News Alert: Hercules Well Blowout - Gulf of Mexico 23 July 2013
Posted: 7/24/2013 3:44:52 PM
Louisiana Business Emergency Operations Center

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24 July 2013

2300 hours 23 July, USCG reported the drilling platform Hercules 265 caught
fire, the cause of this fire is unknown at this time.  USCG stated that
the cause could have possibly been due to friction from sand being brought to
surface.  The platform continues to burn at this time and part of the
tower has collapsed into the water.  All the hydrocarbons are being
consumed by the fire and does not pose a threat.  There is currently no
sheen or oil discharge and there is no anticipated spillage with this incident.

has directed Walter Oil and Gas Corporation to commence actions to mobilize a
relief well out of Port Fourchon.  This relief well has approximately four
days before mobilization will begin. 

23 July 2013

At 1101 hours 23 July, USCG
reported a “well blow out” from a drilling platform (Hercules 265) that
occurred at 0645 hours in south Timbalier, southwest of Grand Isle, in the Gulf
of Mexico. This incident is approximately 47 miles off-shore and 111 miles
southwest of New Orleans, Louisiana.  The Hercules 265 rig is currently
located in 150 feet of water in the Gulf of Mexico.

All 44 personnel aboard the rig
were safely evacuated via life boat capsules and then were transferred to a
supply boat.  Personnel are currently being transported to Port Fourchon with
no reports of injuries or fatalities reported at this time.

USCG reported that there was no fire or explosion associated with this blowout,
but the platform is venting gas.  There is a visibility of a light sheen
and a skimmer vessel is currently enroute to assist if needed.  The
Responsible Party for this incident is Walter Oil and Gas Corporation.  

Actions by Parish:

Lafourche Parish:

Acadian Ambulance and
Lafourche OEP reported evacuees arrived in Port Fourchon at 1530 hours on 24
July.  Acadian EMS checked everyone coming in, they only had 3 people with
rashes and 2 with medical problems not with the blow out, no one got

OEP confirmed reports of an oil platform blow out
southwest of Grand Isle.

OEP working to get more information and is closely
monitoring the situation.

OEP is contacting EMS to prepare for arrival of evacuees.


Actions by State Agencies:


GOHSEP will conduct daily
conference calls with USCG, select ESF’s and Parishes during the duration of
this incident.

Region 3 Coordinator is assisting parish and reporting as

At 1230 hours 23 July, GOHSEP conducted a conference call
with USCG, Terrebonne Parish, Jefferson Parish and Lafourche Parish.

Created a WebEOC Incident “026-13 Hercules Well Blowout -
Gulf of Mexico 23 July 2013”



UCG meetings are being held in

Deploying additional vessels to enforce the safety zone
which is listed below:

500 meter safety zone around the rig

Requested a 5 mile temporary flight restriction from FAA


A USCG HC-144 aircraft has been diverted to the area and
a USCG MH-65 helicopter has been launched from Air Station New Orleans to
assist with response and assessment as well as other small craft assets. 


GOHSEP Operations is monitoring
the situation and will continue to update and report if needed.

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