GLPC embarks on Bayou Lafourche clearing project with the help of the Bayou Lafourche Freshwater District

Cut Off – The GLPC recently signed an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with the BLFWD to extend its contract for the collection and disposal of debris in Bayou Lafourche from the Intracoastal south to Golden Meadow.

The BLFWD had previously cleared all debris up to the Intracoastal as part of its contract with DRC Emergency Services, LLC.

“These are the type of partnerships we love because it shows how agencies such as ours can collaborate successfully to benefit our community in very meaningful ways,” GLPC Executive Director Chett Chiasson said. “I can’t thank Ben Malbrough (BLFWD Executive Director) and his board enough for helping extend its contract with DRC to perform this much-needed work.”

The work, which just began, will seek to remove vegetative materials as well as larger debris type objects from Bayou Lafourche.

The project is expected to last a month or so and will improve the navigation and safety in the bayou, according to Chiasson.

“What’s great is we will be able to take advantage of the FEMA program (brought on as a result of Hurricane Ida) to have the majority of the roughly $1 million in funds expended for this project reimbursed to us,” Chiasson said. “Our Board of Commissioners believed this was a no-brainer because it is a way to improve our area’s most critical waterway all the way to Port Fourchon.”


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