News Alert: GOHSEP SPECIAL WEATHER REPORT 26 February 2015 As of: 4:00 pm
Posted: 2/26/2015 4:14:39 PM
Louisiana Business Emergency Operations Center
26 February 2015
As of: 4:00 pm
WebEOC Incident: 15-006 Severe/Winter Weather Statewide, February 20-25, 2015
Proclamation NO. 26 BJ 2015 State of Emergency – Winter Weather
Proclamation NO. 28 BJ 2015 State of Emergency – Transportation and Delivery of Propane and Heating Fuels

SITUATION:  The winter weather experienced over most of the state this week has moved east out of the area. A dry cold front will be moving through the area today and tomorrow re-enforcing our cold temperatures  however, precipitation is not in the immediate forecast. The weekend will bring warmer temperatures with scattered showers and thunderstorms beginning on Saturday and continuing into mid next week. 
Southeast Louisiana:  The low pressure area and yesterday’s weather-maker was rapidly moving up the eastern seaboard this morning, yet another surge of arctic air should reach the forecast area this afternoon. This is expected to be a dry passage but re-enforcing the cold air that has been in place for several days now. Scattered showers are expected Sunday morning into the first half of next week with no freezes in the forecast.
Southwest / Central Louisiana:   A fast moving dry cold front will make the coast by late this afternoon bringing increasing winds behind it, however precipitation is not expected. Due to the cold temperatures, a cold freeze could occur Friday and Saturday morning.
Some thunderstorm activity and scattered showers will begin after midnight on Saturday continuing into the first half of next week across southern Louisiana, however wintery precipitation is not expected.
North Louisiana:   A reinforcing shot of colder air will begin to push into the area from midday and through the afternoon hours.  This air mass will result in dry and cold conditions for tonight into Friday before we begin to moderate and warm into the weekend. Thunderstorms and warmer temperatures are expected to begin on Saturday and continue through Monday.

State Actions:
GOHSEP: Will return to normal operations at 4:00 pm 2-26-2015.
DOTD: Be advised, the DOTD ESF-3 EOC was activated as of 5:00 pm 2-22-2015.  Heightened alert for those Districts along the I-20 corridor continues.  All Districts are monitoring weather conditions.  Communications between the Districts, the DOTD ESF-3 EOC, DOTD Executive staff, State EOC and LSP will be maintained until winter weather conditions subside.
LSP: The LSP Crisis Response Staff is monitoring this weather event and is ready to provide support to the LSP Troops or DOTD when assistance is requested by the affected LSP Troop(s) or DOTD. The LSP EOC is currently at normal operations.
Troopers are actively monitoring roadways and weather conditions in their areas.
oTroop E: (19 Total Troopers) Troop E has 16 Troopers, and 3 Sergeants assigned to the current shift which includes LACE Units, Troop E Administration, and Criminal Patrol.  One Communications Officer is on duty at Troop E.  Troopers are actively monitoring roadways and weather conditions in their areas.-  Current Road Conditions:  All Roadways are clear.
oTroop F: (18 Total Troopers) Team A (8 Troopers, 2 Sgt's and 1 Lt), Team E (3 Troopers, 2 Sgt's), 2 TESS Troopers.
oTroop G: (0600-1800 hours - 2-26-15)   The active shift, Team C/Lt. Mondello (6 personnel), will be supported as follows: Team E/Lt. VanGossen (7 personnel) 0600 hrs.-1800 hrs. in support of shift,  Motor Carrier/Lt. Kendrick (3 personnel) Regular duty/Available for support 0600 hrs.-1800 hrs., Towing and Recovery (1 trooper) Regular duty/Available for support 0600 hrs.-1600 hrs., DPS/Weights & Standards/Sgt. Thomas (3 personnel) Regular duty/Available for support 0600 hrs.-1600 hrs., Lt. Robinson – XO, and Capt. Madden - CO / Total day shift compliment – 22 Total Troopers.

Parish Actions:  All schools and government offices impacted by this event plan to resume to normal operations.

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