GOHSEP Daily Brief – September 13, 2021

GOHSEP Daily Brief

September 13, 2021

As of 4:00 p.m.

State EOC Activation Level: Level I (Full Activation)

WebEOC Incident: 21-018 TC Ida – Statewide – August │ State Declaration Number: 165 JBE 2021

WebEOC Incident: 21-018 TC Nicholas – Statewide – Sept │ State Declaration Number: 173 JBE 2021


SITUATION:  Hurricane Ida made landfall along the southeastern coast of Louisiana near Port Fourchon around 11:55 am with estimated maximum sustained winds of 150 mph. Hurricane Ida caused devastating destruction across southeast Louisiana. Power and water systems have been resorted to much of southeast Louisiana, however some parishes are still having long-term problems with these systems. Damage is still being assessed. Local, state, and federal partners are responding to parish needs and recovery is underway.

Tropical Storm Nicholas is moving toward the north-northeast near 12 mph. On the forecast track, the center of Nicholas is expected to make landfall along the central Texas coast later tonight. Some additional strengthening is forecast this afternoon and evening, and Nicholas could be near Hurricane strength when it reaches the central Texas coast. Weakening is anticipated on Tuesday and Wednesday while Nicholas moves over land. Most significant threats (mainly heavy rainfall and flash flood threat) will be across southwest and south central Louisiana, however southeast Louisiana will have some threat of heavy rainfall and flooding through at least the middle of this week.

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STATE ACTIONS: All agencies are monitoring the situation and are ready to respond as needed.


·         WebEOC Incident 21-018 TC Ida – Statewide – August created 8/16/2021.

·         Level III Crisis Action Team Activation 8/26/21.

·         Level I Full Activation 8/27/21.

·         Ongoing Ida Recovery Calls starting 9/01/21.

·         WebEOC Incident 21-018 TC Nicholas – Statewide – Sept316 created 9/13/21.

·         Started daily SW Hurricane Taskforce calls for TC Nicholas 9/12/21.


ESF-02 Communications

·         LWIN System Status at 5:00 AM on 09-13-21

o   Sites in wide area operation: 141/144

§  Bourg: Comm Failure

§  Houma: Site Trunking

§  Greensburg: Site Trunking

o   Sites are in wide area operations, but are on generator back up power: Geismar, St. James, Northern Simulcast Gretna, NOLA East & Galleria, Laffite, Bridge City, Larose, Gray, Houma, and Montegut.

·         Tactical Equipment:

o   Emergency tower trailers

§  Located in Baton Rouge: Box Trailer 99

§  Located in Alexandria: None

·         Deployed: 4

o   Trailer 96 (LSA) deployed to Houma

o   Trailer 97 in use at Calcasieu Sheriff’s Office before Ida

o   Trailer 100 deployed at Galliano

o   Trailer 98 located in Grand Isle on standby to be redeployed

o   Generators on Wheels (GOW)

§  Located in Baton Rouge: 2

·         Deployed: 2

o   Deployed at Larose

o   Deployed at Jackson

§  Located in Alexandria: 2

·         Deployed at HQ

o   Flyaway kits

§  Located in Baton Rouge: 1

·         Deployed: 3

o   Larose

o   Theriot

o   Laplace( On Standby)

§  Located in Alexandria: None

·         Blue Mobile Command Post located in Baton Rouge

·         White Mobile Command Post deployed to Houma Civic Center

ESF-03 DOTD Public Works

·         Tropical Storm Nicholas

o   DOTD ESF-3 EOC is monitoring WebEOC and in communications with our Districts.

o   Please refer to https://www.511la.org/ for road closures and conditions.

o   For Truck Permits, please use the following link: http://wwwsp.dotd.la.gov/Business/Pages/DOTD_LaGeaux.aspx

·         Hurricane Ida

o   Sign & Signal Crews continue working in Districts 02 (Bridge City) & (Houma), 61 (Baton Rouge), and 62 (Hammond).

o   District 02 (Bridge City) and HQ Section 51 (Bridge Maintenance) assisting LANG with the military bridge across Bayou Barataria in Jean Lafitte due to the damaged Barataria Bridge.

o   DOTD Debris Removal Contractors continue throughout the impacted areas of SE LA.

ESF-04 Firefighting Urban

·         Tropical Storm Nicholas

o   Agency EOC on standby for potential activation.

o   Communications are underway with potentially affected fire chiefs regarding their preparations and possible needs.

o   LNOs in communication with parish EOCs in potentially affected areas.

o   Communications are underway with Louisiana USAR teams; four are available as needed immediately.

o   30 boats staged in Lafayette today with the potential for that number to go up to 72.

o   10 SFM personnel assigned

o   30 boats staged

o   4 LA-USAR teams on standby

·         Hurricane Ida

o   403 personnel with 127 apparatus in the field as part of the firefighter backfill mission.

o   Completed 301 calls, 9 of those fires, many as power is restored.

o   Initial teams on the mission will begin demobilization this week.

ESF-06 DCFS Mass Care

·         Tropical Storm Nicholas

o   DCFS EOC and regional staff are activated for Hurricane Ida sheltering and available for TC Nicholas response.

o   DCFS staff were notified and placed in an “Advise” status for TC Nicholas.

·         Hurricane Ida

o   Alexandria Mega Shelter, Bastrop Shelter and Jewella Shelters are open as Critical Transportation Needs Shelters.

o   The Bastrop Shelter consolidates to Mega Shelter today, going to a Standby status.

o   Mega Shelter MSN, Bossier Civic Center MSN, LSU Field House MSN and MCC MSN are open as Medical Special Needs Shelters.

o   Coordinated transportation for re-entry from the Jewella Shelter to New Orleans for 5 complexes of 203 evacuees. Continue to coordinate with Orleans for re-entry on Tuesday.

o   Continue to work with ARC and parishes on shelter transition and consolidation plans.

§  Shelter Population Update 2021-09-13 0800 hours

·         18 Total Shelters(s) – 1425 Population

o   3 State – 418

o   4 MSN – 168

o   0 Parish –

o   11 ARC – 839

o   0 Faith –

o   0 State NCS –

o   0 ARC NCS –

o   Shelter Reporting cycle is 0800, 1800, and 2400.

o   Shelter Report is posted in WebEOC on File Library under ESF-6 DCFS.

o   DCFS submitted request for DSNAP to FNS on 9/9/21, awaiting approval. Once approved, DSNAP schedule will be communicated to the IA parishes.

ESF-06 LWC Mass Feeding

·         LWC mass feeding operations continue at 6 shelter facilities with daily meal count:

o   Alexandria Mega Shelter – 700

o   Bastrop Shelter – 200

o   Jewella Shelter – 350

o   Bossier Civic Center MSNS – 130

o   LSU Field House MSNS – 80

o   Morial Convention Center FMS – 250

·         Feeding 4,810meals today.

ESF-06 Veterans Affairs

·         All LDVA veteran homes and cemetery facilities are preparing for Tropical Storm Nicholas.

o   The Jennings veteran home has been on the GOHSEP SW Hurricane Calls and is in close contact with the Jefferson Davis OEP, as the National Weather Service Lake Charles has issued a Flash Flood Watch through Wednesday morning (9/15/21) that includes Jefferson Davis Parish (and Jennings).

o   The Bossier home is in close contact with Bossier Parish OEP. NWS predicting 30% chance of tropical storm force winds there, 40mph, facility can withstand that, although the more likely wind speeds there are 15-20mph. The Red River is well below flood stage near the facility, so with 2-4 inches of rain predicted, no expectations of flooding. Likely time of predicted arrival at the Bossier facility is 2pm Tuesday.

·         Hurricane Ida

o   Reserve veteran home (SELVH): Returned to full regular electrical power midmorning 9/12/21. Corps of Engineers continues to maintain and has refueled the full-facility backup generator the Corps/La National Guard provided for the facility, as a backup. Facility continues to work with ORM and FP&C to schedule contractors to repair storm damage to the facility. Parish water supply remains with some pressure fluctuations, but the facility’s well water is being used to keep cooling towers replenished. Boil advisory continues. Staffing is good and facility operations are strong.

o   LDVA Veterans Assistance Counselors (VAC) Offices closed in the 10 parishes where state offices are closed.

ESF-08 LDH Public Health/Medical

·         State ESF8 Posture for Nicholas:

o   Personnel continue to report to all three state-level Emergency Operations Centers: GOHSEP site, LDH/OPH EOC, and EMS TOC sites.

o   Reporting and sitreps are being maintained.

o   State and federal surge units remain in theatre (checking to ensure no red tape with the FEMA units to utilize assets for Nicholas if needed).

o   EPAP activation is still pending

o   OPH is extending contracts for the MSNS sites in Regions 2, 6, and 7.


·         LDEQ remains in contact with State and Federal ESF-10 partners concerning post storm activities.

·         Rapid Needs Assessments are complete.

·         Emergency Response Staff continue to identify & assess orphan containers. Phone calls to owners of containers will begin this week.

·         Surveillance and Emergency Response Staff continue to perform field assessments of oil spills with LOSCO.

·         Surveillance Staff continue to perform assessments of facilities, waste water treatment plants, Emergency Debris Sites, and Landfills.

·         The Waste Permits Division is working with Parishes to review, approve, and activate Emergency Debris Sites.

·         Underground Storage Tank Staff continue to perform assessments of UST’s in the impacted area.

·         Aquifer Protection Staff continue to perform assessments in the impacted area to identify possible sources of contamination.

·         The Department remains in contact with the Nuclear Power Plants.

o   Waterford – The facility is currently at 48% power and holding for continued ascension to 100%, based on ability of the grid.

·         Mission Assignment 2 – EPA Air Monitoring/Sampling Assistance

o   EPA contractors are performing air monitoring in St. John and St. Charles Parishes. Air samples in these areas began being collected for analysis 9/12/21.

·         The Mobile Air Monitoring Labs will return to Baton Rouge today. EPA to continue monitoring/sampling under the Mission Assignment. Decisions on future operations will be made depending upon facility status in the region.

ESF-11 Department of Agriculture and Forestry


·         Tropical Storm Nicholas

o   Currently monitoring and on standby to begin public water system assessments and reporting if necessary.

·         Hurricane Ida as of 1430 9/13/21

o   17 storm-related Water Outages for an Estimated affected population ~19,707. There are 6 community water systems (CWS) with a water outage. There are at least 8 non-community water systems that are Closed due to no power.

o   87 storm-related Boil Water Advisories for an Estimated affected population of ~317,507.

o   222 water systems have been CLEARED from the storm-related boil water advisory for an Estimated affected population of ~830,964.

o   See attached Water Outage and Boil Water Advisory Reports in WebEOC for a complete list of affected water systems. Water systems with on a water outage will be under a boil water advisory once system pressure is restored.

ESF-12 Public Service Commission

·         Power outages statewide as of 09:00 on 09/13/2021 were: 119,725

·         Outage map: https://lpsc.louisiana.gov/Outages/Map/m53


ESF-13 Department of Corrections

·         P&P EOC update for missions worked and scheduled on 9/12/2021 as of 0600hrs.

o   P&P HQ staff manning the P&P Operations Center during business hours and remotely monitoring all other hours for 24hr/7 day coverage.

o   8 P&P Officers (4 officers per shift for 24 hours) assisting LSP EOC with security at State Museums in the NOLA French Quarter. Mission began on 09/1/2021 and is ongoing.

o   10 P&P Officers (5 per shift for 24 hours) assisting LSP with the Red Cross Shelter at the River Center in Baton Rouge. Mission began on 9/3/2021 and is ongoing.

o   4 P&P Officers (2 per shift for 24 hours) supporting Albany PD with community policing. Mission began on 9/3/2021 and is ongoing.

o   4 P&P Officers (2 per shifts for 24 hours) providing security support at the sex offender shelter in Homer. Mission began on 8/30/2021 and is ongoing.

o   4 P&P Officers (2 per shift for 24 hours) assisting LSP with security at Jewella Shelter in Shreveport. Mission began on 9/7/2021 and is ongoing.

·         DOC IMC Updates Monday, 9/13/21

o   Parish Facilities That Remain Evacuated: Terrebonne

o   Parishes housing evacuated Offenders: Madison, Catahoula, LaSalle, Beauregard, and Assumption

o   Transport Missions: none scheduled

o   Other impacted parish reports / movements: nothing new reported

·         DOC Facility Reports: DWCC SO Shelter reporting 1 evacuee

ESF-13 Louisiana State Police

·         Tropical Storm Nicholas

o   Crisis Response/EOC is actively monitoring Tropical Storm Nicholas through all available channels, including NHC and NWS updates.

o   Participating in daily SW Hurricane Task Force calls.

o   Public Affairs is proactively pushing Tropical Storm safety messaging to citizens.

o   LSP stands ready to respond and deploy assets where needed.

ESF-16 Military Support

·         Tropical Storm Nicholas

o   LANG TAC and JOC is operating at Full Activation. LANG is monitoring the storm, WebEOC and moving assets to projected areas.

·         Hurricane Ida

o   Escorts continue from the Roseland Regional Staging Area.

o   LSP continues proactive enforcement across all affected areas with multiple task forces, including assistance from several out of state police agencies.

o   Mississippi Highway Patrol arrives today for additional support.

o   Shelter security operations continue at 7 sites statewide (Johnson and Marbles Community Centers closed yesterday, Bastrop Shelter today).

o   Since 8/25, LSP has generated numerous storm-related social media posts reaching over 12 million social media users.

ESF-16 Military Support

·         8200 Total Forces supporting current operations.

o   HURRICANE IDA – 7400:

§  SAD: 2991

§  Other Support: 1138

§  T-10 DSC: 1

§  COVID PAX Supporting: 269

§  T10 Support: 413

§  EMAC Forces: 2588

·         174 Total on-going missions:

o   129 Hurricane Ida Missions

o   44 missions LANG COVID-19

o   1 mission EMAC (California Wildfire) leaving California today

o   TS Nicholas staging 70 x HWV, 23 x boats, and 15 aircraft in Southwest Louisiana and Southcentral Louisiana

·         Commodity Distribution:

o   Currently have 43 PODs and 4 HUBs deployed in 9 parishes

o   26 resupply trucks overnight

o   3 x Direct Deliveries to 3 parishes in last 24hr

o   Yesterday closed 7 PODs: Lafourche (Thibodeaux and Raceland), Orleans (John Brown, YMCA, Skelly Park), St. Helena (Pinegrove and Greensburg)

o   Commodities distributed:

·         Bulk Water:

o   37 water buffalos, 10 hippos, 5 camels in 12 parishes (St. James, Terrebonne, St. Charles, Lafourche, Jefferson, Plaquemines, Orleans, St. John, Ascension, St. Tammany, Washington, Tangipahoa)

o   89,900 gal (+13,500) to 6 sites – 1 in Plaquemines and 5 in Terrebonne

·         Task Force Generator:

o   681 requested

§  285 on mission

§  3 installations in progress

§  0 pending assessment

§  0 on hold

§  103 reset

§  290 cancelled

o   3 generator installations planned today

o   No new requests

·         Engineer Operations:

o   Route Clearance: 5302 mi assessed and 2,936 mi of roads cleared in 20 Parishes.

o   Cleared 134 (+41) municipal facilities with a total 26,131 cu yds (+4,058) of debris removed

o   Completed debris clearance in Fontainebleau State Park and continue work in Tickfaw State Park

o   Continued debris removal from Destrehan Canal in St. Charles and canals in Tangipahoa

o   Clearing debris from levees in Lafourche

o   Removing sand piles from collection points along roads in Grand Isle

·         Security Operations:

o   714 Guardsmen conducting security missions in 17 Parishes

§  Jefferson Parish – 52 PAX ISO law enforcement

§  Plaquemines – 25 PAX TCP operation

§  Tangipahoa – 42 PAX presence patrols

§  Lafourche – 142 PAX ISO LE

§  Terrebonne – 123 PAX ISO LE

§  St. Helena – 90 PAX ISO LE

§  Closed out Security Operations in Orleans parish

·         Medical Support Operations: 65 PAX

o   Medical Team supporting MSNS @ MCC, Senior Military Advisor Supporting Incident Commander @ MCC-MSNS

o   CERFP MED-L team ISO Terrebonne Gen Hospital

o   1 x Provider & 2 x Medics to NSU Student Union

·         Government Support Operations:

o   7 teams ( St. Helena, Jefferson, Plaquemines, St. Charles, St. John, Lafourche, Terrebonne)

o   7 x Senior Military Advisors deployed to (St. Helena, Jefferson, Plaquemines, St. Charles, St. John, Lafourche, Terrebonne)

o   10 x Parish LNO Teams

o   Closed GST and parish LNO teams in Livingston and Orleans

o   Closed SMA in Tangipahoa and Orleans

·         FORCE FLOW:

·         EMAC: 2588 PAX from 15 states

o   Continue to retrograde Phase 1 EMAC forces with units from Florida, Arkansas, and Mississippi

o   Yesterday received logistics personnel from Ohio

o   Next 24 hours expecting Multi-Role Bridge Platoon from Puerto Rico to arrive in Louisiana

o   T10: 482 (Ida – 413) (COVID – 69)

o   Conducting Engineer Operations and logistics by TF TRUCK

·         COVID Update:

o   Operating 33 COVID test sites

o   Operating 21 COVID vaccine site

o   Supporting 7 food banks

o   T10 provider support to Lafayette General, Our Lady of the Lake in Baton Rouge, and Rapides General extended to 29 October

Cemetery Task Force

·         Tropical Storm Nicholas

o   CRTF is not yet activated for this event.

o   In the process of evacuating the 5 trucks of human remains from Laura/Delta to points inland and east of their locations in Calcasieu and Cameron.

o   In the event of a cemetery disruption, please contact the CRTF at 225-326-6056 or cemeterytaskforce@ag.louisiana.gov.



Region 1

Jefferson Parish

·         Schools and Government buildings will be opening back up on 9/13/21.

o   With the exception of offices located in Grand Isle and Lafitte.

·         Most citizens whom were evacuated have begun returning to the area.

o   For those unable to return home there are currently two shelters open.

o   PARD Playground and Kings Grant Playground.

o   AMCROSS is managing both sites at this time.

·         All hospitals are back on public power.

·         Entergy continues to restore power.

·         PW is currently repairing outages in sewerage, drainage, and water departments.

·         Boil water lifted as the system was tested and is maintaining pressures on Entergy power.

·         Shelter is set up at PARD Playground, 5185 Eighty Arpent Rd, Marrero 70072 and Kings Grant Playground 3805 15th St Harvey.

·         POD Sites are being operated and managed by National Guard.

·         Clean up ongoing in Lafitte, and route clearing and cleaning up is being conducted at Grand Isle.

·         EOC down to Level 2 Activation at this time, with ESF being released at this time and EOC Coordinators managing requirements.

Region 2

West Feliciana Parish

·         Sandbags available at multiple locations.

·         A decision on declaring will be made Tuesday.

Region 3

Lafourche Parish

·         LPG and LPSO, along with the municipality’s and law enforcement agencies, will be moving the curfew to 10 PM to 5AM beginning Monday, Sept 13, 2021.

·         Lafourche Parish Government and its contractors have begun the process of Storm Debris Cleanup and Removal in the aftermath of Hurricane Ida.

o   The Parish expects to have up to 40 debris trucks and several debris sites operating by the end of the week. Operations will continue to ramp up to 60 or more trucks by next week. The Parish will sweep all parish streets and collect storm debris from the public right-of-ways.

·         POD sites at Thibodaux Family Church and Raceland Ag Center closed 9/12. Remaining supplies sent to other POD sites in the parish.

Region 4

Acadia Parish

·         All Public Schools will close in an abundance of caution on 9/14. Plans to reopen on 9/15 if weather permits.

Iberia Parish

·         Sandbags available at multiple locations.


St. Landry Parish (Declaration Submitted for TC Nicholas 9/13)

·         Sandbag operations have begun with distribution site at the Parish Yambilee Building and bags are being delivered to municipalities that request them.

Region 5

Allen Parish

·         All agencies in monitoring mode.

·         Sand and Sandbags are available at all parish barn sites for anticipated flooding.


Beauregard Parish (Declaration Submitted for TC Nicholas 9/13)

·         Strong recommendation for evacuation (voluntary) for low-lying areas of the parish.

·         Public Schools: Closed 9/14/2021

·         Sandbags available at multiple locations.

Calcasieu Parish (Declaration Submitted for TC Nicholas 9/13)

·         Public Schools: Closed 9/13/2021

·         Parish Offices: Closed  09/14/2021

·         Sheltering at the Burton in planning phase, will open for search and rescue survivors.


Jefferson Davis Parish (Declaration in Progress for TC Nicholas)

·         Sandbags available at multiple locations.

·         Search and Rescue boats on standby.


Region 6

Vernon Parish (Declaration Submitted for TC Nicholas 9/13)

·         VPSO is monitoring storm conditions and preparing rescue equipment (including boats).

·         VPPJ road personnel are on standby and monitoring conditions.

·         VPPJ has officially requested DOTD to open water control gates on Vernon Lake and Anacoco Lake, as a pre-emptive measure to minimize flooding along those areas.

Region 8

Morehouse Parish

·         As of this morning, the shelter has no more evacuees. The shelter will be closing today.

Region 9

Tangipahoa Parish

·         Public Schools: Closed

o   Request additional FEMA presence

o   (MRIC) Hammond Library today. Assist with registering for assistance. disasterassistance.gov. 1-800-621-3362

o   Two DRC’s opening this week at Amite and Hammond Libraries

·         All non-profits that will be operating in our AO should check in at the EOC and/or the appropriate municipality

·         For Utility Restoration questions, please contact your provider.

·         Two Parish Roads remain closed – Will Richardson Road and Weinberger Lane

o   1 state road closure (Hwy 1065)

·         Debris pickup ongoing Continue to remind constituents debris can be placed on the back side of the ditch as long as the long arm can reach the debris. Do not pile debris near gas meters.

·         Estimated 1.5 Million Yards of Vegetative Debris

o   As of yesterday afternoon, a total of 197,398 cubic yards of debris has been picked up.

o   3 disposal sites in operation

o   Total loads – 831

o   Total trucks operating – 94

·         All PODs will close by Wednesday, Sept. 15th

·         TPG offices resumed normal business hours today. Will return to with the exception of the Landfill. Landfill Hours – Monday – Friday 6:30am-6:30pm. Saturday 7:00am-3:00pm until further notice.

·         Parish Curfew remains in from 11:00pm – 5:00am in unincorporated areas.

·         All waterways in TP are closed to recreational traffic due to storm debris.

·         Burn Ban reinstated per LA State Fire Marshal

·         DRC Debris Questions – 1-888-721-4372

·         Charter Outage – 1-833-267-6094

·         AT&T Outage – 1-800-288-2020

·         DCFS – DSNAP – 1-888-524-3578

·         Amwaste – 985-878-9998

GOHSEP Operations is monitoring the situation and will publish updates as necessary.

For more information, please visit your local NWS weather forecast office webpage.

www.getagameplan.org | www.weather.gov |www.ready.gov

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