News Alert: GOHSEP Tropical Weather Report 21 June 2017 As of 5:00 PM
Posted: 6/22/2017 8:19:39 AM
Louisiana Business Emergency Operations Center

GOHSEP Tropical Weather Report

21 June 2017

As of 5:00 PM


State EOC Activation Level: Level III (Modified)

State Mass Care Activation Level: Level I

WebEOC Incident: 17-021 Tropical Disturbances – Statewide – June

State Declaration Proclamation 78 JBE - 2017 State of Emergency – Tropical Storm Cindy



Tropical Weather Outlook: The National Hurricane Center is currently monitoring Tropical Storm Cindy in the Gulf of Mexico. Please stay tuned to the National Hurricane Center and your Local National Weather Service Office for the latest updates.


Tropical Storm Cindy: The Tropical Storm Warning is in effect for San Luis Pass Texas to the mouth of the Mississippi River. At 4:00 pm, the center of Tropical Storm Cindy was located near latitude 28.2 North, longitude 93.2 West. Cindy is moving toward the northwest near 9 mph.  A turn toward the north-northwest is expected tonight and Thursday, with a turn to the northeast expected Friday.  On the forecast track, the center of Cindy will move inland over southeastern Texas or southwestern Louisiana late tonight or early Thursday, then move near or over extreme eastern Texas, western and northern Louisiana, and southeastern Arkansas Thursday and Thursday night.

Maximum sustained winds are near 50 mph, with higher gusts. Little change in strength is expected before landfall, with weakening expected thereafter. Tropical-storm-force winds extend outward up to 115 miles from the center. The estimated minimum central pressure based on observations from oil rigs near the center is 994 mb.


RAINFALL: Cindy is expected to produce total rain accumulations of 6 to 9 inches with isolated maximum amounts of 15 inches over southeastern Louisiana, southern Mississippi, southern Alabama, and the western portions of the Florida Panhandle through Thursday night. This rainfall could cause life-threatening flash flooding in these areas.


WIND: Tropical storm conditions should spread westward and northward through the Tropical Storm Warning area this afternoon through Thursday.


STORM SURGE: Inundation of 1 to 3 feet above ground level is expected along the coast in portions of the Tropical Storm Warning area.


TORNADOES: A few tornadoes are possible this morning through tonight from the far western Florida Panhandle across southwestern Alabama, southern Mississippi and southern Louisiana.

***Updates to this report will be in RED TEXT***

State Actions


·       State Declaration Proclamation 78 JBE - 2017 State of Emergency – Tropical Storm Cindy

·       GOHSEP has activated to a Modified Level III / 24 hour operations

·       A WebEOC Incident has been created for this event

·       Southeast and Southwest Hurricane Taskforce Conference Calls are ongoing

·       UCG scheduled for June 22

· website is being updated

·       Please contact us if you need IPAWS/WEA alert assistance


American Red Cross

·       Have 60-75 Red Cross workers ready to go into shelters

·       Have 4-5 caterers on Stand-by…can deliver about 25K meals/day as long as the areas are accessible

·       Met with community partners, including  EMDAC and Save the Children

·       Posted preparedness and safety information on our websites and on our social accounts re: flooding and drowning prevention

·       Working with non-profit and disaster response partners to help manage clothing donations.  Have list of those agencies within LA who can help.

·       Working with DCFS and local OEPs to determine needs in communities and ways ARC can help

·       Pre-positioned trailers of supplies in Orleans and Jefferson parishes per OEP requests.  

·       IAP uploaded in WebEOC File Library


Department of Agriculture and Forestry

·       LDAF continues partial activation at the department operations center with key personnel assessing situational updates, verifying resources, and preparing facility readiness. LDAF IMT is on standby.

·       A press release was issued Monday to advise livestock owners to prepare for flooding and tropical conditions in coastal areas.

·       Pet resources are pre-staged in many Parishes to provide for sheltering operations. Pet resources are also available at LDAF BR. per WebEOC. LDAF

·       Mobile Pet Shelter Trailer has been readied for deployment as determined.

·       Animal Search and Rescue teams have been notified and are on standby to support ESF-9 as requested.

·       Emergency Fuel contractor has been notified and will be available on a direct cost basis to individual parishes as requested.


Department of Children and Family Services

·       All state run CTNS except the Alexandria Mega Shelter are set up.

·       DCFS SEOC staff, Lead Area Managers, and DCFS Regional Coordinators are on STANDBY and remaining ESF-6 staff on ALERT.

·       Communicating with ARC and other partners. Regional Coordinators are reaching out to OEPs. Reaching out to Foster Families and Facilities.

·       Received Sex Offender list for Phoenix. Shelter list being updated in WebEOC.

·       Communicating with PSC to monitor power outages


Department of Environmental Quality

·       Made contact with EPA and LSP to coordinate response efforts

·       LDEQ parish liaisons are making calls to assess parish needs at this time; LDEQ has made contact with LOSCO to discuss any response actions

·       Nuclear power plants (Riverbend, Waterford, and Grand Gulf) have been contacted.  All are monitoring the storm and are taking appropriate precautions.  The facilities intend to remain operational at this time.  

·       LDEQ ER staff is currently working an incident at Helis Oil and Gas in Black Bay. Eight tote tanks were lost from multiple platforms.  7 contained a solvent and 1 contained Methanol.  It is unknown at this time how much material has been lost.  Divers will be dispatched once weather conditions permit.  The Coast Guard is aware of the situation. 

·       LDEQ has received various sheen and sewage related release notifications due to the storm  


Department of Health and Hospitals

·       Core teams for State, LDH, and LDH Regional EOCs have been pre-identified and on standby

·       ESF8 network has been activated for potential response

·       No Boil Water Advisories at this time


Department of Justice

·       Consumer Hotline is 1-(800)531-4889 if needed.  (225)572-0313 can be used as a 24 hour contact for Whitney Greene


Department of Transportation and Development

·       ESF-03 EOC is now activated on a 24-hour basis.

·       Districts continue to monitor weather and roadway conditions.

·       Several roads have been reported closed overnight.

o   For a current listing of road closures, please refer to


Department of Wildlife and Fisheries

·       Readying response equipment

·       Coordinating with primary State SAR partners



·       Mercy Chef’s and Operation BBQ are on standby for mass feeding requests

·       Advocacy center on standby to assist with any disability and aging issues; Trach mommas can assist with medical supplies. LATAN available  for assistive technology needs

·       Crisis Cleanup is available to open an incident for damage registration and can deploy the 800 number is requested

LA Workforce Commission

·       Mass feeding contractors have been placed on standby and prepared for immediate deployment if needed


Louisiana National Guard

·       TAC manned 24 hour for current operations

·       Standby assets in various locations: 28 boat teams and 72 high water vehicles

·       4 Helicopters on standby; 2 in Hammond and 2 in Beauregard

·       Assets in place to receive FEMA “B-Pack” commodities push package

·       LANG LNO’s in place as requested


Louisiana State Police

·       Status checks of Headquarters and Troop assets have been completed, and additional personnel from plainclothes sections are prepared to deploy to any affected Troops if needed. 

·       LSP Troops are currently working with local law enforcement agencies and DOTD on road closures due to high water.    


Office of Juvenile Justice

·       Response teams are on alert

·       No evacuations of secure facilities at this time


Public Service Commission

·       Power outages as of 1500 on 06/21/2017 were 1,336

·       All utilities remain prepared and are actively restoring power where needed. They have ID'd additional contract resources to support restoration. Any equipment, supplies, & facilities that are located in potential flood areas have been identified and are being monitored for any needed flood protection installation, or switching of customers to other substations.

·       We will continue to work with DCFS to monitor any outage lasting longer than 24 hours for potential Replacement SNAP Benefits verification assistance.  


Salvation Army

·       Local units in the potentially impacted areas have been notified and placed on standby


State Fire Marshal

·       All Fire Marshal staff (including our reserves) have been notified and are monitoring the storm for any potential response by the agency. 

·       Communication is ongoing with Wildlife and Fisheries for availability of assets and response coordination. 

·       All US&R teams have been alerted and requested to be ready to respond upon an activation request. 

·       The Bureau of EMS is monitoring the storm and reviewing plans for response if needed. 


US Corps of Engineers

·       24 hour activation


Parish Actions

Region 1:


·       A local WebEOC incident has been created for this event

·       All summer camps and leisure activities have been cancelled for June 21 & 22; please contact Parks and Recreation Department at 504-736-6999 (East Bank) or 504-349-5000 (West Bank).

·       The Animal Shelter Ribbon Cutting scheduled for Tuesday at 2:00 P.M. is cancelled. A new date will be announced.

·       The Public Evacuation Assistance Drill hosted by Jefferson Parish Emergency Management is cancelled and will be rescheduled.

·       The Grand Opening of Parc Des Familles scheduled for Friday, June 23th is cancelled. The rescheduled day is June 30th. Contact Councilman Ricky Templet’s office at 504-364-2607 for more information.

·       The annual poster unveiling party for the International Grand Isle Tarpon Rodeo scheduled for Wednesday, June 21st at 6:00 pm has been postponed. The new date for the unveiling will be July 12th at 7:00 pm at Boomtown Casino, 4132 Peter Road in Harvey. For more information, please contact Heather Martin at (985) 306-0535.

·       All Head Start facilities will be closed Wednesday (6/21) and Thursday (6/22). Employees are to report to normal worksites. Please contact JEFF CAP at 504-736-6900

·       Juvenile Court closed June 21

·       Thursday's June 22nd Planning Advisory Board public hearing has been rescheduled to Thursday, June 29, 2017 at 5:00 pm in the Council Chamber, Yenni Building.



·       CEOC is activating to Level II – Partial activation and will sustain 24/7 operations through 23 June at 1900, or sooner/later depending on impacts

·       Put shelter facilities on standby, however no plan to activate them at this time



·       Drainage canals are being pumped down

·       Asking residents to clear out catch basins, ditches, and culverts of debris to ease flow of water to our pumping stations

·       With assistance from PPSP’s air support, conducted levee inspections from Oakville to Happy Jack on the Westbank and the entire Eastbank Levee System

·       Parish contractor conducting work on Eastbank Levee is currently closing two 500 gaps in the levee system that was downgraded for construction

·       Empire Floodgate closing

·       Plaquemines Parish School Board advised that there will be no school on Wednesday and will make a decision on status for Thursday.

·       Pump Stations will be manned and operated 24/7 until further notice. All sandbag sites will remain open until 7:30pm and each resident is allotted 12 bags  

·       We are now offering Sandbags to residents at the following locations:

o   Government Complex 333 F. Edward Hebert Blvd PROMW Department

o   Empire Shipyard Rose Marie Drive in Empire

o   Behind Old Water Plant Facility West Pointe-a-la-Hache (The Thunder Dome)

o   Edna Lafrance Road in Braithwaite

o   Davant Community Center

o   Braithwaite Community Center

·       We are currently monitoring the Westbank levee system in the Myrtle Grove area due to higher than normal tides with the strong south winds. The following areas located outside the levee protection system are seeing 18" to 24" of tide water on the streets: Myrtle Grove, Woodpark, Lake Hermitage, Happy Jack & Tidewater.  Crews are placing sandbags in the Myrtle Grove Estates. 


St. Bernard

·       Drainage canals have been pumped down; Parish pumping stations are operational

·       NO sandbags are being distributed

·       All school activities cancelled June 21

·       No reports of home damage or flooding, sever trees down

·       Highway LA 46 and LA 300 closed due to high water


Region 2:


·       Sandbag operations ongoing


East Baton Rouge

·       MOHSEP is currently monitoring the latest forecast and will update social media as necessary.

·       Currently there are no Government, School, or Road Closures.

·       The EOC is staffed with a skeleton crew.

·       Coordinating with all Municipalities, the NWS, BREC, the ARC, and all EBRP First Responding agencies as well as other local, state and federal partners.

·       Sand and sand bag operations are currently setup at the following locations:

o   BR Fire Station #13: 835 Sharp Road, BR Fire Station #14: 4121 Harding Boulevard, BR Fire Station #15: 3150 Brightside Drive, BR Fire Station #7: 5758 Claycut Road, BR Fire Station #9: 4025 Perkins Road, Chaneyville Fire Station #40: 22790 Reames Road, Pride Fire Station #11: 16929 Liberty Road, Central Fire Station #31: 11646 Sullivan Road, Central Fire Station #32: 4864 Monticello Blvd, St. George Fire HQ: 14141 Airline Highway, Baker City Hall: 3325 Groom Road (For Baker residents only), Zachary Youth Park: 1650 Mount Pleasant Road

·       Plans in place for sheltering should the need arise


East Feliciana

·       Sandbag distribution ongoing



·       Sandbag operations ongoing



·       Sandbag distribution ongoing at 23 locations – 20,000+ distributed


Pointe Coupee

·       Sandbag operations ongoing; prefilled sandbags are available to the elderly and disabled; Self-filled stations available throughout the Parish

·       Equipment checks ongoing including pumps for low lying areas, and SAR Teams/equipment

·       False River Control Structure currently has two gates open


West Baton Rouge

·       sandbag distribution ongoing at 6 locations

·       Summer Schools closed June 22


West Feliciana

·       Approximately 500 sandbags issued with plenty more on hand


Region 3:


·       Sandbag distribution ongoing

·       Summer school and summer camps closed June 21 & 22



·       Processing Parish tier reentry applications

·       Pumping down canals in preparation for large amounts of rainfall

·       Sandbags distributed at: Thibodaux Field Office, Raceland Field Office, Lockport Field Office, Chackbay Field Office, Bayou Blue Field Office and Galliano Field Office

·       The Port Commission is rescinding Phase II: Voluntary Evacuation status for Tropical Storm Cindy and returning to Phase I: Storm Watch.

·       All roads are open to vehicular traffic, and crews are clearing any debris gathered along roadways as waters recede.

·       The Lady of the Sea Medical Clinic – Fourchon is closed for business today and possibly tomorrow


St. Charles

·       Sandbag operations ongoing

·       Hesco baskets have been deployed in Des Allemands along Bayou Des Allemands

·       Public Works is clearing ditches and drains and pumping down the drainage ditches

·       The Sellers Canal sector gate at Pier 90 near Avondale in Luling has been closed.

·       Summer camp will be closed from June 21-23. Camp will resume June 26

·       Summer Feeding Program will be closed June 21-22. Summer Food Service will resume June 26

·       All St. Charles Parish Public Schools activities, Council on Aging & The Ormond Spray Park have been canceled/closed for June 21 and June 22

St. James

·       Sandbag operations ongoing

·       Summer Schools closed until further notice

·       Towns of Lutcher and Gramercy Emergency Declarations


St. John the Baptist

·       Sandbagging operations ongoing

·       Public Works crews are cleaning drains and catch basins

·       Checking lake and rain gauges for changes

·       All summer school programs and camps have been cancelled for June 21st. School systems will evaluate possible re-open on June 22nd.



·       All flood gates are closed including the Roller Gate on Highway 56

·       Public Works continuing to pump down canals and ditches

·       Sandbag distribution ongoing

·       Roads below Morganza system are inundated with water


Region 4:


·       EOC fully activated

·       Sandbag distribution ongoing

·       LSU – Eunice and all school board offices and schools closed June 21 & 22, will re-open June 23

·       Courthouses closed June 21



·       Sandbag distribution ongoing

·       Summer School closed June 21 & 22



·       EOC fully activated as of 0600

·       Sand and bag distribution ongoing

·       Shelter teams on standby

·       16th JDA government offices, City of New Iberia, Administrative & Court offices and Clerk of Court closed June 21

·       Administrative offices of the Iberia Parish Sheriff's office closed 21-22 June

·       Summer classes cancelled and end of course testing cancelled for June 21



·       Partial activation

·       Sandbags distribution ongoing

·       Summer Schools close today at 2:00 p.m. and will close June 22. 

·       The 15th Judicial Courthouses will be closed (6/21)


St Landry

·       Sandbag operations ongoing; Town of sunset began a municipal sandbag operations also

·       Summer school sessions will dismiss at 1:00pm on 21 June and remain closed until 26 June

·       Child Nutrition Route will begin at 9:00am on 21 June

·       No Mobile Feeding Program on 22 June, will resume on 23 June


St. Martin

·       Sandbag distribution at 6 locations

·       16th JDA Gov. Offices closed June 21

·       All school board facilities and Owens Developmental Learning closed June 21


St. Mary

·       The Hanson Floodgate will remain open

·       Morgan city has closed 3 additional floodgates today

·       Sandbagging distribution ongoing

·       Summer School is cancelled for June 21 & 22

·       Construction work on Highway 90 has been cancelled and all equipment removed for safe passage

·       Burns Point Recreation Area was closed (6/20/2017) this park floods with 3 foot storm surge.

·       The following Parish Offices are closed June 21: DA's Office, Courts, Clerks Office, Assessor's Office, Non-essential Government  Employees,  School Board and Summer School Program

·       The following Floodgates are closed: (1) Franklin Cana (2) Yellow Bayou (3) Three floodwall gates in Morgan City.

·       St. Mary LNO's from LANG, Sheriff's Office, Red Cross, Corps of Engineers, Coast Guard, DCFS, and DEQ checked in today to see if their services were needed. (all were released).

·       St. Mary Parish had scattered electrical outages during the night and almost all have been repaired. These were limbs falling on power lines. There was minor road flooding at Burn's Point Recreation area.  



·       Sandbag operations ongoing

·       Summer School cancelled for June 21 & 22

·       Court systems and associated offices closed June 21

·       Calling for voluntary evacuations for low lying areas that normally flood


Region 5:


·       Sandbag distribution ongoing at 6 locations

·       Fire Departments on standby



·       Parish schools including McNeese State closed June 21 & 22

·       All government entities closed June 21-22

·       Port of Lake Charles will be a safe-haven for vessels in Cameron Parish. Coordination with Harbor Police is necessary

·       4 High Water Vehicles are on standby for post-event SAR



·       All parish summer schools and parish government entities closed June 21 & 22

·       Sandbag distribution operations ongoing


Jefferson Davis

·       Sandbag distribution ongoing


Region 6:


·       Sand bags and sand inventory ,Sheriff Dept. put on alert to fill sand bags and possible adding deputy’s to extra patrols

·       Public Works Department is clearing drainage ditches and canals



·       Public Works and Law Enforcement on standby

·       Sand and sandbags available for residents at Parish Public Works Building located at 15846 Highway 124



·       Sheriff’s Office closed at 1500 to allow employees to prepare at home

·       Sandbag distribution locations: Selma Ballpark & Montgomery Town Hall



·       Sandbag distribution ongoing at City of Natchez Public Work Department



·       Sand and sandbags distribution ongoing

·       Decision on school and government closures will be made later today for June 22

·       Phase I shelters are on standby

·       Parish Public Works are clearing drainage obstructions



·       Sandbag distribution ongoing


Region 7:


·       OHSEP on standby and being manned by DP OHSEP Administrator

·       Met with police jury Heads on June 21

·       Road Department prepping for flooding

·       Sandbag distribution ongoing; load of sand requested from Logansport, DPPJ responding


Region 9:

St. Helena

·       Sand and Bags available at Fire Stations, Fifth Ward Recreations Park and Parish Police Jury

·       School Board has cancelled all School Summer Programs for June 21 & 22.


St Tammany

·       Sandbag operations ongoing



·       Activated their Crisis Action Team

·       Sandbag distribution ongoing in two locations (total distributed: 12,000)



·       EOC partial activation

·       Bogalusa School Board and City School Summer Programs closed on Wednesday, June 21. No teachers will report to school.  

·       Sandbag distribution operations ongoing at 6 locations


For more information on the Tropical Weather Outlook, visit:  


5 Day Outlook:


GOHSEP Operations is monitoring the situation and will continue to update and report as needed.

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