FEMA Announces $211 Million in Funding Opportunities for Two Dam Safety Grant Programs

FEMA will commit more than $211 million in funding to enhance dam safety efforts across the nation to ensure that communities have the critical infrastructure needed to protect against future disasters and prevent future flooding.

Dams are a critical part of the nation’s infrastructure, yet many are aging and deteriorating, and dam failure may occur within hours of the first signs of breaching because of intense storms. President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law is providing nearly $6.8 billion toward community-wide resilience to reduce disaster suffering and avoid future disaster costs. This includes a total $733 million for the two dam safety programs over five years to help state, territorial, and local governments take action to address high-hazard potential dams that pose dangers to life and property if they fail.

The Rehabilitation of High Hazard Potential Dams program is making about $185 million available and another approximately $26 million available through the National Dam Safety State Assistance Grant Program. The investments funded by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law will help protect communities from flooding, avoid disaster costs, and strengthen resilience to climate change.

Grants through the Rehabilitation of High Hazard Potential Dams program are available to non-federal governments and nonprofits for the technical expertise, planning, design, and construction needed to rehabilitate eligible, non-federal high-hazard potential dams.

Eligible non-federal dams are:

  • Located in a state or territory with a dam safety program
  • Classified as high hazard potential by the dam safety agency in the state or territory where the dam is located
  • Current in their emergency action plan, which must be approved by the state or territorial dam safety agency
  • Failing to meet minimum dam safety standards of the state or territory or poses an unacceptable risk to the public

National Dam Safety State Assistance Grant Program is available for any state or territory with an enacted dam safety program. These grants establish and maintain effective state programs to ensure dam safety and protect human life and property. The state administrative agency, or an equivalent state agency, is eligible to apply. Each eligible state or territory may submit only one grant application. The funding opportunities open on Nov. 6 and will be found on Grants.gov. The deadline to apply is Feb. 29, 2024.

FEMA will post informational webinars to provide an overview of this year’s two dam safety funding opportunities to help interested applicants. For more information about dam safety and the webinars, visit FEMA’s dam safety webpage on FEMA.gov.

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