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General Information

Do you have products or services that the state might be searching for at this time? Register with the LA BEOC to let the state know about your products or services (click here to register). By registering and completing a company profile, you can describe the products and services your company offers and how your company is positioned to assist the state during a disaster. The LA BEOC assists in making connections between businesses and state agencies. Please do not contact us for sales, or to arrange product demonstrations, or to discuss your particular products or services. We do not evaluate specific products and services nor do we accept solicitations. Your registration and profile information is collected and forwarded to the Louisiana Division of Administration (DOA), which will evaluate your products and services based on need. Please make sure you are also registered with the DOA (click here for DOA page). No governmental agency can guarantee the utilization of any business during an activation of the LA BEOC.

What is the LA BEOC? The LA BEOC is Louisiana’s first emergency operations center dedicated to disaster preparedness, response and recovery for businesses. Serving as an annex of the state’s Emergency Operations Center, the LA BEOC facilitates communication with the state’s major economic driver industries, as well as owners and operators of critical infrastructures and key resources, to enhance Louisiana’s emergency management efforts. The LA BEOC supports that relationship and coordinating private sector involvement and support during a time of crisis. The result is a more resilient Louisiana.

Who makes up the LA BEOC? The LA BEOC is comprised of members from Louisiana’s public, private, and nonprofit sectors. This partnership is led by Louisiana Economic Development, the Governor's Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness, with support from the National Incident Management Systems & Advanced Technologies Institute at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

How can I contact the LA BEOC directly? The LA BEOC can be reached by phone 337-482-0627 or email info@labeoc.org.

What are the hours of operation? We are currently working Monday through Friday 7:30am to 5:00pm, and are monitoring email activity after hours. If you have an emergency please contact 911.

Who are the industry trade associations participating in the LA BEOC? Click here to view list of all industry representatives with their contact information.

How do I contact my LA BEOC industry representative leader directly? Please refer to the LA BEOC Industry Representatives List. If you are unsure of your representative, please email info@labeoc.org.

How does a business communicate with the LA BEOC through trade associations? If you have a need or can provide a resource, you may contact your industry representative and they will forward the request through the LA BEOC process.

How does a business communicate directly with the LA BEOC? There are several ways to do this. A business can call 337-482-0627 directly to speak with someone during hours of operation or email info@labeoc.org. To communicate business issues related to an event, the best method is for the business to register, and then view how to navigate the LA BEOC questions below.


How should I prepare my businesses for a flood? We have posted some guidance on flood preparation, which you can find by following the View News Alerts button at www.labeoc.org. For more information on mitigation, visit the GOHSEP Mitigation Index .

What precautions should I be taking as a business owner? We have posted some guidance on disaster preparation, which you can find by following the View News Alerts button at www.labeoc.org. Also, see Get A Game Plan.

How can I get more information about this event? By registering your business at www.labeoc.org, we can send you updated information as it becomes available to us.

Register your Business

Why should I register my business

Receive immediate notification of state and parish decisions that may affect your business. These notifications (evacuation, road closure, etc.) are pertinent to your business disaster plan and employee safety. Rather than searching for information online or other forms of media, the most up to date information will be sent to your business immediately.

Receive notification of emerging state needs. As needs arise during the response and recovery from an emergency, you will be notified via email, text message, or voice call (depending on which you choose) of these needs and asked to respond via the LA BEOC web portal. These notifications are designed to engage businesses throughout the state to stimulate our economy.

Situational Awareness: Through the LA BEOC portal, businesses can report post storm status, recovery needs, readiness to participate, economic impact, and supply chain demands. By gauging the situational awareness of local businesses, officials can make informed decisions and avoid duplication or conflict of efforts from different sectors.

How do I register? Is my information safe? To become an LA BEOC business member, click on the Register button and provide contact information, as well as details about the products and services your business might be able to provide to support the state’s disaster response. Once you are registered, you may utilize all features of the web portal and be notified by your preferred method of communication of a new posting to the site. Your information will be kept private, and will not be shared publicly except as required by law.

Navigating the LA BEOC portal

I have a product or service that I would like to make available during the disaster. How should I notify the LA BEOC of the resource? As a registered business, make sure your profile is updated . Click View Product Needs to view all tickets and respond to those your company is able to fulfill. Make sure your business is also registered with the state’s Division of Administration for potential contracting opportunities.

How can I view the latest news and information about an event? Click the View News Alerts button to see the information we have posted. Type a keyword into the search query. You may also search by category, Business, LA VOAD or General. As a registered business, you may elect to receive notification as new information is posted.

How do I update my status? As a registered business, you will be able to view and respond to operational status requests to help the LA BEOC get a snapshot of the business operations in an affected area. Log in and click Update Operational Status.

How can I make a donation? Click on the Donation Information button to view the best option for your donation.

How can I volunteer? Click on the Volunteer Information button to view the best option for you.

What if I have I have a specific request not related to any of these questions? As a registered business, click on the Operational Status button and find the “Issues hindering Recovery” section. The text box allows you to describe a request your business has that the LA BEOC might be able to provide some assistance.

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