The Disaster is Over… Now What?

The Small Business Administration (SBA) is the federal agency that focuses assistance on businesses in times of disaster.

Get Assistance for Your Business

  1. Getting assistance is starts with the determination of a federal disaster declaration. Declarations will be posted on the SBA website.
  2. Find your area and click to open that page. Instructions for applications and locations of local SBA sites will be provided.
  3. Apply for the disaster loan. SBA disaster assistance loans can assist business in the following areas:
    • Repair or replace real property
    • Repair or replace machinery
    • Repair or replace fixtures
    • Repair or replace Inventory
    • Leasehold repairs
  4. Login into your account and/or check your email for loan status updates.

Individual Assistance for You or Your Employees

FEMA will help individuals and families recover through grants and low-interest recovery loans administered through the SBA.

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