News Alert: Gov. Jindal Urges Louisianians to Get Prepared for Tropical Storm Isaac, Encourages Voluntary Evacuations in Hurricane
Posted: 8/26/2012 6:56:49 PM
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Gov. Jindal Urges Louisianians to Get Prepared for Tropical

Storm Isaac, Encourages Voluntary Evacuations in Hurricane

Watch Areas


Following a meeting of the Unified Command Group at the Governor’s Office of

Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness, Governor Bobby Jindal urged Louisianians to get

prepared for Tropical Storm Isaac and encouraged voluntary evacuations for people in parishes in the

hurricane watch zone that are in low lying areas, areas South of the Intracoastal Waterway and areas

outside of levee protection.

Governor Jindal said, “Tropical Storm Isaac continues to track westward and a hurricane watch is in

effect for 15 Louisiana parishes. This includes the New Orleans metro area and the parishes adjacent to

Lake Pontchartrain. The National Weather Service expects the storm to become a hurricane in the next

12 hours and the current forecast shows it will become a Category 2 at landfall.

“We are encouraging everyone to get prepared now to ensure that you have an evacuation plan in place,

plenty of water, non-perishable food items, hygiene supplies, sufficient clothing, and any prescription

medications you or your family may need in the event of the storm. We are urging Louisianians to stay

alert and monitor local weather conditions in their area. As with every storm, we always hope for the

best and prepare for the worst.

“State and local officials are taking a number of steps to protect our people and property from the

storm. In addition to issuing a State of Emergency for the storm, we are in touch with parish leaders and

we are recommending voluntary evacuations within the hurricane watch area. Specifically, this is for

people in low lying areas, areas outside of levee protection, and areas south of the Intracoastal


Parishes in the Hurricane Watch area include:


St. Bernard



St. Charles




St. James

St. John




St. Tammany



Some parishes have declared a state of emergency, including:


Jefferson Parish


Orleans Parish


Plaquemines Parish


St Charles Parish



CPRA is coordinating with the Army Corps of Engineers, as well as area levee and conservation districts, to

monitor rising water levels to determine appropriate times to close flood and navigation gates on area

waterways if necessary.

CPRA is also coordinating with levee districts and parish emergency operations centers to monitor water

levels on area levee systems and identify potential deficiencies to determine if additional assets are needed

for potential flood fighting from elevated tides, storm surges or rainfall.

Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority-East:


Lake Borgne Levee District – Closed all gates on the Chalmette loop and will close Bayou

Bienvenue structure today.


Orleans Levee District - closed 40 non-essential gates yesterday.

Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority-West Field crews activated, and will begin closing

non-essential gates today.

Corps of Engineers is considering closure today of the IHNC (Inner Harbor Navigational Channel),

the massive floodwall that reduces the risk of storm surge from Lake Borgne pushing into St.

Bernard Parish, New Orleans East, the 9

th Ward, and Metro New Orleans.

Reports from Parishes

South Lafourche Levee District

System is open to navigation and lock closure will be reevaluated tomorrow morning.

Jefferson Parish

In the Laffite area, the state has repurposed $150,000 for emergency flood fighting

In Grand Isle, emergency work is being done on back levee between Orange and Walnut Streets, and on

Caminada levee around Hebert Street.

Plaquemines Parish

CPRA offering assistance should back levees need raising or additional protection needed for

Highway 23.

Coordinating closure of gaps in ongoing Corps projects. Corps is going to make all closures with

existing contractors on site.

Terrebonne Levee and Conservation District (TLCD)

All gates and structures remain open at this time. TLCD encouraging all marine boaters to keep a close watch

on updates, and to mobilize marine vessels to safe positions. Anticipating closure of some structures late

tomorrow (Monday) afternoon.


Governor Jindal has authorized the National Guard to mobilize up to 4,000 Guardsmen to help

support the effort. The National Guard also has 75 generators positioned if needed.


The state is activating contracts to provide buses to help with evacuations. By tomorrow, 200 buses

will be available.

The Department of Education has also identified 50 buses, and if schools close, there will be

approximately 150 buses from schools.

DOTD has also stopped collecting tolls on LA-1.


The state has 27,400 slots for critical transportation needs beds, medical needs beds and point to

point shelters. In addition, Red Cross has 28,000 beds available.

DCFS is also working with day care and residential licensed facilities, as well as foster care parents,

to ensure they have a plan in place.

DHH has provided a notice to members, including hospitals, nursing homes, dialysis network, and other

medical institutions to update recall rosters, top

off generators, and take other preparatory actions for

institutional readiness.


Coastal and Nongame Division personnel will begin securing all loose gear and small equipment

items at coastal wildlife management area offices.

Additionally, all vehicles and boats will be fully fueled in preparation for any evacuation measures

that may be required.

Over 200 agents and vessels are on standby, monitoring the storm and preparing search and rescue

equipment. The Enforcement Division will move equipment from the coastal parishes that may be

in harm’s way to the north.

The Office of Fisheries will begin securing all loose gear and equipment items.


DNR has required Texas Brine to develop a plan to ensure safe operations in the area of the drilling

operations and sinkhole in assumption parish.

Prior to landfall, the drilling derrick will be layed down, all equipment will be secured and work will

stop and personnel evacuated if necessary.

DNR staff will remain on site to oversee these operations until the site is secured and evacuation


50 percent of offshore oil production and 40 percent of natural gas production has been shut in. As

the storm continues to move west, 90 percent of oil production and 75 percent of natural gas

production is expected to be shut in.


All state correctional facilities and Probation and Parole District Offices were notified on Friday to

review pre-storm plans and take necessary action (such as checking generators, topping fuel tanks,

checking food and supply inventories, securing computer equipment, etc.).

The Department of corrections is working with coastal parishes to evacuate any inmates that need to

be evacuated, starting with those in temporary facilities


If necessary, the Bridge City Center for Youth near New Orleans will evacuate youth to Jetson

Center for Youth in Baker. Jetson is ready to receive the youth.


DEQ has 201 approved debris sites identified for the post-storm response.


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