News Alert: GOHSEP Severe Weather SITREP March 9, 2018 As of 4:00 p.m.
Posted: 3/12/2018 8:23:31 AM
Louisiana Business Emergency Operations Center

GOHSEP Severe Weather SITREP

March 9, 2018

As of 4:00 p.m.


State EOC Activation Level: Level IV (Crisis Action Team)

WebEOC Incident: 18-006 Flooding — Statewide — FebMar


SITUATION: A number of river forecast points are forecasted to rise above flood stage. A cold front moved through the area Monday bringing additional showers to the area. Please stay tuned to your local National Weather Service and check updates from the latest river flood statements.


North Louisiana: The possibility of severe weather will return across the region on Saturday with much of the area in a Slight Risk or Marginal Risk for severe storms. Large hail and damaging winds will be the primary threats. A few isolated tornadoes are possible.


Southwest/Central Louisiana: No severe weather is expected at this time.


Southeast Louisiana: Flooding continues or is forecast for the Mississippi and Pearl Rivers. Keep updated by checking the latest river flood warnings and statements. A favorable environment for a few strong to severe thunderstorms along and ahead of a cold front is possible Saturday and Saturday night. There is a marginal risk for severe thunderstorms across southwest Mississippi Saturday and Saturday night. Large hail and damaging winds gusts will be the primary threats.


*All updates to this report will be in red text





·           GOHSEP has activated its Crisis Action Team

·           A WebEOC Incident has been created for this event

·           All Regional Coordinators are maintaining communication with their respective parishes

·           River Taskforce conference calls are ongoing as needed



·        Please continue to work with your local stakeholders to resolve issues and continue working with your local parishes on emergency repairs and coordinate all efforts with our EOC office ph:504-862-1102.

·        There are currently 92 inspection sites across the system. There are 8 medium priority points: 5 stockpile points, 1 excavation, 1 erosion, and 1 sliding point. The remaining points consist of 15 slides, 26 seepage points, and 43 other low priority sites. The Detailed Sitrep and District Status Map are attached for further detail.

·        Based on the current forecast, the Bonnet Carre' Spillway opened on 08 March 2018, and there is no requirement to operate the Morganza Control Structure.

·        The EOC is activated at level I (24 hrs./day).



·        The LANG Tactical Awareness Center (TAC) is monitoring the situation and is standing by to assist LA state agencies and parishes

·        The TAC is manned in a steady state status but members can be reached by GOHSEP staff 24/7 by phone



·        L’Auberge reported that the cage and service elevators were secured yesterday in preparation for high water.

·        The northwest parking lot at Hollywood Casino has begun to take on water.

·        The river boats are continuing to follow their high water plans to include checking and adjusting mooring lines as needed. They are also preparing to make adjustments to the proms if required.  



·        DOTD continues to monitor water levels & are actively engaged in prepositioning resources in several parishes, for local levee districts. These resources are to be deployed to augment levee systems in areas that have experienced overtopping of flooding in past events.

·        Currently supporting missions for Terrebonne & Concordia parishes

·        All DOTD districts throughout the state are standing by to assist in flood fight operations as needed.  



·        Diamond Jack (Bossier City) their temporary ramp was being modified to accommodate the rising water level.

·        BoomTown (Bossier City) High water plan in place. The lower level of the parking garage is not being used. The ramp was moved to the first deck last Friday evening.

·        Samstown (Shreveport) High water plan in place. The main ramp is out of service. The forward ramp has been modified to accommodate the elevated river level. This occurred Sunday evening. 

·        Horseshoe Casino- High water plan in place. Temporary stairs/ handrails have been stage in case they are needed.

·        Eldorado and Margarita Ville Casino are not affected at this time.



·        LDWF/LED is coordinating with Webster Parish to provide assistance with monitoring/enforcing the "no wake" order on Lake; Assistance is currently being provided during regular patrols and as needed. 

·        LDWF/LED point of contact is Capt. Richie McCarthy/318-453-2967



·        LDAF monitoring weather and river forecast for possible agricultural impacts

·        Livestock producers advised to move cattle to higher ground



·        DOC continues to monitor the river stages as well as WebEOC for any updates or task assigned.

·        8,200 sandbags were filled by the Elayn Hunt Correctional Center work detail in Assumption Parish. This detail is being continued today and a request to continue on Monday 3/12 and Tuesday 3/13 has been received and approved by Warden Hooper.

·        The Louisiana State Penitentiary staff and offenders are working alongside the US Army Corps of Engineers to complete the sandbagging and back-fill of the section of levee that has been in repair since November. This is expected to be completed this P.M.

·        Reinforcing and sandbagging has been completed for the initial section of the levee near Angola. All efforts have been redirected to the levee slide; approximately 3000 sandbags were places on the levee slide and efforts are continuing this morning.

·        So far, 23 trucks of clay, approximately 40,000 sandbags and plastic sheeting (visqueen) were provided by Corp of Engineers. 

·        Louisiana State Penitentiary  has purchased and used 25 truckloads of sand so far and have ordered 10 more



·        We have notified all critical healthcare facilities to report any impacts on operations to ESF 8 through Mstat. We are also working with several large hospital groups on plans for potential impacts.



·        Continue to participate in Parish OEP briefings, send out preparedness messages and hold Region Leadership calls, continue to mobilize local volunteers





·        Assumption Parish has filed a State of Emergency due to threat of flooding in the next few weeks.  The parish is keeping local officials updated and updating the residents through the parish's Facebook page.  The parish has three self-serve sand sites set up for the residents so they can prepare for high water. 

o   Belle River Ballpark

o   Pierre Part Bay Bridge (N Curtis @ LA-70)

o   Bayou Crab Road (LA-400 @ LA 401)



·        Sandbag operations in Fifth Ward, Effie and Brouillette communities began 2/27; 300 sandbags have been distributed in Avoyelles for residential use

·        DOTD and RRABB Levee Board completed mission hauling super sacks on the Brouillette Levee; 142 Super Sacks , 2 rolls of plastic and 48 Cubic yards of sand  for small sand bags

·        Raymond Laborde Correction center has filled over 7000 small sand bags to be placed in between the super sacks, they will provide offender labor to put these in place this morning 

·        Avoyelles we have several Road Closures the area as following Ward 1 Ruby Centerpont cutoff, Horsepincreek & S. Jeff McCain.  Bayou Natchitoches and S&B Cutoff

·        There are 12 residents in the Brouillette Community  that cant access their homes due to back water from the Red River

·        No Shelters opened



·        Lake Bistineau may back up into a few camps, otherwise no issues



·           The Parish Engineer has called and advised the same situation is happening as we saw in the 2009 flood and the 2015 flood, where crews were investigating a sinking of the road in several places in the Kingston Road Subdivision.

o   Crews discovered the collapsed sewer line and are taking measures to protect homes; they are also documenting the operation and damage.

o   This is affecting 100 homes on this line and pumping operations are taking place to keep sewer out of these homes. There are 375 homes in this neighborhood. This is from the rain we have had and the rise of the Red River causing saturated ground and elevated ground water condition

·           City and Levee District operations continue along the Red Chute Bayou at Dogwood Trail.

·           The Red Chute Bayou upstream diverter installed north of the Dogwood Bridge by the Corps has not been operated yet but will be opened to 25 percent at the 164 water elevation at the Dogwood Bridge.(This is done by the Levee District using Corps of Engineers Guidance developed during the construction of the upstream diverter).

·           No reports of housing flooded in south Bossier Parish or Bossier side of Lake Bistineau. However there was low lying land flooding in south Bossier Parish and Lake Bistineau.

·           With the high River conditions from the release of upstream water to the Red, the elevated Red Chute and Dorcheat Bayous, Our parish is watching the future amounts and locations forecast for rain that will impact our parish.

·           City and Parish public works are still making sandbags as needed.

·           Public Boat Launches on the Red River are still closed.

·           On Lake Bistineau there is an automatic NO WAKE ZONE in effect, this was done at the water elevation of the lake at 144 elev.

·           Bossier Sheriff Office and South Bossier Fire District 2 continues to monitor South Bossier conditions for any back water flooding issues.   



·        The Tensas levee district is operating pumps on Davis and Brown Lakes in Caldwell     

·        We used 230,000 sandbags at that time; We have two sandbag machines and 20 eighteen wheeler loads of sand ready for bagging; Prison labor and  All preparations have been made



·        Sandbags available to the public at Catahoula Corrections at 499 Old Columbia Rd. in Harrisonburg.

·        App. 300 head of livestock have been relocated from low water areas. Oil and Gas Operators continue to shut down operations in low lying areas.

·        Tensas Basin Levee Board has closed 58 drainage structures in the Parish.

·        Tensas Basin Levee Patrol is monitoring levees and residential areas in southern areas of the Parish.

·        Town of Jonesville has pumping operations ongoing due to closed levee drainage structures.

·        USCOE has ongoing pumping operations at the Ha-Ha and Fool River pumping stations.

·        10 Parish roads have water on roadways.

·        3 Parish Roads closed. DOTD has closed part of Hwy 3102

·        DOTD Ferry on Hwy 559 still has reduced hours, new hours beginning March 11, 7:00 am-7:30 pm.

·        Local Government Officials have been updated of water levels.

·        Local Rivers levels continue to rise in non-protected areas in the Parish.



·        Livingston Parish is providing their sandbag machine for sandbagging operations

·        Hesco flood barriers were picked up Monday 03-05-18 and brought to site Hesco flood barrier installed began around Vidalia Water Well #2 yesterday and continue today.

·        Sand bag operation began 3/6.

·        Vidalia water well #2 secured.  Low crossing at boat ramp on Vidalia Riverwalk / Front Street secured and closed off.

·        Approximately 1000 sand bags filled and on hand in Vidalia if needed.



·        Prestaging assets as needed in certain areas

·        EBR Parish is currently filling sandbags

·        MOHSEP has requested a loan, via WebEOC, of 100 Linear feet of Hesco baskets from DOTD, ESF-3. EBR Parish officials anticipate the need to deploy the Hesco baskets along a low area at Main Street and River Road in Downtown Baton Rouge near the IBM Building.



·        Levee is closed and barricades are being put at all entrances of the levee

·        Public Works and Sheriff’s Office have teamed up to do sandbags and we have delivered them to two different locations

·        The Mississippi River levee is closed to all traffic



·        No major issues at this time. Turkey Creek is flooding but no impact. Boeuf River is also flooding with the impact being several thousand acres of farm land. No structures are affected.

·        Sandbags on hand if needed



·        Sandbagging operations continue; Currently to date we have made approximately 7000 filled sandbags available to residents; We currently have 6 sandbag sites in operation that all have empty bags and sand on site in the event of no filled ones available

·        GPPJ and inmate crews are working to deliver sand and clear roadways; As water levels decline, GPPJ crews are checking the integrity of the roadways and making repairs where necessary

·        The Grant Parish Police Jury has made an executive order to close Iatt Lake to all boat traffic effective immediately due to high water levels

·        The earthen dam at Bayou Rigolette has begun to deteriorate.  It has breached about 50 feet.  This happened in 2015 also and measures to stop it were unsuccessful, which many believe this will still be the case.  This will affect the Rigolette community in Rapides parish and southwestern Grant Parish.  The breach will be repaired when the bayou returns to normal levels.

·        Sandbagging operations have ceased for the time being but crews are on standby and each location has numerous bags available.

·        Roads are slowly opening as water recedes.  Little River has begun to fall after cresting yesterday.  



·        The Jackson Parish Police Jury road barn has sand and bags if or when they are needed

·        Caney Lake in Jackson Parish is beginning to come close to flooding houses. We are keeping a close eye on this situation.

·        The gates on Caney cannot be opened due to being welded shut under water. There are questions on who welded them shut and why. It would have had to have taken place during construction.

·        They have plenty of sandbags on hand; Public Works is on standby in case they get requests for sandbags



·        Law enforcement agencies are monitoring and reporting to public works crews placing barricades

·        No issues with flooding; ample supply of sandbags available



·        Levee traffic in the parish has been halted by request of the 5th Levee District

·        No flooding issues at this time

·        The Mississippi River levee is closed to traffic at the request of the Levy District



·        We had flash flooding inside the city of Bastrop. A few house got water inside unknown at this time of how many.

·        We have a few roads that are under water from Bayou Bartholomew flooding in Jones. This will effect some people getting to and from there houses.   



·        27 Parish roads under water, continuing to rise in problem areas, SO patrol will continue

·        Sandbags can be picked up at the City of Natchitoches Public Works Department – 110 Mill Street; approximately 3,000 have been provided

·        State Highways 84, 71 and 126 at Saline Bayou are likely to become inundated with water and will be impassable if flooding occurs. 

·        The Parish is requesting  Super sack Sandbags, Reclaimed Asphalt and equipment to haul and stage materials.  Making these materials readily available will ensure the safety of the citizens



·        Approximately 22 roads are closed across the parish.

·        Two sandbag sites in operation. One site is in Monroe and the other is in West Monroe. 

·        River Styx Pump Station is now off-line.  The discharge lines for pumps one and two are leaking again.  The temporary patches did not hold.  Pump three is also off-line at this time.  The Parish Engineer is in route to the location to assess the situation.   If the pumps cannot be brought back on-line, large auxiliary pumps like those we used in 2016 will be needed.  

·        The City of Monroe completed a 1500 ft. Hesco basket wall to protect about 300 homes

·        Some sandbagging ongoing in low places

·        They have one water system, Prairie Water System that is close to getting water in it. the parish will assist with sandbagging if necessary. They have one road that is about to close and that is part of Finks Hideaway Road.


·        They are monitoring the levees and are in contact with USACE and Atchafalaya Levee District

·        The only road closures are inside of the levee areas at Old River; This effects the camps in those camp grounds; Pointe Coupee Electric has shut all electricity off to those camps

·        No slides or boils at this time



·        Currently, high water in that area has already restricted access to camps & homes.  Livestock has been moved to higher ground by owners.

·        Sand & sand bags have been positioned at two (2) locations in the Rigolette area as well as three (3) other locations for backwater flooding in other areas on that side of Red River.

·        City of Alexandria is turning off water to residence that are located on the River side as precaution. Request for water may be for residents impacted may be forthcoming. 

·        Contractor - Lemoine, has all four (4) 24 " pumps on line.  United has not finished fusing pipe & no pumps were on site (not on line) until approx. 1145 hrs on 3/7.

·        No government or school closures.

·        No utilities have been pulled as of this report however several homes & camps have been voluntarily vacated due to rising flood waters.

·        LANG LNO has been in contact with EOC & stands ready to deploy if necessary.



·        All rivers, lakes, and bayous are steadily dropping.

·        We do have approximately 10,000 sand bags filled and ready to go, at 4 different locations throughout the parish; We are currently handing out sandbags for residents North of Girard due to the rising of Lafourche

·        Lafourche has caused a threat at our Richland Parish Detention Center. We are currently sandbagging around the sewage system. In 2016 the Lafouche flooded the sewage system at the DC and we were left with no choice but to evacuate.



·        The Bonnet Carre' Spillway Road (from Norco to Montz -SE12) has been closed until further notice due to water moving across the road



·        Mississippi River inundated roads on east side of levee-expected; May have to sandbag road crossings as they are the lowest point in the old levee system as we did in January , 2016--our sandbag supply is less than 1000

·        The Mississippi will crest for them around the 14th and the 18th. The Mississippi River will inundate and flood roads on the east side of the levee. The Parish expects to have to sandbag road crossings over the levee like they had to do in January 2016. These roads and crossing are at the lowest point of the old levee system.



·        We have received the first shipment of 60 pallets of Hesco baskets from DOTD in Minden.  We are scheduled to receive the final 80 pallets on Tuesday, March 13th.  



·        Currently have sandbags stockpiled and available for distribution to general public; Additional sand is currently stockpiled, inmate capabilities for filling if needed; distributed approximately 3,000 sandbags predominately around the Lake area

·        They had to move 100 head of cattle to high ground. They are fine as long as they don't get a lot of rain at once.



·           1 home reported to have flooded in New Llano 2/21 as a result of flash flooding



·        Sandbags and sand are ready at the Parish Public Works but have had no requests at this time-they are on standby to furnish to the public if necessary

·        They have no flooding issues at this time unless they get substantial rain at one time. They do have low lying farm land that look like big lakes, but there are no homes or camps affected. Poverty Point Park is not having any issues at this time but could have some cave-ins when water recedes



·        Multiple road closures  are occurring in low lying areas along the river; More closures expected as rise continues

Working closely with La State Penitentiary at Angola on preparations and plans should crest be extended upward of projected 60ft. at Red River Landing

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