News Alert: EXERCISE Schools/Roads/Power Update EXERCISE
Posted: 11/17/2011 3:07:12 PM
Louisiana Business Emergency Operations Center


The three schools that were not severely damaged have been able to reopen.
They are doubling up on students and two other temporary schools have been
established in unoccupied buildings. School supplies have b been generously
donated by other school districts across the nation. School enrollment is down
due to many families leaving the area following the storm.

The majority of major roadways have been cleared and opened. A main bridge
is still out and traffic is being routed to the smaller bridge. It is expected
to take months to make repairs to the main bridge. Smaller residential and
commercial neighborhoods still need debris clearance. (Inject #91)

majority of power has been restored. About 250 residents in isolated areas still
remain without power. (inject #84)


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