News Alert: 017-13 SEVERE WEATHER NORTH LOUISIANA 16 May 2013
Posted: 5/22/2013 11:13:39 AM
Louisiana Business Emergency Operations Center


As of 1000 hours 22 May 2013



Provided below is a rollup of all information received so
far for the following incidents:


017-13 Severe Weather North Louisiana 16 May 2013

018-13 Severe Weather North Louisiana 21 May 2013




017-13 Severe Weather North Louisiana 16 May 2013




An upper level disturbance moved across north Louisiana
bringing severe weather and causing damages in Region 7. Most of the damages
were reported in Desoto Parish, southern portions of Bossier and Caddo
Parishes and in Red River Parish.


While all other regions had weather move through there were
no reports of any significant impact other than reported below.


There have been no reports of any fatalities linked to the
weather. However, there were two reported injuries in Desoto.


Details by parish on damages, injuries, power outages and
parish/agency actions are provided below.


As of 1759 hours 17 May, NWS survey revealed straight line
winds of at least 90 mph and an F1 tornado with a ¼ to ½ mile track impacted the



Desoto: Declared 17 May 2013




Two major injuries reported. One male rescued by SAR with
serious head injuries, transported to LSUMC. One female with major injuries
(type injury unknown), transported to a medical facility due to her age. On 18 May, 2 additional injuries were reported with
one admitted (elderly with heat injury/overheating).


No other parishes reporting any injuries.




In the vicinity of the Stonewall community along Linwood
Road, approximately 100 homes with some level of damage, about 50-60 with major
damages, 10-12 with severe damage.  Local roadways have debris from downed
trees hampering SAR operations. Damages included trailers in a trailer park in
the area. Other damages reported in Frierson but nothing too serious.


As of 1517 hours 17 May 2013, damage assessment numbers with
assessments still ongoing:

490 residential structures reported as damaged:

350 with minor to moderate damage

100 with serious damage

40 with severe damage


The results from the GOHSEP IA
PDA assessment are provided below:

170 affected

62 with minor damage

16 with major damage

12 destroyed

Of the major and destroyed, only
1 home was insured.



Numerous trees reported down in road ways and some homes in
south Caddo Parish along with downed power lines.  As of 1730 hours, there
were also reports of damages to an apartment complex in South Caddo Parish on
Buncombe Road with some residents seeking shelter. More information is being
gathered regarding this situation.


Estimated 200 homes with minor roof/siding damage


Truckstop and a hotel sustained moderate to major roof
damage at Greenwood Rd and I-20; 2 tractor trailers were flipped over by winds.



Reports of downed trees in the parish, extent of impact and
location other than the southern portion of the parish is unknown at this time.


Red River:

Several trees down due to wind in the northwest corner of
the parish around Grand Bayou up to Westdale and across to Loggy Bayou. One
barn demolished north of East Point.  One residential electric pole that
snapped caused damage to one house about 1 mile east of Crossroads on La Hwy
515. Several trees in the Martin Community, Clear Springs and Holley Springs
area along La Hwy 155. Nickel to quarter size hail and 2 inches of rain
reported along La Hwy 787. There was also one vehicle accident reported on US
Hwy 371 in Edgefield that was possibly weather related, but no
injuries/fatalities reported. All roads are currently reported as open. Trees
down; no widespread structural damages; major hail near Martin community. 




500 Tarps for affected area

2 pallets of bottled water

IA PDA Team (reported to the parish at 0900 hours 21 May




As of 2317 hours 18 May, SWEPACO reported 95% of power was


As of 1500 Hours 17 May


446 Customers without power (4.1%)



5,068 Customers without power (4.9%)


Red River:

702 Customers without power (22.9%)



125 Customers without power (1.0%)


Still no ETA on power restoration




Conducted SAR operations, numerous reports of entrapments
but most have been recovered. There were reports of missing residents earlier
but they have been found. There are still reports of unaccounted residents but
many being located via reports from family and friends.  Most residents
were still at work or school during the storm.


As of 1800 hours 5/16/2013, schools that were holding
students from the affected areas began releasing them.


Parish Command Post established at Mission Point Baptist
Church on Linwood Road near the area of most extensive damage. As of 18 May
2317 hours, the mobile command post operations was stood down with monitoring
set up at the Parish EOC under partial activation. A community meeting was
planned for the evening of 18 May with an overflight to document blue roofs and
damages on 19 May.


Requested incident management assistance from the Region 7
Coordinator who is on the scene.


The parish requested tarps, which was worked through GOSHEP
leadership and GOHSEP Logistics. ARC is out of tarps and parish is indicating
they do not have tarps locally. Coordination was made and 500 tarps were
received from Camp Minden.


Pending the final parish assessment, the parish may request
PDA assistance from GOHSEP.


The parish is establishing a community meeting to keep the
residents informed.


Water system still intact and functioning; a few private
wells nonfunctioning due to power but using neighbors' water. 


3 people in ARC shelter; others were gathering things to
head that way. 


3 medical needs (need of power for oxygen) addressed by move
to shelter or family member. 


2 who were injured are in stable condition.  


Roads reopened but curfew applied. Must have ID to


LE presence increased in damaged areas. 


Home Depot providing plywood and trapping and chainsaw crews
to assist. 


Southern Baptist Chainsaw crews setting up at Clara Springs
to assist. As of 0944 hours 18 May, volunteer chainsaw and tarping crews
were expected to complete debris clearing by close of business 18 May.


Parish did push/shove debris cleanup and will further asses
capabilities and needs. 


Many uninsured homes were damaged; VOADS gathering resources
for assistance. Provided 211 info at community meeting. 


Continuing distribution of tarps and resources;
collecting more info and doing more windshield assessments.  



Set up a mobile command post at Barron Rd Baptist church
in Caddo to assist in collecting information on areas for the volunteer crews
to go in and work.




GOHSEP Region 7 Coordinator reported to the Desoto to assist
and provide updates.  All other Regional Coordinators are monitoring.


GOHSEP Operations is on Crisis Action Team activation as of
1600 hours 16 May for this event and will monitor, report and provide
assistance as needed. The CAT remained activated for this event through 1600
hours 20 May 2013.


WebEOC incident 017-13 Severe Weather North Louisiana 16 May
2013 has been created to allow information reporting and requests for resources
as needed.


GOHSEP Operations and Logistics provided coordination and
resources that were requested from Desoto Parish.


GOHSEP PIO prepared and submitted press releases and updated
information on the GOHSEP Facebook Account.



Coordinating with ARC for sheltering and mass care support.



Monitored status of hospitals and nursing homes.


American Red Cross:

The MWLA chapter will opened a shelter at Grace United
Methodist Church at 9400 Ellerbee Road  in Shreveport. The ARC ERV was
dispatched to Desoto Parish to provide canteening in the affected area. Two
disaster teams were also dispatched to the affected area. ARC is planning for
bulk distribution, canteening and other services, to include distributing care
kits, based on the situation. ARC is partnering with Southern Baptist for
feeding operations.


As of 1825 hours 17 May, ARC had issued 12 cases of water,
60 snacks, and 224 meals. The latest damage assessment reported 3 destroyed, 15
major impact, 44 minor impact and 109 affected. ARC reported 28 volunteers
working with them for this disaster. 


As of 1500 Hours 17 May:

There are 3 people currently in the shelter.


2 ERVs doing mobile feeding (finished lunch, picking up
dinner at 1630).


ARC Damage Assessment  almost complete:

5 Destroyed

10 Major

54 Minor

85 Affected


ARC is looking at starting casework this afternoon or


Southern Baptist:

Assisting ARC with feeding operations and will have 9
chainsaw crews on the ground tomorrow to assist with debris removal.



The Louisiana State Police Crisis Response Section has
been monitoring the severe weather events that occurred in Caddo and Desoto
Parishes located in the LSP Troop G area since the early evening hours of May
16, 2013.  The LSP EOC is monitoring this weather event for any mission
requests or requests for LSP resources from agencies within the affected
area.  The LSP Air Support Unit is on standby to assist with any flight
missions that may be requested by parishes or agencies in the affected


LSP Troop G:

On 05/16/2013, at approximately 1451 hours, Interstate 49
between milepost 194 and 196 in Caddo and Desoto Parishes experienced a large
amount of hail, strong winds and possible tornadic activity. The aftermath of
the storm created traffic delays, accumulation of at least one inch of hail on
both the north and southbound lanes on I-49, downed power lines, downed trees, and
high water in low line areas in Caddo and Desoto Parishes.  LSP Troop G
Troopers assisted motorists affected by the storm and conducted some area
damage assessments in the affected parishes.


018-13 Severe Weather North Louisiana 21 May 2013



Another front that began moving through Louisiana yesterday
evening and continues to clear the clear the State did impact areas of the
state mainly from high winds. Currently, the system has cleared most of the
State except for southeast Louisiana.


No injuries or fatalities reported


No requests for State assistance and no declarations of a
state of emergency


No major road closures reported


No significant issues reported from Regions 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,
or 6.


Details of power outages and damages are provided below.


Power Outages:

Region 6:

As of 0530 hours 22 May, 6000-8000 customers in the region
were without power with restoration expected by the afternoon of 22 May.


Region 7:

As of 2130 hours 21 May, 15,000 customers were reported
without power, down from a peak of 19,000.


As of 0830 hours 22 May, 7869 customers without power with
restoration expected by early afternoon 22 May. The breakdown of outages by
parish is provided below.


Bossier – 749 (748 SWEPCPO, 1 Entergy)

Caddo – 3394 (SWEPCO)

Red River – 668 (229 SWEPCO, 439 Entergy)

Bienville – 2384 (835 SWEPCO, 1549 Entergy)

Claiborne – 97 (Entergy)

Webster – 560 (Entergy)

Desoto – 17 (Cleco)


Region 9:

As of 0730 hours 22 May, 400 customers region wide reported
without power.



Region 7:

Numerous trees reported down on roads along with power lines
down. There were a few unconfirmed reports of trees on houses.


Homes that were affected by last
week’s weather are leaking . Some of these were tarped as a result of last
week’s weather, some were not.


Region 8:

Trees were reported down throughout the region.



All affected parishes are finalizing damage assessments with
the weather passing. Southeast Louisiana parishes continue to monitor as the
front moves through their area.




GOHSEP Regional coordinators are in contact with their
parishes, assisting and providing reports as needed.


The GOHSEP Crisis Action team was activated at 1600 Hours 21
May 2013 and will remain activated until further notice.


WebEOC Incident 018-13 Severe Weather North Louisiana 21 May
2013 was created to support reporting and resource requests as needed.



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