Increased Cyber Threat

With hostilities commencing between Russia and the Ukraine, Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has increased the threat awareness level, activating the shields up program.  CISA recommends all organizations—regardless of size—adopt a heightened posture when it comes to cybersecurity and protecting their most critical assets.  The comprehensive list of measures is available at:

Some simple measures that everyone can enforce right now:

  1. Don’t click on links that come from people you don’t know, better yet, if a company sends you something, don’t use the email link, access the website through the browser
  2. It’s a pain, but activate two-factor authentication.  This is the BEST way to protect your business and personnel assets.
  3. While you setting up MFA, change your passwords.  Never a bad idea.
  4. Back-up your data.  This goes for key business data sources as well as personal resources.
  5. If the computer is going to be unused for an extended period (like the Mardi Gras break), unplug the internet or turn off the WiFi.  Bad guys can’t get in if there is no opening.

If you or your business becomes a victim of a cyberattack, contact:  They will bring all the state and federal law enforcement assets to the response.


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