News Alert: Situational Awareness Report 12 July 2019 As of 8:00 a.m.
Posted: 7/12/2019 9:04:13 AM
Louisiana Business Emergency Operations Center

Situational Awareness Report

12 July 2019

As of 8:00 a.m.


State EOC Activation Level: Level I (Full Activation)

WebEOC Incident: 19-019 Tropical Weather – Statewide – July

State Declaration Proclamation Number: 111 JBE 2019

Federal Declaration: EM-3416



SITUATION: Tropical Storm Barry is about 95 miles southwest of the Mississippi River moving west-northwest at 5 mph with maximum sustained winds of 50 mph. Hurricane conditions are expected along the Louisiana coast. Gusty winds 30 to 65 mph with some gusts near 75 mph near the center and in bands, tornadoes and waterspouts are possible. Tropical Storm Force Winds are occurring along the Louisiana coast and will most likely reach New Orleans early this evening. Hurricane Force Winds should remain confined to a small area near the center at landfall and the greatest risk along the central Louisiana coast.


The slow movement of Barry will result in a long duration heavy rainfall and flood event through the weekend into early next week. Excessive rainfall 10-20 inches expected with locally higher amounts near or greater than 25 inches. This could lead to life-threating flash floods. Locally, most rain will occur tonight through Sunday.


Due to uncertainty in forecast track there is a storm surge threat for all of southeast Louisiana. The highest storm surge inundation is expected between Intracoastal City and Shell Beach. Storm surge inundation could begin as early as today and maximize Saturday as Barry moves onshore with storm surge pushing inland.





STATE ACTIONS (Agencies are monitoring the situation and are on stand-by as needed):





·         Conducting daily conference calls with the SE & SW Hurricane Task Force.

·         Activated Level I as of 6:00 a.m. on 7/11/2019.

·         FEMA IMAT Team arrived at SEOC 7/11.

·         FEMA Declaration 7/11: EM-3416


ESF-01 DOTD Transportation

·         Coordinating with supporting agencies; Department of Education to identify school buses by school district to respond and LANG for LANG school bus drivers to support DOTD. 


ESF-02 Communications

·         The system is fully operational.

·         ESF2 activated 6:00 am 7/11 at Level 1 and will maintain 24 Hours Ops.

·         5 Sites are in trunking, due to technical issues not related to the storm.

·         State 205 Communications Plan will be published.

·         St Landry has had AT&T equipment failure since Wednesday and put in a high priority ticket.

·         Requests sent to FEMA:

o   A baseline cell traffic scan and activation of DIRs for the projected populated areas that will be impacted.

·         LWIN STATUS: 140/140 tower sites in normal operation

·         The Iberville Tower Site is operating on satellite backhaul. 



·         St. Mary Barge Gate will remain closed for this event. The water is currently 22 inches lower on the protected side, which provides significant capacity for rainfall.

·         Coordinated with SLFPA-E, SLFPA-W, and Plaquemines Parish on their closures in the Greater New Orleans area along MS River.

o   There are some gates that may impact industry including the Port of New Orleans.

·         HSDRRS System began closing majority of the flood gates within the system on 7/10.

o   Based upon the latest forecast, LP PCCP, Bonnobal, Williams, Lakeshore Drives, and Lake front airport are not going to be closed at this time.

·         Prepositioning pumps in Plaquemines, St. Bernard, ST. John, and Grand Isle for quick deployment.

·         Ascension Parish requested 1500 feet of Hesco to protect Henderson Bayou Road in case of flooding. USACE has agreed to provide from the Bonnet Carre facility.

·         Multiple flood gate closures.


ESF-03 DOTD Public Works

·         DOTD District 02 (New Orleans) is actively flood-fighting in the Greater New Orleans area.

·         Trucks have begun operations 24 hrs./day. 

·         ESF-3 staff are providing shelter support.


ESF-04 Firefighting Urban

·         SFM with LDAF will issue a statewide burn ban.

·         USAR teams will be deployed into the field on 7/12.

·         Shelter inspections are underway.

·         A USAR task force from Texas will supplement Louisiana teams.

·         At least 170 SFM staff, USAR partners and first responders are involved.

·         SFM survey program initiated to prepare for quick post-storm building assessments if needed.

ESF-05 Culture, Rec, and Tourism

·         Bayou Segnette State Park is partially closed. Levee District is closing flood gates.

·         Grand Isle State Parks, Palmetto Island, Sam Houston Jones S.P., Lake Fausse Pointe, and Cypremort are closed.

·         Crisis Cleanup is being activated 7/11 to help coordinate NGO clean-up and response activities post-event.

· is ready to register unaffiliated volunteers and connect them with volunteer information post-event.



·         Assessing resources and checking the availability of disaster leadership and workforce.

·         Communicating with Parish OEPs to determine pre-landfall and post landfall sheltering in accordance with Hurricane Evacuation Shelter Standards.

·         Identified feeding vendors and activated contracts in preparation to support shelters.

·         Requested supplies from national to bring in additional disaster response/mass care supplies.

·         In coordination with Rapides Parish OEP and Shelter Task Force -opened a general population shelter for evacuees from evacuating parishes.


ESF-06 DCFS Mass Care

·         Notified foster families and licensed facilities of potential tropical weather impacts.

·         Contacted vendors to ensure coverage at ESF-6 sites.

·         Supporting Plaquemines Parish with LNOs.

·         The Alexandria Mega Shelter staff are activated and the shelter is set up with 1500 cots.

·         Sex Offender database uploaded into the registration system.

·         3 Shelter Forward & Registration Teams activated with 4 teams on standby.

·         59 people being sheltered in 6 shelters: 1 State (0), 1 Parish (0), 4 ARC (59).

o   6 shelters are on standby: 5 parish & 1 ARC


ESF-06 Louisiana Workforce Commission Mass Feeding

·         Coordinating made with DCFS and contract vendor concerning potential shelter opening 7/11.


ESF-06 Louisiana VOAD

·         Mercy Chefs, Convoy of Hope, American Logistics Aid Network (ALAN), Crisis Cleanup, Good360, Operation Blessing and Samaritan’s Purse are ready to respond.

·         Airbnb has activated its Open Homes Program to help displaced residents and relief workers deployed to the regions impacted by Tropical Storm Barry


ESF-06 LWC Mass Feeding 

·         Contact has been made with contracted feeding vendors.


ESF-06 Salvation Army

·         New Orleans SA Area Command is preparing to provide 120 meals (3 times per day) to LA-DOTD staff beginning 7-12-2019 at 0900.


ESF-06 Veterans Affairs

·         Facilities have prepared for storm to meet upcoming needs.

o   Generators tested and ready at multiple facilities.

o   Southwest Louisiana Veterans Home prepared to “Shelter in Place.”


ESF-07 LA Business EOC

·         Pushing approved messaging to state business partners via social media platforms.  

·          LABEOC activated 7/11

·         Coordinated with Airbnb for no cost lodging for evacuees and responders.



ESF-08 LDH Public Health/Medical

·         Region 1 ESF8 asked to provide support at the local shelter at Rosenwald Recreational Center in Orleans.

·         Facilities messaged for mandatory reporting of facility baseline status and any impacts

·         Riverbend Nursing and Rehabilitation Center has completed evacuation of 115 residents.

·         New Orleans/Region 1 area reported access issues due to high water.


ESF-09 Department of Wildlife and Fisheries

·         SAR teams stand ready to respond with 170 agents/boats.  


·         Contacted Grand Gulf, W-3, & Riverbend Power Plants. All are taking necessary precautions.

·         Daily conference calls have begun with EPA, USCG, and ESF-10 partners (LSP & LOSCO).

·         Contacted Facilities, Radiation Licensees, and Parishes from Alexandria south.

·         DEAO posted in WebEOC 7/11.


ESF-11 Department of Agriculture and Forestry

·         Released public advisory for livestock, agricultural community and pet owners.

·         Alexandria co-located pet shelter/staff and mobile pet shelters/support teams on standby.

·         Issued burn ban.


ESF-12 DNR Plants and Pipelines (Declaration submitted 7/11)

·         Issued Emergency Order No. 2019-002 declaring that an emergency exists and advising operators of oilfield sites, facilities, structures and pipelines to perform all necessary actions.


ESF-12 Public Service Commission

·         Utilities contacted and they activated their Emergency Service Plans.

·         Coastal utilities are staging equipment and turning on mutual assistance contracts


ESF-13 Department of Corrections

·         7/11 Evacuation of 586 Offenders (537 adult males, 1 Youth offender male, and 48 females) was completed by LA-DOC, EBRSO, Orleans Parish SO and the Plaquemines Parish SO.

o   The 537 adult male offenders are being housed at EHCC, the 1 Youthful Offender is being housed at DCI, and the 48 female offenders are being housed Angola.

·         14 offenders and 3 officers were sent to assist the flood authority with the placement of 5000 pre-filled sandbags in Meraux.

·         Many facilities are filling sandbags for distribution throughout the state.


ESF-13 Department of Justice

·         Consumer Outreach teams coordinating with Parishes to provide materials and information for consumers to avoid potential scams in the aftermath of the event.


ESF-13 Louisiana State Police

·         Checking fuel levels at all tower sites below I-10 and conducting readiness tests for the generators at those sites.


ESF-13 Office of Juvenile Justice

·         Secure care facilities (Acadiana, Bridge City, Swanson, Columbia) are sheltering in place.

·         Ready evacuate Bridge City Center for Youth if necessary.


ESF-16 Military Support

·         Pre-positioned HWVs and boats throughout the southern portion of the state.

·         20 bus to Plaquemines Parish for evacuation operations.

·         Bus drivers are assisting Plaquemines Parish with point to point evacuation.

·         Additional bus drivers have been mobilized to support DOTD evacuations in the vicinity of Lafayette, Baton Rouge, and the Greater New Orleans Area.

·         LANG has activated all of its search and rescue teams and is continuing to preposition forces.

·         LANG is providing support to the mega shelter in Alexandria.




Region 1

St. Bernard Parish (Declaration Submitted 7/10)

·         All maintenance gates on the HSDRRS between Bayou Bienvenue and Verret closed. 

·         Flood fighting underway at Chalmette Refining; Approx. 1000 linear feet of levee being reinforced. 

·         Multiple flood gate closures.


Jefferson Parish (Declaration submitted 7/11)

·         Town of Grand Isle declared state of emergency 7/10.

o   Issued mandatory evacuation notice 7/11.

·         Areas outside of the levee protection have been using sand bags for flood defense.  

·         Mandatory Evacuation for residents in lower lying Lafitte, Crowne Point, and Barataria 7/11 2PM


Orleans Parish (Declaration Submitted 7/10)

·         Shelter opening at Rosenwald Center. NOPD officer on site.

·         Preliminary Damage Assessments underway for 7/10 severe weather events.

·         City Hall closed to non-essential employees.


Plaquemines Parish (Declaration Submitted 7/10)

·         On 7/11 at 6 am, issued a mandatory evacuation for the entire Eastbank of Plaquemines Parish and for Oakville to Venice on the Westbank. 

o   Point-to-Point agreement with West Monroe in effect.

o   The Belle Chasse Auditorium has been opened up as a shelter for residents.

o   Transportation and utilization of point-to-point shelter with West Monroe suspended.

·         The Riverbend Nursing Home anticipates evacuating 30-40 residents on 7/11 at 9 am.

o   Riverbend has a transportation agreement in place but requires additional assistance from the Plaquemines Parish Fire Department.

·         PPSO will be evacuating approximately 600 prisoners from the Detention Center.

·         Phillips 66 Refinery is in the process of safely shutting down. 

·         Multiple flood gate closures.


Region 2

East Baton Rouge Parish (Declaration submitted 7/11)

·         High water barricade equipment pre-staged at multiple locations.

·         ARC shelter equipment pre-staged in the City of Baker.

·         LSU & Southern University closed.

·         LA USAR Task Force 2 on standby.


East Feliciana Parish (Declaration submitted 7/11)

·         Voluntary evacuation 7/11 - residents residing on the Amite River 

·         All parish SAR vessels and rescue vehicles staged for rapid deployment.

·         Grace Nursing Home in Clinton will be their corporate evacuation facility.


Point Coupee (Declaration submitted 7/11)

·         False River lowered to 15'.

o   Three gates remain open and are lowering lake levels 0.3-0.4 feet per day.   


Region 3

Assumption Parish (Declaration Submitted 7/11)

·         Voluntary evacuation ordered at 8 a.m. 7/12


Lafourche Parish (Declaration Submitted 7/11)

·         Recommended evacuation 7/12- south of Leon Theriot Floodgates

o   Mandatory Evacuation of the area is expected to be issued at 6 am 7/12.

·         The Raceland Recreation Center will be opened 7/12 for residents and businesses in the mandatory evacuation area.

St. Charles Parish (Declaration Submitted 7/10)

·         Voluntary evacuation for residents who live in low-lying areas.

·         EAD Community Center will be opened for residents to shelter in place on 7/12 at 8 am.


Terrebonne Parish (Declaration Submitted 7/10)

·         Voluntary evacuation south of Morganza 7/11.


Region 4

Acadia Parish (Declaration Submitted 7/10)

·         Voluntary evacuation south of LA-92 7/11.


Iberia Parish (Declaration Submitted 7/10)

·         Voluntary evacuation of residents living south of U.S. Hwy 90, any areas vulnerable to potential storm surge, any in low-lying areas along lakes, bayous, streams and drainage structures.


Lafayette Parish (Declaration submitted 7/11)

·         Pre-staged high water vehicles and boats. Planning reception centers and pre-staging buses.

·         University of Lafayette closed 7/12.


St. Landry Parish (Declaration Submitted 7/10)

·         Telephone services restored to parish government offices.


St. Martin Parish (Declaration Submitted 7/10)

·         Voluntary evacuation for Lower St. Martin Parish 7/11.


St. Mary Parish (Declaration submitted 7/11)

·         Requested a fire rescue strike team to be stationed at the Franklin LA Fire Dep.

·         Voluntary evacuations 7/11 at 12PM - areas south of the Intracoastal Waterway.

·         Multiple flood gate closures.


Vermilion Parish (Declaration Submitted 7/10)

·         Voluntary evacuation issued 7/10 for lower portion of parish.


Region 5

Allen Parish (Declaration Submitted 7/11)

·         Home health agencies activated their emergency plans.


Calcasieu Parish (Declaration submitted 7/11)

·         Possible partial evacuation in lower-lying areas evacuation of Calcasieu South of Lincoln Rd affecting less than 1000 people.

o   Communicating with Cameron Parish to evacuate through the parish.

·         I-210 bridge at one lane each direction.

·         One nursing home considering evacuation.  


Cameron Parish (Declaration submitted 7/11)

·         Voluntary evacuation - Areas south of the Intracoastal Waterway 7/11.


Region 6

Rapides Parish (Declaration submitted 7/11)

·         One shelter open with no evacuees at this time


Vernon Parish (Declaration Submitted 7/10)      

·         Contacts made for sheltering of in-parish residents at designated churches if needed.


Region 8

Lincoln Parish (Declaration in Progress)

·         Preparing to assist with shelter operations, as needed for general population evacuees and for emergency protective measures.


Ouachita Parish (Declaration Submitted 7/10)

·         Communicating with evacuating parishes in affected areas as to their evacuation status and the need to execute Point-to-Point agreements.  

·         Plan to open Point-to-Point shelter located at the West Monroe Sports Complex at 12 pm 7/11 agreement with Plaquemines Parish.  Shelter capacity is 250 pax.

o   Commodities to support shelter operations are on hand or will arrive by opening.

·         Evaluating current stockade levels of cots, blankets and water.  


Region 9

St. Tammany Parish (Declaration Submitted 7/11)

·         Three Reception Centers on standby.


Tangipahoa Parish (Declaration Submitted 7/11)

·         Voluntary evacuations

·         All Parish Government Departments will be closing at noon 7/11.

·         Hammond Westside Shelter opened 7/11 at 6:00 pm. 

·         Road Closures – 1; power outages - 10 


Washington Parish (Declaration submitted 7/11)

·         Two ARC shelters opened 7pm, 7/11.

o   Franklinton High School and Bogalusa High.


GOHSEP Operations is monitoring the situation and will publish updates as necessary.

For more information, please visit your local NWS weather forecast office webpage. | |







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