Policyholder Bill of Rights

From our friends in the Louisiana Department of Insurance.

The Office of Consumer Advocacy, within the Department of Insurance, is charged with informing, educating, assisting, and inspiring citizens to become more aware of the important role insurance plays their lives. We exist to serve the citizens of Louisiana.

With yet another storm season approaching, the time for citizens to prepare is now. Given the increase in frequency and strength of storms, we recognized the need for a more aggressive, proactive approach to reach as many people as possible. There is a real need to explain how components of an insurance policy, like coverages and limits or exclusions and deductibles, work and why they are critical to protecting their dearest asset. We cover practical ways to minimize or avoid risk. Perhaps most enlightening, we take the mystery out of the claims process and show policyholders what they can do in advance to ensure they are well prepared to navigate it safely, and with less stress. We deliver this service through in-person meetings, multimedia presentations, and virtual events as we continue to explore other channels. We want our citizens to know we are here to help and protect them through the “Policyholders Bill of Rights”.

We have helped thousands of citizens with their post disaster issues. Through our formal complaint process, we have the regulatory power to ensure agents, adjusters, and insurance companies perform ethically under the Louisiana Insurance Code. Our work has been well received and our sessions have provided real, measurable help to citizens.

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Louisiana Department of Insurance


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