News Alert: Situational Awareness Report 4 April 2017 As of 4:00 PM
Posted: 4/5/2017 8:11:46 AM
Louisiana Business Emergency Operations Center

Situational Awareness Report

4 April 2017

As of 4:00 PM

State EOC Activation Level: Level IV

WebEOC Incident Name: 17-011 Severe Weather — Statewide — Apr02-03

State Declaration Proclamation Number 37 JBE 2017 – State of Emergency – Severe Weather


Situation: Dangerous severe thunderstorms producing tornadoes, extensive wind damage and very large hail moved across the State yesterday and this morning. Heavy rainfall and the threat of flash flooding especially over the lower Mississippi Valley and central Gulf Coast region occurred. NWS preliminary determinations include 10 total confirmed tornadoes: EF0 Lena, EF0/1 Lafayette, EF1 Breaux Bridge, EF1 Glenmore/Forest Hill, EF1 Madisonville, EF1 Covington, EF1 Alexandria, EF2 Woodworth, EF2 LaSalle, EF2 LaSalle. Please refer to the NWS Public Information Statements for further details.


North Louisiana: A few showers and thunderstorms will be possible tonight as a cold front moves across the region. However, hazardous weather is not expected at this time. Thunderstorms will be possible again Monday as another cold front approaches the region. No hazardous weather is expected at this time.


Southwest/ Central Louisiana: A cold front will move through the area Wednesday morning bringing isolated showers and thunderstorms. These thunderstorms are not expected to be severe. Behind the front, winds will increase out of the northwest at 20-25 mph with gusts to 30 mph.


Southeast Louisiana: Scattered thunderstorms are expected overnight tonight into early Wednesday morning. There is a slight to marginal risk of severe thunderstorms across the area during this period with the main threats being damaging winds, large hail, and a few tornadoes. A number of rivers are experiencing significant rises and are either in flood status or forecast to rise above flood stage. Please refer to the latest river flood warnings and statements for more information. A small craft advisory has been posted for late tonight across the tidal lakes, sounds ,and coastal waters. Scattered thunderstorms are expected Wednesday morning. There is a marginal risk of severe thunderstorms across areas east of Interstate 55, and a slight risk of severe weather in Jackson County. Small craft advisory conditions are expected to continue across the coastal waters in the wake of a cold front into Thursday. A number of rivers are forecast to be in flood through midweek.



**All updates to this report will be in red text

State Actions


·        A WebEOC Incident was created for this event

·        Conducted a modified UCG on Sunday, April 2 at 3:00 PM and on Monday, April 3 at 8:30 AM

·        Conducted Parish Conference Calls on Sunday evening

·        State Declaration Proclamation Number 37 JBE 2017 – State of Emergency – Severe Weather

·        GOHSEP resumed to Level IV Normal Operations as of 4:00 PM 4/3/17


Disaster Recovery

·        GOHSEP PDA teams are performing IA and PA damage assessments in Rapides Parish on Tuesday, April 4, 2017.

·         The IA PDA has been scheduled for Avoyelles Parish for Wednesday, April 5, 2017.   


Louisiana National Guard

·        At this time all assets have been recovered and are standing by.


Public Service Commission

·        Power outages as of 1 PM were 8,373. Outage report by parish attached; Main parishes still affected: Grant, LaSalle, Morehouse, Ouachita, & Rapides

·        Entergy reports substantial damage in Bastrop.  Initial assessments show approximately 20 poles down with ~2 miles of wire down in the Jena area alone.  Their crews will continue work to restore power to customers throughout the day and hope to have the large majority restored by tonight.  However, it is likely that some outages in the heaviest hit areas will last into tomorrow.

·        Cleco anticipates having 95% of their territory restored by tonight, with assistance from outside crews.

·        Have received the following damage assessment from 2 electric co-ops: Concordia Electric--Grant Parish: $30,000 for substation transformer issues; LaSalle Parish: $120,000 to replace at least 20 poles; Catahoula Parish: $50,000 for lines and poles Washington-St. Tammany Electric-- St. Tammany Parish: $36,000 to replace 6 poles

·        So far the other co-ops are reporting they did not have any damage. DEMCO is still assessing all of their damage, and they will have a report with estimates soon.


State Fire Marshal

·        Urban Search & Rescue Coordinator: Ruel Douvillier is in Alexandria. La. working with RRT-6 and Alex. F.D.

·        Pineville SAR: Agencies involved; Pineville FD, RRT-6, Alexandria VA FD Persons rescued; Sanders St.-9 Jones St. - 8

·        Alexandria SAR: Fire District 2; Windmere Group Home: 7 people by boat; Dr. Monir Community Center: 9 people assisted in walking to buses; Alexandria FD Boat 1: Roanoke St. 14 people rescued; Boat 2: Roanoke St. 3 people rescued, Ellis St. 2 people rescued; Boat 3: Kimberly St. 20 people rescued; Boat 4: Mohon St. 20 people rescued; Several civilian boats with Alex FD personnel on board assisted with searches; Alexandria VA Hospital FD sent one boat for standby; OSFM staff presence was requested by the Operations Section Chief for the SAR mission.  OSFM acted as an advisor and used the contacts built through the Fire Marshal's Office to acquire resources when needed.

·        OSFM Area 3 Alexandria office had 9 personnel on duty for assistance in the area of Region 6. Personnel were released at 3:00 a.m.

·        OSFM Area 2 issued an alert for 8 personnel to be on standby at 03:30 hrs. for assistances in Region 2 (B.R. La.), they have since been released for normal duty.

·        USAR Task Force has 35 personnel on standby at Baton Rouge F.D. HQ.  

·        No reported flooding to ESF-4 in the Baton Rouge area other than water on roadways.


Department of Transportation and Development

·        Districts are beginning to return to normal operations. Several roadways remain closed due to either high water or damage. For a complete list of closures, refer to

·        ESF3 will continue monitoring conditions but, will resume normal operations as of 3:30pm today.  


Louisiana Department of Health

·        Region 6 -  ICFDD Facility Update:

o   1. Prescott ICFDD has returned to their facility 2. John Tyler ICFDD has returned to their facility.

o   3. Johnson ICFDD has returned to their facility.

o   4. Sharon Smith ICFDD reported that they will remain at St. Mary sister facility until repairs are completed.  Timeline is still unclear as they are waiting on adjustors/ contractors.

o   5. Windemere ICFDD reported that the facility had more damage than anticipated; possibly 3 weeks before they can reoccupy.

·        Tioga NH in Alexandria is back on normal power and is no longer on generator power.  They are working on repairs to certain rooms but this work does not impede their services at this time.  

·        Network 13 (Dialysis Network) has reported that dialysis operations within LA appear to be normal.  Network 13 has checked on the areas with impacts noted (Alexandria and Breaux Bridge) and those dialysis units are open/operational with a few minor issues. 

·        Tioga NH in Alexandria is back on normal power and is no longer on generator power.

·        Hospitals in Region 3 reported phone outages in multiple facilities. Radios being used as back-up; alerts sent out to LERN and EMS as well as messaging on the ESF8 Portal.  Cause:  AT&T reports a nationwide outage affecting tens of thousands of customers.  

·        East Central Vernon (LA1115117) in Vernon Parish is under a boil water advisory due to a damaged main which caused a loss of pressure. Repairs to the distribution system have been made and samples have been submitted to the depot.

·        * West Grant Water (LA1043014) in Grant Parish has issued a boil advisory due to lightning strike at the Earl water plant, affecting ~ 40 homes along the following: Robert Thomason Rd, Firehouse Rd, McLaughlin Rd, Swors Rd, Kirby Rd, Church Rd, Britts Rd, Hwy 471 to Hwy 34, Avant Rd, Evans Rd, Parasol Rd, New Bridge, JD Camp Rd, Lewis Sill Rd, Will Bryant Rd, Hwy 122 to JD Camp. Repairs are being made but are not yet completed.

·        * Belah Fellowship Water System (LA1059001) in La Salle Parish is currently under a boil water advisory. The entire system which serves approximately 1863 individuals is currently under a boil advisory. Initial repairs have been made, but there is one remaining water main to be replaced that was washed out into the creek.  There are approximately 20 homes still without water.

·        * Mt. Zion Water System (LA1061015) has made the necessary repairs and has restored pressure throughout the distribution system but currently remains on a system wide boil water advisory until further notice. System will be collecting required samples ASAP.


Department of Children and Family Services

·        Shelter Population as of 1800 3 April 2017

o   1 Shelters Open - Total Population  0

o   1 ARC Shelter - Population 0 

o   Shelter Report has been posted in the File Library.  Shelter Manager Updated.

·        ARC has Bolton Ave Community on stand-by and Rapides Parish - Kees Park Community Center closed as of 1500 hours.  


American Red Cross

·        Red Cross continues to communicate with affected parishes

·        Continue to conduct damage assessments in the affected area

·        Continue to report sheltering information to DCFS


Salvation Army

·        Local Units have been notified to be prepared for activation if the situation warrants that.

·        A local Liaison for GOHSEP SEOC is being put on standby in the event the SEOC is activated to a level and situation that requires our presence.   



·        Mercy Chefs is on stand-by with mobile kitchen and feeding if needed.

·        Samaritan's Purse on standby to deploy for cleanup if needed pending residential damage reports. Crisis Cleanup available to launch event if needed for coordination of residential cleanup if warranted.  


Parish Actions


·        The parish is opening all public works barns for issuing of sand and sandbags as needed. Sand and sandbags have been moved to all Allen Parish barns

·        The EOC is in full activation

·        Flooding and Road closures have started to overtake the northwestern part of the Parish  

·        Local fire stations and law enforcement have been alerted and are prepared to assist as necessary

·        The parish has submitted a request for boats from LDWF. Parish OEP Boat is being moved from Oakdale Area to Grant area for Start of possible rescue operations. Call to Calcasieu Parish Sheriff requesting assistance from the Marine Division for additional Air Boats for possible rescue operations, also Sand and Sandbags are being moved from the Police Jury to the Grant Fire Station at the Direction of OEP Director

·        LDWLF LT Jessie Savoie has established contact with OEP Director and has boats requested by OEP on standby with a one hour guaranteed response     

·        The parish will submit a parish declaration 

·        Parish has also moved a parish boat from Oakdale to the Grant area to assist with possible rescue operations.



·        A family of seven was rescued from floodwaters in Marksville.

·        Bailey House Assisted Living was evacuated due to flooding.

·        Damage Assessment: 2 homes on address 7130 & 7587 Hwy 107 Mansura had 3 to 4 inches of water inside, these 2 homes also flooded in the 4277 disaster.

·        1214 Prison Road  had 10 to 12 " of water in side Bailey House Assisted Living 3 to 4 " of water  20 residents affected Five Homes  Address from 137 to 228  21 people rescued all with 10 to 12 " water in structure

·        IA PDA Team will meet at 0930 on 4/5/17



·        East Beauregard School is closed today and the closings will be decided day by day. The parish will be declaring a State of Emergency later this morning for the Bundick Lake area.

·        Red Cross is also being out on standby, and no assistance needed from the state at this time. 

·        Rain totals: 1-3 inches and isolated area in the central of the parish recorded 6.66 inches (unofficial) Flooding status:

·        Bundick Lake: The draw down gate is open and forecasted to crest 4-5-17 around 99ft (2 feet over flood stage). This will cause minor to moderate flooding of the roads, camps and a few homes. The lake area in question is mostly camps and not residences.

·        The following flood status reports and forecasts come from run off of the creeks in the area. Merryville (Highway 190) area:  River will crest at 31.6ft (1.6 feet over flood stage of 30ft) and this will cause minor flooding of parish roads. Fields (southwest corner of the parish) area. The river is forecasted to crest at 25.8(1.8 over flood stage of 24ft)  feet around the 7th. This will cause minor flooding of parish roads.



·        In response to calls requesting sandbags and sand, Parish has designated locations where items can be picked up.



·        Catahoula Parish received an additional 3-5 inches of late Sunday night making a total of 8+ on the northern part of the Parish, Central and southern part of Parish also received an additional 3-4 inches making total of 5+ inches.

·        1 church and 2 homes received major damage, 4 homes received moderate damages, several barns, outbuildings and sheds damaged from tornado on 4/2/2017.

·        Water system down due to power outage  , should be restored by late Monday or Tuesday.

·        All reported roadways have been cleared of debris and are open.

·        DOTD- 2 roadways Hwy 126 and Hwy 459 cleared, All  Parish roads open.

·        Electric Coop still restoring localized outages in the Aimwell Community.

·        No schools or public offices closed.

·        No shelters opened affected residents staying with family and friends  


East Baton Rouge

·        Key personnel have reported to the EOC to monitor the current forecast.

·        We are continuously posting updates on social media to keep our citizens informed.

·        Mayor Broome has been in contact with all municipalities.  


East Feliciana

·        East Feliciana Parish reports minor impact due to severe weather. 911 dispatchers logged (3) calls for trees/ debris in roadways (cleared by local crews) and (1) call for flooding on River Road near the St Helena parish line with no impact to property or residents.   



·        OEP for Franklin is reporting approximately 12 homes with some damage and two with heavy damage or destroyed. There is also a report from Franklin Parish of 3 injuries.



·        GPSO patrol reported nickel to golf ball size hail in the prospect and Pollock communities.  Reports of  trees down.  GPSO and public works responded. 

·        Performed damage assessments this morning.  Two roads have sustained substantial damage, Nellie Ryan Road and Walker Gravel Pit Road.  The GPPJ is actively working to fix these locations when water levels permit.

·        Performed three (3) evacuation from Nellie Ryan Road.  3 PAX, (1) female and (2) males.  

·        Photos of damages were made.  The ARC has reached out as well as the Baptist Convention with assistance for damages.  They were informed that damages in Grant Parish was minor to none and very few reports have come in.

·        GPSO received the following calls for service on 4/2/2017 from 12:00 - 23:59: Water on Roadway:  27; Downed Trees: 17; Downed Electrical Lines:  8

·        Water systems are up and running.  



·        911 and the OEP office received no reports of damage anywhere in the Parish. 

·        KATC is reporting damage to a roof in the Parish but  the Parish OEP received nothing.  

·        American Red Cross came by the office.  They had no reports in Iberia either.



·        Most roadways are cleared and passable. Several churches that have crews helping throughout the parish with cutting of trees and helping to clear houses and driveways of debris. 

·        First Baptist Church of Jena has opened up their Family Life Center for sheltering purposes or for any person needing to take a shower.  No one has requested this service as of yet. 

·        There are reported 75-100 homes reported with damage, 2 major businesses and 1 school with damage.

·        LaSalle Parish OHSEP and LaSalle Parish SO has spent their emergency tarps we had on stand-by for individuals and businesses to utilize during an emergency event and have requested for more tarps.

·        Do not plan to request PDA most (if not all) have some type of insurance.

·        Without Power As of 12:30 p.m.: 220 Entergy Customers; 600 Corcorida Customers - Projected to have most back on by Thursday Night.  

·        Belah-Fellowship Water System was able to patch the main water system/tanks yesterday afternoon.  They are currently going out and walking the lines and checking meter boxes that are damaged or have been pulled up out of the ground and lines that have damage to them. Belah-Fellowship Water System remains on a boil advisory and some residents still remain to be without water, due to damage to meter boxes and lines. 

·        Rogers Water System  still has one of their wells down.  They hope to have it fixed by the end of the day.  The 1 well that is workings, is able to keep up with the demand of water supply.  All other issues with the Rogers Water System seems to be resolved at the moment.  They have someone going to check lines and meter boxes as well. Rogers Water System is not under a boil advisory.   

·        LA Baptist Convention Volunteer Organization is in LaSalle Parish getting ready to set up Chain Saw Crews and have volunteers going door to door checking on the needs of the LaSalle Parish Residents in the affected areas.  They should have all their volunteers in LaSalle and working by tomorrow morning.

·        All LaSalle Parish Schools (Public and Private) are operating at normal hours today, except Fellowship Elementary School.  This school had moderate/major damage and will be out for the rest of the week.  They hope to start back Monday, April 10, 2017. 

·        LaSalle Parish still has residents without power.  The last report received stated most residents, if not all, will have power restored by 10:00 p.m. Wednesday, 4.5.2017.  

·        Summerville Baptist Church will be feeding the Summerville Community Residents that have been affected and Woodmen of the World will be hosting lunch for the Fellowship/Belah Community today.      



·        One mobile home damaged from falling tree, no injuries reported.



·        OEP is aware of 3 homes that are flooded, but is unable at this time to travel in the low lying areas due to road flooding.  They do have trees down on both state and local roadways.



·        NOHSEP EOC monitoring at Crisis Action Team Street flooding and ponding as first wave passes through

·        SWBNO EOC reports all pumps operational and on line, no issues  



·        No major damage reported at this time.

·        Downed trees are fairly widespread. All major roads are now open.   



·        Numerous reports of trees on roads, homes, and vehicles.

·        City of Alexandra Utilities has reported heavy damage to infrastructure.

·        Rapides Parish requested Rescue equipment to assist the City of Alexandria Police Dept with approx. 20 to 25 residence rescues. 

·        Evacuated an assisted living facility off Windermere Blvd. 

·        Parish will conduct assessments today of homes and businesses. Parish has requested PDA IA & PA Teams.


St. Martin

·        Parish reported to Regional Coordinator residential damages from possible tornado on Zin Zin Road south of Breaux Bridge.


St Helena

·        OHSEP is reporting their Police Jury Building emergency generator may have been hit by lightning. 

·        First Responders and Utility Companies continue to clear trees and restore power


St Tammany

·        911 has reported that there was a possible unconfirmed tornado near Hwy 21 and Hwy 1084 (maybe straight line winds) with no confirmed damages to homes or injuries-----also some tree damage along Hwy 1081 and Smith Rd. NWS Slidell is reporting possible tornado damage in St. Tammany Parish along Smith Rd. between Hwy 1081 and Hwy 1082 where multiple trees are down with one tree on a house.

·        Throughout the parish, branches down but no major damages reported to 911. Standing water in known roadways that flood, but no reported homes flooded at this time or request for Public Works barricades.

·        One house on Hwy 22 and Trapagnier Rd which has part of the roof blown off.  



·        31 roads are flooded and impassable but are being reopened as water recedes and is acceptable for travel.

·        DOTD is placing high water signs at accessible locations.

·        Numerous other vehicles are stalled in high water. Several vehicle crashes have occurred, including a rural district fire truck (no injuries).

·        Two individuals and 5 small animals were evacuated from the Cooper Church Road area with the assistance of WL&F personnel.

·        Some homes will have flood damage.  Unknown number at this time.

·        Police jury personnel are conducting damage assessments as access is available.  



·        A few power poles and lines are down in parts of the parish.     

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