Lafourche Parish Sherriff’s Office Update 8-30-21


  1. Hurricane #Ida has caused catastrophic damage in Lafourche Parish. Deputies have been deployed in full force today responding to emergencies, searching for those who need help, and helping clear roads. Curfew remains in effect and will be STRICTLY enforced. 1/4
  2. Cell service and phone lines are down in many areas, including 911 and our phone lines. If you are able to call, emergency calls can be made to (985) 772-4810 or (985) 772-4824. We ask that you restrict calls to us to KNOWN EMERGENCIES so as not to tie up our lines. 2/4
  3. Thousands of you have not heard from loved ones in many hours and are concerned about the welfare. We are spread out throughout the parish seeking to find anyone in need of help. If there is a KNOWN emergency, however, please call us. 3/4
  4. We understand evacuees are anxious to return to survey damage and assist others. Today is not that day. Parish officials will be making an announcement about reentry in the near future, but it will not be today. Be safe everyone. We are #LafourcheStrong. 4/4

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