News Alert: Situational Awareness Report 8 June 2015 As of: 7:55 pm
Posted: 6/9/2015 8:15:55 AM
Louisiana Business Emergency Operations Center
Situational Awareness Report
8 June 2015
As of: 7:55 pm
State EOC Activation Level: Level III 
WebEOC Incident: “15-018 Red River Flooding – North LA May 2015”
State Declaration Proclamation No. 85 BJ 2015

Situation:  Due to the heavy rainfall amounts over the past 30 days there is concern regarding rising water levels for the Red River.  Attached to this report is the Red River Gauge document. 
Red River Levels:
Red River at Shreveport is currently at 37.02 feet (Major Flood Stage) and is forecasted to drop to 36.9 feet (Major Flood Stage) on Tuesday, June 9. 

Red River at Coushatta is currently at 37.99 feet (Major Flood Stage) and is forecasted to reach 38.5 feet (Major Flood Stage) on Tuesday, June 9. Record height for Red river at this point is 39.9 feet.

Red River at Grand Ecore is currently at 40.40 feet (Major Flood Stage) and forecasted to reach 42.5 feet (Major Flood Stage) on Friday, June 12. Record height for Red River at this point is 44.7 feet.

Red River at Alexandria is currently 34.01 feet (Minor Flood Stage) and forecasted to reach 38.0 feet (Moderate Flood Stage) on Monday, June 15.

State Actions
***Full SITREP details can be found in WebEOC***

•         GOHSEP
o   GOHSEP is monitoring the situation and is activated to a Level III with select ESFs.
o   GOHSEP Regional Coordinators are currently monitoring the situation and maintaining communications with the EOC.
o   GOHSEP coordinated a UCG meeting on May 29, 2015.
o   GOHSEP hosted a conference call with the National Weather Service and Lower Mississippi River Forecast Center on June 1 and June 8 to inform Red River parishes and select state agencies on their expectations.
o   GOHSEP Director Kevin Davis and Deputy Director Christopher Guilbeaux assessed flooding in northwest Louisiana via Black Hawk helicopter.
o   GOHSEP coordinated a UCG meeting on June 4, 2015. 

o   LANG is aware of the event and is monitoring the situation.
o   LANG has assisted in the transportation of sandbags from Baton Rouge to Camp Minden.

o   USACE will be doing daily levee inspections on all federal levees beginning Wednesday, June 3rd in all of the levee districts along the red river.

o   Companion Animal Branch is on standby to assist local government with pet supply resources.
o   Animal search and rescue teams notified for possible activation.
o   LDAF Brand Officers are assisting Parish OEP and Sheriff’s with coordination of cattle and horse issues in the affected parishes.
o   LDAF IMT available to provide Technical Livestock and Companion Animal support.
o   LDAF GOHSEP Branch is monitoring WebEOC.
o   Coordinating with LSU Ag Center to assess Livestock and Agricultural needs.

oDOTD District 04 continues with missions to support sand bagging operations.  
oDOTD District 08 (Alexandria) Fleet Crew supporting Levee Gap closures at will be starting work at Saline Bayou cross Hwy 71 and at the Nantachie Bayou Rail crossing. 
oDOTD ESF-3 continues to communicate with the DOTD District 04 (Shreveport) and DOTD District 08 (Alexandria)  District Administrators, Assistant District Administrator(Ops), local First Responders and Parish emergency managers concerning ongoing and contingency operations.
oDOTD has coordinated with HESCO to support the State with technical installation. Two technical staff members continue to be engaged in multiple projects in the Alexandria and Shreveport areas.
oThe Statewide TMC has ramped up staffing, including extra senior operator coverage.
oThe Motorist Assistance Patrol is on standby to extend their patrol hours
o   State Police EOC personnel are monitoring the threat, are engaged with other public safety partners, and will be monitoring WebEOC for mission or asset requests.
o   Troop operations are in communication with state, parish, local LEOs and DOTD.
o   The Gaming Enforcement Section is engaged with riverboat properties in the affected areas.
o   Caddo Parish EOC will be staffed with LSP Liaisons starting June 5, 2015 at 0600 hours on a 24/7 basis through the weekend.
o   The area casinos can be accessed safely by the employees and the public.
o   The Troop G supplemental staffing plan will be terminated effective Monday, June 8, 2015, at 0600 hours.  
o   LSP Air Support Unit has completed 8 flights (Bossier-3, Caddo-1, Natchitoches-2, Red River-1 and LA DOTD-1). Four additional flights have been scheduled for assessment of waterways and highways in the affected areas.
o   Troop G / Team E will continue to support the active shifts and maintain a presence within the areas of concern until further notice.  Troop G will continue to maintain a liaison within the Caddo EOC 24/7 until the crest begins to fall in effort to ensure situational awareness.  Troop G personnel are subject to call -out if the conditions or situation deteriorates and additional staffing is needed pertaining to this event.   
o   COUSHATTA: LA 515 affected by backwater flooding into Loggy Bayou.
o   GRAND ECORE: Kansas City Southern Railroad bed flooded.

o   Medical Facilities in Region 7 were notified to monitor the weather and river levels. 
o   DHH is making calls to drinking water systems in the affected areas regarding inundation of infrastructure. Will report the status of systems this afternoon. 
o   Generating map of drinking water systems along the Red River per GOHSEP request.
o   Submitted list of water systems whose distribution systems may likely be impacted by flooding. (Attachment in WebEOC SITREP.) Will stay in touch with these water systems.

•         RED CROSS
o   Red Cross is working with Caddo and Bossier parishes regarding sheltering support.
o   Participated in meetings in Caddo Parish and in communication with Bossier Parish and other parishes downriver.
o   0 M Open 158648 Elm Grove Elem. Bossier 
o   Standby 48202 Louisiana State University Caddo 
o   3 M Open 48206 Southern University Shreveport Caddo 
o   0 M Open 158682 LSU-S Red River Radio Bldg. Caddo 
o   Standby 48203 M L K Center (Martin Luther King Recreation Center) NATCHITOCHES

o   Headquarter staff will coordinate with regional offices in the north for possible response efforts concerning orphan containers, spills, sheens, or releases.
o   The Enforcement Section is handling any Administrative Orders or Emergency Declarations as needed.
o   The Permit Section will be confirming discharge limits and bypass provisions for any facilities that may be affected by flooding.
o   The Permits Division has begun contact with the WWTP and other facilities in the area.

o   Area Casinos (Sam’s Town, Eldorado, Margaritaville, Horseshoe, Boomtown, and Diamond Jack) are taking precautionary measures, including making ramp adjustments, bringing on extra staff, staging generators, and reducing official capacities.
  A levee at the Boomtown casino breached, causing the lower level of the parking garage (valet and storage) to flood. NO signs of facility damage at this time. 
  All electrical power to the flooded area has been disconnected (Boomtown).
  Pumps are in place in the event water level rises inside the coffer dam (Eldorado).
  Risen water shorted out an electrical transformer causing power outage (Diamond Jack). Bossier Fire Department responded. Water has reached the lower landing. A deck will be built over the landing on June 7.
o   Attended a phone conference with Lt. Ingram of LSP Gaming, ABS, and the Louisiana Gaming Control Board in reference to the casinos.
o   Barriers are being put in place to prevent people from getting to the lower level of the Louisiana Boardwalk. Barriers will be patrolled by Bossier PD and Boardwalk security.
  Boardwalk transformers are having sandbag dams constructed around them.
  Tenant spaces that near the barrier have been inspected for possible exit issues.
  Water reached the stairs at some portions of the boardwalk, 10 inches deep in some areas. 
  Water continues to come through the wall. No glass panels have been damaged.
o   Parkway High School is on standby as an emergency shelter.
o   Chief Boyd Petty, Deputy Robert Fain, and Assistant Chief B. Wolfe attended a briefing at the Bossier OEP.
o   Boomtown Casino: Water has started leaking through the dam system, however, it is being controlled by a pump.
oThe Northwest War Veterans home is not experiencing flooding at this time. The City of Bossier is currently pumping water away from the facility and the civil engineers have determined that the residents will remain in place. 

o   DCFS generated an “advisory” notice to ALL staff on 05/31/2015. All Regional Coordinators have been placed on alert. 
o   Emergency Preparedness Policy 1-2 ready to be activated (allows movement of staff to ICS and other resource/personnel decisions).
o   DCFS EOC and all regional coordinators are on standby.
o   Communicated with vendors for resource timing.
o   Coordinated with Red Cross on situational awareness.
o   Coordinator has visited all three shelter locations.
o   Working to identify shelter locations for Rapides, Natchitoches, and Red River Parishes.
o   Notified licensed facilities and foster families of potential flooding.
o   Will coordinate with LWC on mass feeding upon activation of state sheltering.
o   Currently working with ARC on reporting of identified sites for potential use.

o   PSC has provided a spreadsheet of current disconnects determined to be associated with the Red River flooding according to SWEPCO.
o   CenterPoint is monitoring the situation closely. 

o   Volunteer organizations are providing canteen services and mobile feeding vehicles.
o   Responded to request for volunteers for sandbagging - request filled outside of VOAD.

o   On standby should any local authorities need assistance with SAR and/or evacuating citizens from flooded areas.
o   Captains in Region 1 and 3 are maintaining communications with their local EOCs and providing assistance with planning.
o   Received a request from Grant Parish to help monitor Nantachie and Iatt Lakes to assist with enforcing the lake closures.
o   LDWF/LED will coordinate with BOHSEP to increase patrols on Lake Bisteneau in assisting with its closure to recreational use.

o   AT&T is watching circuits in the area (Sentell and Coushatta locations) and will notify RC if circuits in the area start to fail. The area sheriff has been made aware that RC, AT&T and the local Motorola shop are on standby for any event.
o   A portable satellite unit is available in Caldwell Parish if needed. A second tower trailer and 2 portable satellites with RC personnel are in Baton Rouge and can be deployed.
o   The Vick site went out of wide area this weekend due to the loss of the T-1 line. AT&T reported that one of the pedestals serving the site was under water and due to the flooding it may be several weeks before repairs can be made. A satellite was deployed to the site and will remain until repairs can be made. 
o   The Sentell site is still on the air, but as a precaution, a satellite is being deployed to the site. It will be in standby and will not be activated unless needed.
Parish Actions
*** Full SITREP details can be found in WebEOC***

o   The Bossier Parish President has signed an Emergency Declaration and issued a press release.
o   Parish EOC is at Level 2 (Partial Activation).
o   Sherriff Office will be staging shallow water rescue boat equipment in areas around the parish.
o   DOC inmates and National Guard soldiers fill sandbags around the clock at the Bossier Parish Highway Department Maintenance Barn in Benton. Also sandbags will be filled at nearby Camp Minden and distribute to POD sites in Bossier Parish and Caddo Parish.
o   Another sand bag distribution site was established Sunday at 3 p.m. at the Tooke Memorial Library in south Bossier Parish at 451 Fairview Point Road. Help with loading sandbags will be from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.; however, sand bags will be available here 24 hours a day.
o   Sandbags are available at Elm Grove Elementary School, Bossier City Central Warehouse, and the Parish Barn in Benton, LA.
o   PEMAC met with local City and Parish Officials, along with First Responder s (Fire, Police, EMS, 911), Federal, State Agencies including State Police and the State Fire Marshal’s Office, LDAF, LDWF. Also in this meeting were Utilities Officials, Riverboat Gaming, and Gas and Oil Company Officials.
o   Pet sheltering is at the Bossier Animal Control on old Shed Rd. In Bossier City for anyone that has to evacuate to the shelter location.
o   The Parish has been in contact with the North West Louisiana Veterans Home director Byron Hinds. They have briefed staff and family members of the water conditions of the Red River and are prepared to initiate their emergency plan in the event they need to evacuate the facility. They have the Medical Special Needs MOU with the Bossier Civic Center.
o   An emergency plan with ambulance service providers is in place. Barksdale AFB Emergency Management will assist and help evacuate the residents as needed (War Veterans Home).
o   The Bossier School Board has arranged for 7 school busses to assist in the ambulatory resident evacuation (War Veterans Home).
o   Parish officials met to discuss evacuation and emergency services for River Bluff subdivision off of Hwy 3 to the west north of I-220. This subdivision has water in the streets. Bossier city will stage an emergency response all-terrain vehicle in the Bossier Parish EMS building on Swan lake rd. in event first aid calls develop in the residences in this subdivision and the levee is used as an ingress and egress point.
o   BOHSEP contacted Union Pacific and Kansas City Southern (rail) and advised them of the river conditions. Union Pacific has rail people out, KCS has inspectors on the rail and a help desk receiving reports.
o   All RVs and all residents have evacuated from Cash Point RV Park.
o   Homes in River Bluff subdivision are taking in water. Most residents have evacuated.
o   Residents were asked to leave Buckhall Rd. area.
o   Officials highly recommend anyone in danger of flooding to evacuate. Bossier Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness encourages residents to document any damage due to flooding by writing it down, taking photographs or video of your damage and retain any receipts pertained to cleanup and restoration. If you’ve experienced any damage to your home, business or property, call BOHSEP at 318-425-5351.
o   Store at Red River Marina has been sandbagged.
o   South Bossier FD helped sandbag a house on Ash Pointe Rd.
o   Lake Bistineau has now been closed to boat traffic, due to rising waters, according to Bossier and Webster officials. Camp owners along the lake are advised to closely monitor the situation as the water rise and take proper precautions.
o   Levee District checked seeping levee along with Corps of Engineers at Oilfield rd.
o   Bossier city/BOSHEP and Shreveport/Caddo EOC arranged mutual aid. 3 dump trucks from Bossier City were used to support Caddo mission of hauling dirt used to fortify a levee.
o   Bossier City Continues efforts to keep plugged the culverts in an area east of the Teague Parkway at their water treatment plant and pumping water back to the river to help protect the sewer treatment plant from water inundation and also to get water off the traffic on/off ramps for the West Gate Bridge. 
o   Ranchers moved 65 head of cattle across 4-lane Highway 3 Sunday morning around 10:20 a.m., a unique outcome of the historic flooding on the Red River. Bossier deputies blocked traffic near Magnolia Chase subdivision so the ranchers could move the livestock from Leflett Cattle Co. from land flooded by the Red River to dry ground across the highway.

o   The Natchitoches Parish President has signed an Emergency Declaration.
o   Sandbags can be picked up at the Natchitoches Detention Center 299 Edwina St.
o   Red Cross shelter is on standby.
o   Natchitoches Parish Sheriff Office is continuing to monitor and patrol the possible flood areas – Bayou Pierre, Johnson Chute Road, Black Lake, Clear Lake, Black bayou and Saline Bayou.

•         GRANT PARISH
o   A meeting between the Army Corps of Engineers, Levee Board, Police Jury, and the Grant Parish OHSEP took place Tuesday, June 2.
o   A declaration of emergency was received and signed by the GPPJ president and OHSEP director.
o   Sandbagging operations are currently underway and distribution sites are as follows:
  Grant Parish Detention Facility
  Bynum Fire Station
  Nantachie Fire Station
  Colfax Civic Center
  District 5 VFD substation on Walker Ferry Road.
o   An executive order was received from the parish president closing Nantachie Lake for all boat traffic. Order continues until further notice.
o   Nixle advisory was sent out notifying general public of the closures of these lakes. Also, a press release was issued and was added to GPSO website.
o   Latt Lake reopened by the Grant Parish Police Jury on 8 June 2015.
o   A meeting was held on 8 June 2015 with the GPPJ, Grant OHSEP, 19th Levee District, Kansas City Southern, and LADOTD in reference to the gap in the levee at the Nantachie Bayou crossing. Concern was made about the gap causing flooding to the railroad crossing and adjacent areas. A request was made through WebEOC for support.

•         CADDO PARISH
o   Caddo Parish has issued an Emergency Declaration.
o   Caddo Parish Unified Command Group met Friday, Monday, and Wednesday.
o   Caddo Parish is monitoring casinos.
o   Issued FirstCall to affected areas including Haven, Le Maison, and Russell Rd. area. CPSO, SPD and SFD are going door to door in affected areas.
o   Caddo Parish and Shreveport Public Works are issuing sandbags at 4 locations daily.
o   Caddo Parish EOC 24-hour full activation at 1500 hours 6/4/2015.
o   Caddo Bossier Port Closed 
o   Riverboat ramps are at max levels, but no issue expected with boats breaking loose.
o   Caddo UCG planning for NWS forecast of localized rain Tuesday-Friday
o   Mitigation at the Haven has been successful and the streets are dry due to pumping
o   Retaining wall at Clyde Fant is near completion
o   North Regional Wastewater Plant sling operations are a priority today

o   The Parish has signed a Declaration and is offering sandbags to parish residents at the Police Jury barn.
o   Parish EOC on standby as of 8:00 p.m. June 4.
o   One home Flooded and one home evacuated as of 1020hrs on June 5.
o   Red River Parish has two water pumps going at this time. Both pumps are on the parish side of the levee pumping water to the river side of the levee: Eastpoint off of HWY 515 and in the Town of Coushatta at Nichols Bayou.
o   Flap gates on storm drains under the levee are being hung open at Nichols Bayou. The backwater is flooding streets and threatening Town of Coushatta Sewer to some homes.
o   Red River Police Jury ordered two inflatable plugs to be installed by Yorwick Contractor in the two storm drains. Once in place, four water pumps will be placed and activated.
o   Both storm drains under the levee on Nichols Bayou have been successfully plugged with the water dropping in the town of Coushatta greatly.

o   Several residents in the Rigolette area have self-evacuated. Residents in low lying areas in and around the Rigolette, Bayou Maria, and Wardville areas have been advised to take necessary precautions and preparations in anticipation of inundation.
o   Livestock owners in the Rigolette area have relocated animals to higher ground.
o   Boat launches and recreational areas at Buhlow Lake are closed.
o   Sand and sandbags have been prepositioned at distribution points for those areas impacted or expected to be impacted.
o   Parish declared a State of Emergency on 1 June 2015.
o   Three parish shelters on standby with total capacity of approx. 800.
o   Three (3) lift stations on the Pineville side of the River have been sandbagged.
o   CLECO on standby to cut power to the three lift stations if River levels reach the projected crest of 38 feet. Approximately 80-100 residences will be impacted.

•         Webster Parish
o   Filed a Declaration of Emergency with the Clerk of Court.
o   Lake Bistineau closed to recreational use. Requested LDWF to patrol lake to reduce boat traffic, but allow home owners to access their property.

o   Declaration In Progress.
o   Parish EOC is on Standby.
o   4 flood gates closed or partially open.
o   2000 sandbags are available at Brouillette Fire Department and 4000 sandbags & sand are available to be distributed for levee support.
•         Bossier Parish: 165,000 sandbags
•         Caddo Parish: 170,000 sandbags
•         Vernon Parish: 10,000 sandbags
•         Natchitoches Parish: 20,000 sandbags
•         Rapides Parish: 30,000 sandbags
•         Grant Parish: 10,000 sandbags
•         Camp Minden Sandbag Effort: 60,000 sandbags
TOTAL: 465,000
For more information on the Red River gauges, visit:

GOHSEP operations is monitoring the situation and will continue to update and report if needed. 

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