News Alert: Situational Awareness Report 5 September 2018 As of 4:00 p.m.
Posted: 9/5/2018 4:55:21 PM
Louisiana Business Emergency Operations Center

Situational Awareness Report

5 September 2018

As of 4:00 p.m.


State EOC Activation Level: Level IV (Crisis Action Team)
State Emergency Declaration: 134 JBE 2018 Tropical Storm Gordon

WebEOC Incident: 18-019 Tropical Weather - Statewide - Sep



Situation: The National Hurricane Center is currently issuing advisories for Tropical Storm Florence, Tropical Depression Gordon, and one other disturbance. GOHSEP is monitoring these systems and will continue to be in contact with the NHC and local National Weather Service offices.


Tropical Depression Gordon:  At 10:00 a.m., the center of Tropical Depression Gordon was located near latitude 32.3 North, longitude 90.2 West. The depression is moving toward the northwest near 14 miles per hour. A northwestward motion with a decrease in forward speed is expected over the next couple of days. On the forecast track, the center of Gordon will move across the lower Mississippi Valley today and tonight. A turn toward the north-northwest and north is forecast to occur on Friday.


Maximum sustained winds have decreased to near 30 miles per hour with higher gusts. Additional weakening is expected as Gordon moves farther inland. Jackson, Mississippi, recently reported a wind gust of 35 miles per hour.


The estimated minimum central pressure is 1008 mb.


New information appears below in red text.

 State Actions


·            tate EOC activation level returned to Crisis Action Team (CAT) at 4:00 p.m.

·                     Created WebEOC Incident 18-019 Tropical Weather - Statewide – Sep

·                     State Emergency Declaration signed


ESF-01 DOTD Transportation

·                     ESF-1 will return to normal operations as of 12:00 on 5 Sep 18. 

·                     ESF-1 has been in contact with partner agencies and had conducted conference calls with DOTD Districts and leadership.

·                     ESF-1 has sent SEOC LNO to GOHSEP as of 7:00 a.m. Tuesday.


ESF-02 Communications

·                     Interop 1 is now clear for reassignment. OSFM no longer requires assignment.

·                     All LWIN sites are fully operational.



ESF-03 DOTD Public Works

·                     ESF-3 EOC has resumed normal operations effective 1030 on 9/5/18.

·                     MAP has returned to normal operations statewide.

·                     DOTD districts are preparing to stand down, but will continue to monitor WebEOC for missions.

·                     ESF3 conducted conference call with leadership & districts that will potentially be impacted by this event. Districts are making preparations to respond as needed.

·                     Districts continue to monitor roadway conditions.

·                     ESF-3 LNOs remain on 24-hour operations.

·                     ESF3 conducted TTX with all coastal districts last week and reviewed their Hurricane Response Plans.

·                     ESF3 EOC partially activated at 7:00 a.m. Tuesday and will conduct 24-hour operations as needed.

·                     Huey Long Rail Bridge is closed.



·                     Agency staff at State EOC. CPRA is monitoring the situation and coordinating with local levee districts on operations of flood control structures.



·                     LSFM has closed EOC at 1200.

·                     Response teams have demobilized, potential effects to northeast Louisiana being monitored.

·                     Asset staging being coordinated to include multiple locations in Areas 1 and 2.

·                     Field Command Post has been staged at Hammond Fire Dept. HQ.

·                     State Fire Marshal staff liaisons to affected communities are on standby and monitoring the opening of local EOCs.

·                     Chief Browning has been in communication with coastal parish leaders and fire services to offer our assistance.

·                     Staff is also prepared to start communications with leaders and the fire service in Central Louisiana due to the potential for heavy rainfall following coastal landfall.



·                     DCFS ESF-6 is back to normal operations.

·                     DCFS participated in the 1:00 pm NE LA conference call and will continue monitoring any additional weather impacts of TC Gordon.

·                     ARC closed Bogalusa High School Girls Gym Shelter at 0800 9/5.

·                     Sex Offender database received from LSP and will load in the Phoenix registration system in the event State sheltering assistance is needed.

·                     In communication with ARC on GP shelter readiness.


ESF-06 Department of Veterans Affairs

·                     Louisiana Veterans Home (Jackson) facility vehicles are fueled and ready if needed.  Facility completed full load generator test Friday afternoon in preparation for this storm, without problems. 

·                     Southeast Louisiana Veterans Home (Reserve) facility generators have been tested under full load without any problems. This morning, facility received 400 gallons of fuel and topped off generator fuel tanks.  All facility vehicles fueled and ready if needed. Staff attending all St John the Baptist Parish OEP meetings.

·                     Northeast Louisiana Veterans Home (Monroe) generators and vehicles fueled and ready; department heads have run through tropical storm weather checklist with their staff and encouraged staff to ensure their own families are prepared for flooding; food stock is well prepared and ready. 

·                     Monitoring water level of Bayou Desiard nearby and roadway conditions for staff to get to and from work.  May consider canceling appointments depending on roads status.

·                     Slidell Cemetery notified funeral homes no burials scheduled today; picked up and stowed all unbolted benches, vases, other items on gravesites; moved all uninstalled headstones and large equipment into maintenance building.

·                     All four Veterans cemeteries (Keithville, Rayville, Slidell and Leesville) follow state office closures.

·                     Jefferson, Orleans, St. Tammany, and Washington Parishes’ Veterans service office will be closed Wednesday.


ESF-06 Louisiana VOAD

·                     Mercy Chefs is on standby for emergency feeding requests.

·                     Operation BBQ is on standby for emergency feeding requests.



·                     LWC Mass Feeding is standing down along with the closing of the SEOC at 1200 9/5/18.


ESF-06 Red Cross

·                     ARC liaisons were demobilized from parish EOCs as of 11:00 p.m. September 4.

·                     Red Cross NHQ, Division and Regional Leadership are holding Leadership calls.

·                     Confirmed availability of our Red Cross workforce.

·                     Confirmed shelter trailers and supplies inventoried and ready to go if needed.

·                     Identified just-in-time plan to procure increased amount of water and snacks as needed.

·                     Preparedness messaging going out through media and social outlets.


ESF-06 Salvation Army

·                     All units formerly on standby have been released but are prepared to respond in the event of something unexpected.

·                     The EOC Liaison has been released back to his normal job duties at the local Corps. 


ESF-08 LDH Public Health/Medical

·                     Hospitals are back to normal operations.

·                     Nursing homes are back to normal operations.

·                     LDH/ ESF8 has notified ESF8 Disaster Network to be in readiness. All medical facilities have been notified of the unfolding event and instructed to utilize the ESF8 Portal to report facility status if they are impacted by the event.

·                     LDH personnel are staffing the State EOC

·                     The EMS Tactical Operations Center (TOC) has reached out to surge ambulance vendors for potential impacts and to be in readiness.

·                     Ochsner and HCA Hospitals have set up EOC's to support facilities in Mississippi.

·                     Heritage Manor Slidell was temporarily on generator power but it has been restored

·                     One Adult Residential Care Provider in Region 1 evacuated to Region 2 (Baton Rouge) temporarily due to the storm.

·                     Several clinics and offices closed early due to storm.

·                     Number of facilities monitored by ESF8 in the current cone of error dropped 45% from this morning.



·                     Tangipahoa Parish LNO released after shutdown of Parish EOC.

·                     Staffed GOHSEP 24/7 until the conclusion of the event and we continue to monitor and assess the event.

·                     We have contacted our comparative agencies in Mississippi and Alabama to confirm that we have assets available to assist with SAR missions if necessary; if those assets are not needed here.

·                     Alpha and Bravo teams standing down.

·                     We have completed our assessment and began preliminary coordination with our SAR partners.

·                     At this time we do not anticipate staging any resources. Instead, we will provide SAR assistance with regional assets, and if additional resources are needed, we will bring them in from other regions. We have advised some of our Regions to be prepared to move some resources to our staging area in Woodworth in the morning should the situation deem it necessary.

·                     Three response taskforces have been dispatched to Tangipahoa, Washington, Orleans/St. Bernard.



·                     Our State and Federal Partners (EPA, LSP, LOSCO, and the Coast Guard) have been contacted along with the coastal parishes.

·                     LDEQ personnel will staff the desk at the State EOC starting at 7:00 a.m. Tuesday.

·                     Emergency Order No. 2018-004 issued and emailed to all oil and gas operators recommending actions to be taken to prepare for storm.


ESF-11 Agriculture and Forestry

·                     Agency EOC is partially activated and staffed to extended hours. Crisis Action Team activated and had an 8:00 a.m. meeting.

·                     ESF-04 and ESF-11 desks manned at State EOC.

·                     Communicating current information with response partners and potential impact area animal controls.

·                     Press release issued to inform livestock and pet owners to prepare.

·                     Emergency Fuel support on standby status.

·                     Emergency Food Distribution on standby status.


ESF-12 Louisiana Department of Health/Office of Public Health

·                     Agency EOC is monitoring and staffed for extended hours. EOC is currently monitoring the weather and maintaining contact with water systems.

·                     ESF-12 desk manned at State EOC. 


ESF-12 DNR Plants and Pipelines

·                     Agency EOC is at full activation, staffed 24-hours. Agency staff at State EOC.

·                     Emergency Order No. 2018-004 issued and emailed to all oil and gas operators recommending actions to be taken to prepare for storm.


ESF-12 Public Service Commission

·                     Agency staff at State EOC


ESF-13 Louisiana State Police

·                     EOC returned to normal operating hours.

·                     Troop personnel are operating at normal levels, but have been placed on stand-by.

·                     Troops have made preparations and are coordinating with DOTD and other law enforcement partners.

·                     All LWIN Tower sites are in wide area operations. All towers are functioning properly except the Vick tower is site trunking (north of Avoyelles); ATT is working on the issue. All tower generator fuel tanks are topped off.

·                     Casinos have pre-established severe weather guidelines that they have incorporated in their internal control. Individual field office troopers will be available to assist casinos with any issues related to the storm. All casinos in the Baton Rouge, New Orleans and Breaux Bridge regions are fully operational and open to the public at this time.


ESF-13 Department of Corrections

·                     ESF-13D desk manned at SEOC.

·                     Continuing to monitor the weather and WebEOC.


ESF-16 Military Support

·                     Parish LNO’s have been released by all parishes.

·                     All LANG assets have been recalled and are in RESET status.

·                     ESF-16 personnel will stand down as of 1200 on 9/5/18.

·                     TAC has returned to normal operations.

·                     LANG units have recovered to their home stations and members have been released from duty.


Emergency Management Disability and Aging Coalition (EMDAC)

·                     Sent state and regional resource guide to Orleans Parish in support of the potential MSNS being prepared by the city.

·                     Prepared to provide medical supplies, sensory equipment, diapers and formula, if needed and requested.

·                     Partnering with the Pass it On Center to meet DME needs.

·                     Utilizing social media to encourage preparedness and personal planning for those with access and functional needs.

·                     Next call will be held 9/5/18 @ 1500.


Parish Actions


Ascension Parish

·                     Parish EOC is going back to normal operating hours.


Avoyelles Parish

·                     Sandbags are being distributed at Parish barn in Mansura


Assumption Parish

·                     Public schools are open 9/5/18


Calcasieu Parish

·                     Parish EOC has resumed regular operating hours.

·                     Sandbagging locations are stocked and opened.


Catahoula Parish

·                     Parish EOC is partially activated with extended hours.


Iberia Parish

·                     The Parish is offering sand and bags at local Parish Fire stations. The town of Jeanerette has sand and bags at their Main Fire Station. 


Iberville Parish

·                     Parish EOC resuming normal operations.

·                     Sandbags are available at the local DPW facility and at the East Iberville Fire Department.


Jefferson Parish

·                     Parish EOC resuming normal operating hours.

·                     Public schools closed 9/5/18.

·                     Parish offices open 9/5/18.

·                     Declaration in Progress

·                     Voluntary evacuation for Grand Isle.


Lafayette Parish

·                     Parish EOC operating at extended hours.

·                     Sandbags are available for the public.


Lafourche Parish (Declared)

·                     Parish EOC resuming normal operating hours.

·                     Public schools open on 9/5/18.

·                     Self-filling sandbag locations are open at Lafourche Fire District #3, Oak Ridge Community Park, Lockport Field Office, Raceland Ag Grounds, Thibodaux Field Office, Bayou Blue Rec, and Choctaw Field Office.

·                     City of Thibodaux sandbag location to open today at the City of Thibodaux DPW building.

·                     Port Fourchon entering Phase 2 - Voluntary Evacuation of tenants at the Port facility. Called due to potential for LA1 between Golden Meadow and Leeville to be overtopped in the next 36 hours.


Orleans Parish (Declared)

·                     Parish EOC has resumed normal operating hours.

·                     Public schools closed 9/5/18

·                     Parish offices delayed opening 9/5/18, open from 1200-1700.

·                     Boats and high water vehicles staged in all districts.

·                     Post Storm Medical Shelter to be setup at Morial Convention Center, Hall J, Second Floor. Will only be used in emergency. Staffed by NOHD and MRC.

·                     311 Call Center to be 24/7 starting at 7:00 a.m. Tuesday UFN.

·                     EOC activation tentatively scheduled for Tuesday morning through Wednesday evening. Flexible if situation dictates.

·                     The network of cameras at the 24/7 Real-Time Crime Center provides situational awareness during severe weather to City leaders, emergency managers, and first responders.

·                     The New Orleans Police Department and New Orleans Fire Department have pre-staged barricades in flood-prone areas to prevent drivers from entering high water.

·                     SWB reports that the drainage system has 116 out of 120 pumps available, and the agency can produce more than 77 megawatts (MW) of 25 Hz power – more than what is needed to run the entire drainage system. Crews are standing by, ready to operate every large pump station and to monitor automated stations and pumps at underpasses.

·                     The Department of Public Works has been cleaning and will continue to clean and unclog catch basins and flush drain lines in flood-prone areas.

·                     Activated Medical Reserve Corps and drafted schedule for a call center Tuesday morning through Wednesday evening and small shelter operations Tuesday evening through Wednesday evening.

·                     Sent email updates to all healthcare, senior apartments and homeless shelters, planning on bringing all homeless in starting Tuesday evening, and updating the Special Needs Registry.

·                     HazMit and GIS to create a clean damage assessment map tomorrow in case it will be needed.


Plaquemines Parish (Declared)

·                     Parish EOC resuming normal operating hours.

·                     Public schools closed 9/5/18.


Pointe Coupee Parish

·                     Parish EOC resuming normal operating hours.


Rapides Parish

·                     Sand and bags at normal distribution points however are only being distributed in the Town of Boyce BY the Town of Boyce. All others are in position and weather forecast will dictate activation of sites.


St. Bernard Parish (Declared)

·                     Parish EOC back to normal operating hours.

·                     Parish schools and public offices closed 5 September.

·                     Outfall canals and drainage canals pumped down in anticipation of heavy rainfall.

·                     “Rollover" rock dam in place on Florissant Hwy; Lat: 29.852095; Long: -89.723798

·                     Sandbags will be placed on roads in lower end of Parish to reduce erosion due to high water.

·                     Sandbags are being distributed to residents.


St. Charles Parish (Declared)

·                     EOC is partially activated with 24-hour staffing.

·                     HESCO barriers are being erected along Bayou Des Allemands.

·                     Sand and sandbags will be made available to the public Sunday evening at East and West Bank Bridge parks and Bayou Gauche Island.

·                     Public schools and parish offices are closed for September 4. Public schools will be closed on Wednesday, 9/5/18.


St. Helena Parish

·                     Parish schools are open 9/5/18


St. James Parish (Declared)

·                     All schools will open 9/5/2018.

·                     EOC returned to normal operation hours.


St. John the Baptist Parish

·                     Parish EOC has resumed normal operating hours.

·                     Public schools will be closed on 9/5/18.

·                     Self-serve sandbag locations open at 1:00 p.m. Monday. Manpower will be on-site to assist through 7:00 p.m. After-hours sand and bags will be available. Locations include the intersection of Bamboo Road and Indigo Parkway, Railroad Avenue Fire Station, Ezekiel Jackson Park, Westbank Complex, Wallace, Edgard and Pleasure Bend Fire Stations.

·                     A pre-filled sandbag location for elderly and disabled is located at 425 Captain G. Bourgeois.

·                     Cameras are being placed at area(s) that are known take on water to monitor.

·                     Low-road Hwy 51 has water in some area(s). DOTD has put high water signs.

·                     Public works crews are out checking Pumps & other equipment.

·                     SO/FD have S&R crews on stand-by.


St. Tammany Parish (Declared)

·                     Public schools and Parish offices closed 9/5/18.

·                     Private schools will be open on 9/5/18.

·                     Parish EOC returned to normal operations.


Tangipahoa Parish (Declared)

·                     Parish EOC returned to normal operations.

·                     Parish offices will be open 9/5/18.

·                     Parish has given out 5,000 sandbags. Sandbag distribution continues at Roseland Public Works and Pleasant Ridge Public Works

·                     All schools will be closed on Wednesday, 9/5/18.


Terrebonne Parish (Declared)

·                     Parish providing for self-filling sandbag locations begging Monday at 5:00 p.m.: Cannata’s West, Airbase softball complex, West Terrebonne Fire, St. Ann Church, Ward 7, Bayou Black Fire Station, Mechanicville gym, Upper Dularge Fire Station, Point-Aux-Chene Knights of Columbus, TPCG Barn, Gibson East Fire, Bobtown Vol. Fire Station, Village East Fire.


West Baton Rouge Parish

·                     Parish EOC resuming normal operating hours.


West Carroll Parish (Declared)

·                     Parish EOC resuming regular operating hours.

·                     Parish submitted emergency declaration.


West Feliciana Parish

·                     Parish EOC resuming normal operating hours.

·                     Sandbags available at West Feliciana Fire HQ.


Washington Parish (Declared)

·                Parish EOC returned to normal operations.

·                Parish offices are open 9/5/18.

·                     Parish schools closed for Wednesday, September 5. Bogalusa School System, Annunciation Catholic School, Bens Ford Christian School and Northlake Charter School are closed Tuesday and Wednesday.

·                     Pre-filled sandbag locations opening at 1:00 p.m. on Monday include the YACC building and 801 Pearl Street in Franklinton. Austin Street at Youth Build in Bogalusa LA and Town of Franklinton Yard at 1108 Lenora Street will be open at 8:00 a.m. on Tuesday.

·                     Self-serve sandbag locations include 17380 Bill Booty Road in Bogalusa, beginning at 1:00 p.m. on Monday. Avenue B Sports Complex and Columbia Street and North Avenue in Bogalusa will be open on Tuesday at 8:00 a.m.

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