FEMA Request: Multi- Family Lease and Repair RFI

Multi-Family Lease and Repair (MLR) is a form of Direct Temporary Housing Assistance that allows The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to repair or make improvements to existing multi-family rental property for the purpose of providing temporary housing to eligible applicants who are displaced due to Hurricane Ida under [DR-4611-LA]. FEMA may utilize this form of temporary housing assistance for eligible applicants who are unable to use rental assistance due to lack of available resources. MLR is not intended to repair or improve individual rental properties to re-house existing tenants.


FEMA is seeking multi-family rental properties or multi-family rental properties that were impacted by Hurricane Ida located in parishes within reasonable commuting distance to the below parishes in Louisiana. FEMA is seeking owners of rental properties (apartment complexes primarily) that could be potentially repaired to local, state and federal codes/standards and offered as temporary housing for FEMA applicants in a timely manner for up to 18-months from the date of declaration, unless extended.


Declared Parishes:

  • Ascension Parish
  • Assumption Parish
  • East Baton Rouge Parish
  • East Feliciana Parish
  • Iberia Parish
  • Iberville Parish
  • Jefferson Parish
  • Lafourche Parish
  • Livingston Parish
  • Orleans Parish
  • Plaquemines Parish
  • Pointe Coupee Parish
  • Bernard Parish
  • Charles Parish
  • Helena Parish
  • James Parish
  • John the Baptist Parish
  • Martin Parish
  • Mary Parish
  • Tammany Parish
  • Tangipahoa Parish
  • Terrebonne Parish
  • Washington Parish
  • West Baton Rouge Parish
  • West Feliciana Parish

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