GOHSEP – Heavy Rainfall Statewide 5.20.21

GOHSEP Daily Brief

20 May 2021

As of 4:00 p.m.

State EOC Activation Level: Level III

WebEOC Incident: 21-014 Heavy Rainfall – Statewide – May1720

State Declaration Number: 89 JBE 2021

SITUATION:  This week multiple rounds of heavy rainfall and severe weather moved through the state. This has led to flooding in several parishes, primarily in the southern region of the State. Many high water rescues were conducted and damages to homes and businesses are still being assessed. There have also been several possible tornadoes in several parishes.

Additional heavy rainfall is expected through tonight across the State, particularly in Southern Louisiana. A few severe thunderstorms are also possible. Rainfall totals of 1 to 3 inches can be expected in Southeastern Louisiana, with locally higher amounts of 6 inches possible. Expect ponding of water in low-lying areas and potential for areas of flash flooding where the heaviest rainfalls. Southern Louisiana remains at a Moderate to Slight Risk of excessive rainfall. Most of the state remains under a Flash Flood Watch.

There are also multiple rivers currently in minor and moderate flood stage, and some are forecast to move into moderate flood stage. Please see the end of the sitrep for a detailed table of rivers forecasted to be at or above moderate flood stage.

STATE ACTIONS: Agencies are monitoring the situation and are on standby as needed.



·         WebEOC Incident 21-014 Heavy Rainfall – Statewide – May1720 created 5/17/2021.

ESF-02 Communications

·         The LWIN System is fully operational.

·         EBR 911 calls were diverted to nearby 911 centers between 2335 last night and 0137 this morning 5/18 due to issues with the incoming telephone service lines.

o   The telecom vendor re-routed the calls and the center returned to full operation.

·         There are currently no reports of issues with 911 in the affected areas. 

·         The following LWIN statewide interoperability talkgroups are in use for flood related operations.

o   Interop-3, BR Fire, SAR

o   Interop-4, Calcasieu SO, CPSO/LANG Coordination

o   Interop-5, Calcasieu SO, CPSO/LANG Coordination

o   Interop-6, Calcasieu SO, CPSO/LANG Coordination

o   Interop-7, OSFM, USAR

·         ICS-205 Attached in WebEOC.

ESF-03 DOTD Public Works

·         DOTD ESF-3 is monitoring the situation and in communications with our Districts.

·         Please refer to https://www.511la.org/#:Alerts for road closures and conditions. 

·         LA DOTD Districts 02 (New Orleans), 03 (Lafayette), 07 (Lake Charles), 61 (Baton Rouge), and 62 (Hammond) are all activated and engaged in flood fighting operations in response to this Heavy Rainfall/Flood event.

·         District 61 is also supporting the Iberville Parish Aqua Dam operations on LA 75 in the vicinity of Plaquemine, LA by providing temporary traffic signals. District 61 & HQ Section 51 are also providing DOTD’s Aqua Dam to supplement Iberville Parish’s due to flood waters on LA 75.

ESF-04 Firefighting Urban

·         Agency IST is stood up and operating. 

·         24 SFM personnel making up nine boat teams have deployed to Lake Charles to assist LCFD will flooding response 5/17.

·         USAR assets are being assessed from unaffected areas of the state for possible deployment. 

·         78 residents and 5 pets rescued in Lake Charles. Mission wrapped around 23:30 on 5/17.

·         Assets moved to Baton Rouge where 6 boat teams of 15 people total were deployed by MOHSEP to assist with flood evacuations. This resulted in 8 individuals being rescued.

ESF-06 American Red Cross

·         ARC has set up an initial response framework and will continue to work with OEPs from affected communities to identify unmet needs.

·         ARC has set up Disaster Response Operation 010-21 to support ongoing and incoming weather and impacts and will continue to work with OEPs from affected communities to identify unmet needs and fulfill requests

·         ARC is continuously communicating with ARC division and National headquarters to maintain situational awareness.

·         ARC has aligned with DCFS and Govt. Partners (GHOSEP/UCG/Parish Govt.) to streamline response

·         ARC gathering PDA from multiple sources including OEPs, WEBEOC reports, news media reports, on the ground hotshots

·         ARC is aligning with other nonprofit partners in theater to coordinate efforts and planning to address needs in the affected communities such as DES, feeding, recovery services, etc.

·         5/20 ARC mobilizing and responding to request for mass care support in Iberville parish, and continues to support congregate sheltering needs in EBR Parish.

ESF-06 DCFS Mass Care

·         DCFS-EP is monitoring WebEOC and the weather.

·         Shelter Report is posted in WebEOC on File Library under ESF-6 DCFS.

·         4 Shelters Open – Total Population is 109 as of 5/20/21 1400

o   3 Parish Non Congregate – Rooms 38 / Population 87

o   1 ARC Congregate – Population 22

·         1 Shelter on Stand-by

o   Iberville Parish – Carl F Grant Civic Center – Projected to open at 5/20/21 1500

ESF-08 LDH Public Health/Medical

·         Storm Related Deaths

o   As of 5/18/2021, there were 4 Fatalities attributed to the weather

·         Hospitals:

o   (5/20) 19 patients from Ocean’s Behavioral Hospital of Lake Charles, McNeese Campus were transferred and admitted to La Behavioral Hospital in Shreveport. Their needs are being adequately addressed per their established plans of care.

§  Inpatient areas of Ocean’s Behavioral were primarily affected, however they are able to sustain outpatient services.

§  Clean up primarily completed. Continuing to assess extent of damage, needed repairs, and timelines

o   (5/20) Clean up of Calcasieu Oaks Behavioral Hospital has been completed. Depending upon status of weather, the 11 transported patients may be able to return to the facility as early as 5/20, but that is to be further determined as the day progresses.

o   Christus St. Patrick is on surgery diversion. They have some water in a portion of the ED due to previous Hurricane Laura storm damage and in one operating room due to roof leaks. Will continue to monitor.

·         Intermediate Care Facilities:

o   (5/20 10am) Health Standards staff visited Landsbury Home residents at hotel (Holiday Inn Siegen Lane) on 5/19 and will be making a follow up visit today 5/20.

§  Residents have all of their meds and supplies. They also have food, clothing, and personal items that were salvageable.

§  Home owners are making efforts to determine the extent of damage to the home. Rooms are booked at the hotel for next 7 days.

§  Health Standards will visit at least every other day after today and will be making client assessments to determine which clients may be able to be reassigned to available beds in other homes based upon their overall clinical and behavioral assessment.

·         Power/Generator Issues

o   There are no hospitals, nursing homes, 24-Hour facilities or assisted living homes on generator power.

·         Environmental Health

o   LDH reports no weather-related water system outages on 5/20/2021 at 7 am, a decrease by 1 from the previous report.

o   LDH reports 7 weather-related boil water advisories on 5/20/2021 at 7 am, an increase of 2 from the previous report:

§  1- Region 5/ Beauregard

§  5- Region 5/ Calcasieu

§  1 -Region 9/ St. Tammany

Cemetery Task Force 

·         The Statewide Cemetery Task Force has been activated pursuant to La. R.S. 29:726.4 based on 89 JBE 2021 and reports of compromised vaults in Lake Charles cemeteries.

o   The Task Force has a dedicated phone line and e-mail for the reporting of flood-related cemetery damage: 225-326-6056 or cemeterytaskforce@ag.louisiana.gov

o   Please report any such impacts to the Task Force as soon as possible. 

·         Calcasieu Parish:

o   Damaged cemeteries: 1

o   Damaged graves: 20-25

o   Cemeteries surveyed: 0 


·         LDEQ’s Declaration of Emergency and Administrative Order with regards to Wastewater Treatment Facilities attached in WebEOC.


·         LDH reports no weather-related water system outages on 5/20/2021 at 7 am, a decrease by 1 from the previous report.

·         LDH reports 7 weather-related boil water advisories on 5/20/2021 at 7 am, an increase by 2 from the previous report.

ESF-12 Public Service Commission

·         Statewide power outages as of 12:00 on 18 May 2021 were 10,430.

·         Power outage map link: https://lpsc.louisiana.gov/Outages/Map/kgb

·         The parishes with the most outages:

o   East Baton Rouge–5,740 (2.65%)

o   St. Helena–1,394 (19.96%)

o   East Feliciana–784 (7.52%)

o   Vernon–442 (1.70%)

o   Iberville–232 (2.03%)

ESF-13 Department of Corrections

·         All Southwest Sheriffs/Wardens have been contacted and provided contact information if facility/inmate-related issues need to be addressed with the assistance of DOC. 

·         Sandbag distribution:

o   EHCC distributed approximately 15,000 sandbags on Tuesday May 18th.

§  St. Gabriel residents = 5800

§  City of St. Gabriel = 2800

§  Alligator Bayou = 4400

§  Gillis Long = 150

§  State owned property = 2000

o   5/20 EHCC distributed approximately 5,000 sandbags

§  Iberville Parish residents = 300

§  City of St. Gabriel = 1200

§  Bayou Manchac = 3800

§  Legion Drive = 70 

ESF-13 Louisiana State Police 

·         LSP EOC is currently monitoring the severe weather event, assessing any damages to our equipment and/or personnel, participating in NWS calls, and responding statewide to calls for service.

·         Public Affairs is engaged with the media and DOTD regarding road closures and is putting out safety messages via social media. 

·         5/19 1600 hours LSP EOC resumed normal operations and staffing.


·         As of 5/20 12:48 pm 406 IA assessments have been Verified.

o   2 Destroyed, 147 Major, 213 Minor, 7 Affected, 3 Unaffected, and 37 Unable to Identify.

·         The majority of the damage is in Calcasieu and East Baton Rouge Parishes.

o   Calcasieu: Major: 1 Destroyed, 82 Major,

o   East Baton Rouge: 55 Major

ESF-16 Military Support

·         1,292 Total Forces supporting current operations (+56 from 19 May).

o   Flood Response:

§  STAD: 82 – Army – 73 / Air – 9

§  Other Support: 267 – 231 Army / Air – 36

§  Total: 349

·         2 missions for Flood Response

·         SAR: Last 24hrs: 6 People and 0 Pets. To Date: 25 people and 2 pets rescued. (Calcasieu)

o   24 HWVs, 4 Boats. (Calcasieu)

o   10 HWVs, 4 Boats (AFRC, East Baton Rouge)

o   4 HWVs QRF South (Orleans)

o   8 HWVs, 4 Boats (St Tammany)

o   3 HWVs, 2 Boats (Tangipahoa)

o   2 Boats (Washington)

o   1 HWVs ANG QRF South (Belle Chasse)

·         TF Reserve:   28 HWVs, 3 Boats (Rapides, Lafayette, Iberia)

·         LNO Teams: 1 Parish: Calcasieu.

o   1 Senior Military Advisor: NOHSEP

·         Lake Charles Search and Rescue

o   TF COVID providing 27 PAX and 12 Military Tactical Vehicle (LMTV) in support of search and rescue operations in vicinity of Lake Charles.

o   TF COVID is prepared to provide testing (stand-by) and vaccination support (stand-by) at the Calcasieu Shelter (Lake Charles Civic Center) on stand-by for evacuees only.

·         Baton Rouge Search and Rescue

o   TF COVID providing 10 PAX and 2 Military Tactical Vehicle (LMTV) in support of search and rescue operations IVO Baton Rouge.

·         Lafayette Search and Rescue

o   TF COVID providing 20 PAX and 10 Military Tactical Vehicle (LMTV) in support of search and rescue operations IVO Lafayette.



Region 1

Plaquemines Parish

·         Entergy reporting power restored at 1:43 pm 5/20.

Region 2

Ascension Parish (Declaration Submitted 5/18)

·         Public Schools and Parish Offices: Open 5/20

·         Requested pumps through WebEOC.

·         Ascension Parish has not received any request for sheltering.

·         Damage Assessment Estimate:

o   47 homes affected

·         Alligator Bayou Road, Bluff Road, Prairieville area has roads affected. Some homes in this area have water or threating water.

·         Ascension is taking calls and documenting damages as residents call.

o   5/20 have not started damage assessments but have teams on standby.

East Baton Rouge Parish (Declaration Submitted 5/18)

·         Public Schools and Parish Offices: Closed 5/19

·         Planning on utilizing the SU Event Center to shelter their citizens that need. 

o   The Event Center must first get approved/inspected by the LSFM and RedCross, which these plans to evaluate the center is beginning. 

o   The request was submitted to WebEOC for the LSFM.

·         EBR Reception Center at the BR Airport has been closed.

o   Citizens have been moved to the Leader Institute Bldg. on Hooper for feeding. 

o   After feeding, and when the SU Event Center is ready, they will be moved to that site to shelter. 

o   EBR will have 2 other sites to open, should the need occur later for a greater occupancy.

·         Numerous roads still underwater in most parishes. 

o   Main Roadways impacted – I-10 at highland/Siegan closed as of 5/18 8:30 am.

·         EBR CVC site closed 5/18 due to the current weather event.

Iberville Parish (Declaration Submitted 5/18)

·         Public Schools: Closed 5/18 

·         Iberville Parish Council is deploying aqua dams along HWY 75 near JR Dr. Plaquemine. Traffic on HWY 75 will be down to one lane of travel.

·         Damage Assessment Estimate:

o   8 homes with minor damage

·         No shelter operations at this time.

·         Sandbags are being made and will be delivered to drop-off locations throughout the parish. 

·         Experiencing extremely high water levels along Bayou Manchac, Alligator Bayou, Bayou Plaquemine, and Intracoastal Waterway. Bayou Sorrel and Bayou Pigeon.

Livingston Parish (Declaration in Progress)

·         Multiple roads with high water.

·         Waterways closed at 0900 on 5/18 until further notice. 

West Baton Rouge Parish

·         Primary and elementary public Schools closed 5/19. Due to many staff members that live in EBR parish and had experienced problem with the weather event. 

·         5/20 I-10 west bound is shut down at LA 415.  With the rain, expecting backups through BR on I-10 West Bound.  Also on Hwy 90 west bound.

Region 3

Assumption Parish (Declaration already in place from backwater flooding)

·         5/20 just schools in the Pierre Part are closed due to the power outage in the area.

·         5-6 homes with water in them (minor damage).

·         No wake zone in place for Pierre Part Bay & Belle River areas.

·         Parish is preparing sandbags for pickup at the LSU Ag Center Napoleonville.

·         LA70 at Grand Bayou (Dow Chemical) remains closed due to high water.

·         5/20 Power outage in the Pierre Part area.

·         5/20 Requested GOHSEP/LANG assistance w/placement of flood tubes in the Pierre Part community.

Lafourche Parish(Declaration Submitted 5/18)

·         No significant issues – minor street flooding in Chackbay & Choctaw communities.

·         No reports of homes or businesses w/water in them at this time.

·         Sandbags are available at the Choctaw Field Office and Chackbay Fair Grounds for residence in the 6th ward that may be experiencing flooding threats. 

·         Monitoring levees throughout the parish.

·         Larose floodgate to close after 6 pm 5/20  (SLLD).

·         Requesting 4 miles of Tiger Dam and LANG Support to install them in Choupic and 2 24 inch pumps. Experiencing extreme back water flooding from the rain that the parish has received plus the rain to the north of Lafourche Parish.

St Charles Parish

·         Evening of 5/19 a possible weak tornado hit the West Bank Luling (not yet confirmed by NWS).

o   No significant structural issues, mainly roof shingles and downed trees/branches.

o   Damages assessment will begin by parish as soon as they can get out there (weather permitting).

St James Parish

·         ­No significant issues from last night/early morning.

o   No homes/businesses reporting water in them at this time.

·         Parish will be opening two (2) sandbag locations.

·         Monitoring blind river gauge currently at 2.98 and rising.

·         Monitoring blind river at mouth of Lake Maurepas currently at 4.25 and rising.

·         Parish officials and DOTD monitoring Hwy 20 in the Bayou Chevreuil area due to water on roadway.

St John Parish

·         Water on I-55 on ramp northbound and southbound – Ramps closed (in Ruddock-Exit 7).

·         Ramps in LaPlace remain open (Exit 209),


·         No issues at this time.

Region 4

Acadia Parish (Declaration Submitted 5/18)

·         Tornado reported at 2:32 pm 5/17 with damage, no injuries off 8719 Lyons Point Hwy, Lyons Point, LA. Power lines reported down nearby also.

·         Tornado reported at 2:49 pm 5/17 with three structures damaged, no injuries near 265 JB Sarver Road Crowley, LA. Power lines reported down nearby also.

·         Tornado reported at 4:00 pm 5/17 North of I-10 near MM 86. Currently, no damage or injuries reported with this sighting. Pending responders investigation.  

·         Three structures were damaged on JB Sarver Road. Continuing assessments.

·         Damage Assessment Estimate:

o   1 home with major damage

o   1 mobile home affected

·         5/18 Experiencing flash flooding of roadways. No major road closures reported at this time.

·         5/20 Local Road along the Mermentau River around Mermentau are flooding. No residents reporting water inside of homes or businesses to date.

Iberia Parish

·         5/17 Reports of numerous roads flooded. Awaiting list from Parish Public Works. 

·         Sandbags available at multiple locations.

Lafayette Parish (Declaration Submitted 5/19)

·         5/17 911 receiving a high volume of calls with reports of street and vehicle flooding. 

·         Reports of street flooding and power outages.

·         5/17 Reports of some rescues being done by the Lafayette Fire Department. 

·         5/17 No shelters open at this time. Being told that they are bringing citizens being rescued to higher ground so they can be picked up by family and friends. 

St Landry Parish (Declaration Submitted 5/18)

·         All Public Schools open except for schools in Cankton Elementary and JS Clark Academy in Opelousas. 

·         The apartment complex of La 182 has a foot of water on the first floor.

o   Approximately 24-26 manned units needed evacuation.

o   All evacuees had places to go but Parish is prepared to open Yambilee Building in Opelousas as a reception center/shelter as needed.  

·         Parish transferred sandbags to Krotz Springs to mitigate flooding.

·         Sandbagging operation continues at the Yambilee Building  

St Martin Parish (Declaration Submitted 5/18)

·         5/20 Multiple roads with water on them and some are closed.

·         5/20 One (1) resident rescued from their residence on Prairie Hwy due to rising waters.

·         Sandbags available at multiple locations.

·         No Wake Zone issued on all waterways in Lower St. Martin Parish.

St Mary Parish

·         All offices and schools open.

·         Some street flooding in Bayou Vista, Patterson and Franklin.

Vermilion Parish (Declaration Submitted 5/18)

·         Public Schools and Parish Offices: Open 5/20

·         5/17 Gueydan power plant was hit by lightning and the Town of Gueydan is without power.

o   As of 5/19 Town of Gueydan’s power is back on. 

Region 5

Allen Parish

·         Opened all parish barns to hand out sand and sandbags.

Beauregard Parish (Declaration Submitted 5/18)

·         Public Schools and Parish Offices: Open 5/20

·         Several Parish roadways are underwater.

o   5/17 LA state Hwy 27 was closed but now open due to high water.

o   Parish Public Works is monitoring roadways and road closures.  

·         5/18 Moderate Flooding along the Sabine River and Bundick Lake area.

·         5/18 Southern portion of the parish experiencing flooding on parish roadways causing washouts.

·         Sandbags at all Parish Barns for distribution. 

Calcasieu Parish (Declaration Submitted 5/18)

·         Public Schools: Closed 5/21

o   Calcasieu Parish School Board schools are closed through Monday May 24th, with the exception of FK White Elementary School closed until Tuesday May 25th. 

·         Parish Offices: Open 5/20

·         5/17 Calcasieu Oaks has been evacuated to the sister facility.

·         5/20 Trinity Baptist Shelter has been demobilized as of noon today and 67 individuals have been transitioned into NCS.

o   As of 1055 hrs. 13 people in Civic Center Shelter pending transfer to NCS. 

·         5/20 Numerous roads closed due to high water.

·         Reports of flooding in homes

·         High water rescues:

o   CPSO rescued 300 as of 0100hrs 5/18.

o   The city of Lake Charles rescued 80 as of 0100hrs 5/18.

·         Sandbags available at multiple locations.

·         5/18 LANG has staged 20 LMTVs, 5 HMMVs, and 62 PAX to support CPSO and City of Lake Charles with high water rescue. 

·         5/19 Multiple buildings with possible water inundation including hospitals, clinics, schools and nursing homes.

Region 6

Sabine Parish (Declaration Submitted 5/19)

Vernon Parish

·         Vernon SO is monitoring high water areas in the parish. SO is preparing boats and rescue personnel if the need arises.

·         Vernon Parish E911/OEP Office received a substantial amount of water to the interior of the building due to a leaking roof and poor drainage. E911 operations continue to function. 

·         15 Vernon Parish Roads are closed due to high water.

o   Police Jury road crews have placed High Water and Road Closed signs in appropriate areas. Road crews are on standby to respond to additional areas as needed.

·         U.S. 171 south of Rosepine was inundated with high water for a period of time due to flash flooding. DOTD responded with signs. Water has receded from the roadway at this time.

Region 9

St Helena Parish

·         School closed for summer break.

·         Trees and debris across highways, power outages, and home damages.

 River GaugeParishCurrent StageFlood StageCrest InfoFlood Impacts at Crest
Sabine River near Bon WierBeauregard & Vernon34.06 ft.30 ft.35.1 ft.May 23Expect several secondary roads in the Merryville and Bon Wier areas near the river to be closed. Moderate lowland flooding will occur. Low-lying roads and a few homes have some flooding between Bon Wier and Merryville.
Sabine River at DeweyvilleCalcasieu & Beauregard27.46 ft.24 ft.27.6 ft.May 21Widespread moderate lowland flooding will occur. Homes in Deweyville closest to the river are flooded. Flooding of homes in the Indian Lakes and River Oaks sections will also occur. Low-lying roads and a few homes in Southwest Beauregard Parish have some flooding.
Bayou Anacoco near RosepineVernon21.01 ft.17 ft.21.4 ft.May 22This level is similar to that of the January 1998 flood event. Moderate flood damage along the bayou begins.
Calcasieu River near OberlinAllen15.97 ft.13 ft.17 ft.May 23Moderate flooding will occur with several access roads to the river flooded.
Calcasieu River at White Oak ParkCalcasieu6.62 ft.2 ft.6.7 ft.May 22Extensive flooding with water in several homes and camps. The lower end of Pickrel Lane near the river begins to flood. Goos Ferry Road is impassable.
Calcasieu River at Sam Houston Jones State ParkCalcasieu8 ft.5 ft.9 ft.May 22Water levels are near those reached during the storm surge from Hurricane Rita in 2005. Cypress Lake Drive is impassable and water is up to a few homes along the road. Portions of Sam Houston Park are underwater.
Bayou Nezpique at BasileJefferson Davis, Acadia & Evangeline23.55 ft.22 ft.24 ft.May 21Moderate flood threat downstream including a few residences near Jennings, Mermentau, and Silverwood. Operations at Silverwood shipyard could be affected.
Bayou Des Cannes near EuniceEvangeline, St Landry, & Acadia17.09 ft.16 ft.18.5 ft.May 22Minor flooding begins along the bayou with a few structures right along the bayou threatened.
Mermentau River At MermentauJefferson Davis & Acadia6.29 ft.4 ft.7 ft.May 23The water reaches the roadway of the 13th Street bridge in the southern portion of mermentau.
Bayou Vermillion near CarencroSt Landry, Lafayette, & St Martin19.91 ft.17 ft.20.2 ft.May 19Intersection of Arnaudville and Magellan roads are impassible. Arnaudville Road and Magellan road intersection begins to flood from Coulee Lantier. Roads along Bayou Fuseilier are impassable.
Vermillion River at Surrey StreetLafayette15.08 ft.10 ft.14.8 ft.May 21Widespread moderate flooding will occur with a few homes flooded near the river or from backwater flooding of the coulees and bayou that intersect the river.

To view updates on current and forecasted river levels, visit https://water.weather.gov/ahps/forecasts.php

GOHSEP Operations is monitoring the situation and will publish updates as necessary.

For more information, please visit your local NWS weather forecast office webpage.

www.getagameplan.org | www.weather.gov |www.ready.gov