers from Louisiana State Police. 48 facilities were assessed for any damages caused by flood waters. No major issues to report.

·         Incident Command at HQ: IP was prepared for activities from 8/20 – 8/21. EPA personnel remain at HQ in Incident Command for assistance and modeling capabilities. Parish Liaisons have made contact with the following parishes: Avoyelles – no serious issues ; Ascension – no anticipated issues ;  Livingston – left message ;  St. Helena – left Message ;  Iberia – Some flooding, extent not yet known ;  Lafayette – all debris sites activated, flooded areas without power, debris disposal and segregation problems, no spills ; St. Landry – high water, extent of damage not yet known ; St. Martin – high water, extent of damage not yet known ;  Acadia – flooding of homes, businesses, roads extent not yet known ;  Evangeline – no issues some house flooding ; Vermilion – some flooding, extent of damage not known ;  St. Tammany – 55 homes flooded, no issues, debris site decision not made ; Tangipahoa – may activate Tangi Parish Solid Waste Facility Emergency Debris site Monday, gas bubbling from UST’s ; Washington – left message ; East Baton Rouge – left message ; East Feliciana – left message ; Iberville – flooding of homes, businesses, roads, extent of damage not yet known ; Pointe Coupee - flooding of homes, businesses, roads, extent of damage not yet known ; West Feliciana - flooding of homes, businesses, roads, extent of damage not yet known ; Jefferson Davis – water rising, extent of damage not yet known

·         Capital Regional Office - Six RNA teams will be deployed on 8/19 for environmental assessments in Ascension, Assumption and St. James Parishes. Each team will be joined by a trooper with LSP.

·         DEQ HQ - Personnel from the Permits Division (Phone Assessment Group) conducted phone assessments of 138 facilities on 8/19. 47 facilities were reached. Personnel from the Water Surveys Section are developing an ambient water monitoring plan for the water bodies affected in the impacted parishes.

·         Southeast Regional Office - 6 personnel conducted phone assessments of 55 facilities. They made contact with 42 and left messages/no answer at the remaining 13. Only 1 of the 42 reported flooding and cannot assess damage yet – (Florida Gas Transmission Co. in Washington Parish). Facility was able to be accessed on 8/19 and no damage was reported/no releases. 2 Rapid Needs Assessment (RNA) teams will be deployed tomorrow (8/20) for environmental assessments in Iberville parish. Each team will be joined by a trooper from Louisiana State Police. Personnel conducted a total of 14 RNAs on 8/19 (Iberville Parish). Of the 14 RNAs done only one of the sites was impacted. Brenntag Southwest Inc (AI: 4339) was the facility that will need a follow-up. The facility has self-reported this incident to SPOC.

·         Acadiana Regional Office - Numerous phone assessment calls were placed for Priority I, II & III facilities. Some facilities did not answer/return messages yet. 54 Facility Damage Assessment Forms were completed via telephone. All 54 facilities that were contacted were fully functional at this time. In addition to the Facility Damage Assessments completed at the ARO on 8/18 the following activities were conducted: 1 Landfill Oversight inspection was conducted at Pellerin and Wallace C/D landfill. Carpet was the only unacceptable waste noted in the active working face of the landfill. An attempt to conduct a landfill oversight inspection was attempted at Angco, Inc. C/D Landfill; however, it was closed ; Flood related incident investigated.

·         Southwest Regional Office - Personnel conducted 7 site assessments and 8 phone assessments at priority 1, 2, and 3 sites in Jefferson Davis Parish, as of 4:00 p.m. 8/19. Only one site (BP Biofuels Louisiana – Jennings, LA...AI # 3245) needs additional information before granting a NFA; none of the others had or reported any damage and were able to be cleared.

·         8/18 - Flight was from Baton Rouge to Opelousas then west to near Basile, south to Lake Arthur, then east to Abbeville, back north to Lafayette, then back over to the Amite River drainage starting with Sorrento, then back to Baton Rouge. The worst flooding today was in Sorrento and St. Amant. The only oil spill of any size was in Evangeline.

·         18 debris sites have been activated. A list of LDEQ’s active debris sites and an updated debris disposal plan can be found in WebEOC.


Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority

·         Coordinated the placement of flood barrier to protect Woman's Hospital.

·         Coordinated with city of New Roads on a resource request for pumps to address slow drainage situation that was threatening homes.

·         “AquaDam” flood barrier and sandbags to protect Woman’s Hospital are working. 

·         Worked with DOTD and LANG to identify sources of sand to support mission to place super sack sandbags on Manchac Road at Alligator Bayou.

·         Addressed an issue with a constituent dealing with the Davis Pond Diversion.

·         Tiger Dam installation at the Hunt and Women’s correctional facilities is nearly complete. In the process of assessing additional pumps for LCIW. Pumps will be assessed and provided if needed.

·         Coordinated pump vendors and Ascension Parish government to support flood water pump down at Alligator Bayou and Henderson Bayou. Ascension is going to contract with KBR using FEMA pump rates and Lemoine Industries using the State Emergency Contract.


Department of Agriculture and Forestry

·         LDAF coordinating pet resources for EBR, Livingston, and Ascension. Lamar Dixon Expo center open for horses, Amite Livestock Sales open for cattle and Dominque for abandoned or stranded livestock. .

·         Fuel dispensed for this event through 0830 hrs on 8/19 includes 5,100 gallons of gasoline and 4,600 gallons of diesel.

·         Pet sheltering support has continued at the Celtic Media Centre shelter, and the LDAF Mobile Pet Shelter, staffers, supplies, and the LDAF Mobile Command Center are now fully operational in addition to the Baton Rouge River Center shelter. Pets were also transported from the LSU Critical Needs Shelter to DCI for safe sheltering. Finally, the LDAF continues to partner with the Louisiana State Animal Response Team (LSART) for veterinary care of affected animals. One pet rescue mission occurred 8/16 in Prairieville, LA. LSART VMRC and ASPCA Search and Rescue assets have been deployed. Planning initiated for EBR’s abandoned pets to be sheltered at Dixon Correction Institute with assistance from LASPCA.

·         Future operations as of 8/17: Providing assistance to move 1800 dozen of eggs donated by Cal-Maine foods to Second Harvest Food Bank in Harahan. Resource management team reporting to Lamar Dixon Shelter to provide assistance.

·         Pet census as of 8/19: LDAF Mobile Shelter @ BR River Center - 18 dogs, 2 cat, 1 turtle, 1 bird; Lamar Dixon Shelter - 450 dogs, 109 cats, 333 horses, 44 swine, 123 goats, 27 exotics, 2-3 bite cases; Celtic Studio Shelter - 180 dogs, 20 cats, 1 exotics

·         Currently (8/18) transporting and storing commodities for food banks and shelters. The Resource Management Team is assisting LSART at Lamar Dixon Shelter.


Department of Health and Hospitals

·         56 Water Systems on Boil Water Advisory and 24 Water Systems cleared

·         15 disrupted cemeteries across 7 parishes

·         MSNS: 65 Patients, 27 Caregivers, 3 Children - sheltering at LSU Fieldhouse

·         EvacuationsHospitals  2 remain evacuated, 1 returned to normal, 3 currently monitoring ; Nursing Homes – 5 remain evacuated, 3 returned to normal ; Assisted Living – 2 remain evacuated ; 3 returned to normal ; ICF/DD – 37 remain evacuated

·         EMS Surge Ambulances: (45): Staging (ALS + BLS), 26 Running 911, at Shelters6 in Ops, 1 Other

·         Pharmacy Status: Information can be accessed ; 6300 total prescriptions filled in shelters

·         13 confirmed flood related deaths


Department of Children and Family Services

·         Shelter update as of 0200 hrs. 8/20/16.: 1 State MSNS open with POP – 992 Parish Shelters open with POP 7919 American Red Cross Shelters open with POP 1622; 2 State DCFS POP 15841 Faith Based Shelter open with POP 63; 25 Total State Shelters with POP – 3447

·         There has been an overall reduction in the shelter population from 11054 to 3447.

·         Three shelters have been added: Twin Lakes Campground, First Ward Recreation Center and Impact Shelter.

·         DCFS continues to work with state and local partners in planning and securing federal approval for DSNAP operationsThe first of three phases of the Disaster Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program for residents to finalize applications for DSNAP benefits will begin 08/22/2016. All DSNAP information and updates will be posted online at and on the DCFS Facebook page.

·         Per notification from ARC, several ARC shelters will be consolidated today reducing the total shelter numbers by evening count.

·         Efforts continue to consolidate shelters including FG Clark and Celtic Studios into Baton Rouge River Center.


American Red Cross

·         Geographic Districts are being stood up to better coordinate service delivery.

·         Louisiana Red Cross Region/DRO Operation continues to communicate with affected Parish EOCs, GOHSEP and DCFS.

·         Continue to provide flood safety information and information regarding how to access and use our Safe and Well website

·         Red Cross continues to manage and support shelters with the help of our community partners in Acadia, Ascension, Tangipahoa, Lafayette, Iberia, East Baton Rouge, East Feliciana, St. Helena, Vermillion, Washington, St. Tammany and Livingston Parishes.

·         LANG continues to support our shelters in East Baton Rouge, Livingston, Tangipahoa and St. Helena Parishes by delivering meals and MREs. LANG will continue to support these shelters with meals and water over the next week.

·         Red Cross is participating in Shelter Task Force and Feeding Task Force.

·         Continue to provide shelter services and are working with DCFS to ensure accurate numbers and provision of information to state agencies, as well as assessment of future sheltering needs. Mental health disaster workers are visiting shelters to offer comfort. Health services volunteers are helping with things like lost eyeglasses and medications.

·         Red Cross Statistics as of 8/19 (last 24 hour operational period/total)Meals Served 9,812 / 69,248 ; Snacks Served 3,955 / 102,613 ;  Fixed Feeding Sites 0 / 0 ; Mobile Feeding Units 14 / 34 ; Kitchens 2 / 2 ; ERVs 66 / 66 ; Other Response Vehicles 28 / 56 ; Service Delivery Sites 2 / 2 ; Total Cases Opened 4 / 14 ; Recovery Kits Distributed 0 / 0 ; Clean Up Kits Distributed 2,337 / 2,457 ; Comfort Kits Distributed 852 / 8,841 ; Mental Health Contacts 237 / 315 ; Health Services Contacts 780 / 1,285 ; Total Red Cross Workers 1,507 / 1,774 ; Red Cross Volunteers 1,351 / 1,613 ; 866 Get-Info Calls 3,300 / 15,205 ; Safe and Well Registrations 36 / 836 ; # of EOCs open 19 / 20 ; # of EOCs with Red Cross 15 / 17 ; Emergency Aid Stations 0 / 2 ; Workers Given Training 0 / 58

·         Continuing to provide shelter and feeding services, planning for Bulk Distribution services to begin. The Red Cross and partners have served nearly 138,000 meals and snacks since the onset of the flooding.

·         More than 4,100 (0500 hrs 8/19) people were still seeking refuge in Red Cross and community shelters in Louisiana.

·         The Red Cross has mobilized more than 60 disaster response vehicles and more than two dozen trailer-loads of shelter and kitchen supplies to bolster relief efforts. More than 1,000 Red Crossers from all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, will be on the ground helping in Louisiana by Friday.


Salvation Army

·         Statistics Report for Thursday, 18 August 2016: Meals: Baton Rouge - 2,829; Tangipahoa – 469; Lafayette – 1,000; Total Meals – 4,298

·         BATON ROUGE IMAT: There currently seven (8) Canteens (mobile kitchens) in operation. Food is being provided by Operation BBQ Relief (OBR).  

·         A Distribution Center has been opened at the old Mervin's in the Cortana Plaza Mall.  It began operations today (8/18).

·         Plans are also in place to begin providing Disaster Social Services in the near future.  

·         TANGIPAHOA IMAT: There were three (3) Canteens (mobile kitchens) in operation today.  Two (2) of them will be released at the end of the day and one (1) will continue tomorrow which will likely be the last day of service in Tangipahoa Parish.   In addition to food and hydration, the Canteens are also distributing cleanup kits. Feeding operations ended on 8/18; clean-up kit distribution continued through 8/19.

·         LAFAYETTE IMAT: An Incident Management Assistance Team (IMAT) is being deployed to Lafayette.  One (4) Canteens (mobile kitchen) are serving in Lafayette.   In addition to food and hydration, the Canteens are also distributing cleanup kits.

·         JEFFERSON DAVIS PARISH: There will be two canteens operating in collaboration with the Texas Baptist Men on Monday 8/22.    


Workforce Commission Mass Feeding

·         LWC feeding at three (3) shelters. No logistical problems to support




·         Respond and direct inquiries for volunteers and donations and various requests from state and parish level

·         Coordinating with LABEOC

·         Mercy Chefs is planned to deploy for mobile feeding

·         Convoy of Hope is deploying to Baton Rouge and Lafayette to assess and bring in supplies for distribution

·         Team Rubicon is assessing for potential deployment

·         Crisis Cleanup has an active event opened and will activate the 800 number for survivors to call in

·         ITDRC will be deploying a team and Mobile Technology Unit to the Baton Rouge area

·         Samaritan's Purse in Baton Rouge for assessment Monday

·         Participating in Mass Feeding Task Force, Louisiana Disaster Housing Task Force, Parish/statewide calls

·         Clothing request for special needs shelter supported by Catholic Charities Diocese of Baton Rouge

·         Crisis clean-up queue has approximately 1900 job orders for clean-up work in queue.


Civil Air Patrol

·         Areas flown: Iberville Parish, I-10 thru Baton Rouge to Hammond, SE corner of Ascension Parish,: photos in processing.

·         Assessed I-10 from New Orleans (NEW) to I-55; I-55 to Ponchatoula then south of I-10 to Slidell. Photos in processing.

·         Working AFRCC directed EPIRB at 30-17.38N/92-12.08W; separate Fed funding.

·         Observation: East of Hwy 431 is heavily inundated and water appears to be rising as of early afternoon. A/C reporting is en route.

·         Requested preliminary approval from ACC for use of the SPP aircraft for high def. IR if needed for area scans. Approval pending but will not launched unless tasked.

·         CAP mission base has transferred from L38 (Gonzales) to KBTR(Baton Rouge). The CAP agency liaison remains on duty at GOHSEP. Two flights scheduled on 8/17 to fill in image data for the Blood River area and Springfield area. Assets on hand include eight aircraft with photo capability on standby across the state.


Louisiana Housing Corporation

·         LHC has temporary rental assistance made available for displaced low income renters.

·         LHC is working with local COC's to make available ESG funding for rapid rehousing.

·         LHC is preparing a report on current vacant subsidized units ready for occupancy.


Department of Justice

·         AG Hotline is active. The number is 800-351-4889. DOJ is working with GoFundMe to monitor activity. As of 0800 hrs. 8/20, over 4,700 campaigns were active. DOJ in cooperation with GoFundMe will be publicizing tips on how to confirm pages are legitimate and report any concerns about campaigns. They are currently or have already vetted 1532 campaigns comprising 94% of the donations raised, or roughly $4.5 million. DOJ is standing up a Fraud Task Force, which will be reaching out to DCFS, DHH, Sheriff’s Offices, Parishes, and other law enforcement agencies to provide support as recovery advances. We are printing 5,000 condensed consumer tips brochures for avoiding contractor fraud that will be made available for distribution at shelters, DSNAP sites, stores and anywhere else they might be useful. The AG has launched the Take a Selfie Campaign, encouraging those engaging with post-disaster contractors to take pictures of their contractors, the progress of the work, licenses of the contractor, the contractor's vehicle, license plate, contracts and checks issued as payment to the contractor. This will help to provide documentation in case of contractor fraud complaints.

·         AG has 15 POST Certified investigators available for additional law enforcement support

·         Civil Division is providing support to state agencies and parishes on procurement, contract and land related issues. Also providing support related to displaced remains.

·         LADOJ is providing 1 Investigator at Lamar Dixon Expo Center from 1800-060014 LBI Special Agents on special duty in Livingston Parish assisting in patrol today (8/20) from 0600 hrs to 1800 hrs.

·         LADOJ has, to-date, received 50 complaints of price gouging. The complaints are all either being investigated or have been found to lack sufficient evidence at this time to support the claim. All reports are being monitored. As of 8/19 the LADOJ has received 189 complaints via the consumer protection hotline; of which 108 were storm related and 86 were price gouging complaints. Of the complaints received 19 price gouging investigations and 4 consumer protection investigations have been launched.

·         LADOJ is coordinating efforts in Livingston Parish to collect displaced caskets for re-internment.


Board of Regents

·         Baton Rouge Community College- Frazier Campus has taken on significant water and damage. Mid-City Campus has taken on water in nearly all buildings via doorways and leaking roofs. The North Acadian and Jackson Campuses have experienced flooding. While we have not been able to reach the building, we have reports that the Hooper Road Campus may have flooding damage. Dozens of members of the BRCC faculty and staff have been displaced.

·         South Louisiana Community College-Multiple campuses with roof leaks. But no significant damage to 5 of the 7 campuses reported at this point. The Abbeville Parish and Vermilion Parish campuses can't be accessed due to high water and therefore, no information on their status is available at this time. The college is working with local law enforcement to access each campus. Given the widespread road closures, SLCC will likely open 8/16 at 5 of its 7 locations.

·         Partial damage reporting for LSU: Student Health Center, Grace King Hall, Old Tennis Facility, Choppin Hall, Fireman Training, Minor Contents.

·         Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium (LUMCON) is offering the following assets with operators for any assistance: 41’ Lafitte Skiff, 38’ Catamaran, 30' Aluminum Pontoon, 26’ Boston Whaler, 23' Aluminum V-hull, 22’ Hanko Boat, 21' Custom Cabin Hull,  20’ Gatortail, 17' Semi-ridged V Hull, 16' Aluminum Scully craft, 14' Aluminum Hull

·         8/19 Commissioner Rallo reminded the 4 system presidents about the Board of Regents' Academic Affairs Policy 2.21 concerning Uniformed Service Mobilization. He requested assurance that students will not be penalized and to have that information the information concerning this topic be clearly communicated on each respective website.


 ESF 14: Disaster Recovery

·         The following parishes have submitted DRC requests via WebEOC as of 8/19/16: Tangipahoa, Ascension, Lafayette, St. Helena, St. Martin, East Feliciana, Iberville, West Feliciana, Pointe Coupee, Vermilion, St. Landry, Iberia, East Baton Rouge, Livingston

·         The following parish has submitted a PDA request via WebEOC as of 08/17/16: St. Charles

·         Categories A-G is available for eligible applicants within the declared parishes on a 75/25% cost sharing basis. If you have sustained costs due to this disaster and wish to seek PA funding, you must submit a Request for Public Assistance and be registered in SAM.GOV. RPA’s can be filed on our website. If assistance is needed with this process please email or call (225) 315-7227. REMINDER – The RPA deadline is 30 days from the declaration date.

·         4277-LOUISIANA Registration Deadline: 10/13/16 - Call Center Registrations: 10,892 ; + 631;  Web Registrations: 17,804 ; + 2,992 ; Mobile Registrations: 10,917 ; + 1,374; Total Registrations: 39,613 ; + 4,997; Referred to IHP: 26,751 ; + 3,399 ; Total Inspections Assigned: 4,331; + 4,331 

·         A Federal Declaration has been received for 20 Parishes: Acadia, Ascension, Avoyelles, East Baton Rouge, East Feliciana, Evangeline, Iberia, Iberville, Jefferson Davis, Lafayette Livingston, Pointe Coupee, St. Helena, St. Landry, St. Martin, St. Tammany, Tangipahoa, Vermillion, Washington, and West Feliciana

·         GOHSEP is inspecting 4 possible DRC locations (1 in St. Helena, 1 in Ascension, 2 in Tangipahoa) and plans to inspect 4 more on 8/19 (1 In each of the following parishes: East Feliciana, West Feliciana, Lafayette, St. Martin)

·         GOHSEP is in contact with WBR parish; coordinating the need for PDAs (IA/PA).

·         More than 95,000 individuals and households have registered with FEMA for assistance, and more than $16.7 million has been approved to help survivors with temporary rental assistance, essential home repairs, and other serious disaster-related needs. More than 560 housing inspectors are on the ground in Louisiana verifying damages reported by survivors who have registered for assistance. The number of inspectors is expected to increase over the next several days. More than 22,000 National Flood Insurance policyholders have submitted claims for flood loss. Additionally, FEMA has authorized and issued $1 million in advanced payments to NFIP policyholders in Louisiana who sustained damages by the flood providing expedited relief to disaster survivors. Residents and business owners who sustained disaster-related losses can apply for assistance by registering online at, or call 1-800-621-FEMA (3362) or 1-800-462-7585 (TTY). If you use 711 relay or Video Relay Service (VRS), call 800-621-3362 directly. The toll-free telephone numbers will operate from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. (Central Time) seven days a week until further notice. Housing solutions are a top priority. The State continue to collaborating with our federal partners to coordinate strategies and programs to help find suitable housing for Louisiana residents displaced by the storms. State officials convened a Strategic Housing Task Force with other federal partners to explore immediate temporary housing solutions for displaced survivors.

·         A Business Recovery Center opened in Livingston Parish on Thursday, August 18th at Southeastern LA University, Clausen Family Bldg., 9261 Florida Blvd., Walker, LA 70805. Hours of operation are Mondays – Fridays 8 AM to 4:30 PM. Businesses of any size and private, nonprofit organizations may borrow up to $2M. or (800) 659-2955. A total of 566 SBA loan applications have been received from individuals & businesses. More than $1.3M has been approved.



SEOC Business EOC

·         Requests for needs have been coordinated with UPS, Walmart, Coleman and Igloo coolers, as well as other LA BEOC partners.  

·         Information is being posted on to assist with coordinated messaging

·         Assisting LAVOAD with donation management and the Mass Feeding Task Force with immediate needs.

·         Coordinating trucks of water and MRE's donated by Home Depot. Igloo coolers has donated 150 48-quart coolers to support the current response and recovery.

·         Assisting GOHSEP and LAVOAD by contacting numerous real estate and warehouse owners to obtain rental information.

·         Contacted numerous businesses to obtain status. Working with NBEOC and FEMA Private Sector to obtain additional corporate data that will assist in determining economic status of local businesses. Working with GOHSEP and ESRI on a self-reporting and mapping system to capture data as well.

·         The LA BEOC in collaboration with GOHSEP and ESRI launched an Open for Business mapping system on This Business Status Map is intended for businesses to report the current condition of their business as either OPEN or CLOSED, and to enter comments that might assist customers. At this time, the map reports businesses in communities most seriously impacted by the current State of Emergency and that are within 20 miles of a Supply Point of Distribution (POD). As additional data becomes available, the map and its registration of businesses will be expanded.

·         The LA BEOC used the call system to contact businesses in a five mile radius of POD sites to determine local operational status. The results are being mapped to help identify local needs.

·         LA BEOC staff participated on the NBEOC conference call to provide situational awareness for national industry partners. Provided guidance to state associations and businesses and assisted LAVOAD with donations. Participated in a donation conference call with Walmart Foundation with the Governor's Office and GOHSEP.

·         The LA BEOC is conducting an analysis of projected flooding near Entergy substations in Ascension Parish to assist Entergy with mitigation efforts.



Parish Actions:


·         SHELTER IN PLACE issued by Sheriff Gibson..."Do not leave residence unless it is an emergency...many areas are flooded and unpassable."

·         As of now we have had over 200 residents call to report flooding in their homes, many have been forced to evacuate

·         Rice Festival building was opened as a shelter. The Red Cross has come in to help and provide food and supplies for evacuees.

·         Starting 8/17 National Guard will start to deliver water and food to those stranded in their homes and continue to offer evacuation

·         80 residents at the Crowley Shelter as of 1300 on 8/16. Over 500 homes impacted. 37 occupants in shelter as of 17 August

·         Conducted a ground assessment of effected areas of the parish 17 August, aerial assessment planned for 18 August

·         I-10 east and west bound were reopened today with the west-bound off ramp and east-bound on ramp at Exit 80 in Crowley still closed due to flooding.

·         Parish officials conducted an aerial assessment on a National Guard helicopter of the affected areas of the parish today.

·         A relief center was set up in Crowley to provide donated supplies along with bottled water and MREs to impacted residents

·         A meeting has been scheduled in Crowley at the Grand Opera House on south Parkerson Ave to provide information to local officials concerning recovery

·         Representative Jack Montoucet requested high water vehicle to do wellness check, and bring supplies to Mermentau Cove area

·         2 trucks and 4 additional bodies were sent to help with traffic control at the distribution center in Crowley.



·         Parish is Declaring due to traffic issue on 165 north, due to I-10 being closed to east bound traffic. Traffic congestion is over whelming Sheriff and LE assets from Kinder past Oberlin. Declaration is in process and is required for state to support a traffic control request.

·         I-10 was partially reopened on 8/18.

·         Due to the reopening of I-10 at 165. Traffic congestion is back to a normal flow. LARNG troops released back to their assigned CMD at 1400 today (8/18)



·         More than 750 rescues have been completed and operations are ongoing.  Parish estimates more than 16,000 homes are affected

·         Gonzales Health care Nursing Home activating evacuation plan (90 personnel) 8/16/16

·         Reports that Alligator Bayou Levee had breached are false. Crews verified that water is still overtopping the levee but at a slower pace. There have been no levee breaches.

·         Boil water order in place for all Diversion Water Company water systems until further notice, affecting four subdivisions in the parish. 

·        Most petro chemical facilities in Ascension Parish have either halted or reduced production and are operating with essential crews only. All feed stock and finished products are stable and secure. As waters recede several petro chemical facilities have returned to normal operations as of 8/19. An industry conference call will be set up in the coming days.

·         Currently Lamar-Dixon Expo Center is housing nearly 700 companion animals and livestock. This operation is being managed by CARA’s House, Ascension Parish Animal Control, LSART, and LSU School of Veterinarian Medicine. Lamar-Dixon Expo Center shelter population is down to 435 as of 6 am Friday 8/19/16. It is also housing nearly 1,150-1,200 companion animals and livestock. Work focusing on consolidating shelter operations with goal to have space available for DRC and DSNAP functions by Monday. Parish working to sign lease with FEMA for space at Lamar Dixon for DRC and DSNAP.

·         Slow rising water that is cresting or may rise a half to one inch is the Ridge Road area, and Frog Bayou/Alligator Bayou. The Town of Sorrento is holding steady in the center of town but more flooding is seen around Raymond Tullier Road/Hwy. 70 area. Southeastern portion of Gonzales is also seeing flooding.

·         Seven schools and the district’s maintenance facility sustained major damage but are not believed to be destroyed based on early assessments, Ascension Parish Director of Planning and Construction reported to GOHSEP.

·         It appears most took 16 to 20 inches of water though. District expects significant damage to contents, District intends to hire assessment contractor to evaluate schools and expects additional information in the coming days.

·         Mold remediation at the facilities is to start Friday 8/19.

·         District is also assessing its capacity to open schools not affected by floodwater and exploring options to relocate to temporary facilities or to integrate into other schools.

·         Chief concerns for schools district are staffing for classrooms and support as well bus drivers. District does not have any indication of school buses damaged by floodwater but has not completed the assessment.

·         Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office has established a substation in St. Amant on La. 431 to help with rapid response in that area. Ascension Parish Government signed notice to proceed for debris pickup contractorson 8/18.

·         A joint decision by Ascension and Iberville parishes was made to establish a controlled surface cut of 40 feet along the top of Alligator Bayou Road within Ascension Parish to lower the elevation in the Spanish Lake Basin including Bluff Swamp. The depth of this controlled cut will follow the elevation in Bayou Manchac. At the site are hundreds of “Super bags” of sand which will remain and be used to fill this cut in case of a major rise in Bayou Manchac that may have the potential to flow back into the Spanish Lake Basin. In addition, the placement of pumps will be established downstream of this cut for additional removal of the water from Spanish Lake.

·         EATEL’s fiber backbone is 100% operational and five small remote sites serving copper-only customers are still out of service due to flooding and power issues, affecting less than 1% of its subscribers, it reports.  

·         Ascension BR Water Company boil water order in place for the following subdivisions: Summerfield ; Lake Martin Camp Site ; Marantha

·         Gonzales Mayor Arceneaux advised all city employees will resume normal work hours as of Thursday 8/18/2016. He also said city hall's main office will be shut down for remodeling. A temporary office has been set up behind city hall, near the swimming pool, for any residents to pay utilities.

·         Gonzales Police advised its business office will be open from 7:00 am to 11:00 am starting Friday 8/19/16.



·         There is minor flooding in the areas of Highway 998, near the railroad tracks in Belle Rose. Ideal Street and Daggs Street in Paincourtville. Brusly St. Vincent Road and Back Marias Street in Napoleonville. Georgette Street, Pin Oak, Live Oak and Sophie Streets in Labadieville. OEP personnel are out assessing the situation.

·         There are several homes on Hwy. 998 that are taking in water. Tiger tubes have been installed on Oakley Street to prevent water from entering the homes. Bayou Crab Road around the bridge is flooded as well.



·         Approx. 90 homes or businesses that were affected by heavy rains or flooding. Maps uploaded with the number of damaged structures. Most of the water has receded and parish is still doing assessments of flooded homes. Working On Maps of flooded areas.

·         Multiple roads are damaged due to flood waters.



·         SBFD / Bienville Parish Fire District task force completed task of evacuation of subdivision Sat. Pm in Baton Rouge and rescued patients at a nursing home with water rising rapidly. 83 patients accounted for (4-bed bound, 43 wheelchair, 36 ambulatory and 20 staff. On 13 August 2016 South Bossier Fire Dept deployed 2 boats and crew of 5 to Baton Rouge for assignment.

·         Bossier Sheriff’s Office has sent down assets also including a crew with their Hydra-trek amphibious vehicle, and four other deputies departed early Saturday morning with an Argo amphibious vehicle and two Zodiac boats.

·        Six deputies from the Bossier Sheriff's Office Marine Patrol deployed and will assist with water rescues and evacuations, inspect impassable roadways, and help in any way they can. 



·         Local agencies will be deploying additional assets south: Reporting to the State Fire Marshal's Office: Shreveport Fire Department - 7 personnel, 2 boats Shreveport Police Department - 2 personnel, 1 truck, 1 boat Reporting to Louisiana Sheriff's Association: Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office - 6 personnel

·         Shreveport Fire Department is deploying 16 personnel with Louisiana Task Force 3 USAR. Fire Marshall Browning is requesting approximately 125 US&R trained personnel to conduct wide area, structure, and vehicle searches for victims.

·         A shelter is being set up at Broadmoor Baptist to house 35 non secure care juveniles from Lafayette Parish with care givers. The American Red Cross will be assisting.



·         Residents living in projected major flood area have evacuated.  Areas have extra law enforcement patrol.

·         The Lowry Dump site is going to remain closed today. Also, Klondike area trash pickup that scheduled for 8/19 will be

·        40 residents from Kondike have self-evacuated.

·         Impacted and is projected to qualify for a federal declaration. Parish currently has over $100,000.00 in road damage. It is expected that flood waters will impact other parts of the Parish prior to it receding. August 19, 2016 Projection of potentially flood waters heading southwestward of Cameron Parish, Anticipate effects of Flood waters in Grand Chenier, Little Chenier, Chenier Perdue, and East Creole is the coming days. With this projection of future flood areas, tonight August 19, 2016 at 6:00 pm a meeting will be held between, OEP Director, NWS Lake Charles, Parish Administrator, Drainage Boards members, and local officials. This meeting will be conducted at the KC Hall in Creole.  

·         Klondike is still flooding, 30 houses with some water. Several more homes are reported to have taken on water on 8/19 and residents are still requesting sand bags. Water has risen from one to 6 inches in different areas. Concerns are South winds and Lake water spreading out to new areas of the Parish.  Little Chenier, Creole, are the new main concerns.  LA ARNG are now imbedded with Cameron and are monitoring the situation.  Cameron Parish may not realize full impact for 5-10 day.   Meeting was held 8/19 at the KC hall in Creole.  Drainage boards, OHSPE, WLF (Rockefeller Refuge) and LC NWS attended to discuss water situation.  

·         Next week it is expected that Little Chennier water will rise to cover the one road leading in or out.  30 houses in the area will be cut off until the water recedes.  Families have boats and houses should not flood.  Residents will wait it out at home.

·         Residents continuing to request for sand bags and LANG filling orders. Making a total of five high water vehicles and thirteen LANG personnel.



·         Scattered power outages in southern part of parish.

·         SO personal and Parish Works crews monitoring Vick area


East Baton Rouge

·         8/14 - Currently there are an estimated 25 people in Central, independent pockets of families in Zachary, independent pockets of families off Highland Road (aka referred as "The Bottoms"), individuals standing along Plank Road and possibly 80 persons sheltered at " The Rock Shelter" which has incurred physical damage.

·         EBR Inundation map attached

·         Approximately 1,000 homes affected


East Feliciana

·         422 homes affected;  1,899 residents affected;  650 rescues recorded. Sheltered roughly 13citizens

·         Heavy rains have caused stress cracks and roof is leaking at the jail. Tarps have been ordered.

·         Town of Clinton has set up 4-5 computer stations at RKM Medical Center to assist with FEMA registration.

·         Roads and bridges are being checked with assistance of DOTD.

·         Transition from MREs to hot food.  Red Cross to deliver 350 hot lunches on 8/17. 278 MREs distributed on 8/16. We will still use MREs to fill gaps and evening time.

·         Transitioned into recovery mode. Early Learning Center Gymnasium has been approved for DSNAP operations which should be up and running by Monday, 8/22/2016 @ 7:30 AM with people with last names beginning with A through D.

·         Hot meals began today (8/18) for lunch at the Early Learning Center and one other location.

·         Move of our 86 nursing home residents will not take place until Monday. We need to have nursing home inspection ready.

·         We are working on PA assistance. Word is going out to our infrastructure, etc on what to do. FEMA IA, PA, and DSA met with Homeland security Director and Deputy on 8/18 to discuss needs in the parish. DSA was here this morning (8/19) getting maps and going over affected areas and the priority to start assisting with signing up affected residents for FEMA assistance. The parish informed on 8/19 FEMA PA of damages to roads, equipment, and buildings. Also spoke about debris pick up in the parish. Some concerns regarding whether or not vegetative and white goods debris should be separated.

·         We have a great group in Fox Enterprises assisting at the ELC. That operation has been turned over to them.

·         Due to a broken water main, residents were without water today (8/18). East Feliciana Rural Water repaired the main, however, 1,100 residents are under a boil advisory until the water can be tested.

·         Early Learning Center is being used as a distribution point for water, food, and cleaning supplies. On 8/17, 186 vehicles with affected residents moved through the distribution point within two hours to pick up supplies and today (8/18) 67 vehicles picked up supplies within 20 minutes. Due to power outages, a boil water advisory, and limited supplies in stores, supplies are now critically low at the distribution point. As of 1933 hours 8/19 basic needs are being met. Water and MREs were ordered and should be delivered to the distribution point soon. Still have a boil advisory in effect. Would like to get in cleaning supplies, school supplies for kids, and first aid kits.

·         Sheltering Update 8/18: Sheltering operations for residents ceased; Sheltering operations for livestock at Clinton Arena ongoing ; Sheltering operations for pets (cats and dogs) at DCI ongoing.

·         Some homes in the Parish experienced additional flooding again due to the flash flood that occurred on 8/18. Although sheltering operations had previously ceased, the Red Cross is assisting with re-opening a shelter at 9742 Plank Road in Clinton due to the additional flooding.

·         All Parish Public school employees (Teachers and Administrators) will report to their respective schools Monday, August 22, 2016 and all school children will report on Tuesday, August 23, 2016.



·         Ville Platte and Mamou are flooded, some residents evacuated

·         Ville Platte Civic Center is being opened as a shelter/reception station. Parish has requested DSNAP assistance, cots, MREs and bottled water to support the shelter. The same facility will be set up to provide DSNAP and DRC at a later date.

·         DSNAP has been requested and is focused in the following zip codes: 70586 (Ville Platte), 70554 (Mamou), 70524 (Chataignier)

·         Began coordination for mobile DRC

·         At least 300 homes impacted



·         IPSO has said that as a precautionary measure they may have to execute a house to house search in the hardest hit areas of the Parish, when waters recede, to ensure no one was left behind or couldn't get out.

·         President Larry Richard ordered a voluntary evacuation of Squirrel Run Subdivision and Wilree Drive. Waters from Spanish Lake are over topping the privately owned levee surrounding this subdivision, but there is no breach or imminent levee failure.

·         Attempting to get information from IPSO to provide areas that are still inundated.

·         Parish has opened a phone bank for home owners to report flood damage. The current (8/17) estimated number of flooded homes is at 3500 and flooded mobile homes is 100. 100 homes with over 14 inches of water have already been fixed. Phone bank received only 9 calls 8/17/16. 5 of those callers reported more than one foot of water in their residence with the highest value being 4 feet. Only two had insurance.

·         DSNAP has been requested

·         Water is still rising in the Lake Dauterive Rd/Fausse Point area. Water is in some of the homes and threatening others. IPSO Marine Division is also watching the water in the wooded area north of Jeanerette. Water is starting to enter the area and could soon be threatening the homes on Bayou Teche in the area north of Jeanerette. Water is also up to the roadway adjacent to the levee near Lake Fausse Point State Park.

·         Shelter count at 103 on 19 August. Red Cross took over the shelter as of 8/18 and CERT volunteers are now working at the Donation Distribution Center.

·         3500 plus homes impacted, 1 school with minor damage

·         Began coordination for DRC services



·       Water is now crossing Bayou Manchac and may affect approximately 65 more homes. Also landside on Intracoastal Waterway is rising which may flood homes in Bayou Sorrel and Bayou Pigeon.

·         Iberville Public Works advised Bayou Manchac is rushing over Manchac Rd. into Alligator Bayou, causing another 6 inch rise for residents in the Bayou Paul Area in East Iberville. Army helicopters continue to place super sacks along flood control structure to reduce water flow into Alligator Bayou. This rise is expected to continue overnight and into tomorrow. Evacuation issued for Bayou Manchac Rd. residents.

·         Bayou Sorrel bridge was opened to relieve pressure, causing approximately 200 residents to be isolated from the Parish.

·         Water levels continue to rise on the Intercoastal Waterway. All marine traffic has been shut down and the Bayou Sorrel Locks remain open at this time draining water into the Atchafalaya Spillway to minimize flooding on landslide in Bayou Sorrel / Bayou Pigeon areas.

·         Flood waters in Random Oaks in Plaquemine are receding, as well as Grand Rd. area in White Castle.



·         7 flat boats with 25 personnel provided by government for support

·         LA State Fire Marshal contacted JPEM and requested boats and rescue personnel in Baton Rouge for Sunday Morning 8/14/2016 at 700AM Jefferson Parish Deployed: 9 boats and 28 personnel. State Fire Marshall’s Office requested 24 boats with 2 men per boat to Baton Rouge on 8/15/2016. JP water resources returned home on 8/16/2016.

·         JP provided a list of 41 available firefighters to assist with an IMAC request from OSFM dated 8/16.

·         EBCFD provided manpower to offload 17 patients transferred from a nursing home to Ochsner Main Campus on Sunday. Marrero-Ragusa VFC provided manpower to offload 30 patients transferred from a nursing home to 5301 August Ave - Marrero Healthcare Center, Tuesday night 8/16.


Jefferson Davis

·         The Lake Arthur Police are rerouting all call to the parish 911 dispatch until further notice

·         It is expected the Entergy electric company will finish their evaluation and turn off electricity by Tuesday or Wednesday and will remain off until the water recedes.    
OEP went out to 30 Special Needs homes in Lake Arthur to check to see if arrangement was made for them to evacuate. All but 2 have left and they plan on leaving.

·         A 4 day well published mandatory evacuation order was activated today (8/17) at 1600.  For areas in Lake Arthur that have not received flood water, residents with proper ID and address will be allowed in.  There is a 6pm dusk to dawn curfew in effect for Lake Arthur until further notice. Any person in Lake Arthur after dark will be arrested.

·         Parish has decided against opening a shelter at this time but contingency plans are in place should the need arise.

·         River forecasts as of 8/18 indicate that Lake Arthur will not flood. Lake Arthur Schools are closed and will remain closed until the Director gives the all clear.

·         Ivy Woods will evaluated thru the day and make adjustments to response operation 1st thing on Friday Morning.

·         Recovery operations and DSAP request will begin 8/18.

·         FEMA DSAT teams will start in Welsh Friday Morning.  Then start working east towards Lake Arthur over the weekend. Southern Baptist who are working Region 4 & 5 will base operations at 1st Baptist Church in Jennings.  They are currently engaged in Welch. United Way is also engaged in Welsh, and will follow Southern Baptist towards Lake Arthur.

·         Estimated that 50-75 homes incurred damaged and affected 2,700+ individuals

·         Lake Arthur Area:  Curfew and Evacuation orders remain in effect.  Water at Lake Arthur is around 6" above berm.   Lake is spreading and beginning to case issues for both Vermilion and Cameron Parishes. Emergency protective measures (sand bagging, Piping, other means) at this time are holding.  No one know how long these measure can hold.  Berm is saturated, water is seeping through sandbags.  It is expected to last another 4-5 days, if it holds.   State and Local 1st responders  remain in place helping with shoring up protective measures, LE activities and on standby if the system fails.  



·         Approximately 5,000 plus homes affectedHeymann Center Shelter in Lafayette.

·         DSNAP has been requested



·         NEWS RELEASE August 15, 2016 Contact: Doug Cheramie, II ADVISORY: POSSIBLE HIGH WATER BAYOU LITTLE CHOUPIC / SAWMILL ROAD: Mathews, LA – Please be advised of a possible high water event in the Bayou Little Choupic area near Sawmill Road. Residents in the area are advised to prepare for a possible high water event in the coming hours and days.

·         Lafourche Parish will be deploying the airboat on 8-16-16 with 1 operator and 1 Volunteer Fireman to the State Fire Marshall

·         A Truck filled with donations deployed to Livingston Parish.



·         Lincoln Parish fire departments on standby for additional manpower and boat rescue operations.

·         Ruston Fire Dept. deployed on Saturday, August 13 at request of OSFM to assist in evacuations and swift water rescue.



·         An estimated 9,000-10,000 individuals have been rescued in Livingston Parish

·         Coast Guard offering tents, two helicopters, and 11 boats.

·         7 POD sites have been requested through WebEOC. Security concerns at those shelters have led to requesting additional security assets through WebEOC. MREs and water are being centralized at LOHSEP/Livingston Parish Courthouse to be distributed out from there.

·         While aid missions are being conducted in the north, west, and east part of the parish, rescue still continues in the southern part of the parish.

·         It is estimated that 60% of homes and 80% of the population were affected by flooding. Photos of the devastation by the Civil Air Patrol have been documented and can be found at Ten 18-wheelers are arriving in intervals with cots and blankets, and are being transported to shelter sites around the parish to provide those shelters with resources. Law enforcement and medical personnel have increased at these shelter sites through outside agencies.

·         LPSO conducted another sweep of all 19 shelter sites for sex offenders, and yielded no identifications. Medical and security operations at the shelter sites are running well, and sites are having minimal issues.

·         Distribution of supplies at designated sites having ceased is separate from the ongoing supply effort underway at shelters across the parish. Shelter efforts are ongoing and supplies are being distributed by the LAARNG and the American Red Cross.

·         Immunizations have been requested through WebEOC to help sustain the local and parish law enforcement's manpower. Pallets of ice, diapers, blankets, cots, MREs, and empty sandbags arrived.

·         Detailed satellite images from NASA via NOAA show the extensive amount of flooding in multiple areas throughout the parish. These maps have been used to better plan and inform local officials during ongoing operations to supply security, meals, water, and resources to the affected areas.

·         Businesses in the area have begun reopening, providing much needed resources to the people living in the affected areas. Continued road closures and standing water keeps much of the parish from moving around freely.

·         Two press releases were published between 8/18 0855 hrs sit rep and 8/19 0703 hrs sit rep. The first referred to the consolidation and closing of multiple shelters throughout the parish, as well as the Parish Sustainment Shelters. The second referred to the opening of POD sites in Denham Springs, Walker, and Albany. PODs became operational at 0900 on 8/19.

·         Calls to the Emergency Operations Center have slowed, but search and rescue continues to take place in the southern part of the parish where the water levels are holding steady and have not gone down.

·         DRC sites are anticipated to become operational Monday 22 AUG 2016, where the recovery effort can formally begin taking place. FEMA representatives as well as the Red Cross are prepped in anticipation of this event.

·         Local and parish law enforcement continue to provide increased security to the parish, and have kept looting and curfew-breaking to a minimum.

·         A request was put in for Killian, a town of roughly 600 people, for a replacement to their water supply. The well that the town utilizes for drinking water is depleted, causing the request as well as a request for 6 pallets of water to be delivered.

·         The water level in the southern part of the parish continues to hold steady. Local and parish law enforcement are stretched thin, but are completing the missions tasked. LAARNG is currently looking at tasks to troops, and will make the decision soon on whether or not to scale back troop numbers as the missions become smaller and less intensive.




·         Resources currently deployed in support of statewide operations include: NOFD / LA TF-1 assets include 30 personnel, 4 incident management team personnel to support LA OSFM; NOHSEP assets including 2 incident management team personnel, 50 cots (125 total from Region 1 parishes) delivered to the Lamar Dixon Center shelter on 14 August 2016; NOEMS assets include 5 personnel deployed to support LA DH BEMS and LA OSFM.

·    In support for sheltering support commodities at local church, New Orleans ESF 7 delivered supply of water and hygiene kits. NOHSEP will continue to monitor situation and provide support as necessary to assist SEOC/VOAD.

·    Full deployment of LA-TF-1 US&R personnel and assets may be requested by OFSM via State EOC. Other public resources are on standby.

·         The City of New Orleans continues to support DR-4277 response and recovery efforts with personnel and other resources. To date, over 70 personnel, 25 vehicles, cots, water and other assets across US&R, sheltering, swift water rescue, EMS support and EOC / incident management assignments have been deployed. New Orleans MRC sheltering team remains on standby.


·         Two Airboat Teams worked Baton Rouge until 1am Sunday morning rescuing 100+ people & pets. As of 5am they are working the NE QUAD of Airline Hwy at Florida Blvd in Baton Rouge. Plaquemines Parish Sheriff’s Office currently has 3 Airboat Teams with 6 operators working Livingston Parish. PPSO will be deploying from Belle Chasse. 1 Helicopter with Pilot & Co-pilot, 1 Highgate Rescue Vehicle and Mobile Cooking Team assist Livingston Parish.

·         PPSO is being redirected to the Hammond Civic Center in Tangipahoa with the High Water Rescue Vehicle, Mobile Cooking Team and Helicopter.

·         The two Airboat Teams from Plaquemines Parish Government are headed back to Plaquemines Parish due to mechanical issues and a large contingent of support from LDWF support showing at the staging area they were working. The 159th requested 2 school buses from the Plaquemines Parish School Board to transport personnel to Ascension Parish. They will supply driver and depart Belle Chasse shortly.

·         PPSO assets are currently staged in Ponchatoula on North 6th Street at West Pine serving meals.

·         PPSO Airboats teams departed Livingston Parish the afternoon of 8/14. Plaquemines Parish Government deployed 3 Airboat Teams consisting of 3 operators and 2 assistants at the request of LSFM, to Baton Rouge on 8/15. Teams were reassigned to Gonzales in Ascension Parish by the OSFM as of 1800 hrs on 8/16.

·         159TH took possession of the 2 school buses from PPSB late this afternoon.

·         At the request of DOTD (Joshua Collins), Plaquemines Parish Government transported two enclosed trailers containing a total of 6000' of tiger dams along with accessories to the DOTD shop in Baton Rouge. At the request of OSFM - Brian Adams, Plaquemines Parish Government will be sending the Airboat Rita along with Operator Rousselle to assist in residential searches in effected Parishes. Operation can last up to 2 wks.

·         Plaquemines Parish Government has supplied various parishes 2,050 filled small sandbags & 35,000 empty small sandbags.


Pointe Coupee

·         Approximately 250 - 300 homes affected, 175 people rescued

·         Areas of Pecan Drive East and Pecan Drive West are flooding due to flooding back water. FD and SO evacuate those that need.

·         Current pumps are working, however are have difficulty keeping up.

·         Sandbag operations are currently ongoing. False river has risen significantly. Starting PDA. Currently pumping low lying areas with pumps in Pecan Drive and Pleasant view subdivision.

·         Flooding issues are present in Pecan Island in Jarreau and homes along False River in low areas have taken some water.

·         Pointe Coupee Parish Public Schools are closed Tuesday and Wednesday.

·         False River is holding at 22 ft. This is a record level, but we’re still waiting to see if this is the crest. False level at 21.5 ft as of 0800 8/19. Currently working with Tax Assessor's office on a map to show major damage. Should have it ready for distro. Shelter is still open, currently 48 personnel.


St. Bernard

·         Resources available: 1 animal truck with built in kennels: 13 for Medium/Large animals; 10 for Small animals. Can stack 10 air crates in the middle. 2 staff members come with truck.

·         Sheriff's Office: 8/12 thru 8/15; 11 personnel per day, 2-18ft flatboats, 1-F650 high-water vehicle, 4-F250 4X4s, 1-support vehicle: East Baton Rouge. 
Fire Department: 8/14 thru 8/17; 2-19ft flatboats, 7 personnel per day: East Baton Rouge and Denham Springs. 
St. Bernard Parish Govt: 8/14 thru 8/15; 2-16ft airboats to St. Helena, 8/16; 5000 sandbags to St. John, 8/17; 5000 sandbags to St. John 


St. Charles

·         Parish reporting approx. 15 homes (unconfirmed) with water in them. Numerous street closures due to flooding.

·         St Charles SO sending high water vehicle and crew to Livingston Parish to assist with response activities.

·         Residents being asked to minimize sewer use until further notice

·         Provided 25 barricades and 2000 filled sandbags to Tangipahoa Parish

·         Delivered 5,000 unfilled sandbags to St. James Parish on Sunday 8/14; delivered 2,600 filled sandbags to St. James Parish on Monday 8/15.


St. Helena

·         Schools are tentatively scheduled to open on Monday morning. Courthouse scheduled to operate next week necessitating the emergency removal of carpet.

·         Two cemetery disruptions. Darlington Cemetery has approximately 35 to 50 caskets disrupted. Kellian Cemetery as 5 or 6 disruptions. Meeting held 8/18 to discuss disruptions, immediately following, SHP Fire Department began recovering vaults and caskets. Soft ground is limiting efforts and additional equipment may be needed.

·         Three day supply of water has been delivered.

·         Shelter at the Fifth Ward Recreation Center. Residents of Tangipahoa Parish are arriving at the shelter.  Not an issue now as the shelter is not at max capacity, but it could become an issue later.

·         DRS Site Inspection Team will arrive 8/18. FEMA inspected DRC site – good to go.

·         5-6 households without water. Approximately 550 households affected remain on a boil water advisory.

·         One fire truck (type unknown) and three personal vehicles used by volunteer firefighters were lost in flood waters on the morning of Friday, August 12th.  All four vehicles were being used in search and rescue efforts.  Parish is asking about possible reimbursement procedures.


St. James

·         St James SO is assisting Livingston SO by providing 1 low surface drive boat; 2 Hummers and 4 deputies per Lt Brignac.

·         5 deputies, 1 deuce and a half, 1 Hummer sent to Livingston SO to assist w/flood response activities.

·         5000 sandbags delivered from St. Charles Parish

·         102,000 sandbags received from Terrebonne, Lafourche, Plaquemines and Pontchartrain levee District

·         Hwy 61 closed around 0200 8/17. Water is rising from the Blind River.

·         Readying parish run shelter if needed.

·         Sheriff’s office has staged high water assets and the mobile command post at the Winn Dixie on Hwy 3125. LANG will also be staging some assets within the Parish – possibly at Golden Grove truck stop. Blind River levels began to fall on 8/18 and are at 4.81” as of 8/19. Sand and bags are still available should the need arise.

·         Highway 641 has been closed in both directions between Interstate 10 and Highway 61 in Gramercy due to high water.  

·         Not much change was noticed in Garyville or Reserve, but a 2 inch rise was noted in canals near Highway 51 and Interstate 55 but water is still in the canals. 

·         Parish is working with representatives of the Corps, Levee Board and State on modeling and better predictions of water levels. 

·         7 homes have reported minor water (1-3”) in them. 


St. John the Baptist

·         Received 5,000 sandbags from St. Bernard Parish. Sand being placed at fire stations.

·         Highway 641 has been closed in both directions between Interstate 10 and Highway 61 in Gramercy. Interchange at I-51 and I-55 has some water on roadway, but is passable.

·         2 inch rise was noted in canals near Highway 51 and Interstate 55 but water is still in the canals. LANG has arrived in St John Parish to stage and assist in the event any SARs should be needed and also for shelter support.  Two shelters have been identified and are being prepared out of an abundance of caution.  NO SHELTERS ARE OPEN AT THIS TIME. American Red Cross has representative at the EOC and working with staff to prepare shelters IF NEEDED.USACE is in the St John EOC assisting with LIDAR maps on ground elevations. Officials with the Southeast War Veteran’s home have made evacuation plans to move to Jackson SHOULD THE NEED ARISE. Easterly wind affecting Lake Pontchartrain causing higher than normal water levels in drainage ditches in the LaPlace area of the Parish 

·         Blind River was  reported at 4.16” on 8/17 and began to fall on 8/18; water level reported as 4.81” as of 8/19. Sandbagging operations continue and additional bags have been requested in WebEOC. At this time the Parish has not received any reports of flooded homes.

·         Parish is working with representatives of the Corps, Levee Board and State on modeling and better predictions of water level.

·         Schools in the Parish plan to open on 8/22.

·         We requested and received an 12 inch pump from St. Charles Parish.


St. Landry

·         Two shelter locations were opened, one in the City of Opelousas and the other in the City of Eunice to take in those rescued from flooding within their homes.

·         The St. Landry Parish Sheriff's Office, City of Opelousas and Eunice First Responders with assistance from the Louisiana Department of Wildlife & Fisheries performed more than 300 rescues of people trapped in their homes or vehicles due to rising flood waters.

·         Parish Government Office is collecting flood damage reports for the next three days for those that have sustained flooding to their residential dwelling and business.

·         Many roads throughout the parish are still under water making them impassable or closed. A map of the area damaged in the parish from this flood event is in WebEOC

·         DSNAP has been requested.

·         Began coordination for DRC services

·         Shelter count unknown at this time

·         339 homes impacted, expected to increase, 1 school in Plaissance impacted

·         Released a portable shower back to Southern Baptist for use at other impacted areas


St. Martin

·         Levee backslides in Henderson near Tuckers and the boat landing.

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