News Alert: Situational Awareness Report 8 January 2016 As of 4:00 pm
Posted: 1/9/2016 10:19:59 AM
Louisiana Business Emergency Operations Center

Situational Awareness Report

8 January 2016

As of 4:00 pm

Operational Period: 3:00 pm 1/7/16 through 3:00 pm 1/8/16


State EOC Activation Level: Crisis Action Team (CAT)

WebEOC Incident: “15-0043 Mississippi River Flooding – Statewide- December/January 2015”

State Declaration Proclamation No. 205 BJ 2015



Situation:  Due to the heavy rainfall amounts over the past 30 days there is concern regarding rising water levels for the Red River and Mississippi River. Please see the attached slides from the Slidell National Weather Service, Lower Mississippi River Forecast Center and Army Corps of Engineers (New Orleans & Vicksburg). All previous SITREPs can be found in the File Library in WebEOC. Updates to this report will be in red text.



Mississippi River Levels:


Mississippi River at Vicksburg is currently at 47.14 feet (Moderate Flood Stage) and is forecasted to crest at 52.00 feet (Major Flood Stage) on January 15th,  2016.


Mississippi River at Natchez is currently at 52.71 feet (Moderate Flood Stage) and is forecasted to crest at 58.00 feet (Major Flood Stage) on January 17th,  2016.


Mississippi River at Red River Landing is currently at 55.62 feet (Moderate Flood Stage) and is forecasted to crest at 62.00 feet (Moderate Flood Stage) on January 18th,  2016.


Mississippi River at Baton Rouge is currently at 38.40 feet (Moderate Flood Stage) and forecasted to crest at 43.50 feet (Major Flood Stage) on January 18th, 2016.


Mississippi River at New Orleans is currently 15.36 feet (Below Flood Stage) and forecasted to crest at 17.0 feet (Minor Flood Stage) on January 12th, 2016.




Atchafalaya River Levels:


Atchafalaya River at Simmesport is currently at 36.00 feet (Below Flood Stage) and is forecasted to crest at 42.50 feet (Below Flood Stage) on January 18th,  2016.


Atchafalaya River at Melville is currently at 27.86 feet (Below Flood Stage) and is forecasted to crest at 34.00 feet (Minor Flood Stage) on January 18th,  2016.


Atchafalaya River at Krotz Springs is currently at 25.77 feet (Below Flood Stage) and is forecasted to crest at 30.00 feet (Minor Flood Stage) on January 19th, 2016.


Atchafalaya River at Butte La Rose is currently at 17.34 feet (Action Stage) and is forecasted to crest at 21.50 feet (Minor Flood Stage) on January 19th,  2016.


Atchafalaya River at Myette Pointe is currently 10.36 feet (Below Flood Stage) and forecasted to crest at 14.0 feet (Minor Flood Stage) on January 21st,  2016.


Atchafalaya River at Morgan City is currently 6.29 feet (Minor Flood Stage) and forecasted to crest at 8.50 feet (Moderate Flood Stage) on January 23rd,  2016.




State Actions



o   A Mississippi River and Atchafalaya River Task Force conference was held today, January 8, 2016.

o   A Unified Command Group Meeting was held today, January 8, 2016.

o   GOHSEP Logistics has distributed 65,000 sandbags. Our beginning total was 881,000 sandbags leaving an inventory total of 816,000 sandbags as of 1/8/2016.

·         GOHSEP has issued 13,000 sandbags to West Feliciana, 13,000 to Angola Prison,13,000 to St. Martin and 26,000 sandbags to Avoyelles Parish.

·         In coordination with requesting parishes, DOTD and COE, 4,000 additional sandbags and 300 linear feet of HESCO was distributed to Tensas Parish, 30,000 linear feet of HESCO to Concordia Parish, 2,100 linear feet of HESCO for St. Charles Parish and twenty 2,000 lb. super sandbags for bridge support was given to Avoyelles Parish.



o   We have over 7,000 Guardsmen available to respond in the event they are needed to support State and local agencies.

o   LANG is utilizing full time personnel and manning the JOC at Camp Beauregard  to quickly respond to tasking from the State EOC.

o   The TAC within GOHSEP will continue to match the hours that GOHSEP operates.

o   LANG will begin levee patrol from OLD RIVER Control Structure to the Arkansas line today January 8, 2016.

o   110 Guardsmen have been deployed to St. Mary parish and 65 Guardsmen have been deployed to St Landry parish and are on standby to begin flood fight operations today 1/8/2016.



o   Phase II activated on lower Mississippi River on January 6, 2016.

o   Currently tracking 47 inspection sites.  Deficiencies include:  broken slope pavement, animal burrows, erosion, and shrinkage cracks.  We are continuing to monitor 5 potential seepage areas, and an area of slides just south of Algiers Lock.

o   Provided 5,500 linear feet of HESCO to St. Mary Parish.

o   Provided 20,000 tons of RIP RAP to St. Mary Parish.



o   Phase I activated on upper Mississippi River on December 30, 2015.

o   Phase II on the upper Mississippi River will begin today January 8, 2016.

o   Provided 300 linear feet of HESCO baskets and 13,000 sandbags to Tensas Levee Board.

o   Provided 2 pumps to the city of Jonesville.



o   The Plaquemine Ferry shut down ferry service at 6:00 am Friday 1/8/2016 to allow the DOTD district maintenance crews to re-build the highest ramp. Rebuilding the higher ramp will allow us to remain in service for several additional days while the river stage continues to rise. Ferry service has resumed.

o   DOTD provided 2,575 linear feet of HESCO and 1,300 cubic yards of sand to St. Landry Parish.

o   DOTD provided 7,000 linear feet of HESCO and 6,000 cubic yards of sand to St. Mary Parish.

o   DODT provided 30,000 linear feet of HESCO in Vidalia.



o   Deer hunting closures in the Morganza and Bonnet Carre spillways as described in the Emergency Declaration Order will take effect upon the opening of both the Morganza and/or the Bonnet Carre Spillway.  

o   We continue to work the Deer Hunting Closure in North Louisiana. This area is scheduled to REOPEN 30 minutes before sunrise on Saturday, January 9th, (unless further measures due to the flood are necessary).  However, land from the levee to the Mississippi River (in this closed area) will remain closed until further notice.

o   We continue to make preparations for a potential deer hunting closure in certain areas of Deer Hunting Area 9 (Basin), when the Atchafalaya River reaches 18' at Butte LaRose.   This area is described in the hunting pamphlet, Title 76 and in our report below.  The Department also sent out a news release on Jan. 5 as a reminder to the public of this high water benchmark closure law.

o   Making preparations for the opening of the Morganza Spillway.

o   Yesterday, the LDWF Commission voted for a Declaration of Emergency to close the deer hunting seasons due to recent flooding of the Mississippi River and expected openings of the Morganza and Bonnet Carre spillways - for the specific areas of:  All lands within the Morganza floodway, from the Morganza control structure, south to I-10,  and from I-10 south, within the protection levees of the Atchafalaya Basin, the Sherburne WMA, including Atchafalaya National Wildlife Refuge and the Bayou Des Ourses Area and the Indian Bayou Area. Additionally the following buffer area east of the spillway will be closed to deer hunting: all that land between the east Atchafalaya Basin Protection Levee eastward to LA 1, beginning at the junction of LA 1 and LA 10 in Morganza, thence following LA 10 west to LA 77, then south on LA 77 to LA 81 near Fordoche, then south on LA 81 to LA 77 south of Livonia, then south on LA 77 to LA 76 at Maringouin, then south on LA 76 to Hwy 3000, then south on Hwy 3000 to I-10 at Ramah. This closure will begin on Monday, January 11, 2016 upon the opening of the Morganza Spillway.

o   Beginning Tuesday, Jan. 12.  LDWF will set up its forward command center in Krotz Springs to assist with 24 hour patrols to provide public safety, SAR, enforce road/levee closures, and hunting closures as needed in the Morganza floodway area. These patrols will continue until further notice. 

o   As part of the Emergency Declaration voted on by the LDWF Commission,  Deer hunting will also be closed in the Bonnet Carre Spillway on Saturday, Jan. 9th upon its opening.  LDWF agents will provide SAR and/or public assistance and enforce hunting closure if needed in the Bonnet Carre Spillway area.

o   Working with GOHSEP and our partners to update the 2011 Mississippi River Flood Plan.

o   Refining search and rescue (SAR) plans and our regions remain on alert status and are prepared to provide SAR if needed.




o   De-energized 5 locations in Avoyelles Parish

o   De-energized 141 locations (primarily camps) in Franklin Parish

o   De-energized 104 locations (primarily camps) in Morehouse Parish

o   De-energized 450 locations in Pointe Coupee

o   De-energized 64 locations in Rapides Parish

o   De-energized 2 locations in Tensas Parish

o   De-energized 1 location in West Feliciana Parish



o   DCFS-EP worked with GOHSEP and American Red Cross to develop contingency mass care and sheltering plan for the following areas of concerns due to Morganza Spillway Opening:

o   St. Landry – Krotz Springs

o   St. Martin – Butte La Rose and Stephensville

o   Iberia – Low lying areas

o   St. Mary – Morgan City

o   DCFS is working with EOP’s along the Mississippi River to provide ESF – 6 support.

o   Working with vendors on resources and deployment time.

o   Notified license facilities of potential flooding (child residential, maternity homes, juvenile justice facilities and other special population facilities)

o   Notified all foster families of potential flooding.



o   CPRA coordinated with St. Mary Levee District on barge operation.



o   DHH has mapped the recently released inundation maps with medical facilities. There are no medical facilities located in the inundation zones.  Facilities in proximity are continuing to be monitored.

o   DHH is sending a rep to the Bonnet Carre Spillway opening.

o   Vidalia has 3 water wells.  They are sandbagging around their 3 water wells which should be completed today. (1 of the 3 is offline – this is an emergency well and not in use at the moment).

o   Public Health Flood Advisories have been drafted and are ready for distribution if needed


Parish Actions

All involved parishes are monitoring the situation and on standby for response efforts.



o   The major concern with flooding is the backwater of the rivers overflowing into smaller bayous and bodies of water. The following communities could possibly be affected: of Brouillette, Simmesport, Bordelonville Big Bend, Rexmier and Effie.

o   AOHSEP has approximately 3,000 sand bags unfilled and the sand has been ordered to fill approximately 5,000 bags. They have also received 13000 sandbags and 20 separate 2000 lb. super bags.

o   Five (5) camps are still without power, Cleco will disconnect another 277 meters to camps and residents by Tuesday to the Grassy Lake, Red River Bay and Grand Lake area.

o   The RRABB Levee Board has finished installing cattle guards on the Atchafalaya and will start this weekend monitoring all levees on Phase 1.

o   AOHSEP has brought sand and sandbags to the following fire departments: Big Bend, Brouillette, Effie and Simmesport for residents to fill sandbags as needed.



o   Filled sandbags left over from the May-June flood event have been inspected and inventoried. Unfilled bags and dry sand has been placed in filling stations. Two new fully automatic sandbag machines will arrive January 15th which almost doubled the parish’s historic effort/capability of the Summer of 2015.

o   The POD location at Bossier Highway Department 410 Mayfield Street in Benton will be manned Monday through Thursday from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm and  Friday and Saturday from 7:30 am to 3:30 pm. In addition to the POD offering sandbags, a Public Works crew will be on duty and staged at the Mayfield Street facility with all needed equipment including dump trucks, front end loaders and bulldozers.



o   Sandbags are available daily to citizens at the Caddo parish Public Works and City of Shreveport Public Works facilities.



o   The Tensas Basin Levee District has closed 14 drainage structures in the Parish due to rising water levels on the Black, Ouachita, Little, And Tensas Rivers.

o   The Levee District will close the drainage structure in Jonesville, La. at the 49 ft. level. Presently the level has been rising about 4-6 inches every 24 hours. This drainage structure drains the treated water from the Waste Water Treatment System for Jonesville, La into the Little River.

o   The system has about a 400,000 gal. per day outflow.

o   DOTD is placing barricades on Highway 3102 at the Larto Lake Spillway Roadway. Water from the Red River will begin to cover this roadway by 1/8/16.



o   National Guard to commence 24 hour levee patrols starting at 0700 hours today, January 8, 2016.

o   Placement of HESCO baskets to protect water wells is complete.  Additional HESCO placement along River Front has begun and will be completed as necessary.  No additional levee issues have been reported. 



o   The Levee Board Fifth District and the Corps of Engineers are aware of the mudslide on the levee. They will be taking the appropriate action to maintain situational control.

o   Parish has started sandbagging at the Ragland Boat Landing area across the levee.

o   Camp owners have been asked to retrieve any belongings they may want before today, as all traffic will be prohibited on the levee with the exception of public officials.



o   In the process of placing HESCO baskets at the Leighton Pump Station and building a limestone levee at the Morvant Pump Station in preparation for rising water levels.

o   Lafourche Parish and the North Lafourche Levee District are putting in two water level gauges at Leighton and Morvant Pump Stations to monitor the water levels.  NLLD will report levels to the Army Corps of Engineers.



o   National Guard troops are on standby to begin levee patrols when needed.

o   Camp owners have been advised to retrieve their belongings by today, fortunately most have done so already.

o   A mutual aid agreement was signed by the School Board Superintendent, giving our office permission to utilize school busses if needed for evacuations.



o   Levee agencies are coordinating with USACE to inspect and patrol levees twice a week.

o   From Charles Cox, Amtrak Region 7 EM, Amtrak will begin bus routes (“Bus Bridge”) for passengers on the City of New Orleans Line (58/59) between NOUPT and Hammond, LA (and back) upon the opening of the Bonnet Carre Spillway. The bus routing will continue through the duration of the spillway opening, anticipated to be January 10 AM.  

o   NOHSEP conducted a conference call and briefing for New Orleans universities and higher education institutions this afternoon (01/08).



o   In supplement of the USACE and Levee Board checks, PCPSO/OHSEP will conduct daily patrols of the levee systems  to monitor for slides, seepage and sand boils. There has also been coordination with LAND to further supplement these patrols.

o   Levee Board started placing super packs along lower parts of the northern forebay guide levee as of 1/5/16.

o   Pointe Coupee Detention Center filled 1,400 sandbags on 1/6/16 and have been pre-staged at the Multi-Use Center in New Roads.

o   PCPSO/OHSEP will conduct a parish stakeholder meeting on 1/12/16.

o   PCPSO/OHSEP coordinated with LANG in anticipation of levee patrols.

o   Coordinated with LSP on road closures for projected Morganza Structure opening.

o   Coordinated with PC search and rescue team for the evacuation of the Morganza Spillway prior to opening.

o   PC Detention Center has filled 5,000 sandbags.



o   Plaquemines Parish Sheriff’s Office will begin issuing citations to any unauthorized vehicles on the levees.

o   Parish has begun conducting Phase 2 Inspections today on the Mississippi River levee.

o   Levee inspections are being conducted daily and only minimum issues have been discovered  and will be monitored.

o   Plaquemines Parish Port and Plaquemines Parish Sheriff’s Office have offered assistance doing inspections from the water side and air.

o   Parish government currently has 50,000 sandbags filled and 130,000 empty sandbags in storage ready to be filled if necessary. Also available is 600 feet of Tiger Dams including pumps.



o   Daily inspections are being conducted by LBBLD.

o   LBBLD took people from the Chalmette Battlefield on an inspection of the levee to ensure there were no issues or safety concerns with their event layout or bus route.



o   The Bonne Carre Spillway road between River Road to Montz has been closed until further notice due to high river water.



o   Parish Utilities Department has a broken water pipe in LaPlace. Due to the location on highway 628, which runs next to the river, we are working with Pontchartrain Levee District and COE to determine if they can make the repair.



o   Internal local request was made by the parish county agent in search of pasture to move cattle located in the spillway. Pasture was found and cattle will be moved. County Agent is working with Evangeline Parish OHSEP to find additional pasture space if needed. 

o   DOTD and LANG have begun work at the HESCO levee site in Krotz Springs, briefings will be held each morning at 9 am with town leadership, ALON refinery, and LANG on operations.

o   Sandbag sites are open in Krotz Springs and Melville.

o   Regional 232-HELP/211 has been updated on parish activities and will provide information to callers as necessary.   



o   Sandbagging operations will begin on Saturday, January 9, 2016 at the following locations:

o   Stephensville (3257 Highway 70 at the park)

o   Butte La Rose (Fire Station 1721 Herman Dupuis Road)

o   Hours of operation will be Saturday and Sunday, 9:00 am – 4:00 pm and Monday through Friday from 9:00 am – 6:00 pm.

o   St. Martin Government will host a public meeting at the Stephensville Elementary Gym (3243 Hwy. 70 Morgan City, LA) on Monday, 11 January, at 18:00



o   The parish is loading 300 feet of HESCO for three businesses outside the protection levee in Morgan city. The resources were left over from the 2011 flooding event. Also assisting in this project is the local drainage district.

o   Two National Guard Liaisons Officers have reported to the parish today and will be stationed at the new Homeland Security EOC in Morgan City to assist the parish.

o   Parish attended a meeting that the Levee District supporting the Morgan City area conducted at 2:00 pm.



o   Parish is involved in reinforcing Old Ring Levee which protects 2 parish roads and 2500 acres.

o   National Guard patrols will begin 24 hour operations today, January 8, 2016.



o   Sand and sandbags will be available to residents for self-filling at the West Terrebonne Fire Stations located in GIBSON, Gibson East, Donner and at the Bayou Black Fire Department on Savannah road beginning at 3:00 pm January 8, 2016.

o   Public Works is restoring potato levee from the end of Geraldine Road to the Bayou Black Water control structure.

o   Terrebonne Levee District: Mats were delivered to Bollinger Shipyard at 11:00 am on January 8, 2016. Surveying at Tabor Canal has begun.

o   TLCD #1 is on location at Tabor canal to begin the removal of the gate in order to begin dredging material and placing material on the ridge. Two deck barges to haul sand are en route to Bollinger Shipyard and should arrive by 8:00 pm on January 8, 2016



o   LSP – Angola is conducting sandbagging operations on a slide on their levee system. Aerial inspections of levee systems began 12/29 and will continue as needed or requested.

o   DEMCO is cutting service to Cat Island area for safety and security reasons.

o   Sheriff’s Office will begin daily levee patrols with helicopter to check for sand boils beginning today, January 8, 2016. They are also conducting law enforcement patrols on the river and in flooded areas by boat.

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