News Alert: GOHSEP Tropical Weather SITREP August 31, 2017 As of 6:00 PM
Posted: 9/1/2017 8:11:14 AM
Louisiana Business Emergency Operations Center

GOHSEP Tropical Weather SITREP

August 31, 2017

As of 6:00 PM

 State EOC Activation Level: Level I

State Declaration Proclamation Number 104 JBE 2017 State of Emergency – Tropical Storm Harvey

Federal Declaration of Emergency FEMA – 3382 – EM - LA


Tropical Weather Outlook: The National Hurricane Center is monitoring Tropical Depression Harvey. Please monitor your local National Weather Service for the latest updates.


Tropical Depression Harvey – The center of Tropical Depression Harvey was located near latitude 33.8 North, longitude 90.5 West. Tropical Depression Harvey is moving toward the northeast and is expected to continue this motion over the next 48 hours. This forecast track takes Harvey into the Tennessee Valley on Thursday night and Friday, and moving into the Ohio Valley States on Friday night and Saturday as a post-tropical low. The minimum central pressure is 1000 mb. Tropical Depression Harvey is expected to produce 2 to 5 inches of rain from western to central Tennessee and western to central Kentucky into extreme southeastern Indiana, southern Ohio and west central West Virginia.   


 **Updates to this report will be in Red Text**





·        EOC manned 24 hour operations

·        A WebEOC Event has been created for this event (17-025 Tropical System Harvey – Statewide – August)

·        Conducting daily Southwest and North/Central Hurricane Task Force conference calls

·        Conducting daily Orleans Parish coordination calls

·        Participating in daily Texas Operations conference calls

·        Participating in 5 daily National Weather Service conference calls

·        Unified Command Group Meetings scheduled

·        Received State Emergency Declaration 8/24

·        Supporting EMAC requests for Texas

·        Received Federal Declaration of Emergency including Acadia, Allen, Beauregard, Calcasieu, Cameron, Iberia, Jefferson Davis, Natchitoches, Rapides, Sabine, Vermilion and Vernon.

·        Distributed 470,000 sandbags, 105 tarps 7,902 bottles of water and 8,064 MREs



·        GOHSEP's Public Assistance (PA) Division is aware of the Emergency Declaration (EM) that has been awarded to Beauregard, Calcasieu, Cameron, Jefferson Davis and Vermillion Parishes

·        GOHSEP PA has sent out an email blast to all contacts in the declared parishes with information about the Emergency Declaration and how to submit a Request for Public Assistance (RPA)

·        PA received two (2) RPA for the declaration, validated and forwarded those requests to FEMA for approval

·        PA continues to monitor RPA submissions and coordinate Applicant Briefings with the affected parishes

·        The original request to FEMA re: EM-3382 regarding the previously approved five (5) parishes has been amended to add Category A

·        Additionally, the following seven (7) parishes have been added to the Federal Declaration of Emergency: Allen, Acadia, Iberia, Natchitoches, Rapides, Sabine and Vernon.

·        Parish PDA’s have been requested as follows:

o   Public Assistance:

§  Cameron Parish – 9/5/17

§  Vernon Parish – 9/8/17

§  De Soto Parish – Coordinating w/Parish to schedule

§  Jefferson Davis Parish – Coordinating w/Parish to schedule

o   Individual Assistance

§  Vernon – 9/6/17 (Tentative) 


·        JOC and TAC are maintaining Level 3 operations to meet response requirements

·        15 LANG soldiers on State Active Duty Orders to assist with monitoring and reporting on NOLA pumps

·        LANG has 993 personnel working Harvey Operations

·        139th relocated 6 FEMA trailers to JB.

·        Moved commodities to MCC & Landry Walker HS

·        5 of 20 HWV and 4 of 6 boats for SAR staged in Lake Charles

·        Total Rescues: 116 people, 8 pets

o   Texas Evacuation Total – 516 People, 15 pets

·        Moved shelter supplies from McNeese to Lake Charles Civic Center

·        Repositioning to Terrebonne, New Iberia & St. John

·        JAOC, Air Coordination Group, ULE, ESF 16 activated



·        Rescued 114 persons from Texas as of 8/30



·        LWIN: All LWIN Tower Sites are in Wide Area Operations with no issues

o   LWIN Deployable Tower Trailer 96 is deployed to Port Arthur TX. Hosted at Port Arthur City  Hall and currently in wide area operations with Satellite backhaul

§  INTEROP talk groups 6-10 assigned for SAR in TX; POC Bob Wolf, State Fire Marshall

·        20 EFJ Portable radios with batteries, 6 spare batteries, 4 portable antennas and 1 bank charger requested by Troop G for Hurricane Shelter Operations are en route by Radio Communications Personnel

·        40 Portable radios, 1 P-com and backup generator are in preparation for deployment to IC staging area in Orange, TX by Radio Communications personnel today

·        Two (2) light plants were requested from LSP

·        LSP EOC still at partial activation of CIMS Team Personnel.

·        LSP personnel are in the Orange, TX area assisting with evacuations from Orange to Burton via escorts of busses into and out of TX

·        Troop E currently providing 4 Troopers w/4 Troopers from Troop F to escort busses of evacuees from the Lake Charles Mega shelter

·        Lake Charles Mega shelter being secured with 1 Lt, 4 Sergeants, 6 Troopers & 2 Investigators

·        One (1) LSP TESS Trooper assigned to security at the LDAF refuel site at the Lake Charles Civic Center for the Cajun Navy rescue boats.

·        Due to traffic backups on I-10 traveling west into Texas, LSP Troop D is now diverting I-10 W/B traffic at I-49 as they coordinate with Texas DPS.

·        Coordinated with TX DPS to obtain current TX Sex Offender Registry to DCFS for entry into Phoenix Shelter Registration System

·        Texas DPS advised that I-10W in Orange, TX is closed at Exit 878

·        LSP providing escorts to LANG and Calcasieu Parish school buses in Orange, TX

·        LSP providing escorts of buses from Burton Coliseum and the shelter Alexandria

·        LSP providing security to the shelter in Alexandria



·        District personnel in the southwest portion of the state are on 24-hour operations

·        Coordinated vehicle staging area (VSA) with Babycakes Baseball; coordinated alternate VSA with Morial Convention Center

·        Issued a Waiver Order allowing oversized and overweight vehicles responding to Hurricane Harvey to travel state roadways without required permits

·        Placed District 4 personnel on standby for VSA & shelter support operations

·        Placed TX  Host State LNO’s on standby

·        Maintaining contact with coach bus vendor and keeping them on standby if state provided transportation is required 

·        Please utilize for an updated list of road closures

·        Provided 5 coach buses to assist in the evacuation of Orange, TX

·        Providing an additional 16 coach buses to transport evacuees from Burton Coliseum to Alexandria



·        LDAF is available through our Emergency Hotline 1-885-452-5323

·        Coordinated LaSPCA, Orleans parish and surrounding parish animal control agencies for pet sheltering plans

·        Mobile pet shelter and livestock equipment is readied for deployment

·        LDAF fuel stations are prepared for activation in the event of a commercial fuel disruption

·        Measures in place to release USDA food commodities for mass feeding

·        Pet NGO’s are activated and coordinating with Parish Animal control and staging boat teams and resources for ASAR

·        Daily refueling operation ongoing at Lake Charles Civic Center for ‘Cajun Navy,’ SAR efforts including security detail.

·        Alexandria Pet Shelter opened 8/30; currently boarding 43 dogs, 18 cats; Expanded to 500 pets 8/31 at Noon

·        50,000 gallons of diesel are being sent to Chennault International Airport to fuel 70 coach busses staged for evacuee movement



·        Discussions with FEMA Region 6, Waterford 3, and Riverbend Station; both facilities enacted the preliminary stages of their Severe Weather plans

·        LDEQ Fuel Waiver Request granted by EPA; uploaded to WebEOC 



·        EMAC request received from Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) for SAR assistance. LDWF/ENF is sending 4 Alpha Teams (10 agents, 10 trucks and 10 boats in each Alpha Team)

·        LDWF/LED has rescued a total of 28 people and 2 dogs

·        LDWF conducting SAR operations in Texas – 32 agents (15 day/17 night), 29 trucks, and 29 boats

·        LDWF is coordinating with Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office for security patrols along Sabine River



·        Fire Marshal Deputies facilitated dispatching Swift Water Rescue Teams to 3 areas of Lake Charles that took on 3 feet of water in residential areas. Teams successfully rescued 84 people.

o   4 Swift Water Rescue boat teams from USAR RRT-6 Pineville assigned to Lake Charles FD have been released to return home



·        Out of an abundance of caution the Lake Borgne Surge Barrier By-Pass (barge) Gate was closed 8/23

·        Water Control Projects currently closed: Davis Pond Freshwater Diversion, Caernarvon Freshwater Diversion, Naomi Siphon (freshwater diversion), West Point a la Hache Siphon (freshwater diversion) – was closed previously due to USACE levee work, Cameron Creole – all gates closed except Grand Bayou boat bay

·        All gates on the Cameron Creole Watershed Structure are closed

·        CPRA personnel completed an inspection of the Henderson levee areas of concern along the LA 352 area. No major immediate danger of levee slope stability failures was observed during this inspection. A shallow sloughing area near the LA 352 highway edge may warrant further attention.



·        Power outages as of 1800 were 2,004. Parish outage report in WebEOC

·        No parishes are more than 1% out at this time. Remaining customers without power are mostly due to flooding or damage to their homes.   

·        All companies reporting that restoration should be completed within 24 hours to all homes able to take power

·        In Beauregard Parish, Sugartown has poles down and the water is too deep for access; off-road equipment will be needed to restore power; residents there should prepare for extended outages today

·        Longville had trees fall into wires and poles; will require extensive repairs once the swift water recedes



·        DCI partnered with LDAF to assemble 116 pet air crates; transported to Burton Coliseum in Lake Charles for pet pickup and transport to the Alexandria Pet Shelter. Assembled by the Dog and Cat Shelter located at DCI

·        Staff from Angola dispatched for SAR arrived in Orange, TX at 10am to join with LDWF

·        DOC providing 5-6 inmates for custodial support to Alexandria Mega shelter

·        Opened Air-Conditioned refuge at La Workforce in DeQuincy (can accommodate 60 persons) for personnel assigned to SAR mission. See WebEOC for additional details re: facility usage



·        Consumer Protection educational and storm related materials have been delivered to the following Parishes: Ascension, Assumption, Cameron, East Baton Rouge, Iberville, Lafourche, Plaquemines, St. Charles, St. James, St. John the Baptist, St. Mary, Terrebonne, Vermilion & West Baton Rouge. Materials were also delivered to shelters at North Vermilion High School.  



·        Received Sex Offender data base from LSP and loaded it in the Phoenix system in preparation for registration if needed

·        Working to ensure our CTN Shelters are set up and ready

·        DCFS has placed registration teams and shelter teams at a Standby response level in support of Tropical System Harvey (8-27-17)

·        DCFS Parish LNOs have reported to Calcasieu Parish and Vermillion Parish 8/28/17.

·        DCFS EOC manned for 24 hour operations

·        7 Shelters Open – 1 State, 4 ARC, 2 Parish

·        Population Count as of 8/31/17 Noon is 1,679 (1,445 evacuees from Texas)

o   As of 5:30pm 8/31 DCFS is reporting 1,041 TX residents at the Mega shelter

o   Busses are staged at the Burton Coliseum & the Lake Charles Civic Center; DCFS is assisting with manifesting & registering those being transported

·        3 ARC Shelter

·        1 Parish Shelter

·        Population is increasing at Lake Charles Civic Center due to evacuations of Port Arthur evacuees. 

·        Burton Coliseum is open in Calcasieu Parish (ARC Managed). It is being used as a reception center for the overflow from the Lake Charles Civic Center.

·        DCFS has registration teams located at the Lake Charles Civic Center and Burton Coliseum registering Texas evacuees.

·        The Alexandria Mega Shelter has been activated and began receiving Texas evacuees from Burton Coliseum at 10:30pm 8/30. As of 6am, 625 departed, 515 arrived & 110 are en route.

·        DCFS working with ARC for updated population counts for Burton.



·        Mobile Ambulance Processing Site (Mobile APS) teams have been identified and trained

·        Two (2) Federal Medical Stations (FMS) are being pre-staged in Baton Rouge

·        ESF8 requested a statewide mandatory bed poll of Hospitals and Nursing Homes.  The information will establish hospital bed availability for both in-state movement and beds available for Texas.  The information from NHs will provide assessment of current status.   

·        14 Public Water Systems (PWS’s) on a Boil Water Advisory (BWA) related to Hurricane Harvey (Beauregard has 1 for 8 homes total), Calcasieu has 6, Natchitoches & Winn have 2 and Vernon, Ouachita & De Soto each have 1. Full list available in WebEOC SITREP.

·        DHHS has declared a Public Health Emergency in LA

·        2 Disaster Medical Assistance Teams and Rapid Deployment Force Team and pre-staged in Baton Rouge

·        Intermediate Care Facilities: 3 facilities have evacuated to sister facilities or hotels as a precautionary measure; 1 has returned to normal operation; 1 returned to limited operation

·        Home/Community Based Services Waiver Participants:

o   OOAS is monitoring 2,063 recipients: 1831 have been contacted; 21 have evacuated in-state with family & 1 evacuated out-of-state (Newton, TX)

o   OCDD is tracking/reporting on 1,681 participants: 123 have been evacuated with friends/family or staff

·        Nursing Homes: 4 Nursing homes previously reported in MSTAT conversions on generator power have returned; 8 TX assisted living residents along with 3 staff evacuated to Golden Age of Welsh in LA

·        Methodist Children’s Home in Calcasieu Parish relocated clients to The Owl Center in Lincoln Parish

·        Rural Health Clinics: Hackberry RHC, Johnson Bayou & Vinton Medical RHC’s closed during the day; no water intrusion but each have access concerns

·        End Stage Renal Disease – The FMCNA – Abbeville clients are being handled at alternate sites (access concerns but no water intrusion)



·        Jackson: No problems at this time.  Prepared to receive veterans from any other LDVA long-term care homes that may need to evacuate

·        Veterans Cemeteries (4) – Slidell, Leesville, Keithville, Rayville – All cemeteries are open w/no issues

·        Alexandria-area Veterans Assistance Counselors are in contact w/and assisting federal VA personnel  with veteran’s needs assessments at the LSU Ag Center open at LSU-A



·        Provided meals for Alexandria Mega shelter:

o   1,000 for Lunch/Dinner

o   Coordination for feeding shelter tomorrow has been made at 1,600 per meal



·        DR 400-18 has been issued for Red Cross response

·        Complete call-down of ARC volunteers

·        Recruit and train 300 EBV for sheltering activities

·        Continue EOL (Elected Official Liaison) network communication

·        Maintain active communication with local Offices of Emergency Management to determine timing and requirements related to sheltering and evacuation needs

·        Continue to participate in ARC Regional and National Readiness Leadership Calls

·        Continue to provide safety and preparedness messages through news media outlets and social media

·        Provided Population Count for Grace Christian Center Shelter to DCFS and potential Stand-by shelters

·        Briefed and provided State shelter reporting process to DRO/NHQ FROST Leadership Team

·        Working with Calcasieu and Washington Parish to identify a shelter outside the category 4 storm surge area and placing it on “stand by”

·        With TS Harvey making landfall and unable to produce storm surge, ARC is now able to shelter & support in storm surge areas

·        Supported coordination sheltering with GOHSEP/DCFS regarding Texas Evacuees

·        Coordinated with ESF-8 to find resources for medical issues for respiratory needs at Burton Coliseum

·        Sent 1,700 shelf stable meals to support Burton Coliseum; prepositioned shelter supplies; arranged for food, blankets, and clothing

·        Coordinated with DCFS for shelter support at the Vernon Parish Fairground



·        Participating in Territorial Salvation Army Hurricane taskforce calls

·        Conducting daily ALM Divisional Hurricane Taskforce Calls

·        Monitor Salvation Army National / International amateur radio frequency for situation reports and emergency, priority or health & welfare messages out of the affected areas of Louisiana and Texas while monitoring SA’s other states in the Division (AL & MS)

·        The Salvation Army helped participated in the initial Louisiana Mass Feeding Task Force (LMFTF) this afternoon at 1500 hrs.  The purpose was to do a general assessment of each primary organization's readiness should mass feeding be needed in Louisiana for this event.  The LMFTF also discussed any challenges they believe would be faced in the event of a mass feeding operation and potential feeding operations that they might be tasked with.

·        The Lake Charles Corps, in coordination with other area NGOs, coordinating and supervising the food service at the Lake Charles Civic Center.

o   Through 8/31, approximately 4,800 meals were served

§  900 of these were sent to Burton Coliseum on 8/30

§  250 sent to the shelter in Orange, TX on 8/30

·        Have deployed an Incident Management Assistance Team (IMAT) and 6 canteens (mobile kitchens) and 1 shower trailer to Beaumont, TX. They will be staged in Lake Charles, LA until able to get to Beaumont.



·        Mercy Chefs and Operation BBQ Relief are on standby and are ready to deploy for emergency feeding operations

·        Crisis Cleanup is likely activating Thursday for TX/LA response

·        Crisis Cleanup Multi-Agency Homeowner Assistance toll-free number launched. Homeowners can call 800-451-1954. The hotline is currently scheduled to remain live through September 15th.

·        LAVOAD partners and community members are seeing a migration of survivors from TX arriving and requesting financial and housing assistance.  LAVOAD pushed out resources for Texas survivors to members for distribution to the community.

·        Participation in Louisiana Disaster Housing Task Force Conference Call

·        Vet need for clothing coordination for TX evacuees for shelter operations



·        Activated business continuity plans

·        Communicating with 6th District and local management teams

·        Evacuation sites have been placed on stand-by should they be needed for our Tier-1 teams



·        LED’s Business Expansion and Retention Group (BERG) has conducted targeted outreach with major industrial trade associations, key economic driver companies, port assets and rail assets to ascertain any impacts. LED team members remain in contact with those key economic development partners and are prepared to provide support as needed if conditions worsen.

·        Consulted FEMA, Region 6 to determine the status of any Disaster Recovery Center openings. It is too soon in the process for openings at this time.

·        The U.S. Small Business Association (SBA) in Louisiana reports it is too early to make any determinations on the need for Business Recovery Centers. If any were to open, an attempt would be made to co-locate with a FEMA Disaster Recovery Center.

·        There are no plans to activate the Louisiana Business Emergency Operations Center (LA BEOC) at this time. Opening would be triggered by GOHSEP.

·        In the Southwest Region, most major industries are proceeding with normal operations.



·        Provided 5 vehicles, 4 boats, and 10 officers from Angola to assist in rescue operation in Texas



 ** Reference WebEOC or contact Parish OEP for Sandbag distribution information and locations**


ACADIA (Declaration Received)

·        A tornado spotted in Egan heading toward Iota; slight damage to a roof/awning on a home in Egan was reported

o   4 homes on Riverside Drive reported structural damage to their homes:

§  3067 Riverside – Completely destroyed.

§  3066 Riverside – (Mobile Home) moved from its blocks and its awning and a small outbuilding were damaged.

§  3081 Riverside – Roof and fence damaged; truck and motorcycle also damaged

§  3087 Riverside – Roof Damage

§  1815 Evangeline Hwy was flipped over; reported by SLEMCO employee near 3 downed poles


·        Voluntary Evacuation will be issued for western Acadiana (Mermentau Cove, Basile etc)


ALLEN (Declaration Received)

·        The Parish Mobile Command Post has been moved to the Oakdale Fire station

·        Check of all lower lying areas and roadways has commenced and will continue until conditions are deemed safe for our residents

·        Calcasieu River in Oakdale at 9’; expected flooding of low lying homes in areas near the River

·        Fire Stations and Emergency Rescue Boat Crews will maintain operation status through tonight  8/30/17

·        LDWF boats have stood down

·        Requested thirty cots and bed clothing for shelter in Oakdale @ Bread of Life Christian center which is requesting assistance to help house evacuees from Texas

·        A number of parish roads have water across them, expecting to drain today. Trees have come down impacting Town Kinder and Oberlin parish emergency services handling all incidents emergencies at present.

·        OEP has been stood down and parish returning to day to day operations.

·        Rescues were performed in and around the Reeves area along with Oakdale by parish departments. 

·        No power outages or significant damage reported at present. Flooding is expecting to occur in areas that normally flood and will be handled by parish services. Wild life and fisheries boats have been stood down.



·        Portable pumps delivered to problem areas where past localized flash flooding has occurred (Bullock Subdivision, Southwood Subdivision, Astroland Subdivision)

·        DPW reported all three pumping stations are operational and fuel storage is optimal

·        Preparations are being made in the event that a shelter is needed

·        Emergency refueling plan has been activated


AVOYELLES (Declaration Received)

·        Public Works Director has crews out cleaning ditches & culverts in flood prone areas, all municipality asked to do the same


BEAUREGARD (Declaration Received)

·        Damage Assessments on 8/31

·        1st Baptist Church opened as a shelter

·        Met with DOTD about the dams located at Vernon and Anacoco Lakes

·        11 Gates at Toledo Bend are opened at 4’. Gates at Merryville & Deweyville continue to rise

·        Local residents along the Sabine River are strongly recommended to voluntarily evacuate in advance of expected high water



·        Manpower and equipment for search and rescue on stand-by

·        No shelters are expected to be opened, but several sites have been identified


CADDO (Declaration Received)

·        Public works in the City and Parish are cleaning culverts and drainage canals

·        ARC opened General Population Shelter at Morning Star Baptist (Jewella Ave) 

·        State Fairgrounds Livestock Barn Pet Shelter on standby

·        PODS open in Bossier City Maintenance Facility, Haughton, Plain Dealing, East 80, and South Bossier Fire Departments.

·        PODS open at Bossier Parish Police Jury Maintenance Facility in Benton (all open 7am-8pm) 


CALCASIEU (Declaration Received)

·        SAR planning meeting conducted 8/24 & 8/25

·        Recreational water traffic stopped on 8/26 at 0800 on Ship Canal, Calcasieu River tributaries north of I-10

·        West Cal Area and Burton Coliseum will be “Lilly Pads” for SAR; citizens will be triaged and shelters set up as needed; ARC assessing shelter locations in Dequincy

·        Flooded areas impacted approximately 5000 people and 2000 houses

·        Conducted 125 missions and rescued approximately 500 people from flooded areas; SAR ongoing

·        Governor Edwards was briefed by local leadership after traveling to Calcasieu area

·        Opened Mega shelter at the Lake Charles Civic Center; Transferred all citizens from smaller shelter to Mega shelter

·        Will conduct operational planning meeting 8/31 about Sabine River flooding

·        ARC opened Shelter at Burton Coliseum

·        Shelter Drop Off/Transportation ongoing

·        Approximately 700 people moved from Orange to LC Civic Center/Burton Coliseum as of 8pm 8/30

·        Started movement from Burton Coliseum to Alexandria; buses set to begin as of 10pm

·        Operational Planning Meeting for Sabine River Flooding scheduled for 8/31

·        SRA water release at 11 gates at 6ft (66,000cfs)



·        Schools closed 8/31


CAMERON (Declaration Received)

·        Parish equipment moved north to higher ground

·        OHSEP relocated operations to Cameron Parish National Wildlife Refuge located at 1428 LA-27 in Bell City, LA 70630

·        Parish Police Jury offices relocated to Calcasieu Parish

·        2 LWIN COWs on standby in Baton Rouge and Alexandria

·        60+ roads are closed within the parish (Full List can be found on WebEOC Parish SITREP)

·        Road Blocks erected at entry points of evacuated areas from 6pm-9am

·        Parish wide curfew has been lifted

·        Schools will remain closed in Cameron until 9/4 (next Monday)

·        Cameron Parish has released LANG LNO’s

·        Evacuation order was lifted in two stages:

o   8/30 on 10am residents entered

o   8/30 on 12pm the parish was opened completely

·        Cameron Parish will be ready for PA Assessment as of 9/5


CONCORDIA (Declaration Received)

·        Emergency planning meeting held 8/28 with officials and first responders


DESOTO (Declaration Received)

·        Drain off areas cleaned out in anticipation of heavy rain

·        DeSoto Sheriff has placed the entire department on-call/standby status

·        Power outages are being reported in parts of Mansfield

·        PEMAC Meeting was held with NWS & School Board present

·        One road washed out; several more closed due to high water

·        Mansfield FD lost a fire (Pumper) truck overnight due to a fallen tree during operations; 1 firefighter injured/treated/released from DeSoto Regional

·        Sandbag operations have ceased; crews working on cleanup

·        DeSoto is now requesting to be included in the federal declaration

·        DeSoto has requested PDA-PA Team for 1 road washout & 1 bridge washout; also for the fire truck loss



·        Social media is being updated as necessary to keep our Community informed of the latest information

·        MOHSEP deactivated at 7am 8/31/17

·        EMAC: 10 EBR Firefighters who comprise the Urban SAR Team are preparing to deploy to TX on behalf of State Fire Marshall request


EAST FELICIANA (Declaration Received)

·        Trees down on Turner Road; road crews working to remove

·        Police Jury Staff released at Noon 8/30; all maintenance crews will be on standby


GRANT (Declaration Received)

·        For a full list of sandbag locations please visit:  

·        Inmate crews and supervisors have been placed on standby to clear roadways if need be


IBERIA (Declaration Received)

·        Tornado spotted in Lydia area just prior to 3:00 PM 8/27; no injuries or damages reported; info sent to NWS

·        The VOLUNTARY evacuation for Iberia Parish terminated effective 5 PM 8/30


IBERVILLE (Declaration Received)

·        Flood Structure at Alligator Bayou closed 8/28 at 9:30am


JEFFERSON (Declaration Received)

·        All 69 pump stations are fully manned, 181 pumps are ready to remove standing water, 340 miles of canals have been pumped to their lowest levels

·        The Jefferson Parish Sewerage Department is completely staffed and ready to operate and/or maintain 505 sewer lift stations and wet wells, as well as monitoring 18,000 manholes.

·        The East Bank Consolidated Fire Department is 100% ready and has checked barricade locations to assist the Streets Department with distribution if there is a need.

·        Parish administrators urged citizens to clear debris from streets and drains around their property as long as it is safe to do so.  Or, citizens may contact operators who remain on standby at 504-349-5360 to ask for assistance or provide information.  Administrators also remind motorists that they are prohibited by law (JP Ordinance Section 36-188) from traveling on flooded streets.  

·        To stay informed and receive emergency alerts or weather bulletins, citizens may sign up for JPAlert by registering at


LAFAYETTE (Declaration Received)

·        Several roads within the Parish reported to have water or flooded and impassable; full list can be found in WebEOC


LAFOURCHE (Declaration Received)

·        DPW is monitoring our drainage systems and continues to run pumps in preparation for additional rainfall

·        Barricades have been placed on Central Lafourche Drive in Mathews & Rene Drive in Thibodaux due to high water

·        Harbor Police will have patrol units stationed with lights at problem areas on LA 1 to Port Fourchon where water is covering the road


LASALLE (Declaration Received)

·        OHSEP has returned to normal daily operations


NATCHITOCHES (Declaration Received)

·        Parish schools & Northwestern State will be closed through the end of the week (9/1)


ORLEANS (Declaration Received)

·        Setting up Medical Special Needs Shelter site set up at Convention Center and on stand by

·        3,521 people are receiving Harvey updates via text

·        NOHSEP & ITI launched new NOLA Ready website

·        Special Needs Registry: 137 people have registered during Harvey

·        Coordinated barricade staging on I-610 at Franklin AVE with LA DOTD.

·        Overall pumping capacity availability is 93 %; more detailed updates on pumps can be found in WebEOC

·        Humane Society of the US (HSUS) is on track to fly out 100 dogs on Thursday. That will include 30 dogs form Louisiana SPCA, as well as animals from East Baton Rouge Parish Animal Control & Rescue Center, Plaquemines Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), and St. Bernard Parish Animal Shelter. This will ensure these shelters have space to take in pets affected by the event if necessary. Assisting St. Landry Parish Animal Control & Rescue in coordinating transport of their animals after they experienced flooding of their outdoor kennels. Zeus’ Place, ARNO, and Greater Birmingham Humane Society have already taken in dogs from St. Landry parish. Currently in the process of pre-staging crates to designated Fire Stations for use in rescues involving pets.

·        NASA – Michoud Assembly Facility assisting with storage and loading of disaster preparedness supplies

·        New Orleans CEOC will deactivate from Level II at 7pm 8/30 at the conclusion of “A” shift.



·        We have 22 pumping stations within Plaquemines Parish of which 16 have to be manned permanently

·        We have 14 pump operators and will backfill the remaining positions with other parish employees and assistance from the Plaquemines Parish Fire Department

·        One of the Pumping Stations in Belle Chasse is operating at 75% and the other at 100%

·        The Ollie (Jesuit Bend) Pumping Station is operating at 75%

·        The Scarsdale (Braithwaite) pumping station is 75% due to damage from Hurricane Isaac. All other Parish pumps are operating at 100%

·        Parish crews are monitoring the levee in Myrtle Grove due to a threat of overtopping the levee protection system

·        U.S. Army Corps of Engineers contractor raised the height of the Woodpark Project to 5 feet to prevent overtopping


POINTE COUPEE (Declaration Received)

·        Installing 1,000ft of 30” Aqua Dam for Pecan Acres Subdivision


RAPIDES (Declaration Received)

·        City of Alexandria has made declaration, submitted request for pumps and continues to work with Vendor & GOHSEP on mission

·        Shelter at Grace Christian Avenue in Glenmora is full; 2nd shelter at Christian Love Baptist Church at 3575 Hudson St in Alexandria is now open per ARC

·        Provided 6 school buses to transport evacuees from Burton Coliseum to Alexandria

·        DCFS LNO currently at Parish EOC

·        Parish EOC continuing to operate at partial staffing Level 2

·        No reports of any water damages to homes or businesses from flood waters.  Two (2) homes with roof damage from limbs due to winds last night. 

·        Donations site established & being managed by United Way of Central La.

·        Two (2) Red Cross general population shelters open however discussion being held with regard to possibility of consolidating into one (1).  Population of shelters referred to have been updated in WebEOC Shelter Manager Board.


RED RIVER (Declaration Received)

·        Experiencing flash flooding throughout the parish

·        Evacuated one family – no shelter required

·        Schools will be closed through 9/5 of next week

·        Parish is requesting PDA-PA Teams to review damages


SABINE (Declaration Received)

·        Placed Code Red Emergency Call to 27,000 residents advising of potential risks and sand bag locations

·        Sabine schools will be closed the rest of the week (until 9/4)

·        2 Reports of businesses with water intrusion; no homes reported

·        Courthouse Basement has flooded; 2 pumps working

·        EOC took on water; minor damage to records, furniture, supplies & equipment

·        Preparing transport for dialysis patients



·        Drainage canals have been pumped down in anticipation of heavy rainfall

·        Pumping stations operating at maximum capacity

·        Road crews and sheriff’s office have pre-positioned barricades and resources


ST. CHARLES (Declaration Received)

·        The St. Charles Parish Public Works Dept. is inspecting and cleaning ditches, catch basins, and drainage infrastructure and is on standby to remove debris if necessary (HESCO baskets have been set up along Bayou Des Allemands since June)

·        Damage Assessments have been completed; 7 homes with Minor damage; 4 Affected (not counted as Damaged)


ST. JAMES (Declaration Received)

·        One family has requested shelter assistance as their home is surrounded by water. Parish Staff have accommodated them.


ST. JOHN THE BAPTIST (Declaration Received)

·        Public Works crews are testing pumps and cleaning catch basins


ST. MARTIN (Declaration Received)

·        EOC has closed; Parish returning to normal operations


ST. MARY (Declaration Received)

·        Six (6) Residents have reported flood damage and roof damage from Harvey; Tarps have been provided by the Parish to those residents with wind/rain damage.

·        The following floodgates have been opened/back to normal as of 8/31 at 2:20pm: Franklin Canal, Hansen Canal & Yellow Bayou Floodgates


TERREBONNE (Declaration Received)

·        Terrebonne Levee and Conservation District has closed the following floodgates: Upper Little Caillou Auxiliary Structure, Bayou Point Aux Chenes, Bayou Petit Caillou, Placid Canal floodgate, Humble Canal, HNC Bubba Dove, Bayou Grand Caillou, Bayou Dularge, Gibson, and Bush Canal Floodgate. All other floodgates are being monitored by the Terrebonne Levee and Conservation District.

·        Residents are being informed through local news media, the Terrebonne Parish Consolidated Government website (, and the Terrebonne Parish Office of Homeland Security website (, Facebook page and Twitter page to obtain the latest information available.



·        1 of the 2 Lake D’Arbonne Tainter Gates is opened 2’


VERMILION (Declaration Received)

·        Called for a voluntary evacuation 8/25 of low lying areas below Highway 14

·        Humble Canal Bridge is closed to vehicular traffic due to high water

·        A Tornado briefly touched down north of Erath; damage was to a large shed which housed equipment and a sugar cane field; no injuries or deaths

·        Opened shelter at North Vermilion High School; 11609 Highway 699 in Maurice, LA;

·        Multiple Road Closures are being reported at this time; for a full listing please refer to WebEOC


VERNON (Declaration Received)

·        Vernon Lake and Anacoco Lake draw-down gates have been opened

·        Maintaining content with Sabine River Authority at Toledo Bend

·        2 state and 38 parish roads closed due to high water

·        Vernon Parish EOC opened at 7am 8/30 in Leesville

·        Sabine River Authority (Toledo Bend) has begun releasing water. Currently 11 gates are open at 6 feet with 2 generators operating 24/7

·        OEP notified by DOTD District 8 Engineer at 1655 hours that Vernon Parish needed to activate the Emergency Action Plan for Vernon and Anacoco Lakes. DOTD had concerns regarding the dam stability on Vernon Lake given the amount of water in the lake and amount projected to come into the lake. DOTD advised this was a Level 3 activation

·        1 Horse has been housed at the Vernon Parish Fairgrounds Livestock Barn; county agent informed

·        Maintaining contact with SRA regarding the status of the Toledo Bend Dam

·        Door-to-Door/Social Media/TV/Radio notification underway regarding potential threat to Vernon Lake Dam

·        Approximately 20 homes flooded in Vernon Lake area. Residents all self-evacuated

·        Vernon Parish is requesting assistance with PDA /IA assistance to assess damages in Vernon



·        Available for short term emergency sheltering (small gen pop) if critically needed







For more information on the Tropical Weather Outlook, visit:  


5 Day Outlook:


GOHSEP Operations is monitoring the situation and will continue to update and report as needed.


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