News Alert: GOHSEP Tropical Weather SITREP August 25, 2017 As of 10:00 a.m.
Posted: 8/25/2017 10:27:25 AM
Louisiana Business Emergency Operations Center

GOHSEP Tropical Weather SITREP

August 25, 2017

As of 10:00 a.m.


State EOC Activation Level: Level III

State Declaration Proclamation Number 104 JBE 2017 State of Emergency – Tropical Storm Harvey


Tropical Weather Outlook: The National Hurricane Center is monitoring Hurricane Harvey and one (1) other disturbance in the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico regions. Please monitor your local National Weather Service for the latest updates.


Disturbance 1 – A trough of low pressure extending from the eastern Gulf of Mexico over central Florida continues to produce a large area of disorganized cloudiness and thunderstorms. Although strong upper-level winds could limit tropical cyclone formation, some sub-tropical development is possible over the weekend or early next week while the system moves northeastward over the western Atlantic before it merges with a front. Regardless of development, very heavy rain and flooding is possible over portions of southern and central Florida during the next few days.  

·        20% chance of formation through 48 hours

·        40% chance of formation through 5 days


Hurricane Harvey – The eye of Hurricane Harvey was located by Air Force Reserve reconnaissance aircraft and NOAA Doppler radar near latitude 26.3 North, longitude 5.8 West. Harvey is moving toward the northwest near 10 mph, but its forward speed is expected to decrease significantly during the next couple of days. On the forecast track, Harvey will make landfall on the middle Texas coast tonight or early Saturday. Harvey is then likely to meander near or just inland of the middle Texas coast through the weekend. Maximum sustained winds are near 110 mph with higher gusts. Some strengthening is possible, and Harvey is expected to become a major hurricane before it reaches the middle Texas coast. Hurricane-force winds extend outward up to 35 miles from the center, and tropical-storm-force winds extend outward up to 140 miles. The minimum central pressure reported by the Air Force plane was 950 mb.


Harvey is expected to produce total rain accumulations of 15 to 25 inches and isolated maximum amounts of 35 inches over the middle and upper Texas coast through next Wednesday. During the same time period Harvey is expected to produce total rain accumulations of 7 to 15 inches in far south Texas and the Texas Hill Country eastward through central and southwest Louisiana, with accumulations of up to 7 inches extending into other parts of Texas and the lower Mississippi Valley. Rainfall from Harvey may cause devastating and life threatening flooding.


**Updates to this report will be in Red Text**





o   EOC manned 24 hour operations

o   A WebEOC Event has been created for this event (17-025 Tropical System Harvey – Statewide – August)

o   Conducting daily Southwest Hurricane Task Force conference calls

o   Conducting daily Orleans Parish coordination calls

o   Participating in daily Texas Operations conference calls

o   Participating in 5 daily National weather Service conference calls

o   Unified Command Group Meeting conducted  8/24

o   Received State Emergency Declaration 8/24



o   TAC is being manned 24hrs through the next 24-hour reporting period

o   1,000 cots are being delivered to New Orleans by COB Friday (139th)

o   LNO attended SAR meeting in Calcasieu Parish (256th)

o   15 LANG soldiers on State Active Duty Orders to assist with monitoring and reporting on NOLA pumps

o   500 cots delivered to Gretna EOC to support possible sheltering operations

o   MSgt Olivier reported to Orleans Parish EOC as LNO

o   LANG personnel will attend SAR meeting in Calcasieu Parish at 1000 25AUG2017

o   LANG personnel will attend NOLA SAR Meeting 1300 25AUG2017.

o   St. Martin Parish to pick up 3 pallets of sandbags from Camp Beauregard 1300 25AUG2017

o   Cameron Parish requested 1 LANG LNO to begin operations on 26AUG2017.  



o   LSP Patrol (Normal staffing levels)

·        Resource status checks have been completed

·        Coordinating with local law enforcement and state agency partners

·        Troops A, B, C, D, I, L, and N are prepared for evacuation, traffic control,   and search and rescue missions

·        Troop D is in contact with Texas DPS, advised that the Texas evacuation routes predominately move to the north and do not involve I-10 into Louisiana.

·        Troops E, F, and G are prepared for shelter security missions

·        TESS personnel are prepared to augment Troops with additional manpower

·        Emergency Services Unit has coordinated with DEQ and private industry for pre-storm safety measures and post-storm response

o   LSP Bureau of Investigations

·        Rapid Response Teams are prepared to augment Troops with additional manpower

·        Gaming Section has begun coordination with Lake Charles properties for activation of their Hurricane Plans

o   LSP Crisis Response Staff has been monitoring storm and providing situational awareness to LSP Command Staff and DPS Agency Heads since last week   

o   LSP Public Affairs

·        PIOs continue to monitor this weather event and communicate preparedness to the public through traditional and social media channels. 

·        PIOs are engaged with our PIO partners at GOHSEP, DOTD and locals agencies to ensure the public has the most recent public safety information regarding the storm.

o   LSP Air Support is standing by for aerial reconnaissance of affected areas

o   LSP Radio Communications

·        Communications assets checked and fully operational

·        Tower sites are fueled

·        Tactical communications equipment checked and ready for deployment

·        Mobile Command Posts ready for deployment

o   Troop D commander has been in contact with Cameron Parish authorities who do not require any LSP assistance at this time

o   Two light plants were requested from LSP and will be delivered.   



o   Discussions on post-storm response have begun.



o   The ESF3 EOC will continue with a partial activation during daylight hours through the weekend and transition to full activation at 6am Monday.  

o   Districts are preparing equipment

o   Coordinating with New Orleans to discuss an accelerated phased limited evacuation due to pump capacity flooding issues

o   Coordinated vehicle staging area (VSA) with Babycakes Baseball; coordinated alternate VSA with Morial Convention Center

o   Alerted vendors of wraparound services at VSA sites

o   Coordinating bus contracts

o   8/25 Meet with Orleans on the use of the UNO Lakefront Arena as a parish Pickup Point



o   Advisory issued to livestock owners to prepare

o   LDAF is available through our Emergency Hotline 1-885-452-5323

o   LDAF CTN pet shelters are on standby for activation

o   Pet NGO's are staging resources for ASAR in Calcaseau parish

o   Coordinated LaSPCA, Orleans parish and surrounding parish animal control agencies for pet sheltering plans

o   Mobile pet shelter and livestock equipment is readied for deployment

o   LDAF fuel stations are prepared for activation in the event of a commercial fuel disruption

o   Measures in place to release USDA food commodities for mass feeding



o   Emergency Response and Regional staff are on standby and making preparations to respond

o   Contacted EPA and ESF-10 partners (LSP & LOSCO) to discuss post-storm response coordination.

o   Radiation licensees in the anticipated impacted area will be contacted to discuss storm preparations and contingencies of radiological sources 

o   Discussions with FEMA Region 6, Waterford 3, and Riverbend Station; both facilities are enacting the preliminary stages of their Severe Weather plans



o   Conducted initial response assessments, including agent availability and SAR equipment readiness, etc.

o   Participated in a meeting with Calcasieu Parish with local leaders



o   Liaison deputies are in contact with OEP offices in effected area.

o   ESF-4 has notified the States Fire Service along with USAR teams.

o   ESF-4 moved our mobile command unit to stage in Lafayette, La. Pending deployment forward.



o   CPRA is currently coordinating with our field offices to gather updates on:

·        Projects under construction. We want to make sure that our contractors follow their approved severe weather plans as required. (We have been in contact with field offices since 8/16) All contractors are following their severe weather plans.

·        Local flood authorities’ and USACE’s preparation activities. We want to make sure that the flood protection infrastructure is operated appropriately and become aware of any issues or anticipated issues ASAP. (We have been in contact with levee districts since 8/17)

o   Out of an abundance of caution the Lake Borgne Surge Barrier By-Pass (barge) Gate was closed 8/23/2017.

o   CPRA Water Control Projects are generally closed when a TS enters the gulf. The following are currently closed: Davis Pond Freshwater Diversion, Caernarvon Freshwater Diversion, Naomi Siphon (freshwater diversion), West Point a la Hache Siphon (freshwater diversion) – was closed previously due to USACE levee work, Cameron Creole – all gates closed except the Grand Bayou boat bay.

o   Terrebonne Levee and Conservation District (TLCD) plans to begin closing some non-essential gates 8/25

o   All gates on the Cameron Creole Watershed Structure are closed -  



o   Sent advisory (email blast) to all oil and gas operators to take necessary measures and precautions to minimize environmental impacts due to releases resulting from damage to infrastructure.



o   All utilities have activated their Emergency Service Plans. The PSC will begin to provide outage reports if/when they occur.

o   Cleco has all of their crews and contractor crews on stand-by, and equipment has been secured in preparation for outage response. They are in contact with elected officials, industrial customers, and business leaders to remind them of their storm processes and to offer continued access during this time.

o   Entergy has made preparation efforts, especially concerning flooding in areas that have flooded before. They are addressing potential flooding of substations by relocating the equipment in low-lying areas, and having Tiger Dams and Hesco Baskets on stand-by for deployment.

o   Entergy is also working with Jefferson Parish officials and the PSC to coordinate a plan to help preserve the pumping capacity at Pumping Station 6. That work is finished and included adding a third power source from Entergy Louisiana to the existing two power sources from Entergy New Orleans (which is not regulated by the LPSC). This ensures alternate sources of power are available always.  



o   The Agents of LBI are on standby and available to assist with any law enforcement issues upon request

o   Consumer Protection Outreach teams are available to disseminate information to consumers in affected areas in the aftermath of the storm

o   The LA DOJ Consumer Protection Hotline is manned



o   Monitoring WebEOC and participating in GOHSEP and NWS conference calls.



o   DCFS ESF-6 Staff have been placed on "ALERT" response level today (8/24)

o   DCFS Regional Coordinators continue to communicate with local partners for ESF-6 assistance in projected affected areas

o   Received Sex Offender data base from LSP and will load in the Phoenix system in preparation for registration if needed

o   Working with GOHSEP and City of New Orleans on modified City Assisted Evacuation Plan

o   Working to ensure our CTN Shelters are set up and ready

o   Will participate with the City of New Orleans meeting at UNO (8/25) for a new Parish Pickup Point

o   Monitoring the mandatory evacuation of Cameron Parish and any sheltering requirements



o   Medical facilities have been placed on alert to conduct readiness for both SIP and evacuation plans.

o   Gap analysis has been conducted, and LDH staff and surge contracts and federal ESF-08 are on standby.



o   Mass feeding contractors have been placed on standby and are prepared for deployment



o   Communicating with local facilities to provide support as needed



o   Participating in Regional and National readiness and preparedness calls

o   Region has initiated readiness and preparedness activities to support any response

o   DR 400-18 has been issued for Red Cross response

o   Parish based Red Cross workforce is talking with local OEP offices

o   Continue close communication with DCFS for planning efforts

o   Continuing to proactively recruit and train volunteers

o   Continue to participate in meetings with GOHSEP/DCFS/City of New Orleans on the modified City Assisted Evacuation Plan

o   Proactively providing safety and preparedness messages through news media outlets and social media

o   Proactively reaching out to Elected Officials across Louisiana  

o   General Population Shelter has been identified and placed on "Standby" for the residents of Cameron Parish



o   Participating in Territorial Salvation Army Hurricane taskforce calls

o   Personnel, equipment and liaison are on standby

o   Conduct an ALM Divisional Hurricane Task Force Call on Friday, 25 August 2017.

o   The Southern Territory has activated its amateur radio SATERN (Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network) Net for Saturday,26 August 2017 to receive on-scene situational awareness reports and any emergency, priority or health & welfare messages.



o   Mercy Chefs and Operation BBQ Relief are on standby and are ready to deploy for emergency feeding operations.

o   Crisis Cleanup is likely activating Thursday for TX/LA response.




ACADIA (Declaration Received)

o   Parish is checking resources, reviewing plans, and ensuring key personnel are on standby if needed

o   Parish sandbag locations (by appointment, limit 12 bags per household, ID required)

·        Branch Barn: 144 Bias Road, Branch, LA

·        Crowley Barn: 247 Roller Road, Crowley, LA

·        Iota Barn: 540 Kennedy Ave., Iota, LA

o   Municipal sandbag locations (ID required)

·        Crowley (6 bag limit): 220 Jack Mitchell Dr., Crowley, LA (7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.)

·        Morse: (4 bag limit): 215 South Jules Ave., Morse, LA (1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.)



o   Emergency Declaration paperwork is being filed

o   Sand and sandbags are available at all Parish Barns



o   Ascension Parish crews are filling sandbags and transporting them to the following designated fire stations throughout the jurisdiction:

·        7th District VFD on Roddy Road

·        St. Amant VFD Station 60 on Stringer Bridge Road

·        Geismar VFD on HWY 73

·        5th Ward VFD on HWY 22

·        Prairieville Fire Department on HWY 73

·        Church Street in Donaldsonville near LaLa Field

o   Loose sand and empty sandbags are being prepared for distribution at all fire stations and at the curve in HWY 431 at Lake Martin (Please bring shovels and man power to fill bags at these locations)

o   DPW crews are checking pumps at all three pump stations and maximizing fuel storage at each location

o   Portable pumps are being delivered to problem areas where past localized flash flooding has occurred (Bullock Subdivision, Southwood Subdivision, Astroland Subdivision)

o   DPW crews are being assigned 24/7 at pump stations and to general emergency operations

o   Crews are monitoring problem areas of parish for debris that may hinder drainage

o   River elevations and storm predictions are being monitored to determine the need to begin pumping operations All inland waterways and low-lying areas in Ascension Parish are being monitored

o   Preparations are being made in the event that a shelter is needed



o   Sand and Sandbags have been distributed to the normal sand sites throughout the parish

o   All generators and pumps have been check and are ready to be used should the need arise



o   Public Works Director has crews out cleaning ditches & culverts in flood prone areas, all municipality asked to do the same

o   Sand and sand bags are in place ready to distribute if needed

o   In contact with Central LA Red Cross should the need for sheltering arise

o   Emergency declaration is in progress


BEAUREGARD (Declaration Received)

o   Sandbags are available at locations across the parish.

o   Parish will start scheduled Unified Command Meetings on 8/25, one in afternoon as of now.

o   School board will make a determination on closing schools next week (open on 8/25).

o   Emergency declaration has been submitted.



o   Sent situational awareness email to Parish President, Parish Administrator, Police Jurors, Parish Engineer, Bossier City Mayor and Bossier Parish Sheriff

o   Will call PEMAC meeting if the conditions continue to deteriorate and significant severe weather affects our area.


CALCASIEU (Declaration Received)

o   EOC is working extended hours

o   Executive Policy Group Meeting, Region 5 Directors conference call, VOAD meeting and Port Coordination Team Planning meeting conducted

o   SAR planning meeting conducted 8/24, next meeting scheduled 1000 8/25

o   VOAD has placed 4 shelter teams on standby

o   Prepared to assist Cameron Parish admin, OHSEP and equipment move to Calcasieu Parish, both directors in close communication

o   Sandbag points are open

o   Continue public outreach through local TV interviews and social media

o   Monitoring evacuation routes through the Parish to assist Cameron Parish in their mandatory evacuation


CAMERON (Declaration Received)

o   Parish equipment moved north to higher ground

o   OHSEP will be relocating operations by 8 AM Friday to Cameron Parish National Wildlife Refuge

o   Parish Police Jury offices will be relocating to Calcasieu Parish to resume operations 8/28

o   Parish is issuing a mandatory order of evacuation for all areas south of the Intracoastal Water Way as of 6:00 a.m. on Friday, August 25. This includes the communities of Hackberry, Johnson Bayou, Holly Beach, Cameron, Creole, Grand Chenier and Big Lake.

o   A mandatory evacuation has been issued for all areas south of the Intracoastal Water Way (NOT the entire Parish)

o   School and government building are closed



o   Crews filling and distributing sandbags

o   Drain off areas are being cleaned out in anticipation of heavy rain



o   Parish will file an Emergency Declaration on 8/25.



o   Preliminary sandbagging efforts underway at 8 locations; sand and empty bags will be available beginning 8/25 at 12:00 PM

o   Parish declaration in progress, will be signed 8/25



o   Iberia Parish has sandbags at the following fire stations: (Shovels will not be provided and residents should be prepared to fill their own sandbags)

·        B.O.M Fire Station

·        Grand Marais Fire Station

·        Coteau Fire Station

·        Rynella Fire Station

·        Delcambre City Barn

·        Loreauville Park

·        Lydia Fire Station

o   The City of New Iberia will start distributing filled sandbags 8/25 from 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at 907 Fulton St in New Iberia.  There will also be sand and bags at 401 N. Landry Dr in New Iberia (Acadian Ballpark.)  Residents need to bring a shovel and be prepared to fill their own bags at that location.  


IBERVILLE (Declaration Received)

o   Parish officials as well as mayors are aware of the current situation and making appropriate preparations for the heavy rainfall predicted for our area. 

o   Sandbags are being filled and available at the Parish Maintenance Complex

o   Emergency plans are being activated to minimize flooding


JEFFERSON DAVIS (Declaration Received)

o   As a precaution, the Jefferson Davis Parish Police Jury have made sandbags and sand available to residents of Jefferson Davis Parish. Self-service sandbags and sand are available in the following locations:

·        Jennings Police Jury Road Yard on Airport Road

·        Lake Arthur Community Center (Pick up bag first at Lake Arthur Police Department)

·        Woodlawn Fire Station

·        Welsh Police Jury Yard across from Welsh Community Center

·        Hathaway Fire Station on Hwy 102

·        Fenton Police Jury Yard on Estes Road

·        Lacassine Fire Station 17155 Hwy 90 -Elton City Hall



o   Sandbags are available throughout the Parish



o   Sand and bags will be available for self-fill by residents at all field offices and the following satellite locations:  **Residents should bring shovels for self-fill**

·        Lafourche Fire District #3 Central Station: 17462 West Main, Galliano

·        Oak Ridge Community Park: Golden Meadow

·        Lockport Field Office: 6236 Hwy 308, Lockport

·        Raceland AG Grounds parking lot: Texas Street

·        Thibodaux Field Office: 2565 Veterans Blvd.

·        Bayou Blue Recreation Grounds: Hwy 316 South of Hwy 182

·        Choctaw Field Office: 122 Choctaw Barn Road

·        Bayou Bouef Bridge: Hwy 307

·        Chackbay Fair Grounds: Hwy 304

o   The Parish will provide filled sandbags for the elderly and disabled at all Field Offices beginning 8/25 from 8am-11am. Demand will be assessed should hours need to be extended.

·        Thibodaux Field Office: 2565 Veterans Blvd.

·        Raceland Field Office: 129 Texas St

·        Choctaw Field Office: 122 Choctaw Road

·        Bayou Blue Field Office: 104 Myrtle Place

·        Lockport Field Office: 6236 Hwy 308

·        Galliano Field Office: 128 W-97th Street

o   Standard field office hours: 6:30 AM to 5:00 PM Monday to Thursday

o   Please contact the main switchboard for assistance 24/7 at 985-446-8427 or 985-537-7603.



o   Sandbag preparations started 8/24/2017

o   Sandbags can be picked up at City of Natchitoches Public Works, on Mill Street


RAPIDES (Declaration Received)

o   Sand & sandbags distribution points activated and communicated via local media

o   City of Alexandria has made declaration & request for pumps submitted

o   Red Cross is placing two (2) reception centers on standby



o   Internal Parish Government meeting on 8/27 at 0900



o   We have started daily weather briefings with our staff an Parish council

o   Public Works crews are testing pumps and cleaning catch basins

o   We also have sandbags available for residents at the following locations:

·        St. John Community Center, LaPlace

·        Railroad Avenue Fire Station , Reserve

·        Ezekiel Jackson Park - Garyville

·        Wallace Fire Station

·        Lucy Fire Station

·        Westbank Complex

·        Pleasure Bend Fire Station


ST. LANDRY (Declaration Received)

o   Submitted emergency declaration


ST. MARTIN (Declaration Received)

o   Sand bags will be available for residents of upper St. Martin Parish beginning at 1:00 p.m. until 6:00 p.m. 8/24, and from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. 8/25 until further notice at the following locations: (Residents are encouraged to bring a shovel and be prepared to fill your own sandbags)

·        South Barn-Off of Capritto Forty Arpent Road

·        Ruth Bridge Barn-Ruth Bridge

·        City Of Breaux Bridge-Old DOTD site located at the corner of Refinery and Berard Street


ST. MARY (Declaration Received)

o   Two locations have been established for sandbags if needed:

·        Parish barn at the Hanson canal and Highway 182

·        Parish Barn on Hwy 182 at the Water Tower



o   The Terrebonne Parish Levee District is monitoring water levels at all floodgates

o   Terrebonne Parish is keeping the public notified of NWS weather updates through social networking and local media

o   The Terrebonne Parish Public Works Division has placed sand and sandbags at the following locations: 

o   Adult Softball Complex on Airbase

o   Cannata’s West

o   Knights of Columbus Hall in Pointe-aux-Chenes

o   Upper Dularge Fire Station

o   Bayou Black Fire Station

o   Ward 7 in Chauvin

o   West Terrebonne East Fire Station

o   West Terrebonne Central Fire Station

o   Bobtown Volunteer Fire Station

o   Mechanicville Gym

o   Montegut Fire Station

o   St. Ann Church in Bourg

o   Houma-Terrebonne Civic Center

o   The Terrebonne Parish Public Works Department is offering up to (30) filled sandbags per person at the Public Works Yard (near Shannon Hardware) located at 1860 Grand Caillou, Houma, La 8/25 & 8/26 from 7:00 AM to 5:30 PM

o   Terrebonne Levee and Conservation District has closed the Placid Canal floodgate, Upper Little Caillou Auxiliary Gate and Humble Canal 

o   The following gates are planned for closure 8/25: Gibson and Bush Canal.  The gates located in Lower Dularge, Bayou Grand Caillou and Cocodrie gates may be closed Saturday (Depending on the weather forecast and location of Hurricane Harvey, the gate closure schedule may change)


VERMILION (Declaration Received)

o   Will call for a voluntary evacuation 8/25 of low lying areas below Highway 14


VERNON (Declaration Received)

o   Parish and City of Leesville have made sandbags available to residents

o   Notifying the public via social networking and local media

o   Two shelters on standby in the event sheltering is needed

o   Parish Police Jury is securing more sand bags for the residents



o   Sandbagging operations are being pre-positioned for public distribution

o   All agencies on standby beginning pre-storm activities

o   Updates being sent out via social media


For more information on the Tropical Weather Outlook, visit:  


5 Day Outlook:


GOHSEP Operations is monitoring the situation and will continue to update and report as needed.


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