News Alert: Situational Awareness Report 10 July 2019 As of 4:00 p.m.
Posted: 7/11/2019 7:57:05 AM
Louisiana Business Emergency Operations Center

Situational Awareness Report

10 July 2019

As of 4:00 p.m.


State EOC Activation Level: Level IV (Crisis Action Team)

WebEOC Incident: 19-019 Tropical Weather – Statewide – July



SITUATION: The tropical system 92L continues to strengthen in the Gulf of Mexico. The depression is centered 170 miles east-southeast of the mouth of the Mississippi River with maximum sustained winds of 30 mph. Conditions appear favorable for this system to strengthen to a hurricane that will bring storm surge. The storm is forecast to strengthen during the next 72 hours, and the disturbance is forecast to become a tropical storm Thursday night and a Hurricane on Friday. A Hurricane Watch has been issued for much of the Louisiana coast. Dangerous storm surge is possible in portions of southern and southeastern Louisiana where a Storm Surge Watch is in effect. Additional storm surge watches may be issued later tonight or tomorrow. The slow movement of this system will result in a long duration heavy rainfall threat along the coast through the weekend.


STATE ACTIONS (Agencies are monitoring the situation and are on stand-by as needed):





·         Activated to a Crisis Action Team (CAT) as of 8:00 a.m. on 7/8/2019

·         Created WebEOC Incident 19-019 Tropical Wx — Statewide — July

·         Regional coordinators are coordinating with their parishes

·         Conducting daily conference calls with the SE & SW Hurricane Task Force


ESF-01 DOTD Transportation

·         Coordinating with supporting agencies.

·         Department of Education to identify school buses by the school district to respond and LANG for LANG school bus drivers to support DOTD. 


ESF-02 Communications

·         The system is fully operational.

·         ESF2 will activate 6:00 am 7/11 at Level 1 and maintain 24 Hours Ops.

·         5 Sites are in trunking, due to technical issues not related to the storm.

·         State 205 Communications Plan will be published tomorrow. Request all Parish or State partners/ ESF Leads submit any interoperability needs before 7:30 7/11.


ESF-03 DOTD Public Works

·         DOTD District 02 (New Orleans) is actively flood-fighting in the Greater New Orleans area. 


ESF-04 Firefighting Urban

·         SFMO is coordinating with local partners, including fire chiefs, across the state to assess their potential response needs in ESF-4/9 capacities.

·         All SFM equipment is ready, and SFM is working with local fire departments in need of safe-haven locations for their response equipment.

·         The SFM EOC will be active beginning 7/11 and operating on a 24-hour basis. 

·         SFMO Incident Support Team (IST) is planning for operations and preparing logistics for the potential deployment of 2 Type 3 task forces and a water rescue component of up to 38 boat teams and two high-water truck teams to affected areas.

o   These boat and truck teams would consist of minimum 2-man units specializing in surface and swift water rescue capabilities.

o   The USAR task forces would consist of 35 personnel, each with supporting vehicles and equipment.

·         One 24-person Incident Support Team (IST), two 35-person Type 3 USAR task forces with supporting equipment, and 38 boats plus two high water trucks manned by a total of 80 individuals comprised of SFM staff, USAR partners and first responders from across the state. 


ESF-05 Culture, Rec, and Tourism

·         Grand Isle State Parks:

o   The roads in the campground are flooding, as well as the maintenance road, the turn opposite the dump station, and the entrance to the middle bathhouse. 

o   All hatches locked down. All campers and non-essential employees asked to leave.

·         Bayou Segnette State Park:

o   Will close all the cabins and boat launches starting 7/11.

·         Closing the following facilities: Palmetto Island, Sam Houston Jones S.P., Lake Fausse Pointe, Bayou Segnette (Cabins and Boat Launch Only), Grand Isle, and Cypremort.



·         ARC is conducting call downs of volunteers.

·         ARC is coordinating with EM on readiness activities.

·         Confirming catering contract availability and capacity.

·         Assessing resources and checking the availability of disaster leadership and workforce.

·         Communicating with Parish OEPs to determine pre-landfall and post landfall sheltering in accordance with our Red Cross Hurricane Evacuation Shelter Standards.

·         Communicating safety and preparedness messages through media sources.

·         Holding Division and Region Leadership calls.

·         In communication with DCFS.

·         Identified feeding vendors and activated contracts in preparation to support shelters.

·         Checking disaster supply inventories and requested supplies from national to bring in additional disaster response/mass care supplies.

·         Preparing to support mass care and shelter operations across the region as needed (In particular Point-to-Point Plaquemines to Ouachita).

·         Identifying workforce shortfalls and requesting an ARC workforce from out of the region to support level 4 DR.

·         Briefed ARC national disaster leadership on preparation, planning, and operations on National Sync Call.



·         Conducted a conference call with all DCFS regions to discuss the readiness of ESF-6 sites.

·         All DCFS (ESF-6) Staff and sites put on ALERT status.

·         Notified foster families and licensed facilities of potential tropical weather impacts.

·         Monitoring Parish status' regarding shelter planning.

·         Coordinating with ARC and Louisiana Shelter Task Force and other ESF-6 partners.

·         Regions are in contact with Parish OEPs.

·         Contacted vendors to ensure coverage at ESF-6 sites.


ESF-06 Louisiana Workforce Commission Mass Feeding

·         Contacted contracted feeding vendors to place them on standby.

·         LWC staff will continue to monitor the situation, and are standing by.


ESF-06 Louisiana VOAD

·         Mercy Chefs is pre-staged for potential feeding needs.


ESF=06 Salvation Army

·         Participating in coordination calls with local/state emergency management and NWS officials.

·         Conducting coordination calls with the seven TSA locations in Louisiana to include New Orleans, Houma, Lafayette, Lake Charles, Alexandria, Shreveport, and Monroe.

·         Monitoring conditions for actions toward life safety and making preparations for disaster relief once conditions stabilize after landfall.  


ESF-07 LA Business EOC

·         Pushing approved messaging to state business partners via social media platforms.  


ESF-08 LDH Public Health/Medical

·         ESF8 Network activated.

·         EOC and EMS Tactical Operations Center (TOC) will be staffed 7/11.

·         Region 1 ESF8 asked to provide support at the local shelter at Rosenwald Recreational Center in Orleans.

·         ESF8 Portal: Facilities (hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living) are being messaged for mandatory reporting of facility baseline status and any impacts


ESF-09 Department of Wildlife and Fisheries

·         On 7/09, advised Regions to conduct their initial response assessments (to include agent availability, SAR equipment readiness, etc.).

·         Started preliminary coordination with state SAR partners

o   SAR teams stand ready to respond with 170 agents/boats. 

o   Have an additional 34 agents for command and logistical support.

o   If SAR assistance is required, LDWF will provide a regional response and will deploy as needed if additional resources from around the state are required.

·         If needed, LDWF will activate the state SAR EOC at HQ, which will be staffed with personnel and LNOs from state and federal partners.

·         All available agents are on standby and ready to mobilize upon notification.



·         LDEQ Disaster Coordinator has made contact with Federal (EPA and USCG), and State ESF-10 (LSP and LOSCO) partners

·         All Emergency Response Staff and Regional Staff are on stand-by and making preparations to respond if necessary. Incident Command Staff are on stand-by.

·         Contacted Grand Gulf, W-3, & Riverbend Power Plants. All are taking necessary precautions.

·         Daily conference calls have begun with EPA, USCG, and ESF-10 partners (LSP & LOSCO) to discuss pre- & post-storm response coordination.

·         Contacted Facilities, Radiation Licensees, and Parishes from Alexandria south.

·         Preparing DEAO, which will be posted to WebEOC as soon as possible. 


Esf-11 Department of Agriculture and Forestry

·         LDAF IMT and support staff activated.

·         Released public advisory for livestock, agricultural community and pet owners.

·         Communicated current situation with animal control agencies in the state.

·         Alexandria co-located pet shelter and staff on standby.

·         Mobile pet shelters and support teams on standby.

ESF-13 Department of Corrections

·         Activated the Incident Management Center.

·         Preparing to assist Plaquemines Parish Detention Center in the evacuation of their offenders.  


ESF-13 Louisiana State Police

·         State Police Crisis Response:

o   Participating in both Southeast and Southwest Hurricane Task Force Conference Calls. 

o   Conducting last minute readiness checks of the EOC and equipment. 

·         Fleet/Support Services:

o   Fleet started storm preparations by assessing available pool units and contacting the Troops to determine any Fleet needs. 

o   Mobile Command Posts are being assessed and fueled.

·         Troops:

o   Reviewing Troop Evacuation Plans.

o   Assessing fuel levels for patrol vehicles and diesel levels for Troop generators.

o   Assessing pool vehicles

o   Suspending any decisions on leave of personnel until a defined storm track is established.

o   Checking readiness of chainsaws and other response equipment.

o   Communicating with local law enforcement agencies to consolidate resources.

o   Communicating with local DOTD Offices for any possible evacuation missions.

o   Troop N is coordinating with NOHSEP for possible activation.

·         ESF-2 / Radio Communications:

o   Checking fuel levels at all tower sites below I-10 and conducting readiness tests for the generators at those sites.

·         ESF-10 / HAZMAT:

o   Maintaining contact with DEQ and preparing to respond to any incidents.


ESF-16 Military Support

·         LANG is monitoring Invest 92L and preparing to stand up the JOC and the TAC

·         LANG is prepared to ramp-up forces as needed as the situation develops

·         TAC Personnel are currently working normal operational hours

·         LANG anticipates having up to approximately 200 personnel on duty in direct support with the ability to grow (storm dependent). 

·         The Joint Operations Center at Camp Beauregard and the Tactical Command Post at GOHSEP are at normal Level IV manning with the ability to conduct Level III (24 hour partial activation operations) NLT 11 July.

·         Helicopters are prepared to conduct SAR sweeps in conjunction with the USCG as necessary.

·         7/10 LANG is pre-positioning HWVs and boats throughout the southern portion of the state.

·         Pre-positioned 60 super sacks throughout the state to respond to any levee breeches or significant overtopping.

·         Activating RSA and ULE in preparation of any Commodity Distribution requirements.

·         LANG TAC & JOC will activate at 0600 hours 7/11 for 24-hour operations.

·         Will be activating LNOs for Parish EOCs.

o   LANG NOHSEP LNOs are in place.

·         LANG is prepared to activate forces as needed upon WebEOC requests.

·         LANG has prepositioned boats and High Water Vehicles strategically throughout the state for rapid response.

o   20 bus drivers will report to Plaquemines Parish for evacuation operations.

·         Transporting 500 blankets and 14,000 bottles of water to the shelter in Ouachita Parish.

·         Distributed two pallets of sandbags to St Helena Parish.

·         Distributed 3 pallets of sandbags to Livingston Parish.



Region 1

St. Bernard Parish (Declaration Submitted 7/10)

·         All maintenance gates on the HSDRRS between Bayou Bienvenue and Verret closed. 

·         Guardrails on Highway Gates on LA 39 and LA 46 have been removed in preparation for gate closure at a later date. 

·         All drainage canals inspected and pumped down.  River gates closed. 

·         Crisis Activation Team activated. 


Jefferson Parish

·         Some flooding on streets, levels are dropping.

·         In contact with DCFS.

·         Sandbags available at multiple locations.  

·         Reports of water in several homes.  


Orleans Parish (Declaration Submitted 7/10)

·         Operation Underpass Activated.

·         Multiple road closures due to flooding.

·         Multiple trees downed.

·         Approximately 5,000 customers without power. 

·         Shelter opening at Rosenwald Center. NOPD officer on site.

·         Preliminary Damage Assessments underway for 7/10 severe weather events.

·         City Hall closed to non-essential employees.


Plaquemines Parish (Declaration Submitted 7/10)

·         Preparing Plaquemines Medical Center and Riverbend Nursing Home in case of evacuation.

·         PPG officials began closing of several floodgates along the Mississippi River Levee, Hero Canal & Intracoastal Waterway on 7/10.  

o   If the Mississippi River rises to 17.5' at Carrollton, PPG will have to shut down ferry operations due to the inability to adjust the ferry ramps.                   

·         Contacted Point to Point (City of West Monroe) to be on standby.

·         Will deploy sandbags and tiger dams in areas of the parish to prepare to flood fight if necessary.

o   PPG is working with the PPSO Detention Center to make sandbags with prison labor.

·         Held Unified Command Meeting immediately following the 2 pm Conference Call on 7/10.     


Region 2

Ascension Parish

·         Held a briefing with parish officials at 3:30 pm 7/10.

·         Sandbags available at multiple locations.


East Baton Rouge Parish

·         Sandbags available at multiple locations.

·         High water barricade equipment pre-staged at multiple locations.

·         ARC shelter equipment pre-staged in the City of Baker.


East Feliciana Parish

·         Sandbag POD open at the East Feliciana Parish Prison on Haynes St, Clinton. 


Iberville Parish (Declaration in Progress)

·         Sandbags available in multiple locations.


Livingston Parish (Declaration in Progress)

·         Sandbags available at multiple locations.


Point Coupee

·         Sandbags available at multiple locations.

·         Public Works continues to clean out parish drainage right of ways.

·         Pecan Acres and Pleasentview pumps are operational.

·         False River lowered to 15'.

o   Three gates remain open and are lowering lake levels 0.3-0.4 feet per day.   


West Baton Rouge Parish

·         Sandbags available at multiple locations.


West Feliciana Parish (Declaration in Progress)

·         Nine roads closed due to Mississippi River flooding.  

·         Sandbags available. 

·         Parish Unified Command Group met at 1 pm on 7/10 to discuss planning and preparations for possible extreme weather. 


Region 3

Lafourche Parish (Declaration in Progress)

·         Public works crews are checking culverts and ditches to make sure not blocked. 

·         Sandbags available. 

·         Voluntary Evacuation.


St. Charles Parish (Declaration Submitted 7/10)


St. John the Baptist

·         Held two meetings with Parish ESFs.

·         Public Works crews are checking Pumps and Critical areas.

·         EOC staff is putting out messages to the public for possible Tropical Weather. 


Terrebonne Parish (Declaration Submitted 7/10)


Region 4

Acadia Parish (Declaration in Progress)

·         Sandbags available at multiple locations.


Iberia Parish (Declaration Submitted 7/10)

·         Sandbags available at multiple locations.


Lafayette Parish

·         Held meetings with incident command team.

·         Sandbags available at multiple locations.

·         Positioning assets in various parts of the parish.


St. Landry Parish (Declaration Submitted 7/10)

·         Sandbags available at multiple locations.


St. Martin Parish (Declaration Submitted 7/10)

·         Sandbags available at multiple locations.


St. Mary Parish

·         On 7/9, City of Morgan City is sending advanced notice: Will be closing floodgates that are not already closed as the system nears. 

·         Sandbags available at multiple locations.

·         Franklin Canal will be closed on 7/12 at 9 am. The gate will stay closed until the rain has subsided, and the water level on either side of the structure has equalized.

·         Berwick and Morgan City are monitoring and preparing to close many of the flood control gates along the Atchafalaya River by 7/12.


Vermilion Parish (Declaration Submitted 7/10)

·         Voluntary evacuation.


Region 5

Allen Parish

·         Preparing for the storm. Potentially placing extra personnel on duty for storm assistance.

·         Sandbags available at multiple locations.

·         Home health agencies have activated their emergency plans.


Calcasieu Parish

·         Sandbags available at multiple locations.

·         Possible partial evacuation in lower-lying areas evacuation of Calcasieu South of Lincoln Rd affecting less than 1000 people.

o   Communicating with Cameron Parish to evacuate through the parish.

·         Conducted a search and rescue meeting 7/10.

·         I-210 bridge at one lane each direction.


Cameron Parish

·         Public schools and offices closed 7/11.

·         Sandbags available at multiple locations.


Jefferson Parish (Declaration Submitted 7/10)


Region 6

Avoyelles Parish (Declaration Submitted 7/10)

·         All local police departments & sheriff office are preparing for the storm, with extra personal.

·         The 911 center is activating the storm team plan.

·         Public Works is cleaning drainages in flood prone areas.   

·         Sandbags available at multiple locations.


Rapides Parish (Declaration in progress)     

·         Sandbags available at multiple locations.


Vernon Parish      

·         Contacts made with Acadian, MedExpress Ambulance, DCFS and LANG LNO personnel.

·         Sandbags available at multiple locations.


Region 8

West Carroll Parish (Declaration Submitted 7/10)

·         Shelter status is active.


Ouachita Parish (Declaration in Progress)

·         Communicating with parishes as to their evacuation status and their needs to execute Point-to-Point agreements.  


Region 9

St. Helena Parish (Declaration Submitted 7/10)


St. Tammany Parish

·         Sandbags available.

·         Three Reception Centers on standby.

o   Grace Memorial Church, John Davis Recreation Center, and Lacombe Coquille Recreation Center Covington.


Tangipahoa Parish (Declaration in Progress)

·         Sandbags available at multiple locations.

·         Voluntary evacuations


Washington Parish

·         Sandbags available at multiple locations.


GOHSEP Operations is monitoring the situation and will publish updates as necessary.

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