For Home Fix-Up Advice, Speak to a Repair, Retrofit and Rebuilding Specialist

Now is the time to strengthen your home and make it disaster resistant, before the next
natural disaster strikes Louisiana.

Mitigation is defined as taking action now to reduce future risk. To meet this need, FEMA Mitigation specialists are
available by phone, email or online to help those that want to learn more about building, rebuilding, and repairing
homes stronger and safer.

FEMA’s Mitigation specialists can:
▪ Provide guidance about protecting against wind and flood damage, including low-cost retrofits that can be
implemented during repairs.
▪ Explain the value, coverages, and benefits of flood insurance for owners and renters.
▪ Provide tips on choosing contractors and elevating your home, appliances and utilities after a disaster.
▪ Help you turn your homeowner challenges into opportunities by making your home more resilient!

To find answers, guidance, and resources:
▪ Call a specialist at the FEMA Mitigation Helpline, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. CT, Monday through Friday, at 833-

FEMA-4-US (833-336-2487)
▪ Email mitigation questions to:
▪ Go online to: for English for Spanish for Vietnamese

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