News Alert: Situational Awareness Report 3 April 2017 As of 9:30 a.m.
Posted: 4/3/2017 2:52:25 PM
Louisiana Business Emergency Operations Center

Situational Awareness Report

3 April 2017

As of 9:30 a.m.

State EOC Activation Level: Level III (Modified, including FEMA)

WebEOC Incident Name: 17-011 Severe Weather — Statewide — Apr02-03


Situation: Dangerous severe thunderstorms producing tornadoes, extensive wind damage and very large hail moved across the State yesterday and this morning. Heavy rainfall and the threat of flash flooding especially over the lower Mississippi Valley and central Gulf Coast region occurred. Please stay tuned to your local NWS for the latest updates.


North Louisiana: No hazardous weather is expected through tonight. A few widely scattered thunderstorms will be possible Tuesday evening and into early Wednesday morning as the next cold front and upper level trough move across the area. However, widespread hazardous weather is not anticipated.


Southwest/ Central Louisiana: While rainfall has ended across the area, flash flooding will continue across parts of the area through the morning as flood waters continue to run off. Patchy fog this morning will have the potential to reduce visibilities in some areas. Use caution when driving as visibilities can vary significantly over short distances. A cold front will move through the area Wednesday spawning isolated showers and thunderstorms. These storms are not expected to be severe.


Southeast Louisiana: A few isolated thunderstorms may linger through the late morning hours, but the threat of severe weather and flash flooding has ended for southeast LA and southern MS. A small craft advisory is in effect through noon for all of the coastal waters, and through midafternoon for the outer coastal waters east of the Mississippi River. Scattered showers and thunderstorms will be possible Tuesday night and Wednesday. However, severe thunderstorms are not expected at this time. Small craft advisory conditions will likely develop across the coastal waters in the wake of a cold front Wednesday night and Thursday.  


**All updates to this report will be in red text

State Actions


·        A WebEOC Incident was created for this event

·        GOHSEP Operations is maintaining 24 Hr. coverage in the EOC

·        Conducted a modified UCG on Sunday, April 2 at 3:00 PM

·        Conducted Parish Conference Calls on Sunday evening


Louisiana National Guard

·        At 0200hrs LANG had deployed several High Water Vehicles and several Small Boat Rescue Teams to the Alexandria PD in response to regional flooding in Rapides Parish/City of Alexandria.

·        At this time all assets have been recovered and are standing by.


Public Service Commission

·        Power outages as of 09:00 were 22,420. Outage report by parish attached

·        Entergy reports substantial damage in Bastrop.  Initial assessments show approximately 20 poles down with ~2 miles of wire down in the Jena area alone.  Their crews will continue work to restore power to customers throughout the day and hope to have the large majority restored by tonight.  However, it is likely that some outages in the heaviest hit areas will last into tomorrow.

·        Cleco anticipates having 95% of their territory restored by tonight, with assistance from outside crews.

·        We will be gathering damage assessments from all of the state co-ops throughout the day to report ASAP.  


Louisiana State Police

·        As of 0700 hours, portions of Troop L and Troop B are still experiencing severe weather - all other Troops are advising severe weather has left their areas. 

·        All Troops are still operating at normal staffing levels.  Bureau of Investigation Rapid Response Teams were placed on Telephone Standby at 1800 hours yesterday and are still on Standby at this time.

·        The phone lines at Troop F are still down as a result of severe weather.  It is unknown when the repairs will be complete.

·        As of 0830 hours, Troop L is reporting LA 21 is completely open for vehicular traffic.   

·        Several Troops are reporting localized flooding, but have not received requests for assistance from local agencies at this time.  


State Fire Marshal

·        Currently ESF-4 is holding at a level 3 standby watch and monitoring WebEOC.

·        13:00 hrs. ESF-4 team monitored a conference call with GOHSEP and the National Weather Service.

·        13:30 hrs. Fire Marshal Browning conducted a conference call with his command staff and ESF-4 team members.

·        14:30 hrs. Fire Marshal Browning had a conference call briefing with the State’s USAR team leaders to update them on the severe weather within our state. All teams were place on a standby watch at this time in the event they may be needed.

·        15:00 hrs. Fire Marshal Browning attended a UCG meeting at GOHSEP.

·        16:00 hrs. ESF-4 sent a department wide email notification to all personnel to be in a state of readiness if call upon to assist with this event.

·        16:17 hrs. an ESF-4 alert email was sent to the states fire service updating them on the state wide severe weather situation facing Louisiana at this time.

·        Staffing ESF-4 desk at OSFM EOC at this time 12:15 hrs.

·        Urban Search & Rescue Coordinator

o   Ruel Douvillier is in Alexandria. La. working with RRT-6 and Alex. F.D.

·        Pineville SAR

o   Agencies involved; Pineville FD, RRT-6, Alexandria VA FD Persons rescued; Sanders St.-9 Jones St. - 8

·        Alexandria SAR

o   Fire District 2

o   Windmere Group Home: 7 people by boat

o   Dr. Monir Community Center: 9 people assisted in walking to buses

o   Alexandria FD Boat 1: Roanoke St. 14 people rescued

o   Boat 2: Roanoke St. 3 people rescued, Ellis St. 2 people rescued

o   Boat 3: Kimberly St. 20 people rescued

o   Boat 4: Mohon St. 20 people rescued

o   Several civilian boats with Alex FD personnel on board assisted with searches

o   Alexandria VA Hospital FD sent one boat for stand by

o   OSFM staff presence was requested by the Operations Section Chief for the SAR mission.  OSFM acted as an advisor and used the contacts built through the Fire Marshal's Office to acquire resources when needed.

·        OSFM Area 3 Alexandria office had 9 personnel on duty for assistance in the area of Region 6. Personnel were released at 3:00 a.m.

·        OSFM Area 2 issued an alert for 8 personnel to be on standby at 03:30 hrs. for assistances in Region 2 (B.R. La.), they have since been released for normal duty.

·        USAR Task Force has 35 personnel on standby at Baton Rouge F.D. HQ.  

·        No reported flooding to ESF-4 in the Baton Rouge area other than water on roadways.


Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries

·        LDWF/ENF coordinated with Rapides Parish OEP to provide 5 boats/operators for search and rescue assistance.

·        LDWF/ENF coordinated with Vernon Parish OEP to provide 2 boats/operators for search and rescue assistance.


Louisiana Department of Health

·        Medical facilities have been instructed to use ESF8 Portal to report impact, if they are directly affected by the storm(s).

·        At this time, medical infrastructure remains intact with no facilities reporting damage.  Some have tested their generator in anticipation of the storm.


Department of Children and Family Services

·        Shelter Population as of 0800 3 April 2017

o   2 Shelter Open - Total Population  5

o   1 ARC Shelter - Population 0

o   1 Parish Shelter - Population 5

·        Shelter Manager Updated.  ARC plans to close Bolton Avenue Community Center at 0900 4/3/17.  DCFS will update once closure is verified.  


American Red Cross

·        Red Cross has been calling volunteers, prepping emergency response vehicles, and has placed disaster leadership staff and volunteers on "Alert"

·        Red Cross Region has reached out to provide assistance in reference to the St. Martin Parish straight line winds in Breaux Bridge that damaged a mobile home.

·        Red Cross is communicating and coordinating with Rapides Parish officials in reference to a tornado that touched down in Woolworth, LA.  There is also wind damage reported in South Alexandria. 

·        Water rescues are currently underway in the City of Alexandria. A Reception center was opened with Red Cross support at the Bolton recreational Center. It was closed at 9 Am however will remain on standby in the event they need to reopen.

·        An NSS event has been created - (SE LA 04/17 Flood/Tornado - RAPIDES)


Salvation Army

·        Local Units have been notified to be prepared for activation if the situation warrants that.

·        A local Liaison for GOHSEP SEOC is being put on standby in the event the SEOC is activated to a level and situation that requires our presence.   



·        Mercy Chefs is on stand-by with mobile kitchen and feeding if needed.

·        Samaritan's Purse on standby to deploy for cleanup if needed pending residential damage reports. Crisis Cleanup available to launch event if needed for coordination of residential cleanup if warranted.  


Parish Actions


·        As of 1:00 p.m. we have the public works on standby due to the tornado warning & severe weather. We have local assets ready to deploy if they are needed    

·        A family of seven was rescued from floodwaters in Marksville.

·        Bailey House Assisted Living was evacuated due to flooding.

·        Avoyelles Parish schools will be closed Monday, April 3 due to water on roadways.

·        Over 900 without power in Avoyelles parish   



·        Beauregard Parish OEP reported minor street flooding in DeRidder.



·        In response to calls requesting sandbags and sand, Parish has designated locations where items can be picked up.



·        The northwest part of the parish received tornado damage around 3:30 p.m. One minor injury was reported.

·        Several homes, one church, several barns and out buildings received damage. Power lines have also been downed. Damage assessments are incomplete due to downed trees on state and parish roads.

·        Affected residents are staying with family and friends.

·        The area also received marble size hail and 4-5 inches of rainfall.


East Baton Rouge

·        Key personnel have reported to the EOC to monitor the current forecast.

·        We are continuously posting updates on social media to keep our citizens informed.

·        There are minor power outages, a few due to high winds.

·        Mayor Broome has been in contact with all municipalities.  



·        OEP for Franklin is reporting approximately 12 homes with some damage and two with heavy damage or destroyed. There is also a report from Franklin Parish of 3 injuries.

·        Franklin Parish schools will be CLOSED on Monday, April 3 due to loss of power.



·        Around 2:00 p.m., GPSO patrol reported nickel to golf ball size hail in the prospect and Pollock communities.  Reports are beginning to come in about trees down.  GPSO and public works are actively responding to these as they come in. 

·        No reports of residential damages so far.

·        Grant Parish Schools are CLOSED Monday, April 3.

·        Received a verbal declaration of state of emergency from parish president Arnold Murrell. He will sign in the morning.

·        Sandbags and sand have been staged at the Colfax Civic Center for public use.  Parish currently has a stockpile of empty bags and sand is being delivered by the GPPJ.

·        EOC lowered to stand-by status overnight as first responders are going in for the night.



·        Reports of damage to two schools severe.  Some major damage to houses and businesses throughout the Parish but primarily in Belah, Summerville, Jena and Aimwell communities.

·        Parish will submit a signed emergency declaration on Monday.

·        Have minor to major damages to businesses and residential homes throughout LaSalle Parish due to Tornadoes and Heavy Rainfalls. 

·        Most roadways are cleared and passable. 

·        All LaSalle Parish Schools are closed today, April 3, 2016 with one (Fellowship Elementary School) having minor to moderate damage reported. 

·        Several Businesses (Town and Country Store and RMS have reported moderate/major damage) Entergy states that most electricity should be back on late tonight or early tomorrow morning.

·        First Baptist Church of Jena has opened up their Family Life Center for sheltering purposes or for any person needing to take a shower.  No one has requested this service as of yet. 

·        LaSalle Parish has several churches that have crews helping throughout the parish with cutting of trees and helping to clear houses and driveways of debris. 

·        Two water systems are reported to be down due to damage at this time - Rogers Water System and Belah/Fellowship Water System.  LPSO has a Water Buffalo in place for each system to utilize until the water systems can be fixed.

·        Minor/Moderate Injuries have been reported with a few having to be transported to RRMC for monitoring.

·        All government entities are open for regular business today.    



·        Alert FM notifications sent to parish residents

·        LPSO dispatch receiving multiple calls for trees down blocking multiple parish roads & bringing power lines down all across the parish. LE, Fire & Public work crews out checking & clearing roads. Entergy & Claiborne Electric crews at multiple scenes for power lines down with last report approximately 800-1000 customers out of power.

·        One mobile home damaged from falling tree, no injuries reported.

·        No decisions on government or school closings at this time. No parish declaration.   



·        Parish schools are CLOSED on Monday, April 3 due to water on roadways, some being impassable.

·        OEP is aware of 3 homes that are flooded, but is unable at this time to travel in the low lying areas due to road flooding.  They do have trees down on both state and local roadways.



·        Widespread power outage, at least one home damaged, multiple trees down across parish.

·        Morehouse Parish and Beekman Charter Schools are closed Monday, April 3. PVA is also closed.  Power not expected to be restored until late Monday.

·        There are currently no road closures.



·        Power outages throughout the parish.

·        Some power lines and trees down on roadways.

·        No reports of residential damages at this time.  



·        NOHSEP EOC monitoring at Crisis Action Team Street flooding and ponding as first wave passes through Approx. 500 without power in limited pockets, mostly out east- Venetian Isles

·        SWBNO EOC reports all pumps operational and on line, no issues  

·        Multiple schools late start.

·        Crescent City Charter schools report closure ( Crescent City Schools currently serves more than 1,800 students in three schools across New Orleans: Harriet Tubman Charter School (PreK-8) in Algiers, Akili Academy (K-8) in the Upper Ninth Ward, and Paul Habans Charter School (PreK-8) in Algiers.  



·        No school or state office closures at this time.  No major damage reported at this time.

·        Downed trees and power outages are fairly widespread. Entergy is reporting about 10,650 without power. All major roads are now open.   



·        Emergency Declaration in Progress

·        As of this update the following Public Schools will be closed Monday, April 3: Nachman Elementary, Rosenthal, Cherokee, & Huddle due to no utilities.

·        Confirmed tornado damage in Woodworth and Alexandria area

·        Numerous reports of trees on roads, homes, and vehicles. Power outages throughout the Parish – approximately 9,000.

·        City of Alexandra Utilities has reported heavy damage to infrastructure.

·        All Public Schools in Rapides Parish will be closed Monday April 3. Note some schools have minor damage, but closures are due to power outages.  Also, per Chief of PD - LSU ALEXANDRIA will be CLOSED Monday, April 3 due to water in some buildings but mostly due to other area closures. Louisiana College will also be closed.

·        Rapides Parish has made a request for Rescue equipment to assist the City of Alexandria Police Dept with approx. 20 to 25 residence rescues. 

·        Evacuated an assisted living facility off Windermere Blvd. 

·        Red Cross has closed the Bolton Ave Community Center which was the Reception / Shelter for Alexandria side of the River.

·        Kees Park Community Center in Pineville is still open however expected to close as residents are starting to go back home.

·        Parish will conduct assessments today of homes and businesses. Parish has requested PDA IA & PA Teams.


St. Martin

·        Parish reported to Regional Coordinator residential damages from possible tornado on Zin Zin Road south of Breaux Bridge.


St Helena

·        OHSEP is reporting their Police Jury Building emergency generator may have been hit by lightning. 

·        First Responders and Utility Companies continue to clear trees and restore power


St. John the Baptist

·        St. John the Baptist Parish Public & Private schools will have a (2) hour delay for students arrival, due to possible weather conditions.   


St Tammany

·        The Causeway General Manager just reported on open source news media that the Causeway Bridge is closed due to loose barges in Lake Pontchartrain.  Possibly four barges being used to work on the Causeway broke loose due to high winds.  Two barges have reportedly been secured and contractors are working to secure the two additional barges.  Until they can confirm all barges have been secured the bridge will remain closed.

·        Open Source news media is reporting the Causeway Bridge has been reopened in both directions

·        911 has reported that there was a possible unconfirmed tornado near Hwy 21 and Hwy 1084 (maybe straight line winds) with no confirmed damages to homes or injuries-----also some tree damage along Hwy 1081 and Smith Rd. NWS Slidell is reporting possible tornado damage in St. Tammany Parish along Smith Rd. between Hwy 1081 and Hwy 1082 where multiple trees are down with one tree on a house.

·        Throughout the parish, branches down but no major damages reported to 911. Standing water in known roadways that flood, but no reported homes flooded at this time or request for Public Works barricades.

·        Approximately 3006 outages: CLECO is reporting 2055, WST 132 and Entergy 819.  


St. Landry

·       LSU in Eunice will delay opening until 11 AM today due to the weather impact

·       Power outages total 325



·        A large tree is currently down on Holly Grove Rd., west of Anacoco.  Rural fire personnel are clearing the roadway.

·        Numerous parish roads and some state roads are flooded and impassable: US 171 northbound, north of LA 10 is closed due to flooding. LA 121 will need to be closed south of LA 28 due to high water at bridges with a car stalled on the bridge. Water is above the guard rails.

·        DOTD is placing high water signs at accessible locations.

·        Numerous other vehicles are stalled in high water. Several vehicle crashes have occurred, including a rural district fire truck (no injuries).

·        Police Jury is providing sandbags to residents.

·        Vernon Parish schools are closed Monday, April 3 due to flooding.

·        Two individuals and 5 small animals were evacuated from the Cooper Church Road area with the assistance of WL&F personnel.

·        Some homes will have flood damage.  Unknown number at this time.

·        DOTD has placed High Water signs along state roads where needed.



·        Entergy reports 140 without power

·        Cleco reports 48 without power

·        WSTE reports 24 without power

·        A few power poles and lines are down in parts of the parish.    

·        EOC returning to normal operations.

·        Washington Parish OHSEP reports Bogalusa and Annunciation schools are CLOSED today.  Washington Parish schools are open. 

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