News Alert: GOHSEP Severe Weather SITREP - October 23, 2017 - As of 3:00 p.m.
Posted: 10/24/2017 8:06:22 AM
Louisiana Business Emergency Operations Center

GOHSEP Severe Weather SITREP

October 23, 2017

As of 3:00 p.m.


State EOC Activation Level: Level IV Normal Operations

WebEOC Incident: 17-030 Severe Weather — Statewide — Oct22


SITUATION: Strong line of storms ahead of a cold front impacted the State yesterday. Strong wind gusts and isolated heavy rainfall were the primary threats. Fortunately, the front has brought cooler drier air through the next few days and no hazardous weather is expected. Please stay tuned to your local National Weather Service for updates.


*** All updates to this report will be in red text ***



·        State EOC activation has returned back to a Level IV – Normal Operations as of today (10/23)

·        A WebEOC Incident has been created for this event

·        Regional Coordinators are maintaining communications with local and State partners



·        As of 10/23/17 1200hrs, there is 1 ARC shelter open with a population of 27

·        For shelter details, see Shelter Report located in the File Library under ESF-06 (DCFS)  



·        Received reports of streets and homes flooding in Pointe Coupee area and New Roads area

·        Assisting with sheltering operations



·        Entergy is reporting approx. 700 outages left from the weather, but should be restored by 6:00pm tonight (10/23). These are scattered throughout the areas and not concentrated in any specific locations.



·        DOTD is coordinating operations with East Feliciana, West Feliciana and Pointe Coupe parishes concerning roadway closures due to high water and downed trees. Several roadways are reported to have been reopened, including LA-10.

·        Crews will continue to patrol and respond to requests from parishes as needed. For updated road closure information, please refer to   



·        Jackson:  Several road closures in area.

·        Jennings:  The facility generator ran for 5 minutes as the home temporarily lost power. Power has been restored and the facility is at normal operation mode. The building and grounds did not receive damage.





·        Several trees were blown down across the parish and some power lines were damaged

·        No injuries reported; Only one home reported damaged at this time



·        OEP Director reported flooding in low lying areas and have receive calls for water rescue; 38 people so far, most went to family residences

·        Priority: Bennett Rd and Sholes Lane Bridges were washed out; checked on the 6 families on Sholes and they wish to remain at their residences. We are working for a 36 hour turnaround on the temporary replacement.

·        Consolidated vessel assets with Zachary FD for a total of 5 operating in the Parish

·        Had 1 tree on a car that required extraction but no injuries

·        Doing emergency work on a bridge, and some roadways; Conducting further inspection of all bridges, roadways, and other infrastructure for damages; Will advise of the amount of damages as soon as they have it tallied up  

·        Water has mostly receded into the streams and drainage canals; No shelters being reported

·        Emergency Declaration Submitted on 10/22



·        The Town of Colfax received approximately 10" of rain in 5 hours; The entire town looked like a lake

·        Approximately 12 streets had to be closed to due to the water 

·        Multiple homes took in water; Most of those had 4"- 6" of water 

·        One elderly lady had to be rescued from her residence

·        Initial assessment of damages still underway 



·        Received report from Jeanerette Fire Dept. of flooding of ground floor apartments at Southside, 416 Martin Luther King Dr. in Jeanerette; 12 Apartments with 3-4 inches of water In them; All residents had places to go; No shelter needed at this time



·        Some sandbags were issued in the Maringouin area; 40-50 low income area homes impacted; Maringouin area seems to be back to normal.  They did have impact to some homes with the flooding.  They are will be conducting inspection of bridges, roadways, and other infrastructure for damages.  They will advise of the amount of damages as soon as they have it tallied up.

·        Emergency Declaration submitted on 10/22

·        Numerous trees and power poles down



·        Several trees down on roadways; Two homes had trees fall on them

o   29335 James Chapel Road - power lines involved, DEMCO notified, given tarp(s)

o   17384 Oak Ridge Road - tree hit home and vehicle, given tarp(s)

·        LOHSEP has received reports that the Amite River in St. Helena is about to come out of its banks; continuing to monitor river levels to determine if closures are needed



·        Parish submitted an Emergency Declaration on 10/23

·        ARC Case Workers will be in today to start case management

·        Local reports of up to 16 inches of rain over the last 24 hours

·        Approximately 100 homes and businesses have some minor flooding throughout the Parish

·        LA-413 bridge over discharge bayou is closed to all traffic due to damage to bridge support system.

·        Conducting further inspection of all bridges, roadways and other infrastructure for damages. Will advise of the amount of damages as soon as they have it tallied up. Water has receded into the streams, drainages canals, and ditches, except in the Pecan Acres and Pleasant view areas, but it is receding also. 



·        Report of three (3) homes damaged due to fallen trees; 1 in Cheneyville and 2 in Alexandria

·        Only road closures are temporary until trees are removed; Crews on scene

·        No report of injuries; No shelters activated  



·        OHSEP reports earlier water rescue was two occupants of a truck that tried to drive through swift water crossing Pipkin Rd.  

·        No injuries or fatalities.  No reports of homes flooded.



·        Parish reporting approximately 15 power poles on Hwy 51 (New Road) in LaPlace were cracked and are down due to wind damage  



·        Conducted water rescues in low lying areas

·        Damage assessments ongoing; 1 home received 4 ft. water requiring swift water rescue of 2 people and 1 dog

·        Approximately 6 bridges damaged, 1 bridge lost completely; Numerous water lines damaged; One damage report at local cemetery that tree fell on vault and family/church will work to restore; Conducting further inspection of all bridges, roadways and other infrastructure

·        Emergency Declaration signed and uploaded to WebEOC

·        EOC back to normal operations

·        Water has receded into the streams and drainage canals; All power has been restored


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GOHSEP Operations will continue to monitor the situation and this will be the last report for this event unless further information warrants.

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