News Alert: EPA Grants Louisiana Partial Fuel Waiver Request
Posted: 8/28/2012 7:59:08 PM
Louisiana Business Emergency Operations Center

August 28, 2012
EPA Grants Louisiana Partial Fuel Waiver Request
BATON ROUGE, La. -- Today, Lisa Jackson, Administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in a
letter to Governor Bobby Jindal, granted a partial fuel waiver requested yesterday by the Louisiana Department of
Environmental Quality (DEQ), which will make it easier for distributors to keep the state's supply of fuel available as it
responds to Hurricane Isaac.
This waiver will enable Louisiana refineries in 14 parishes the latitude to utilize slightly higher Reid Vapor Pressure
(RVP) fuels from today until September 6 in order to assist with the shortages currently being experienced as a result of
the evacuation due to Hurricane Isaac. Since the majority of parishes will be using the same type of gas, it will make it
easier for fuel distributors and gas stations to keep gas at the pumps.
Louisiana requested the waiver for 16 parishes and it was granted for all but two parishes -- Calcasieu and Beauregard
-- included in that request. The waiver applies to the following 14 Louisiana parishes:
• Ascension,
• East Baton Rouge,
• West Baton Rouge,
• Iberville,
• Jefferson,
• Lafayette,
• Lafourche,
• Livingston,
• Orleans,
• Pointe Coupee,
• St. Bernard,
• St. Charles,
• St. James and
• St. Mary.
These parishes now join most of the rest of the state in being able to use the higher volatility gasoline.

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