News Alert: Situational Awareness Report 6 January 2016 As of 4:10 pm
Posted: 1/6/2016 4:36:32 PM
Louisiana Business Emergency Operations Center

Situational Awareness Report

6 January 2016

As of 4:10 pm

Operational Period: 3:00 pm 1/5/16 through 3:00 pm 1/6/16


State EOC Activation Level: Crisis Action Team (CAT)

WebEOC Incident: “15-0043 Mississippi River Flooding – Statewide- December/January 2015”

State Declaration Proclamation No. 205 BJ 2015



Situation:  Due to the heavy rainfall amounts over the past 30 days there is concern regarding rising water levels for the Red River and Mississippi River. Please see the attached slides from the National Weather Service,  Lower Mississippi River Forecast Center, and Army Corps of Engineers.


Mississippi River Levels:


Mississippi River at Vicksburg is currently at 45.66 feet (Minor Flood Stage) and is forecasted to crest at 52.50 feet (Major Flood Stage) on January 15th,  2016.


Mississippi River at Natchez is currently at 51.29 feet (Moderate Flood Stage) and is forecasted to crest at 59.00 feet (Major Flood Stage) on January 17th,  2016.


Mississippi River at Red River Landing is currently at 54.11 feet (Minor Flood Stage) and is forecasted to crest at 62.5 feet (Moderate Flood Stage) on January 18th,  2016.


Mississippi River at Baton Rouge is currently at 36.86 feet (Minor Flood Stage) and forecasted to crest at 44.0 feet (Major Flood Stage) on January 18th, 2016.


Mississippi River at New Orleans is currently 14.53 feet (Below Flood Stage) and forecasted to crest at 17.0 feet (Minor Flood Stage) on January 12th, 2016.


Atchafalaya River Levels:


Atchafalaya River at Simmesport is currently at 33.79 feet (Below Flood Stage) and is forecasted to crest at 44.00 feet (Below Flood Stage) on January 18th,  2016.


Atchafalaya River at Melville is currently at 26.00 feet (Below Flood Stage) and is forecasted to crest at 35.00 feet (Minor Flood Stage) on January 18th,  2016.


Atchafalaya River at Krotz Springs is currently at 23.12 feet (Below Flood Stage) and is forecasted to crest at 31.00 feet (Minor Flood Stage) on January 19th, 2016.


Atchafalaya River at Butte La Rose is currently at 16.41 feet (Below Flood Stage) and is forecasted to crest at 22.50 feet (Minor Flood Stage) on January 19th,  2016.


Atchafalaya River at Myette Pointe is currently 9.61 feet (Below Flood Stage) and forecasted to crest at 14.0 feet (Minor Flood Stage) on January 21st,  2016.


Atchafalaya River at Morgan City is currently 5.64 feet (Action Stage) and forecasted to crest at 8.50 feet (Moderate Flood Stage) on January 23rd,  2016.




State Actions



o   A Mississippi River and Atchafalaya River Task Force conference call was held at 2:00 pm on 6 January 2016. An additional River Task Force Conference call will be scheduled for Friday 1/8/2016.

o   A Unified Command Group Meeting has been scheduled for 12:00 pm on Friday 1/8/2016.

o   GOHSEP Logistics has distributed 26,000 sandbags with an additional 13,000 scheduled for delivery tomorrow. Our beginning total was 881,000 sandbags leaving an inventory total of 842,000 sandbags as of 1/7/2016.

·        GOHSEP has issued 13,000 sandbags to West Feliciana and another 13,000 to Angola Prison. Avoyelles Parish will be picking up 13,000 sandbags tomorrow.

·        In coordination with requesting parishes, DOTD and COE, 4,000 additional sandbags and 300 linear feet of HESCO was distributed to Tensas Parish, 30,000 linear feet of HESCO to Concordia Parish, 2,100 linear feet of HESCO for St. Charles Parish and twenty 2,000 lb. super sandbags for bridge support was given to Avoyelles Parish.



o   We have over 7,000 Guardsmen available to respond in the event they are needed to support State and local agencies.

o   LANG is utilizing full time personnel and manning our JOC at Camp Beauregard  to quickly respond to tasking from the State EOC.

o   Our TAC within GOHSEP will continue to match the hours that GOHSEP operates.



o   Coordinating efforts with local authorities and patrolling the levee system twice a week.

o   Currently tracking 47 inspection sites.  Deficiencies include:  broken slope pavement, animal burrows, erosion, and shrinkage cracks.  We are continuing to monitor 5 potential seepage areas, and an area of slides just south of Algiers Lock.

o   EOC open 7 days a week from 0700 to 1730.



o   Deer Hunting Closure in Deer Hunting Area 9: Title 76 (Part XIX, Section 111F, 6vii) – Deer hunting is those portions of Iberia, Iberville, St. Martin, and St. Mary Parishes south of I-10, west of the East Guide Levee, east of the West Guide Levee, and north of US 90 will be closed when the river stage of the Atchafalaya River reaches 18 feet at Butte Larose (this benchmark is expected to be reached either Friday or Saturday)

o   Revised Deer Hunting Closure for North Louisiana – The “Partial Deer Hunting Season Closure” for the area east of US 65 from the Arkansas state line to Vidalia, Louisiana will reopen 30 minutes before sunrise on Saturday January 9th unless further measures due to the flooding are necessary. However, land from the levee to the Mississippi River in this area will remain closed until further notice.

o   Participated in PEMAC/Unified Command meeting on 1/5/2016 in West Feliciana Parish



o   Secretary Hatch signed LDEQ’s Declaration of Emergency and Administrative Order today.



o   Information has been received from Entergy concerning de-energizing of some locations due to high water:

o   We will de-energize Farmers Grain in Waterproof today, January 6th We will de-energize Bungee Grain Terminal in St. Joseph on Thursday, January 7th We are evaluating the need to de-energize Bungee Elevator at the Tallulah Port by later this week.



Parish Actions

All involved parishes are monitoring the situation and on standby for response efforts.



o   Levee elevations north of Donaldsonville near Aben have been reviewed and confirmed.

o   Parish is participating in conference calls with GOHSEP and COE.

o   Local situation reports are being published daily to all responding agencies and industry.

o   Parish has a limited supply of sandbags, HESCO Baskets and super bags available if needed.

o   Coordinated with the parish corrections facility in reviewing mitigation and evacuation plans.

o   Parish has reached out to the private industry along the river that maintain docks and advised to coordinate with the USCG.

o   Social media and parish public access television is being engaged to inform the residents of Ascension Parish of the current situation.



o   The major concern with flooding is the backwater of the rivers overflowing into smaller bayous and bodies of water. The following communities could possibly be affected: of Brouillette, Simmesport, Bordelonville Big Bend, Rexmier and Effie.

o   There will be sandbag fill sites set up at different fire departments throughout the flood prone areas.

o   AOHSEP has approximately 3,000 sand bags unfilled and the sand has been ordered to fill approximately 5,000 bags.

o   Cleco has turned off power to 5 camps on the red river in Echo La due to high water. The water level has exceeded the flood  of last year. We are continuing to monitor this situation on the Red River.



o   Filled sandbags left over from the May-June flood event have been inspected and inventoried. Unfilled bags and dry sand has been placed in filling stations. Two new fully automatic sandbag machines will arrive January 15th which almost doubled the parish’s historic effort/capability of the Summer of 2015.

o   The POD location at Bossier Highway Department 410 Mayfield Street in Benton will be manned Monday through Thursday from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm and  Friday and Saturday from 7:30 am to 3:30 pm. In addition to the POD offering sandbags, a Public Works crew will be on duty and staged at the Mayfield Street facility with all needed equipment including dump trucks, front end loaders and bulldozers.



o   Sandbags are available daily to citizens at the Caddo parish Public Works and City of Shreveport Public Works facilities.



o   The Tensas Basin Levee District has closed 14 drainage structures in the Parish due to rising water levels on the Black, Ouachita, Little, And Tensas Rivers.

o   The Levee District will close the drainage structure in Jonesville, La. at the 49 ft. level. Presently the level is at the 47 ft. level has been  rising about 4-6 inches every 24 hours. This drainage structure drains the treated water from the Waste Water Treatment System for Jonesville, La into the Little River.

o   The system has about a 400,000 gal. per day outflow.



o   The Levee Board Fifth District and the Corps of Engineers are aware of the mudslide on the levee. They will be taking the appropriate action to maintain situational control.

o   Parish has started sandbagging at the Ragland Boat Landing area across the levee.



o   Parish is completing two inspections per week along with USACE completing their two weekly inspections. Daily inspections could possibly begin this week.

o   Levee Superintendent is working closely with contractors working on the numerous levee projects.

o   Plaquemines Parish Sheriff’s Office will begin issuing citations to any unauthorized vehicles on the levees.



o   Sheriff’s Office is preparing a warning order for the Parish President for January 5th.



o   The Bonne Carre Spillway road between River Road to Montz has been closed until further notice due to high river water.



o   LSP – Angola is conducting sandbagging operations on a slide on their levee system. Aerial inspections of levee systems began 12/29 and will continue as needed or requested.

o   DEMCO is cutting service to Cat Island area for safety and security reasons.

o   Utilizing social media and press releases to keep public informed of road closures and other impacts.

o   Coordinated with all parish officials, GOHSEP, DOC, WLF, USCG, Red Cross and private industry partners at PEMAC/Unified Command meeting on 1/5/16

For more information on the current river flood outlooks, please visit:


GOHSEP operations is monitoring the situation and will continue to update and report if needed.


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