Since 2006, the Statewide Credentialing / Access Program document has been used to facilitate post disaster re-entry. The concepts and procedures associated remain valid and therefore may still be utilized.

Attached is the next generation document in the form of a Joint Standard Operating Procedure (JSOP) for disaster re-entry. This JSOP was a collaborative effort by the Louisiana Sheriff’s Association (LSA) and the Louisiana Association of Chiefs of Police (LACP) and supported by the Louisiana State Police.

This JSOP retains and builds on the four main principles of the original document.

1.   Post disaster access control is paramount to ensure public safety.
2.   Re-entry should be implemented in phases, utilizing a tiered approach based on need.
3.   Local government is best positioned to determine the appropriate tier for individuals/organizations.
4.   These individuals/organizations should be pre-identified and credentialed prior to a disaster to the greatest extent possible.

This system permits individuals/organizations to register for re-entry credentials by calling (toll free) 1-855-379-4861, or by visiting www.eritn.com. Once an application has been approved for the appropriate tier by local government, the applicant will have web based access to re-entry credentials.

pdf Original SOP Credentialing/Access Program Document

pdf Next Generation JSOP Credentialing/Access Program Document (Active)

pdf User Guide


—–Additional details on the Credentialing/Access program (CAP) can be found at http://www.lsp.org/lscap.html

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