News Alert: GOHSEP Tropical Weather SITREP October 6, 2017 As of 9:30 AM
Posted: 10/6/2017 12:11:18 PM
Louisiana Business Emergency Operations Center

GOHSEP Tropical Weather SITREP

October 6, 2017

As of 9:30 AM


State EOC Activation Level: Level I

State Declaration Proclamation Number 126 JBE 2017 State of Emergency – Tropical Storm Nate

WebEOC Incident: 17-028 Tropical System Nate — Statewide — October



Tropical Weather Outlook: The National Hurricane Center is issuing advisories on Tropical Storm Nate. Please stay tuned to your local National Weather Service for the latest updates.


Tropical Storm Nate: The center of Tropical Storm Nate was located by Air Force Reserve and NOAA Hurricane Hunter aircraft near latitude 17.8 North, longitude 84.8 West. Nate is moving toward the north-northwest near 14 mph (22km/h), and this general track with a marked increase in forward speed is expected during the next day or two. On the forecast track, the center of Nate will move across the northwestern  Caribbean Sea today, and reach the eastern coast of the Yucatan peninsula early this evening.  Nate will then move into the southern Gulf of Mexico tonight and approach the northern Gulf coast Saturday evening.


Maximum sustained winds are near 45 mph (75 km/h) with higher gusts. Strengthening is forecast during the next couple of days, and Nate is expected to become a hurricane by the time it reaches the northern Gulf of Mexico. Tropical-storm-force winds extend outward up to 90 miles (150 km) mainly to the east of the center. The minimum central pressure estimated from the Hurricane Hunter data is 996 mb (29.41 inches).


State Actions


·        A WebEOC Event has been created for this event

·        State EOC has activated to a Level I as of 0600 Oct 6

·        Conducting daily Southeast Hurricane Taskforce Conference Calls

·        Conducting daily UCG meetings


Louisiana National Guard

·        LANG TAC is active and on 24 hour operations. 

·        LANG has LNOs in Orleans Parish, and Terrebonne Parish

·        256 providing 15 pump monitors to Orleans Parish -LANG is pre-staging High Water Vehicles, Boats and personnel in Orleans Parish, Terrebonne Parish, Plaquemines Parish, St. Bernard Parish, St. John Parish and East Baton Rouge Parish

·        The RSA is operational

·        TF Bus is being manned (100 drivers) currently located at Gillis W. Long Center.

·        LANG MOC is staged with TF Bus


Louisiana State Police

·        At this time, LSP is completing its final checks and pre-storm preparations.

·        Continues to brief the LSP Command Staff and Agency Heads.

·        Currently, two (2) parish EOCs have requested LSP LNOs: - Orleans EOC, beginning Friday at 1800 hrs. (1 Trooper Day/Night) - Terrebonne EOC, beginning Saturday (10-7-17) at 0600 hrs. (1 Trooper Day/Night)

·        LSP Bureau of Identification is currently preparing the Sex Offender Registry List for DCFS in case of Shelter Ops


Department of Transportation and Development

·        DOTD activated the ESF1 & ESF3 EOCs effective at 0600 10/6/17

·        Contacted Coach Bus vendor and verified that they are able to provide buses per the contract terms: 100 within 24hrs of first Task Order, 500 within 48hrs, 700 within 72hrs.

·        Standing up a School Bus Vehicle Staging Area (VSA) at Gillis W Long Center in Carville, LA with District 61 staff

·        DoE is coordinating with various districts on fall break for 100 school buses needed by 1500 on 06 Oct 17

·        LANG to provide 200 drivers

·        Submitted WebEOC request to LDAF for diesel and gasoline for the buses

·        Submitted WebEOC request for LANG LNO for the ESF-1 EOC

·        Life support for LANG drivers provided by LANG

·        Light sets and port-o-lets provided by DOTD

·        Districts are conducting preparations for potential response


Department of Wildlife and Fisheries

·        Notified our Regions to conduct initial response assessments (to include agent availability, SAR Equipment readiness, etc.); we have completed our assessment and began preliminary coordination with our SAR partners

·        Alpha and Bravo SAR teams stand ready to respond with 161 agents/boats (plus 2 amphibious track vehicles), with supporting administrative personnel.

·        We also have an additional 29 agents that can be tasked for assistance if needed

·        If needed we will establish the state SAR EOC at our HQ which will be staffed with our personnel and LNOs from our state and federal partners

·        We are preparing our staging areas and our agents are on standby to stage if needed


State Fire Marshall

·        Interop Channel 1 has been assign to the States Fire Service and will be monitored by OSFM EOC Desk 24-7

·        OSFM will be deploying our Liaison's to affected Parish's departments and OEP today

·        ESF 4 Alert messages have been sent to the States Fire Service including the USAR Task Force group


Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority

·        CPRA currently monitoring the situation and staffing the GOHSEP EOC on a 24 hour basis

·        We are coordinating with the levee districts to ensure that all flood control systems are operated in accordance with their operating manuals.


Public Service Commission

·        Utilities remain on standby, going through pre-storm checklists, and will be ready to respond to any outages that occur due to TS Nate Outage reports will be produced every 3 hours, or as needed, if outages do occur


Department of Corrections

·        DOC in conjunction with local facilities making preparations to evacuate those located in potentially impacted areas

·        St. Bernard and St. John Baptist facilities have already been evacuated to state facilities

·        Preparations are continuing for further possible evacuations

·        10 P&P officers to assist with security at HUNT Correctional Facility daily until discontinued


Department of Justice

·        All Department assets have been inventoried

·        The Special Agents of the LBI are on standby


Office of Juvenile Justice

·        Response teams on stand-by

·        There are 93 youth residing at Bridge City Center for youth. We will be sheltering in place and have extra staff at the facility for support

·        St. Bernard Juvenile Detention is moving 17 males and 1 female to WARE Detention center this morning (10-6-17); None of these youth are in state custody


Department of Agriculture and Forestry

·        LDAF has alerted CAT team, NOGs and contractors to be on standby for response to TS Nate

·        Resources are ready for deployment and pet shelters are on standby


Department of Environmental Quality

·        Enacted our H-Hour Timeline and preparing to stand up our IMT at HQ -Grand Gulf, Waterford 3, and Riverbend power plants have been contacted and are taking necessary precautions

·        Radiation licensees are being contacted and parish liaisons are making initial contact with the parishes

·        Contact has been made with EPA and ESF-10 partners (LSP & LOSCO) to discuss post-storm response coordination.

·        All Emergency Response Staff and Surveillance Staff at HQ and in the regional offices are on stand-by and making preparations to respond if necessary


Department of Children and Family Services

·        EOC will be staffed 24 hours beginning at 6:00 am Friday (10/6) along with SEOC LNO staffing

·        DCFS ESF-6 staff are placed on ALERT response level

·        DCFS vendors have been contacted to ensure availability of wrap-around services

·        Requested sex offender database from LSP

·        Regional Coordinators, Lead Area Managers, and LNOs are making contact with the SELA parish OEPs on possible needs


Department of Health

·        ESF-8 Leads have notified the ESF-8 network, (hospitals, facilities, critical stakeholders, etc.) to be in a readiness posture for potential storm impacts

·        Messaging at-risk facilities to remind them to use the ESF-8 portal for updates and status reports


Workforce Commission

·        Mass Feeding contractors have been placed on stand-by


LA – Department of Veterans Affairs

·        Reserve veterans home: Staff prepared if evacuation is needed; two moving trucks rented for moving equipment; 2 patient lift mini buses and pickup truck with covered trailer fueled and ready to go from Jennings with drivers if needed to help transport Reserve home residents; Reserve veterans home administrator Brian Fremin attending Friday 9am St John the Baptist Parish OEP meeting and will determine then whether needs to request busses at that time from GOHSEP.

·        Jennings veterans home: Has vehicles and drivers on standby to help Reserve home evacuate if needed

·        Jackson veterans home: Prepared to accept Reserve veterans home residents if evacuation needed. Monroe veterans home: Will have vehicles and drivers on stand-by as needed

·        Bossier veterans home: Will have vehicles and drivers on stand-by as needed


American Red Cross

·        Continue to stand up Operational Leadership Team to support response

·        Checking availability of volunteers, checking material resources, alerting mass care vendors

·        Communicating with potentially affected OEPs

·        Holding NHQ and Regional Disaster Leadership Calls

·        NHQ is standing up staging areas for human resources and material resources outside the impact areas to support pre-landfall and post landfall activities

·        Public safety and preparedness messaging through media/social media outlets

·        WebEOC requests for Pre-Landfall Shelters placed on "Stand by" for the following Parishes: Tangipahoa (2) shelters , Washington (2) shelters St. Helena (1) shelters

·        WebEOC requests for Post-Landfall Shelter Operations for the following Parishes: Orleans (2)


Salvation Army

·        All local units on stand-by and prepared to respond

·        We are conducting a daily Divisional Readiness Conference Call

·        All of our equipment and personnel that had been deployed to either Texas or Florida are in route back to their base assignments in Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana


Louisiana VOAD

·        Mercy Chefs is on standby for feeding support


Louisiana Business EOC

·       UL Lafayette has activated its Phase 1 Hurricane Plan under guidance from the University’s Security/Police Dept, and all departments are taking action according to the University Hurricane Plan; Student classes are out of session Thur/Fri for the Fall break

·       We will be pushing the NWS and GOHSEP sitreps to the LABEOC Associations for distribution to their members

·       Personnel are available to stand up LABEOC as directed by GOHSEP


Parish Actions

East Baton Rouge

·        Reviewing current river stages and proactively cleaning drainage areas

·        Do NOT foresee any school or government closures

·        EBRP is currently assessing BREC locations for sand and sandbag distribution; We plan on opening a minimum of four (4) locations to serve all sides of the Parish later today 10/6


Calcasieu Parish

·        Met with State and local sheltering ESFs. Discussed readiness posture



·        EOC partially activated



·        The Town of Grand Isle has issued a voluntary evacuation. Grand Isle School will be closed Friday, Oct. 6, 2017.

·        Since August we have cleaned over 9,100 catch basins in Jefferson Parish, kept our 69 pump stations fully manned and operated 180 pumps on a daily basis. We are currently at 99% pumping capacity as 1 pump is offline. To date, we have cleaned 31,000 catch basins. As we continue to monitor this storm system, we will have all of our 287 employees in the Drainage Department as well as our other Public Works departments ready.

·        Jefferson Parish Emergency Management has made notifications to EOC activation teams to prepare to activate for this weekend



·        Lafourche Parish Government will provide residents up to 25 pre-filled sandbags as supplies last at the following field office locations during standard business hours (6am-5pm) 10-5-17 and 10-6-17.

o   Thibodaux Field Office: 2565 Veterans Blvd. • Raceland Field Office: 129 Texas St • Choctaw Field Office: 122 Choctaw Road • Bayou Blue Field Office: 104 Myrtle Place • Lockport Field Office: 6236 Hwy 308 • Galliano Field Office: 128 West 97th Street

·        In addition, sand and bags are available for self-fill by residents at all field offices and the following satellite locations 24-7 (bring shovel):

o   Lafourche Fire District #3 Central Station: 17462 West Main, Galliano • Oak Ridge Community Park: Golden Meadow • Lockport Field Office: 6236 Hwy 308, Lockport • Raceland AG Grounds parking lot: Texas Street • Thibodaux Field Office: 2565 Veterans Blvd. • Bayou Blue Recreation Grounds: Hwy 316 South of Hwy 182 • Choctaw Field Office: 122 Choctaw Barn Road • Bayou Bouef Bridge: Hwy 307 • Chackbay Fair Grounds: Hwy 304

·        Residents are advised to pick up all loose items from their yards which may be blown around by the potentially high winds. In addition, please check all the ditches and catch basins around your home to insure that our drainage infrastructure is able to handle any heavy rain this system generates.

·        Please contact us to share information or to request assistance. Our Office of Emergency Preparedness and key personnel will remain available through the duration of the storm. Local Office Switchboards: 985-446-8427 (Thibodaux) 985-537-7603 (Mathews); Toll Free Switchboards: 800-834-8832 (Thibodaux) 800-794-3160 (Mathews)


·        CEOC to be activated to Level II at 1800 on Friday, 10-6-17

·        City Departments and Agencies finalizing plans and preparations. Emphasis has been directed at Sewerage and Water Board storm procedures and preparedness

·        Special Needs Shelter supplies to be deployed and available if needed. Two general population shelter sites identified for use if needed

·        Sandbag distribution at 5 NOFD stations to commence at 0700 on 10-6-17


Plaquemines Parish

·        We are currently monitoring Nate's track and intensity to determine if an evacuation will be ordered for portions of the Parish

·        We would like residents to know that now is the time to prepare and get a plan in the event an evacuation is ordered. Please gather important documents, refill medication, pick up items around your residence that can be projectiles during strong winds, clean out any culverts, catch basins and ditches to help ease the flow of water to pump stations and board up windows

·        Those in need of evacuation assistance should contact the Parish' s Community Action and Health Departments to pre-register by calling 504 297 5000 between 8am - 4pm

·        The Eastbank levee contractor will have all degraded areas on work raised up to +8.5 to +9.0 feet

·        We are working to close the Hero Canal Floodgate and gates along the IntraCoastal Waterway on Friday. The Empire Floodgate is currently opened and allowing boats into the harbor seeking safe shelter. At the present time, we do not anticipate closing the Hwy 23 floodgate in Oakville by Capt.

·        We are working closely with our industry partners within the Parish on their operations. We have been in talks with Riverbend Nursing Home in Jesuit Bend in the event they have to evacuate it's 120 residents

·        All Parish recreational football games are cancelled for Saturday

·        We are pre-positioning sandbags at the railroad gates by Oakville and Alliance. We will determine tomorrow (10-6-17) if sandbags will be available to parish residents. Please monitor our social media and local media for further updates


St. Bernard

·        Mandatory Evacuation Order issued effective 1600 hours, Oct 5, 2017, for residents outside of the levee protection system

·        Sandbags will be given out on 10-6-17 from 1300 to 1900 hours at the sand barn, located at the St. Bernard Port

·        25 of 28 pumps working; sufficient to handle rainfall from this incident

·        Rescue boats on standby

·        LA 39 and LA 46 highway sector gates will be closed Saturday morning, 10-7-17; LA 300 (Bayou Road) high sector gate will be closed Friday afternoon, 10-6-17

·        There will be no shelters activated in St. Bernard Parish


St. Charles

·        Full Activation expected for Saturday AM (10-7-17)


St. Helena

·        Requesting ARC to place largest capacity shelter on Standby and shelter operations, shelter supplies and shelter teams on standby at this time. Sand and sandbags are in place


St. James

·        Ascension and Livingston have closed their water ways. St. James will be closing Blind River starting at 1800 10/5 UFN


St. John the Baptist

·        Lac Des Allemands is also being monitored with lake levels running a ½ foot above normal.

·        A voluntary evacuation is in effect for areas North of the I-55 off ramp at LaPlace, including Frenier, Peavine and Manchac. A mandatory evacuation is under consideration for these areas on Saturday.

·        A voluntary evacuation is being considered for Pleasure Bend and areas north of Airline Hwy. that are prone to flooding and homes and businesses that flooded in Hurricane Isaac.

·        Residents should begin preparations in anticipation of tropical storm conditions, possible flooding and the loss of power. This includes reviewing evacuation plans, securing homes and businesses for strong winds and possible water, picking up debris, tree limbs and garbage cans, moving cars to higher ground and aggressively monitoring weather stations for updates.

·        Residents should also obtain medications and secure important papers.

·        Residents who are elderly, sick or have difficulty managing on their own are encouraged to contact family members and friends and have a plan to leave their homes should it be necessary. For special needs, please call the Department of Health and Human Services 985-536-4955

·        Self-serve Sandbag Locations: 4 pm to 7 pm manned; After hours bags and sand will be available at those locations. Bring your shovel and only take what is needed  -  Locations: Intersection of Bamboo Road & Indigo Pkwy (near Lake Pontchartrain Elementary), Railroad Avenue Fire Station (near Riverside Academy), Ezekiel Jackson Park, Westbank Complex, Wallace, Edgard & Pleasure Bend Fire Stations.

·        Pre-filled sandbags for elderly and disabled from Thursday, October 5, 2017 (4pm - 7 pm) and Friday and Saturday, October 6-7 2017 (7 am to 7 pm) at 425 Captain G. Bourgeois

·        Street flooding is occurring on Old Hwy 51 and Peavine Rd., which are closed, and Wilshire Rd. at the rear of River Forest and Indigo Parkway at Woodland Dr.

·        Prepare for outages and downed power lines •Dial 1-800-9Outage to report power outages and also download the Entergy App to receive up to date outage information.


St. Tammany

·        Shelter locations: Pre-Storm West: Lee Road JR HS, 79131 Hwy 40, Covington; Post-Storm West: Rec District #12, Magnolia Park Folsom, 13296 Hwy 40; Folsom Pre-Storm East: Clearwood JR HS, 130 Clearwood Dr; Slidell Pre-Storm East: Creekside JR HS, 65434 Hwy 41; Pearl River Post Storm East (if needed): John Slidell Park Gym, 105 Robert Road.

·        Slidell requests snacks, water and comfort kits for shelter occupants.

·        Parish will open Sandbag Distribution locations on Friday, October 6, 2017 and Saturday, October 7, 2017 from 7a.m. – 6p.m. at the following locations: St. Tammany Parish Government- Building C 21410 Koop Dr.; Mandeville St. Tammany Parish Public Works- Airport Road Barn 34783 Grantham College Rd.; Slidell St. Tammany Parish Public Works- Fritchie Barn 63119 Highway 1090 in Pearl River; St. Tammany Parish Public Works Barn- Keller Barn 63131 Fish Hatchery Road, Lacombe.



·        If the current track holds, we will order a recommended evacuation S of Hwy 22 and open two (2) shelters

·        Sand Distribution will begin 10-6-17 at both Road and Bridge Locations. 



·        Sand and bags will be available at all Public Works Area Barns


West Feliciana

·        Sandbag operations located at 9892 West Feliciana Pkwy

·        Have been in contact with Angola regarding rodeo this Sunday - no decision made at this time

·        Considering holding a Parish Unified Command meeting 10/6


For more information on the Tropical Weather Outlook, visit:

GOHSEP Operations is monitoring the situation and will continue to update and report as needed.


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