Fred and Grace?

I thought it was Fred and Wilma not Fred and Grace, but the 2021 hurricane season brings us this unlikely couple.

Fred continues across the northern Caribbean.  The interaction with mountainous regions of the Dominican Republic and Haiti have reduced Fred’s ability to strengthen.  The current forecast take Fred through the Florida straight Saturday morning and making landfall as strong tropical storm or minimal hurricane.  Effects to Louisiana remain minimal with the current forecast.

Potential Tropical storm 7, to be named Grace if she reaches that level remains far out in the Atlantic. Current forecasts show that “Grace” has a 60% chance of reaching Tropical Storm status in the next 5 days.  Potential storm track at this point, appears similar to Fred’s track.  Stay tuned to your local emergency management personnel for official guidance.

Official forecasts taken from the National Hurricane Center and are available at this link, NHC


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