News Alert: GOHSEP SPECIAL WEATHER REPORT 17 November 2014
Posted: 11/17/2014 10:45:14 AM
Louisiana Business Emergency Operations Center

As of: 1000 Hours






SITUATION:  A strong cold front moved through the state yesterday. The front moved quickly through the State producing damaging wings, power outages, and 1-3 inches of rain in many areas.  A Hard Freeze Warning is now in effect for much of the State.  Colder drier air will usher in strong winds today. Wind Speeds of 20 to 30 mph can be expected with a few higher gusts up to 35 mph in the advised area. Cold air mass will become entrenched over the area tonight through Wednesday.  Freezing Temperatures will likely occur Tuesday Night into Wednesday morning.





Southwest Louisiana:  Sustained winds of at least 20 MPH with higher gusts can be expected into this afternoon as a cold air mass filters in. This will set up a freeze or hard freeze for most of the area tonight.

Ø  Wind advisory in effect until 4:00 pm this afternoon.

Ø  Low temperatures are expected to be 28 - 32 degrees by sunrise. Freeze warning in effect from 11:00 pm tonight to 9:00 am Tuesday.


Southeast Louisiana:  The National Weather Service has issued a hard freeze warning in effect from 9:00 pm this evening to 6:00 am Tuesday. A wind advisory is in effect until 6:00 pm this evening.

Ø  Winds North 20 -30 MPH with a few higher gusts up to 35 MPH.

Ø  Low temperatures throughout the region are expected to be 24 – 29 degrees.


North and Central Louisiana:  No hazardous weather is expected tonight.

Ø  Possible low temperatures near 21 degrees.

Ø  Northwest winds 5 – 10 MPH.


Precautionary/Preparedness actions:


Ø  Wind Advisory - winds of 26 to 39 mph are expected.

o   Winds this strong can make driving difficult, especially for high profile vehicles and high rise bridges. Use extra caution.

o   Winds over local waterways could be 5 mph higher than over land. Small boats will be especially prone to capsizing


Ø  Freeze Warning - sub-freezing temperatures are imminent or highly likely.

o   Protect plants by covering them or bringing them inside.

o   Pets should be protected or moved indoors.

o   Be careful heating your home. Space heaters need to be kept 36 inches away from anything that can burn. Turn it off when you leave the room or go to bed.

o   To prevent freezing and possible bursting of outdoor water pipes, pipes should be wrapped or drained.





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